The BEST of Serendra and Bonifacio High Street Food Trip

Mamou’s Dry Aged USDA Prime Grade Bone-in Ribeye Steak

We’ve loved Serendra and Bonifacio High Street ever since they opened 4 years ago. (Yes, it was that long ago already.) We love both places for their unique foodie offerings and relaxing al fresco ambiance.

I’m often asked where is the best place to eat in the area. To answer that, I’d like to share with you our favorite restaurants and the food that we are addicted to (such that we return for it time and time again — which is rare).

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BEST BREAKFAST MEAL: Sentro’s Tuyo Breakfast Meal (P300 +10%vat )

Sentro is the best place for breakfast in the Serendra area. I always crave for their tuyo breakfast meal with hot chocolate. The tuyo is ready to eat, not too salty, and the serving size is good for two people. The high ceiling and overall ambiance of Sentro makes it ideal for early morning meetings and just for hanging around with free wi-fi.

Aside from Sentro, only Cafe Mary Grace, Arama and Culliere (only on weekends) are open and worth visiting for breakfast.


BEST SNACK: Kamote Chips (P122) with Kefir Dressing @ Arama

These kamote chips are my favorite snack every time we would hang out to blog or meet in Arama. The chips are thin and very crispy. But what makes this special is the kefir sauce used in the salad that goes with it. We like to savor the creamy sauce with every dip, knowing that it is healthy because of its main ingredient, kefir.

Sometimes, when our hunger is still not satisfied by the kamote chips, we would order the Dynamite, which is long green chili with melted cheese inside to go with the kefir sauce. There is free and reliable wi-fi in Arama, so we often hold our professional blogging one-on-ones here.

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BEST MERIENDA: Mary Grace’s Cheese Rolls (Toasted – P35/piece +10%vat) with Traditional Tsokolate (P50 +10%vat)

The flagship Mary Grace Cafe in Serendra is no doubt the best cafe in the area. They were able to turn their small retail space into an advantage by making it cozy and homey.

Instead of getting the ensaymada, we like ordering 3 pieces of toasted cheese rolls, which is the perfect serving size to satisfy our craving. We prefer pairing them with the traditional hot chocolate instead of the Mary Grace Hot Chocolate, which is more dense and a bit heavy.

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BEST CUPCAKES: Sonja’s Cupcakes Red Velvet Vixen (P70). Traditional Southern Cake made with Belgian Cocoa and Cream Cheese Icing

Sonja started the cupcake craze in Manila (which is winding down already), and she continues to be the queen of cupcakes, enjoying premium pricing and a home bakery ambiance in the little Serendra neighborhood. We still love it after all these years. πŸ™‚

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BEST FILIPINO DISH: Abe’s Mutton or Lamb Adobo! (P395 +10%vat)

The last great restaurant produced by the LGC Group is Abe in Serendra. There, the food is priced just right. We always order the Mutton or Lamb Adobo, which has the meat soaked in the adobo sauce and with lots of garlic chunks on top. Each meat strand is very tasty; you can’t help but eat this dish with rice. I often recommend Abe to those people looking for a good Filipino restaurant in the area.

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BEST STEAK IN TOWN: Mamou’s Dry Aged USDA Prime Grade Bone-in Ribeye Steak (P2,800 +10%vat) Single. Approximately 600 grams/ 21 oz

Mamou has been voted as having one of the best steaks in Manila because of its high quality steaks served on a hot plate, sitting in its bed of oil. No need to add any steak sauce — a little bit of rock salt enhances its yumminess. It is served with two sidings; you can choose from: white/ red steak rice, corn pudding, creamed spinach, and baked mashed potatoes.

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: The Stock Market’s Belgian Chocolate Champorado (P195 +10%vat). Classic Philippine dessert, risotto-style. Topped with raspberry ice cream.

This is a recent favorite. We discovered it via my online friends who recommended that the best Champorado in town can be found in Max’s restaurant (for breakfast) and in Fruits in Ice Cream in The Stock Market. This dessert has bigger rice grains soaked in rich, dark belgian chocolate, which is then topped with melting raspberry ice cream and a sliced strawberry. The combination is a bit heavy and deadly, but definitely yummy! πŸ™‚

BEST MILKSHAKE IN TOWN: Culliere’s Strawberry Milkshakes (P195 +10%vat)

The best milkshake can be found in a little French bistro called Culliere. The secret is in the blending of 3 scoops of Arce Ice Cream with pure Carabao’s milk. Our favorite flavors are Strawberry, Chocolate and Avocado. The Sugar-Free Cappuccino and Macapuno Arce flavors are only available in Serendra. Yum Yum!

BEST HEALTHY DESSERT: Kefir Ice Cream @ Arama

For health-conscious foodies, nothing beats the Kefir Ice Cream creations of Arama. Milk from the kefir fermentation is used with available fruits and transformed into ice cream. Our favorite flavors are Vanilla, Mango and Chocoberry.

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First, the bad news. This year, six restaurants closed down in Serendra: Guava, Tea & Therapy, Fu by Hai Shin Lou, Healthy Kitchen, Xocolat and Mag:Net Cafe. Nevertheless, as with all endings, the good news can be found in the beginnings — we can’t wait for the opening of the new restaurants that will replace them.

The culminating phase of Bonifacio High Street, which is double the width of the current BHS, is now being constructed (estimated to be finished by 2011). The new space would have a split-level restaurant and lifestyle retail area, an interactive water plaza in an urban amphitheater, and an anchor boutique department store.

I’m hoping for authentic and unique restaurants to open instead of the usual fast food chains. Any news on restaurants that will open in the last phase of BHS? Let me know!

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20 thoughts on “The BEST of Serendra and Bonifacio High Street Food Trip

  1. can you also do a review on the restos in AVenue?I’ve passed by that place a lot and only a few restos are familiar to me like David’s Tea House..Thanks!

  2. Hi Sir Anton! Hope everything’s well with Miss Rachel & the boys! It’s Irene (from Laya). πŸ™‚
    I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Serendra, too! So sad to hear about all those places closing down. I’ve always had high hopes for Tea & Therapy, Guava & Healthy Kitchen! Sayang! πŸ™ And Xocolat, too!!
    Anyway, another awesome milkshake flavor at Cuillere is their Dark Caramel! TO DIE FOR! So happy to hear that the Belgian Chocolate Champorado’s available at the Stock Market already! Time to plan a quick visit to Serendra / Boni High Street now! Hope to bump into you & the family soon! πŸ˜‰

  3. oh wow! im getting hungry just looking at these pics… ihihihi! the tuyo in sentro, is it boneless? i should try the belgian chocolate champorado of stock market.

  4. Oh Anton, I can’t stop thinking about Mamou’s steak! Question, how many people is the Php2,800 steak good for? You stated single in your post, you mean it’s only good for 1 person?

  5. Tea & Therapy is not closing. The area is getting renovated and will share space with one of it’s sister companies Le Petit Artisan. I hope they have better quality of product and service this time.

  6. Hi Feliza,
    The steak is quite big and It is good for 2-4 people max πŸ™‚ Two only if you really are a steak lover and want to savor each piece of the meat πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks, Anton. I’ve been on a diet for months. Your posts about food are driving me nuts! Once I get to my target weight, I will definitely reward myself with that darn steak that I can’t seem to get off my head, hehe

  8. I have not tried Mamou’s steak yet. But from the looks of it, it’s like swimming in oil! Also, why on Earth was it sliced?? Hope it’s not sliced before serving because the juice would have gotten out from it. You should only slice the steak as you eat it. I’m a steak-lover and I eat it rare. So judging from the picture, I wouldn’t be enticed to try it at all.

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