Ever Heard of a Doughnut Cheeseburger?

The heart-stopping glazed doughnut burger of Offbeat Cafe!


I’ve always wondered how the combination of the sweet glaze of the Krispy Kreme donut with a big meat patty, topped with cheese, ham, and egg would taste like… Finally, I have the answer.

Offbeat Cafe Menu

Offbeat Cafe is a small lobby cafe of a condotel. Don’t expect too much from the place. The mini-kitchen is behind the cake display, so every time they cook, you can hear and smell it.

The cafe is very small and attempts to have a homey touch, but the reception counter of the condotel ruins the ambiance.

Offbeat Burger (P170). A cheeseburger with Canadian bacon and a fried egg. In place of the bun is a glazed doughnut. Literally not for the faint of heart.

The burger is sinful. The melted glaze serves as the foundation of the burger, and we got a soggy bottom half of the doughnut. I actually think that the other flavors did not match the sweetness of the doughnut. The beef patty itself is big but a bit tough.

It tastes like a breakfast sandwich that’s part-cheeseburger and part-dessert rolled into one.

It is really not your usual burger — you have to experience it for yourself.

Nacho Platter (P140).

The nachos are nothing special, and I think they used canned meat here as the topping.

Bread Pudding Ala Mode (P75). Bread Pudding topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Although the menu is very limited, they at least have an option for those who just want to have dessert.

OffBeat Cafe.
Address: 1406 Vito Cruz Ext. cor. Balagtas St., Makati.

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Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals and we are not connected in any way with the owners.


BTW, this is a copycat version of America’s Unhealthiest Burger.





36 thoughts on “Ever Heard of a Doughnut Cheeseburger?

  1. this looks sinful. taking aside the soggyness, did you still like it? 🙂
    btw, how about bagels? where can we get good bagels here in manila?
    thanks anton!

  2. Saw this kind of burger once in Man vs. Food in Travel and Living Channel. I think the one in that show is much better than this 🙂

  3. i reblogged the burger, sir at my tumblr.
    i gave proper credits to you!
    and maaaan, i think you need thrombolytics and aspirin to prevent a stroke after eating a baby like that. 🙂
    -an avid fan!

  4. i have seen this dish prepared in the American south and THIS IS JUST SO WRONG ON MANY LEVELS!
    i had some spare time earlier and decided to indulge in people watching. it is the peak of tourist season in my neck of the woods (northeastern united states) so people from all over flock this city and i have seen quite a number of filipinos who are from out of town. it’s the “tourist’s gawk” which gives them away. could not help but notice how HUMONGOUS filipinos are compared with other asians and i have always blamed this on our propensity to copy the ways of the west.

  5. i have heard about the new Krispy Kreme release in the States of the same thing, doughnuts and burgers in one 🙂 it looks interesting but i’m not a doughnut fan, nor of sweet dishes that aren’t dessert. so not for me 🙂

  6. anton,
    the two young chefs pancho and mickey
    have since fixed the soggy bottom KK donut “bun”
    since your visit : )
    i’m having lunch there next week
    to try their new meatball sandwich,
    which is supposed to be spectacular.

  7. I saw an episode of Man vs Food (TLC) where they featured a so-called “Baseball’s Best Burger” at GCS Ballpark in Illinois. It’s a quarter-pound hamburger with cheddar cheese and two slices of bacon served between two halves of a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Well, i guess the flavors and texture are quite interesting. It’s great to know someone here in Manila developed the same concept.

  8. Sino ka para sabihin who has concept for good food? Have you whipped-up anuthing out of the ordinary which people seem to like? Ask ko lang po.

  9. How can you conclude that? Natikman mo na ba? At least nga may nagtry sa Pinas na magbring ng ibang culture sa country natin. Hindi nalang paulit-ulit na cuisine.

  10. I now believe your work, Anton or should I say food adventure could become a dangerous feat, considering the different kind of food that you explore; this is one of those ocassion that you are threading on a serious health hazard.

  11. may i just say that those diseases mentioned above by other commenters don’t occur if you only bite or even eat sinfully in one episode. a lot of factors are involve not only diet of high in sugar and fats exemplified by that burger and the other yummies. age, gender (being male is one), lifestyle etc. my point is, it’s fine to indulge once in a while.

  12. tara! sama ako basta sa resto na hindi mabubutas ang wallet ko ha! 😀
    i went back to offbeat. di na soggy yung burger! mwehehe. i liked the bread pudding. hindi pa rin kami nagkita ng panna cotta nila. haaay. at may chinika sakin si chef pancho. nakausap ka daw niya. :p
    hows aidan? i hope he’s ok now!

  13. i’m not a fan of donuts or burgers but i will give this a try. it’s definitely interesting and something different.

  14. Its your choice kung gusto mo kainin di ba? We all know about diabetes and coronary artery disease walang plastikan di ba. Would you eat a celery stick vs a juicy steak magpakatotoo lang yun iba jan.
    I’v heard about the luther burger alam ko dpat the donut is grilled din muna para french toast yun dating bago ilagay yun beef.
    I will definitely try though

  15. There’s a stall in the Legaspi weekend market that sells pretty decent bagels. I personally love the cinnamon raisin ones.:)

  16. No health concerns here, I love to try food out. But Anton, I find that you are too kind in your review.
    I tried this last Saturday in Mercato CEntrale, and it was the worst PhP 180 one can ever spend. In summary, that burger appalled my senses. Forget the sheer unhealthiness because quite honestly, I thought that was the least of its faults. In fact, I can’t believe that in its unhealthiness, it had the gall to be bland. And dry. And rubbery. And tasteless. In my howe’s words after his first bite – kadire.
    Initially, I thought it was the taste of the doughnut overpowering the meat (which doesn’t make sense, seeing as it’s only honey-glazed, and the patty was humongous), but after separating the patty from the doughnut, I discovered that the patty itself was tasteless. It was so dry, it crumbled in my mouth like a cookie. Na walang lasa. 🙁
    The other elements of the burger pale in comparison to the patty – for isn’t the patty always the star of the show, and the rest are supporting cast meant to reinforce the wonder that the patty is supposed to be? But briefly: the egg was unsalted, the ham was barely there, and I don’t even remember other elements. Which is a good thing, because that probably means I have nothing to say against them.
    But really. For PhP 180, the doughnut burger gives one the very unique experience of eating sand with doughnuts. Except sand probably has more flavor. 🙁

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