The Rising Landmarks of Bonifacio Global City (BGC)

In 2011, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) will witness the rise of four major landmarks:

  1. Bonifacio High Street Phase 3,
  2. The Mind Museum, 
  3. Mercato Centrale Food and Organic Weekend Market, and 
  4. St. Michael the Archangel Church

We love BGC. We love the way it has grown to be the home of the most passionate and most artistic people in the Metro. Here are some of the rising landmarks to watch out for in 2011:

Bonifacio High Street Central (Phase 3) will have a new landscaped area double the size of the current Bonifacio High Street. It  will have an interactive water plaza with an urban amphitheater and an anchor major boutique department store.

The Mind Museum will be the Philippines’ first world-class science museum. It is funded by Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.  which raised 88% of its P 1 billion budget from 31 companies and families. 

Early this year, they started to reach out to all Filipinos so that they can be part of the building process of the museum. People can donate online through its website – The first two online fund raising campaign — The Light a Star in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere — were major  successes. 

For those who missed the first two campaigns, the Explore the Solar System campaign is now running where you can donate by buying planets (ex. P25,000 for the Earth) or lighting up a constellation (for only P1,000). 

As a donor, the Mind Museum will:
1. Place your name (max 15 letters only) on their website under the corresponding virtual exhibit pieces. The virtual exhibit will last for 10 years.  
2. In addition, your names will also appear in a donors’ marker in the galleries when the museum opens next year. This  alone will stamp your legacy.
3. Send an electronic donor’s certificates like the one above which I did for Rache.

Light up a star now @ the Solar System @ The Mind Museum Virtual Exhibit!

Tip: You can give it as a gift to your special someone 🙂

MERCATO CENTRALE @ BGC is an innovative weekend lifestyle market  located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City. We are going to provide you unique and great-tasting food finds with  extensive selection of healthy and organic options. All of these will be located in a clean, comfortable and organized market setting.

This endeavor is organized by Our Awesome Planet with our friend, celebrity entrepreneur, author, editor of Uno —  RJ Ledesma, and Creative Juice as the official logistics partner.

If you think you have a product and its a winner, I encourage you to launch and sell it here.  We have a lot in store for our supplier-partners. As of this moment, we already have over a hundred applications  approved. 

For those who are interested to be a founding supplier and to have a stall at MERCATO CENTRALE @ BGC, please get in touch with Rache Diaz via email: with subject: Interested Mercato Centrale Supplier

Finally, BGC will have its first Catholic Church – St. Michael the Archangel Church located @ the North Triangle.

The Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 this coming November 5 aims to help in the construction of the St. Michael the Archangel Church. Tickets are all booked for this UTT 5.0 event but you can sign up for the waiting list just in case there would be vacated slots.  Once you are on our mailing list, we will give you advance emails on our future Ultimate Taste Test events. 

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Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is a proud partner of Bonifacio Global City 🙂

P.S. Remember it is BGC now and NOT The Fort or Fort Bonifacio.

I love the new BGC in Me campaign. They have five endorsers that show why BGC is the  “Home of the Passionate Minds”. The endorsers are: 

  • Toby Claudio, out-going president of Manila Jaycees and the owner of Runnr,
  • Sunshine Puey-Pengson, owner of one of our favorite restaurants – The Goose Station,
  • Dr. Joven Cuanang, Medical Director, St. Luke’s Medical Center,
  • Reg Yuson, Visual Artist/ Sculptor. Most of the outdoor artworks in BGC were made by him,
  • Reese Fernandez, Social Entrepreneur behind Rags to Riches. 


29 thoughts on “The Rising Landmarks of Bonifacio Global City (BGC)

  1. Do you know if the star is reserved for me til I pay for it thru BDO or BPI? I just reserved but I don’t know when I should pay. BTW, i love your blog bro.

  2. @gabe you should pay first then fax the receipt to the mind museum.. you can see there number on their website.. then look for alex for more questions..
    just a correction anton regarding the mind museum, the constellation is worth 5,000 (1,000 is for the a single star) there…:)
    i can’t wait for mercato centrale! weee!

  3. Wow this is wonderful — the constellation, i mean. And you are sweet to dedicate one to Rache! 🙂
    Really lookin forward to the Mind Museum esp. for my kids, my son is fascinated with the solar system. BTW, i read from Daphne Paez’ blog about the Mind Museum having an exhibit at Trinoma on Oct. 21, onwards to weekend.

  4. oh,, lucky you.. :)is your constellation located on the northern hemisphere? why do you get an element on a periodic table? hehe.. share your blessings anton.. kidding.
    keep blogging and rocking! 😀

  5. oops, sorry, it’s not the Mind Museum pala…it’s about Nat.Geo:
    “In partnership with fashion and conceptual photographer Niccolo Cosme, the Makeup Forum, the Ayala Malls and The Mind Museum, the “Live Curious” photo exhibit will also be on display at Glorietta 4 (October 7-10), Trinoma Mall (October 21-24), and Ayala Center Cebu (November 4-7), Bonifacio High Street (November 13-14).” – Daphne’s Diary blogsite

  6. I really wonder why the people behind BGC found the need to change the name of Fort Bonifacio to Bonifacio Global City. Where is the sense of history?
    Calling itself a Global City probably means it is not actually a Global City. Hence, the seeming insecurity and need to name itself as such. 😉

  7. I’m very excited about the Mind Museum. Almost every other country I’ve been to has something like a Science Centrum or Museum that’s really high-tech and amazing. I’m glad that we’ll hopefully get to have one like that, too! It will be something to be proud of. 🙂

  8. Hi Anton, good stuff here. May I know how long did you wait for the e-donor certificate to be sent to you? I donated for a star last night and have not received the cert til now 🙁 thanks

  9. this is all great development but sadly, the current plan of global city supposedly had more trees. look at it now. they’ve practically demolished the greens.
    ganun talaga.

  10. wow! asteeg naman yung Mind museum, abangan ko yan. I used to work sa The Fort nung bago palang xa, wala pang maxadong buildings and establishments, Market Market palang. Mukhang dame na tlgang changes sa the Fort…hmmm..makaluwas na nga ng Maynila at mabisista uli ang The Fort.

  11. Just want to thank you for featuring this…was able to “light” 2 starts at the virtual solar system for my kids 🙂
    Here’s my post:
    Light Up Your Own Star at The Mind Museum
    The management also contacted me when I mentioned about the “lit a constellation” instead of “lit a star” (correction) printed in the cert. They made changes already with the Donor Certificate and re-sent a new one to me.

  12. I was kind of wondering what Dr. Cuanang was doing in that poster! Our Medical director is an endorser for BCG, who would have imagined? I’m super excited for everything! 2011, come, come, come soon!

  13. Hi Anton. I’m so glad we’ll finally have a museum in Bonifacio Global City, for adults and kids alike! Will add the much-needed intellectual spice to the area. Do keep us updated for the opening. Our and sites would love to quote your post on this, is that ok?

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