Our St. Luke’s Global City Experience

Early Thursday morning, August 26, Joshua had a seizure because of high fever. He looked lifeless with his eyes just staring up and his body limp, but it was a good thing his heart was still beating fast. We got scared because, earlier that week, Aidan had high fever and I was also sick and having my own chills.

We had to bring Joshua to the nearest hospital, which was St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) Global City. Now, I would like to share with you our experience there.

We had a hard time finding the entrance of the Emergency Room. We had to encircle the entire hospital to get to the entrance. SLMC Global City is located along 5th Avenue, and the entrance is directly in front of S&R. If you are coming from 32nd Street (the main street coming from Buendia), you have to turn left into 5th Avenue (S&R). The E.R. Fee was P1,000.

Private Room (P4,167 Regular Price | P3,500 with 16% promo discount)

Joshua was awake already when we arrived in the E.R., but he still had a high fever of 38oC that persisted for 2 days. He was confined in the regular private room, which has amenities like a normal hotel room in Makati. Best thing about it — the entire building is WI-FI enabled for FREE. πŸ™‚

Breakfast: Chicken Tocino with Atchara (sweet soy-vinegar marinated chicken fillet with pickled vegetables) served with Sunny Side Up, Melon, Coffee, Tea or Juice and Steamed Rice.

The food is as gourmet as you can get for a hospital (and better than Makati Med and Asian Hospital combined). The food is filling and good enough that we didn’t have to order outside for additional food.

Lunch: Fish ala Vizcana
. Pan-seared fish fillet simmered with tomatoes, capers and olives. Served with Chicken & Spinach Soup, Sauteed Long Beans and Squash, Blueberry Cream Cake and Steamed Rice.

It comes with a nice insulated container that covers the entire meal to ensure that it is served hot and clean. I liked the presentation of the food; you can see that people took the time to prepare the food well.

You have the option to choose your lunch or dinner from a menu a day before. You have a choice of having it with Steamed Rice, Brown Rice, Fried Rice, White Bread, Wheat Bread, Congee or Mashed Potato with Gravy.

The food is good, healthy and filling. It is served as if you ordered take-out from a restaurant and not from a hospital canteen.

Putting the IV on Joshua was the most difficult part. Also, we had a hard time getting Joshua to drink the oral medications. Good thing the nurses are trained on how to entertain and take care of kids. πŸ™‚

The room comes with a comfortable sofa bed where I slept.

This was the view of our room on the 8th Floor, South wing, Pediatric ward.

The restroom is very clean with a nice layout. It is cleaned everyday and the towel is changed.

They also have a crib hospital bed just in case Joshua would prefer it. All rooms come with a flat-screen TV and a DVD player. πŸ™‚ They even have a nice list of DVDs you can borrow — and they had Joshua’s all-time favorite movie: CARS!

Watching Cars was Joshua’s pastime. It helped divert his attention, especially when he was undergoing his nebulizer treatment.

Joshua often complained about his ouchie hands, particularly when the IV fluids and antibiotic were simultaneously used. So, I massaged his hands to help ease the pain. We had a good bonding time together.

Now, let me tour you around the hospital hotel…

This superhero painting’s a nice touch in the pediatric ward.

The waiting rooms have loungy and big, comfortable chairs with a flat-screen TV.

This is the main lobby with the hospital concierge, where you get your flat parking ticket fee of P50/day. The main lobby faces Jollibee.

A steel sculpture of a family greets you in the main elevator lobby.

The Admission area is conveniently located in the main lobby. Here are the rates:

St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City Room Rates
(Non-Senior Citizen – Effective February 2010)

Room Classification (Gross Rate | *Net of 16% Promo Discount)
Ward: (P1,786 | P1,500*)
Semi-Private: (P2,500 |P2,100*)
Regular (P4,167 | P3,500*)
De Luxe (P4,762 | P4,000*)
De Luxe with PC (P5,119 | P4,300*)
Executive (P5,952 | P5,000*)
Executive with PC (P6,310 | P5,300*)
Regular (P11,905 | P10,000*)
Deluxe (P14,286 | P12,000*)
Executive (P17,857 | 15,000*)
Ambassador (P47,619 | P40,000*)
Presidential (P59,524 | P50,000*)

Joshua’s high fever continued for two days despite the paracetamol and antibiotics. He was discharged on Saturday afternoon when his fever went down. The doctors ensured that the seizure will not happen again.

Paying at the hospital cashier was easy and convenient.

Our total bill during the 2.5 days’ confinement was P24,417.86, which included all the medicines, the nursing service, food and other hospital incidentals. The room cost was around P8,750.70 (36% of the total bill); the medicines, P6,760.12 (28% of the bill); and the rest were for equipment (like IV infusion pump) and materials (like swabs, cotton balls, gloves, etc.) used during the confinement.


Florabel’s Market on 5th Avenue is the most unique restaurant here. It’s a sosy canteen serving Filipino favorites, Chinese Chow and snacks.

We liked sitting in this section, with its nice paintings of harvest time.

The tree in the middle of Market on 5th Avenue (with a square table) is a nice highlight for the entire place.

Fiesta Filipino Menu
: On the Grill, All Day Breakfast | Merienda and Specials

Bistek Tagalog (P190).

The bistek tagalog with rice was nice but expensive, considering you can get an equivalent just across (in the Jollibee area).

Chinese Chow Menu
: Roast | Dimsum, Congee, Noodles | Rice Toppings and Specials

Market on the 5th Special Noodles
(P195). Chicken, Pork, Beef & Egg

The first thing I was looking for after Joshua’s confinement was a bowl of hot noodle soup with a touch of sesame oil. πŸ™‚

Β Β 
Snack Station Menu
: Sandwiches | Wraps, Pandesal, Pasta, Sashimi, Sushi | Hand Rolled Sashimi and Dessert| Fresh Fruit Juice

Fresh Orange Juice (P180) and Bola Bola Siopao (P80).

This was Joshua’s first hearty meal after the seizure incident. We’re just overjoyed that he is back to his playful self, as if nothing happened. Welcome back, Joshua!

St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City
32nd Street corner 5th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, 1634 Philippines
Telephone: +632 789-7700
Email: info.bgc@stluke.com.ph
Website: http://www.stluke.com.ph

Corporate Concierge: 24/7 Mobile no. +63922-8820694

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Β Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for the hospital confinement.

P.S. Here are the other choices inside St. Luke’s. They deliver to the rooms, too…


Cafe Mary Grace (local 1330, +632 383-5097)
Dairy Queen (local 1332, +632 403-5023)
Pizza Hut Express (local 1331, +632 403-5290)

Our St. Lukes Global City Experience-90
Bizu (local 1337)
Cafe Via Mare (local 1333, +632 556-8982)

Starbucks (+632 403-5913)
Market on 5th Avenue (local 1335, +632 403-3545)
Lobby Cafe (+632 408-3892)

54 thoughts on “Our St. Luke’s Global City Experience

  1. Thanks for blogging about St. Lukes. I have been searching the net about any user experience etc. But I am even more thankful that Joshua is now OK. Take care and God bless!

  2. I found this description scary …

    He looked lifeless with his eyes just staring up and his body limp, but it was a good thing his heart was still beating fast.

    But thank God Joshua obviously made it through. That’s thanks to his very loving, devoted and resourceful parents!

  3. did he have a bacterial infection? my daughter was also confined this year… not at st. luke’s though, but at cardinal santos (another superb hospital).
    my husband and i once went to st. luke’s at the fort just to look around, out of curiosity (mang-uusi ba) and also to have merienda. but, we didn’t see any of the restos above! the only resto we bumped into was the coffee shop by bizu at the lobby, and when we saw the prices of the coffee drinks, we just headed for the nearby mc cafe nalang. hehe =)

  4. the prices are really pwede na,parang hotel lang. when we asked the person in admissions they said that rooms are much expensive ng 200 pesos lang,so ok na.plus the hospital is really clean, attendants are very efficient, and doctors are very mabait.i had my 3d ultrasound there,same price in st. luke’s qc and wala pang pila.

  5. glad to know Joshua is ok. the room rates aren’t as exorbitant as we initially anticipated. Thanks for the detailed info. Re: the food, if I am not mistaken their Executive Chef is Christian Carpio who used to work in Discovery Shores Boracay. πŸ™‚

  6. whew! glad to know that St. Luke’s Fort ER has improved from a horror story that I heard. he has a pedia naman there who you trust? and you have her/his cell phone number? did you call Dr. Denky? SLMC QC also has discounted rates, it’s their way of going around the senior citizen’s discount, kase wala ng discount kung senior citizen.
    didn’t get a menu when i was confined at SLMC QC. food was ok until i asked for healthier food, which i regret to this day hehe. definitely Fort has better food choices, kase SLMC QC only has Delifrance, the open-air row, the main resto/canteen, and another one.
    Fort used specially fine needles naman for his IV? BD yata ang gamit ko noon, as prescribed by my derma-sis.

  7. nakakatakot naman yung seizure! how long from high fever before sya nag-seizure? my mom used to give us sponge baths para hindi raw magka-seizure, to bring down the fever. is this your experience?

  8. It’s comforting to know that you can write about something as alarming as this in the most calm and composed way. If it were me, I would have had a heart attack and would have been admitted at St. Luke’s too. I’m also grateful that you shared with us this most upsetting instance in your life. We are, after all, a community bound together, not only by our love of food and country but bound together by our compassion for others. Now I want to explore St. Luke’s, Global city if only for its eating places. Oh, by the way, National Kidney has some interesting food finds too. At least when I was there, which was about a year ago. Thanks Anton for still thinking of your avid followers. And I’m very happy Joshua is up and about.

  9. Exactly like me when I was a kid… kasing cute ko din si sya nung bata ako hehe
    I had convulsions and my Mom and Dad had to rush me to the hospital, I think you need maintenance medicine for around 2 years so this doesn’t happen again right?

  10. Glad to hear that Joshua’s OK now.
    Hope I don’t need to wait for some medical mishap before I get to try Market on 5th Avenue πŸ™‚ Thanks for blogging about your experience.

  11. I think Market on 5th can rival Floating Island:)
    Stayed there for 15 days last July because my lola was confined and di kami nagsawa sa food. A little pricier but the servings are big anyway. Sandwiches and beef brisket are also good. Love that there’s a sink to wash your hands.
    Via Mare has a minimum order of 400 to deliver to the rooms, I don’t know about the others though.
    They also tried to make the room food as gourmet as possible. Some hit and miss but others were very tasty.
    The 50 peso 24-hour parking is only for 1 vehicle per room c/o the parking stub you can get from the lobby. They have a big canteen on the 5th floor which I didn’t try. We stayed in a de luxe room, an upgrade from where you stayed, the only difference I discovered was that it was a little roomier and the fridge was in a custom cabinet. Next time were taking the regular room:) Our bills were automatically discounted with the senior citizen discount.
    Glad to know your family is better.

  12. by the way, have you noticed that all the staff are young? I mean nurses, to pharmacists, to admitting to cleaning crew? πŸ™‚

  13. glad to know that your son is well now. slmc-global city is really the best hospital in town..
    my dad was admitted there after he suffered a heart attack and stroke in the middle east. he was brought straight there from the airport. and i have nothing but praises for this hospital. the nurses were so attentive and caring, they are topnotch in patient care, and care and understanding for the patient’s family. their in-house food was superb, it was indeed filling and good. my cousins and i were even joking around that we wanted to be admitted if only for the food. they also have these customer service reps who were so kind and patient and assisted us whenever we would have questions or clarifications with the bill. we stayed there for 15 days so there was a huge bill plus 8 doctor’s fee. πŸ˜€ but slmc-global city is superb. would recommend this branch over slmc-qc, no lines, no hoards of people, it was quiet, peaceful and clean. how id wish all hospitals would be like this. πŸ˜€

  14. Comprehensive coverage on the hospital….
    Make sure you make a follow up check on the seizure…. that’s not only dangerous but affects neurons!

  15. Hey Neighbor! πŸ™‚ I’m happy to hear Joshua is okay already πŸ™‚ Hope to have our kids play around soon!
    We sooooo love SLMC-GLobal City!!!! πŸ™‚ Remember I just gave birth there and the whole experience was soooo worth it!!! πŸ™‚ I am so willing to get pregnant again and give birth there again!!! πŸ™‚ hahahahaha!!!
    The nice thing about was that it’s so convenient, very near our place, that when I had labor, I just stayed at home first and howled away at our balcony till it was almost time…in 5 mins, I was at the ER and was attended right away and in 3 hours, my baby came out already! πŸ™‚ Actually, we were just scrimping about the hospital bill hahahaha! I was in so much pain already by 10pm but when we called SLMC, if I get in there at that time I will still be charged for a whole day. If I get there just a little past midnight, I will be charged the following day then πŸ™‚ hahahahaha! Off we went at 11:55pm just in time to be logged in after midnight! πŸ™‚
    Anyways, all hospitals have their own horror stories and people with sad stories…we also had our share in the other hospitals before but through time they have improved a lot! I think SLMC set the standards of the truly world-class customer-oriented hospital!
    I hope people won’t get intimidated with the aura of SLMC-Global City…the charges are more or less same as that of the older hospitals in the metro πŸ™‚ It’s newer there and the facilities are superb!
    And yes, we soooo love the restos there! πŸ™‚ After every visit to my OB & pedia, we see to it to have merienda at one of the restos plus Dairy Queen time! πŸ™‚

  16. the total hospital census of SLMC GC is just a portion of the whole patient admitted in QC kaya madami, mahaba ang pila ng kapag nasa st lukes QC ka. With regards to care naman po, kasi nga mas konti hawak na patient ng mga nurses sa GC kaya mas tutok sila. Pero, san ka man maconfine, the standards of st. lukes for providing quality patient care is exemplefied.

  17. Chef Kit is Exec Chef of SLMC-QC πŸ™‚ The Global City Hospital kitchen was launched and opened by Chef Brando Santos. Much of Chef Brando’s protegees are still in the SLMC GC kitchen.

  18. Yeah, I would agree it is a hit or miss but at least they are really trying. On Market on 5th, medjo malayo pang i-rival niya ang Floating island… siopao pa lang walang wala na ang market on the 5th… I do hope they still improve their food in Market on the 5th.

  19. Well the chix tocino was not a normal chix tocino, and it has a different texture, feel and taste. Well, they try their best to be gourmet and it is a hit or miss…

  20. Yeah since we are inexperienced parents, we were not worrying about seizures until now. We learned to keep the fever of our kids down to avoid seizures. Not sure on how long from fever to seizure kasi nakita na lang naman early in the morning.

  21. Hi Yogi,
    Musta na, yeah Rache told me nga na you gave birth there. Thanks for commenting on this post and for the tip to check in after 12mn πŸ™‚Β 
    It is so convenient and most people think na super-expensive. But I heard the room prices are OK but the operating rooms and lamaze rooms are way too expensive πŸ™‚Β 
    Salamat, neighbor for sharing your experience πŸ™‚

  22. Thanks for sharing your experience. We had the EXACT same thing with my son, Sky, last week! He had a high fever starting Sunday, the 29th. We brought him to the nearest hospital, Marikina Valley, early the next day when my wife observed that he was having convulsions. The doctor at the ER gave him some paracetamol and an IV line for a few hours then allowed us to go home before lunch time. We were still worried by Monday afternoon when Sky’s fever refused to go down and rushed him to Medical City in Pasig.
    How is the ER at SLMC? The ER at Medical City was filled with kids! It was like a scene from a disaster movie, the waiting room and hallways were lined with families, waiting patiently to be examined. Since Sky had such a high fever, 40.4C, we were prioritized, the doctors were good and examined him promptly, but we still had to wait 4-5 hours for a room.
    The fever persisted for almost a week with meds and an iv, and we were just released last Saturday, the 4th. Can’t say the amenities were as good as you mentioned, but at least our son is ok. If yours had Cars to bide his time, we had Toy Story 1&2, which we must have watched almost 5 times a day.
    Thanks for the excellent blog and all that you do!

  23. Good to know your son is doing fine now. Next time any of your kids get high fever again, try giving sponge baths to help cool down the body and avoid seizures or “kumbulsyon” in the vernacular.
    My goodness, 4k+ a night in a regular private room! No matter how nice SLMC is, it’s just another example of how health services in the Philippines suck. If you are poor and you are sick, you simply wait til you croak. If you have some money, you get robbed.

  24. Thanks for sharing your experience and for the comment Joey… high-fever is becoming common these days. I learned that seizures are happening to some other kids too pala…

  25. sir anton, good thing joshua is now ok πŸ™‚ i do have some colleagues working in pedia unit in slmc-gc,had i known you were there, i would have asked them to treat joshua with royalty :p hehehe πŸ™‚ nwy, glad you enjoyed your stay πŸ™‚ do visit us as well at slmc-qc πŸ˜‰

  26. the difference between a regular room and a deluxe room aside from the space is the la-Z-boy! anyway, st.luke’s will be having a huge promo this october to celebrate its anniversary! 50% off on all room rates and diagnostic procedures!

  27. me and my baby stayed in st.lukes global city for a month. hospital bills took all our savings. but we’re lucky to be admitted there because of the facilities. we could have been gone if we didn’t. stay in ICU was ok. all my nurses and doctors were really attentive. i’m living my second life now and starting anew. ^^

  28. ps. sir anton, natikman ko na ata lahat ng menu nila jan.. heheh.. also, when your son was admitted, we’re on the same floor pala. we stayed there the whole month of august. ^^

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