CERCHiO’s Sisig Pizza at iba pa


The creators of Romulo Cafe have transformed some dilapidated adjacent apartments into a classy, lounge-y hangout that offers Asian-Mediterranean Fusion cuisine. No doubt, Cerchio will be a hit in the Tomas Morato area as the owners continue to show how a modern restaurant should be done. Bravo!

The Homey Cafe Restos of QC:

CERCHIO (pronounced as ‘Tzerhr.kyoh’) means Circle in Italian. This is the inspiration behind the interiors of the entire place, designed by Ivy Almario. My favorite “installation” is this wall of circular PVC pipes that form a honeycomb-like structure. It provides visual excitement for people entering the restaurant.

I think the circle element is overused throughout the restaurant, though — if the design was food, it would be nakaka-umay.

The first floor is the best place to have dinner because it is well-lighted. One of Ivy’s trademarks is the handpainted pillar with white and gray circles.

CERCHiO’s Menu | Drinks

If I were to make a reservation, I would reserve the corner end table with the mirror behind it. It provides privacy but, at the same time, it gives the illusion of having a big space. I like the acoustics of the first floor; you cannot hear the person talking at the next table.

The next best place to reserve can be found on the second floor. Opt for these tables with black lounge chairs and oversized mid-century white chairs (with a bookshelf as a backdrop).

Beside the bookshelves is this conference room that can accommodate 12 people. You can reserve this for a minimum of P10,000 (consumable). It is an ordinary function room that is good for meetings but not for hanging out with friends.

The second floor’s theme is more dark. Although it looks similar to a bar, it’s actually a dining area. I’m not a fan of eating in the dark, though, as I find it quite lonely. Maybe if you plan to do some hanky-panky then this is a good, romantic place to reserve. 🙂

The area has very innovative, circular lamps with open-kiwi design made from paper. On the wall, you can find nice back-lit patterns that are better appreciated at night and from a distance.

The outside veranda is for smokers. It is a bit hot here because, for some reason, the winds do not pass through this portion.

It is interesting to listen to Ivy Almario as she explains the entire philosophy behind the Cerchio design. Thanks to Daphne’s Urban Zone for posting this!

LINK: Cerchio Restaurant and Lounge at Urbanzone Youtube featuring Ivy Almario

We were at Cerchio to meet with Spanx and Ivan Man Dy for our strategic plans for Ultimate Philippines.

Thai Sinuglaw (P330). Pork Liempo and Kinilaw na Tuna

Big chunks of grilled meat, just the way most Filipinos like it — still juicy, with lots of flavor in the meat. The kinilaw was also done very well. It was soft and had the right spice from the vinegar. This reminded me of the best sinuglaw I’ve tasted in Butuan. It’s good to share but a bit expensive. Still, it’s highly recommended. 🙂

Pumpkin Malunggay Soup (P90).

Ivan Man Dy ordered this, but I forgot to ask about it. Ivan?

Pork Sisig (P230).

The sisig was not the crunchy type. Instead, it had the texture of soaked chicharon but still with some bite. It had more meat than fat, and we were guessing that what made it yummy was the brain mixed with it. The sisig was served in small takal portions, topped with egg — a really nice touch.

Nachos with Chili Con Carne, Cheese & Tomato Salsa (P350).

Although simple-seeming, the nachos were very good. We have this hunch that the nachos came from the best nacho maker in the Tomas Morato area. I forgot the name, but we’re determined to find out who this yummy nacho supplier is. 🙂

Singaporean Crispy Squid Heads (P180).

This is a favorite Filipino pasalubong for people returning home from Singapore. The honey sweet flavor can be tasted throughout the crunchy squid head. What’s great about it is that it did not have that preservative-aftertaste. I liked eating it with the little strands of raw onions. Highly recommended! 🙂

Sisig Pizza (P320).

This was the reason why we came here in the first place. It was good, but not that good enough to rave about it. Just imagine having their sisig version topped on the pizza. The sisig toppings were very little; thus, emphasizing the egg and sweet taste more. I would order it just to say that I’ve tried it and to have the right to talk to foodie friends about it.

Peri-Peri Chicken (1/2 Chicken) with Rice Pilaf (P390). Brazilian version of Inasal

This chicken did not live up to its Peri-Peri name. It just tasted like plain inasal, but their version was a bit dry. Don’t be fooled by the description in the menu. Choose carefully.

We will probably return to try the seafood and meat dishes. Let me know if you’ve tried them and if you have any recommendations…

I really love this design! I’m starting to become a fan of Ivy Almario. 🙂

The place can get packed, which is why it’s a good thing they have valet service. 🙂


The idea of “fusion cuisine” is getting old, and I don’t think it fits the modern concept of the resto. Nevertheless, give it a try as the pulutan at Cerchio is good. Plus, it is a nice place to have meetings or hold reunions.



CERCHIO (pronounced as ‘Tzerhr.kyoh’)

Cerchio signifies a circle. Or anything round… earth, sun 
and the moon…human cell…even the cycle of life itself!

Cuisine is everything cooked “MediterrAsian” way, or the 
culinary diversity of Asia and the Mediterranean regions.


Location: # 76 Sct. Limbaga, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Note: If you are coming from Tomas Morato, you turn into the side street where Don Henrico’s, Nuat Thai and Congo Grille are located.

Phone: +632 3550998, 3515279
Mobile: +63 939 255-0888
Operating Hours:
Mon – Thurs: 11:00 am – 12:00 am
Fri – Sun: 11:00 am – 2:00 am
Facebook: CERCHIO Restaurant and Lounge

The Homey Cafe Restos of QC:


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Disclosure: Nothing to disclose.

P.S. We really think that even if you are from QC, you shouldn’t go inside a restaurant just wearing your gym clothes. It ruins the experience and the ambiance of the entire place.





45 thoughts on “CERCHiO’s Sisig Pizza at iba pa

  1. i missed you!!!!well, i think i saw you! i work there kuya anton! you didn’t tell me you were gonna be there!!!
    and you didn’t get my panna cotta!

  2. thanks for the last pic, kumps;
    right before you entered the restaurant,
    i was going ballistic, and ranting about
    the lack of decorum of diners who come in
    what is basically, well, underwear.
    dapat may dress code. at respetuhin ito.
    sayang ang ganda ng cerchio : )
    that being said, this cafamfangan really liked the sisig.
    the fact that it’s not sizzling only emphasizes
    its excellent traditional old-school taste.
    (and for the purists:
    i believe the eggs are there more for more “circular” aesthetics
    than to actually mix in your sisig; the yolks aren’t runny at all.)

  3. Hi Anton, I thought your initiative to indicate a Disclosure section in each of your blog posts (especially for reviews of establishments) is highly commendable and should be emulated by all blog writers to ensure transparency and fairness to readers, as well as credibility of blog writers. Your earlier disclosures indicate that you have paid out of your own pockets for the meals you have taken in your reviews. I just noticed that recently, you have almost always indicated that “you have nothing to disclose”. Can you please clarify what that means – I am not sure whether you meant you paid for the meals and services (since you said this upfront before) or does it mean you were provided with free services/meals; or does it mean that you don’t want to disclose any information about the cirsumstances of how the meals/services re availed? Many thanks for your clarification and all the best to your entertaining blog! 🙂

  4. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for asking the question 🙂
    Nothing to disclose means we pay for all our meals and we are not connected in any way to the owners. I got feedback that parang mayabang naman if I put we paid for our meals all the time specially if the bill is quite substantial. So hence, I just put nothing to disclose.
    I intend to be transparent in all my reviews and really differentiate what I do versus PR-initiated reviews that proliferate in the internet.
    I want the disclosure to be clear as possible without a hint of bragging about we pay for all the meals we review in OAP. Or if ever somebody pays for it and we reviewed it, we will be obliged to disclose that.
    Maybe, I should use: "Nothing to disclose.  We pay for all our meals and we are not connected in any way to the owners."
    Let me know what you think. It is very helpful to get feedback on this.

  5. Ate here 2 weeks ago. I preferred the roasted bell pepper soup over the pumpkin soup. Funny that the waiter recommended the bourbon ribs so we tried it. It was nothing special really, just like the ordinary american ribs that we can get in Friday’s or Chili’s. Loved the sinuglaw and squid heads.

  6. Thanks, Anton, for the immediate response and clarification. Yes, I do think that your suggested revised wording of “Nothing to disclose. We pay for our own meals and we are not in anyway connected to the owners”, would indeed be a better way to have a clear disculosure. I do not think that’s bragging. Responsible and dedicated bloggers like you are much more appreciated for thir honesty, unlike other writers/critics who may be constrained to render favorable reviews because they have been given freebies or paid for the good reviews. I must say that I do not fully agree to all of your reviews, since I have tried some of the restos you have reviewed, but at least, I am quite sure that it was only a difference of opinion and taste, something which is totally expected and not to be concerned about. It also let me think of giving the resto another try since I may not have seen their good qualities as you and your family have. Many thanks again for your time in answering my question and I am glad that you are indeed committed to honest and responsible blogging. thank you for always having new blog entries to perk up my day whenevr I need to look for new places and restos to bring my family and friends. All the very best to your awesome blog and continue to enjoy life with your wonderful family! Cheers always!

  7. Props for the interior and service but the food we ordered were big letdowns.
    Their highly recommenced Singaporean Squid Head were so tough my teeth bled and I had to send it back to the kitchen. Their bourbon ribs had no taste of bourbon at all and the serving size was too tiny for a P400+ menu item. Lastly, they have the saddest four cheese pizza, tasteless tomato base, cold crust and their cheeses.. nightmare! Imagine eating in a semi-fine dining resto and almost 60% of the cheese they used for the pizza is a local processed cheese (I suspect Eden), it was a big turn off.

  8. anton, the nacho supplier in the Morato area is Mega Mexicana. They are at #18 Scout Fuentebella. At the same address is Pastelleria Mallorca, where you can get argellanas, ensaimadas and other pastries.

  9. Romulo’s is far better than Cerchio. They should have expanded Romulo’s instead. Also their plates seem to be so huge that they eat up a lot space!

  10. Ok thanks Carol for the feedback and for taking the extra time to comment 🙂 Will use that statement then from here onwards. 

  11. i loved the look of cerchio!! very cozy, well lit and the colors complement each other very well.. their food though, needs improvement..
    we ordered the singaporean squidheads, caesar salad, peri peri, prawns with noodles, and chocnut tiramisu.. out of the five, we only enjoyed the squid and the tiramisu..
    their peri peri was way too spicy/sour that we had to munch on the singaporean squidheads or drink water after every bite of the chicken to balance the taste. we also had to send it back to the kitchen because the chicken was still raw.
    their prawns with noodles (i forget what its called) was a bit bland and the prawns were dry.. the same goes with their salad.
    all in all, nothing fantastic with the food.. but the place looks great!! 🙂

  12. hi anton!! nice to know that there is a new resto to try out in morato. hubby and i have been running out of choices in morato lately. i just want to know, is this place child-friendly? hubby and i enjoy the company of our 1 yr old little man and we seldom go out without him (we do not bring the yaya). is our little man welcome there, or his playful otherantics (read: makulit, maingay minsan, you know how 1 yr old kids are..) might bother diners? what do you think?

  13. hi anton!! nice to know that there is a new resto to try out in morato. hubby and i have been running out of choices in morato lately. i just want to know, is this place child-friendly? hubby and i enjoy the company of our 1 yr old little man and we seldom go out without him (we do not bring the yaya). is our little man welcome there, or his playful antics(read: makulit, maingay minsan, you know how 1 yr old kids are..) might bother diners? what do you think?

  14. Hi, Anton,
    Rina is right. Mega Mexicana and Pasteleria Mallorca are owned by the family of Chef Gene Gonzalez. Would be nice if you get to talk to him about it, especially about the Mega Mexicana. It’s been a family business for a long time. : )

  15. Tried Cerchio 2 weeks ago. I liked the Beef Kebab, Spicy Squid Head and the Grilled Salmon w/ Pineapple Rice.

  16. I think the place would be better if it was a fine dining restaurant or a wine bar. if i’d be asked to compare between cerchio and celsius, i’ll go for celsius because their food matches their interiors.

  17. “I really love this design! I’m starting to become a fan of Ivy Almario.” 🙂
    Anton, you better check Relish at Ponte Restaurant another masterpiece of Ivy Almario and Cynthia Almario the element of design is shutters and mirrors all over the place im pretty sure you will love it! =)
    120 Ponte Salcedo Bldg.
    Valero St. Salcedo Vill.
    Makati City

  18. Love the black and white ambiance of this resto. so cozy, very nice! but i guess they have a little serving of each food like that thai sinuglaw.. 330 for that and just that? it is worth the price?

  19. Hi Mr. Anton! I’m Kristine Mae Dominique and I’m a newbie in food blogging. My birthday’s coming up and I’m looking for a place with good ambiance and of course! Great (or if not great, the best)foods and services. My friend recommended me this place, I’m wondering if I need to have my reservations before going there or we could just walk-in. Are there additional payments for reservations? are the foods there for sharing(esp. the main dishes)? how will you rate the resto from 1 to 10, as 10 being the highest. Hope to hear from you before October.

  20. abe,
    that’s one of the things that pinoys do not practice, proper attire and decorum. but then again, it’s the same when in the US. most younger people think that it’s fine to come as you are when dining in a restaurant as if they were walking in to a Jollibee or McDonald’s.

  21. Please reserve to be sure. From a scale of 1-10, I would rate it 7 because the ambiance is awesome but the food is OK lang — comfort food.  OK siya for celebrating a birthday.

  22. the lamps look familiar. from ikea maybe?
    having read this review, i think i’ll pass up on this resto. i wont go all the way to morato (from makati) for OK food. thanks for the tip Anton!

  23. fabuluos talaga ang place nung ist time namin ok lang talaga food but now grabe ang laki na ng improvement, may mga bago pa cla like grlled kare-kare , grilled seafoods sinigang at nagplatters din cla for group of 4 or 6 persons sama sama ang mga best sellers sa iisang platter.. bongga! ang sarap sarap na talaga sa cerchio grill ang lounge. very good sa mga nagcomments dahil sa inyo naimproved nila..

  24. had dinner there last week with friends. Love the ambiance and almost everything we’ve ordered–penne pesto, singaporean squid, chicken, and most especially, the big pinaputok na tilapia 🙂

  25. i LOVE this place. me and my girlfriends went tthere to celebrate a post-new year’s dinner. 🙂 and the owner was super nice too. he took our picture.
    we didn’t realize he was the owner until about an hour later. haha.

  26. nicely decorated place…that’s all about there is to say…food was just okay…nothing great. nothing impressive…nothing to make me want to go back…service – except for one, yes only one waiter, who seemed to know more about the food and showed interest in providing service, the rest were not even going through the motions of waiting…service is fail…they were loitering around like headless chickens…
    visited to celebrate my son’s graduation…march 26, party of 12…what a waste…
    restaurant does not have anything special for graduates…it was a non event…

  27. Hi Anton! I’m planning to have my son’s baptismal reception either here in Cerchios or Romulo Cafe. In your opinion, which is a better place to have an all adult party for around 30 guests. Good Food is one of my prorities.

  28. dear mr. anton,
    we were the first one who offered “sisig” pizza (amancito) in manila. our place is named oma restaurant and bar which is located at the food street of home depot in ortigas. come by one night and taste the difference. we also have other pinoy flavored pizzas like adobo pizza (mikaela), four cheese pizza with kesong puti (roberta), malunggay pesto with tinapa bits pizza (trinidad), seafood pizza (clara) and many others. many people who have tried our pizza loved our crust.
    hope see you soon at oma.

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