Chef Laudico’s BFAST – All Day Breakfast Cafe

I’d been excitedly anticipating the opening of Chef Laudico’s BFAST – All Day Breakfast Cafe. It was the first restaurant to open in the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Its concept is simple — serve Filipino Breakfast fare (with a modern eco twist) the entire day.

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At first, I didn’t like the ambiance. The restaurant has this ranch-type feel amidst the minimalist design. We weren’t too happy about the cheap plastic glasses and plates either. We couldn’t believe that Chef Laudico would use them, giving his restaurant a “canteen” vibe.

(Tip: The best seats are the ones facing the garden. They have a beautiful view, especially in the afternoon.)

Later on, we changed our minds. Chef Jackie explained that this is one of the first restaurants to go with an all-eco ambiance. The tables are made from recycled wood/palochina. The square seats are upholstered with recycled jeans. Plus, they use recycled plastic wares from a known eco-brand called Preserve.

: Silogs, Kalogs, Tortas, Pandeninis | Premium Toppings & House Toppings | BFAST SpecialsBFAST Beverages and Coffee Corner

Self-service is the system followed here. You order at the counter, they will give you a number, and you wait for your food to be served. It is best to know what to order already so that you don’t delay the queue, especially during lunchtime.

P148 Served with BFAST Garlic Rice, Tomato Salsa, Atchara, Choice of Egg & House Toppings. (Upgrade to Premium Toppings + P30)

Tapangus (P178). BFAST’s Signature Dried Tapa Made from US Angus Beef.

This is the main attraction at BFAST. The tapa was a bit tough but very flavorful. The vinegar, which was served in very tiny quantities, did not seem to match the tapa. I don’t think it delivered the P178-worth tapa experience.

BFAST Longanisa (P148). Sweet Native Style Sausage with Different Spices.

The longanisa was good but too fatty, so we did not enjoy it that much.

BFAST Bacon (P178). Honey-Cured, Smoked in Traditional Brick Ovens.

The bacon strips were not crispy. This dish was served with all the soft fat in their full glory.


Breakfast Pasta
. Spaghetti loaded with Bacon in Egg & Keso de Bola Sauce.

Simple but very good. A bit too oily though. You could see the oil glistening on the plastic plate.

Tinola Arroz Caldo
(P148). Made from Native Chicken, which produces the best-tasting soup, garnished with Malunggay Basil Pesto & Bottled Egg.

The malunggay basil pesto in the arroz caldo did not really work for me. It’s one of the worst combinations I’ve tried. (We didn’t even attempt to finish this.) We don’t recommend it.

. BFAST’s version of the classic Eggs Benedict made with traditional home-baked Ensaymada served with Smoked Ham.

This was a home run for us. It was a brilliant idea to use ensaymada for the eggs benedict. (Doesn’t it look like yummy breakfast dessert fare?) It’s a bit more expensive than the silogs but definitely a better breakfast experience. Sarap!


Pavlova with Grapes (P98).

BFAST serves very good desserts — perfect for when you just want to hang around the Ayala Triangle Gardens to have coffee and your sugar fix. I did like the pavlova with the fruit (but not so much with the cream).

Flourless Valrhona Chocolate (P95?).

A bit dry but forgivable since the restaurant’s just on its soft opening.

Overall, I expected more from the Chef Laudico brand. Nevertheless, I know they’re on soft opening so we will revisit the place when their operations stabilize.  I do hope they open for breakfast — starting at 7am — to give that authentic, garden breakfast feel. (Most of the restaurants in Ayala Triangle open at 11am.)

Chef Laudico’s BFAST
The Restaurants @ Ayala Triangle Gardens
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm
Telephone: +632 901-0882, 856-0634, 856-0541
Mobile Number: +63 917-800CHEF (2433)

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Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for all our meals and we are not connected in any way with Chef Roland and Jackie Laudico. We just know them and we are fans. 🙂

P.S. By 11.30am, the Makati lunch crowd queue starts getting long. The peak hours end at around 1pm. If you can, avoid eating in this area during lunchtime.

53 thoughts on “Chef Laudico’s BFAST – All Day Breakfast Cafe

  1. Was forced to eat there last Sunday because the famous Singaporean resto was in full capacity. Turned out to be a bad decision because nothing fabulous about the Silogs Meal except for the atchara. Our orders took forever to arrive and one was even left out. Took them another 15 minutes to fix the order. So, my wife had to wait 45 minutes to have her lunch. Hope they improve.

  2. Is it true that restaurants/cafes in Ayala Triangle are only open on weekdays? I was actually dumbfounded when I overheard it today. I hope not.

  3. the filipino diaz family should have a new our awesome planet additional department for a ‘catering service’ with the ultimate taste the couple{anton-rache}should have enough experience how to feed so many but must hire-train food service employees buffett is buffet just add an additional personnal requests form whatever ‘styles’ designs catering services wants it is about more of buffet table preparations what’s included in the services andwhat is not all they have to do is orders all the food requested from allthese establishments they are promoting here in OAP just add all the expenses and add their oap business percentage in over all expensess say from 20% t0 30% extra charge from all the expenses in all inclusive{services labor overtime deliveries party designers vat & all other taxes etc.this way filipino families are not stressed out when the party begins families just need to entertain verballt not physically worrying about clean plates glasses o extra fork & knives while partying lol the purpose of this new foodie catering services is to provide more employments for filipinos who are just standbyor unemployed filipinos are globally known as ‘family’ savy party holders so just do it to help triple your needed new tatget capita per income sooner the better salamat po lol!

  4. nye just because you were told its “eco” you changed your mind na. its either you like it, or you dont. period.

  5. I had the tapasilog which was just okay and the eggsaymada, which had a very bland tasting hollandaise sauce on top of extremely overcooked fried eggs. I think those eggs should have been poached instead. I guess they’re lucky that they’re getting the overflow from the other restaurants, but the food has to be improved.

  6. I don’t really like the way the food is served on plastic – even if it is ‘eco’ plastic. From a food point of view, eating from plastic just isn’t enjoyable, and ceramic plates, which are also ‘eco’ would be much nicer. I do like the look of the pavalova though.

  7. Attempted to eat here last Sunday. Cashier was clearly untrained to handle the POS/cash register and was struggling to take our orders. Half the items on the menu were not available. If the front of house was this pathetic, I reckon the kitchen must be just as bad. I guess my instincts were right. Cancelled my order, probably won’t eat here again. BAAADDD…

  8. i like the concept! and the location is fantastic.
    but i have a few pointers….
    the menu on the wall is really confusing. i suggest breaking it into categories and some more simplification.
    additionally offer other types of breakfast. as an americano, i didn’t find anything particularly appealing (other than the desserts). the currently offerings will probably leave the international crowd befuddled.

  9. Re: the plastic ware, it’s eco-ness is lost in translation, looks like execution didnt pan out so well. I suggest they use this instead: It’s recycled tableware from leaves. Looks better with the silog meals. And the interiors.

  10. horrible service. Our table plus 2 tables beside us got the wrong orders (took them 2 tries to remedy the situation) when we ate there, plus wrong charging for the bill. The cashier, waiters, and kitchen staff seemed dazed and confused. Hope service improves as the so-so food definitely does not make up for the inconvenience.

  11. stay away from this resto. the silogs are nothing special. the breakfast pasta is pathetic. two of my friends ordered this. in one table, one pasta looked like it had white sauce, the other looked like the sauce is just oil. both tasted the same, both tasted poorly.
    i cant believe that anton liked the desserts!!! we had the mango pavlova, biko and the chocolate ensaymada. all three sucked. the pavlova was so so . the biko was undercooked (still slightly crunch). and the chocolate ensaymada was the WORST! it had the consistency of a stale bread (very tough) and after i ate it, i wondered if they put any alcohol in it because it tasted like something was fermenting.
    we were supposed to eat at wee nam kee. but the lines were too long already. we already tried bonchon a week ago and banapple . .. well if you’re from qc, no real need to travel to ayala triangle to taste banapple.
    but pleas guys, stay away from bfast. it really sucked! good thing it wasnt too pricey

  12. and the waiters were floundering. they kept coming back asking what has yet to be served. shouldn’t they know that already? and they served us the brownie instead of that horrible chocolate ensaymada. it was like they were guessing. when we sent it back, the waiter said . .. ay ensamada ba?
    i guess they weren’t really tracking the orders . . .

  13. I ate there two days ago. What a mistake! I don’t think it’s a dry run issue, because the cuisine is so basic that even my household cook can make tapa from scratch and it’ll be a million times better than Laudico’s. Heck, even Pampanga’s Best puts their restaurant to shame.
    So, is all this Laudico hype just that? How can he get something as basic as whatever-silog so bad? I’d rather eat in tapa king, for at least there, I get what I pay for and the rice is served hot and moist, not cold and dry like the one I was served.
    And, please, plastic plates are not hygienic at all. What kind of a lame statement is that? Just because they’re made of recycled materials, doesn’t make one more socially responsible. They make it seem as if chinaware cause environmental concern. Well, it’s not!
    So pretentious, it’s all show and no substance. Amazing that a place named BFAST is not open FOR breakfast.

  14. I’m sure Chef Laudico is proud of his accomplishments, but can they not play his ketchup commercial on an annoyingly endless loop in this restaurant? It’s pure torture.
    “I’m Chef Laudico….and this is my masterpiece…1001 ketchup…the taste of honey BBQ…and you can now…mother approved…” AHHHHHHH!!!!!
    Was there yesterday for an early dinner with my wife. Ordered Tanpangus Silog and the BFast Bacon Kalog.
    Tapa was good. I liked the tomato salsa. The potatoes in the kalog tasted bland/old and the bacon was crisp for us, but way oversalted.
    Front of house quibbles: Aside from the endless ketchup commercial torture, I was told I’d get my change (meal was P356 and I paid with a P500) later. It was only after we were done eating and I personally had to get up and remind the cashier that they still owed me my change that she remembered to give me my change.
    Had no problems eating on “plastic”. After reading this blog post, I was expecting plastic party/picnic ware. The stuff they use is much more sturdy than that and I didn’t mind. The fact that it was an issue for some and a deal breaker for others surprised me. I’m still wondering how plastic can be “not hygienic.”
    We’ll probably try this place out again after a few months and see if things have improved.

  15. Just ate there this afternoon and was appalled by the horrible service.
    1. The cashier did not have change so she said she would just send the change to our table later. This did not happen. We had to remind her several times to give us our change until we finally got it.
    2. We had to ask 3x for water until it was served
    3. It took ages until our food was finally served. We ordered the angus steak, angus tapa fritata, chicken ham silog and longsilog. The food was nothing to rave about. It tasted like something a beginner cook can whip up at home. We had to order extra rice for the fritata for Php 30 and the rice was so minimal (only about half a cup) and dry.
    Eating here was such a disappointment. I’ve tasted better tapsilog in a neighborhood carinderia. Will never go back here again.

  16. Just thought I’d share this.
    When my wife & I went here on Saturday, I picked up a business card at the counter as I tend to do. It turns out, it’s the business card of the Restaurant Manager of BFast.
    I guess we could just complain here where they’ll never notice or bring it up to management so they know. One thing I’ve learned in all my years is that wait & sales staff just work there. Yelling or getting annoyed at them usually gets you nowhere. If you have a complaint bring it to those in power to do something about it.
    Since I don’t know or have Chef Laudico’s contact info, here’s the next best thing. I’ll probably compose an email about my experience as well as my complaints. For those who had less than the best experience, I suggest you do too. No place ever changes unless they know they’re doing something wrong and you bring your concerns to the right people.
    Chef Laudico’s BFast All Day Breakfast
    Ma. Jonalyn M. Miranda
    Restaurant Manager

  17. hmmm… i think the last few posts said it all!
    poor food, poor service
    How can anyone make a mistake of making “carbonara”?
    replacing eggs with oil?! my breakfast pasta had like…. 5 spoonful of oil… can you say swim? the bacon was overcooked almost inedible. if they used cream in it would have been better… i think they forgot the egg it was just tasteless cheese

  18. @ Rafael
    Hi the thing with that is that the manager also only works there. Doubt she’d do anything about it and your email will just be part of the junk mail. It’s just surprising that a known Chef would open a Resto that does not have any standards AT ALL!

  19. Had brunch there last weekend. They were open at around 10am. Angus tapa and bangus were good. I was excited for the Eggsaymada but was disappointed 🙁 the ensymada was dry…like it was old bread. And the sauce did not make up for anything either (and the price!).. the Angus tapa was good though..and I didn’t mind using the plastic plates and glasses..

  20. ay. sana magustuhan ko yung tinola arroz caldo! 🙂
    i dont like grapes but that’s a yummy-looking pavlova! 😀 grabe, i’m so happy that ayala traingle gardens is so close to where i live! this foodie is very very glad!!!! 😀
    and of course, thanks anton for always blogging about the best and the latest. 😉

  21. Hi Anton, the bacon that is served to you is actually not cooked. Notice how the fat is still soft and glistening? I don’t know about their preference for cooking bacon but definitely, this is not one to go through my taste buds. Sadly, most Filipinos cook bacon this way so maybe it’s a cooking error embedded in society through out the years of culinary existence. I’m looking forward to try this restaurant though. I’m in need of my tapa fix!

  22. Tried BFast before the hype begun. I must say, I had a good time there. Though, it was hot in there (don’t know if the aircon is not on or not). Plus I wanted the fruit shakes but not yet available that time–oh well. I will be back for sure :).

  23. I always eat there. True enough ang laki na ng improvements! from food down to service. The manager on duty and the rest of the staff are very accommodating!
    More power bfast and I’ll keep coming back with your perfect silog and tapa angus with flour less chocolate cake! so yuuuuuuuummmmmmy!

  24. right dude! I ate at bfast one time with my family and the food is great!
    Mainit nga pero sabi ng manager on duty, they’ll adding aircon unit soon!
    That was good to hear at!
    Service is now well improved! Well, chef laudico’s bfast is doing great na!
    Ill spread the news with my office mates that there’s BFAST at Ayala Triangle Gardens best to eat at! busog lage!

  25. rock on pare! my mom and dad went there already! and the white chocolate cream cake of chef jackie is so great! i love it! babalik balik kami sa bfast for sure!

  26. BRAVO!!! i’ll tell the manong in divisoria to sell their rough-as-sandpaper bathroom tissue to him as well. its also recycled you can even see the newsprint sometimes. hahahaha…

  27. After a great gastronomical experience at Bistro Filipino one evening, I decided to try out BFAST the next morning, and boy, was I very disappointed. I ordered the tapa and it was full of fat, though the meat was tender. The worse thing was the rice. It was so malata and pasty. I regretted going there. I think Tapa King is a lot better. Very simple and humble, but you get really tasty tapa, firm rice and an egg. Very disappointing….

  28. My husband and I ate here yesterday. Even before I read all the posts here, we decided not to dine again here.
    1. The staff is poorly trained. I asked if they had a menu and they pointed to the wall menu. I agree with the others here, it’s really confusing. It took us around 10 minutes to choose our meal. It could’ve been better if we were seated with menus in our hands instead of standing in front of the counter while 3 of the staff watched us. What made me feel bad was when a small group came in, they seemed to be well-off. The staff immediately approached them and handed–MENUS! I noticed other diners coming in and they were led to the counter to order. You do the math.
    2. We ordered silogs and upgraded them to Christmas Ham. I upgraded mine to Bacon. It was too crispy. The ham was nothing special. After the meal, we felt too heavy. At nakakaumay talaga because of too much fat in the rice as well. The lemongrass tea tasted ordinary.
    I hope the food, especially the staff, improves. Sayang.

  29. grabe ang sarap ng silog tapangus ng bfast walang makatalo sa subrang sarap…..even sisig sarap na sarap ung friend nung nag diner kami sa bfast good job guys…

  30. i am a regular customer of this store and sa may legaspi. edgar tacda? di ba ikaw din ung chef sa mismong bfast? naglolokohan lang ba tayo ng comment?! hahaha! try to eat in this store and look for the kitchen chef edgar, the gay one. hahaha!

  31. we just had the desserts, and the cheesecakes were so-so.
    After reading the comments here, not sure if I wanna try out the food.

  32. Bad experience for us. I should’ve read the comments here before we decided to eat there. It’s been a year since some of the comments here have been posted. But I don’t think there were any improvements in this restaurant.

  33. If pinababayaan na ni Chef Lau ang BFast @ayala triangle, eh isara na nya talaga, marami pang nalolokong na pumasok sa reto nya and goes home frustrated.
    Last friday,Nov.23 after watching the Lights and sound show, my son and i decided to have dinner and insisted @BFast.
    We want a buffet but idecided to check on the fares sa buffet nook: walang refill ng roast beef, ilang piraso lang na pinagpilian; gisadong togue na nangigitim na; ginisang sitaw at kalasa na mukhanng isang dang beses ng init, malabsa na ang kalabasa; at masabaw na chicken adobo…ayaw ko ng ipagpatuloy pa.
    But mind you the resto was full packed kasi nga because of the show and lahat naman ng resto doon ay puno so di na kami makaurong, kaya we had ala carte na lang, i had roast beef, my son lechon kawali. Goodness, my plate is warm naman but the fats from the roast beef is so visible and was later ansorbed by the rice on the side. i think,he is earning from being a host at masterchef,phil and guesting kaya he doesn’t mind his resto anymore,sayang na pangalan and stature.

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