8 Reasons Why You Should Be At Mercato Centrale @ BGC

Have you dropped by Mercato Centrale already? Discover why a lot of people have been raving about the newest weekend market in town! Here are 8 reasons why Mercato Centrale @ BGC is THE place to be every weekend:

1. Shop in a Clean, Comfortable and Organized Environment!

Mercato Centrale @ BGC is organized into 4 tent clusters.

Air-conditioned Tent 1 showcases the organic fresh produce, healthy vegetarian choices, and other organic products.

After Tent 1, there is an outdoor piazza, which is the center of activity for the market. It also leads to Tent 2.

Tent 2 (also air-conditioned) is home to the best desserts and savory dishes in Manila.

The aisles are wide enough to strut around the market in style.

It is designed that way so that people with strollers can easily navigate the market, too.

Tent 3, an open-air tent with a high ceiling, is where you can find the delicious snacks and freshly cooked, hot dishes.

Tent 4 is the al fresco dining area with rugged, natural flooring. Other yummy dishes and the grill suppliers can also be found here.

More seats and tables for dining are at the back of the tents. We are considering putting up Tent 5 to protect the diners from the heat of the sun.

Mercato Centrale partnered with Fun Ranch to provide entertainment for the kids (check out that giant octopus slide in the background).

2. Choose from a Wide Variety of Organic Products as certified by Pinoy Organics!

Herbana Farms is THE Pioneer in Organic Farming in Manila. (Saturday Market only)

This coming Saturday, December 4, Gil Carandang of Herbana Farms will be giving a talk on “How to Grow your Own Organic Farm”. Don’t miss it!

Herb’s Best is one of the leaders in selling healthy products. (Saturday & Sunday Market)

You can now get your supply of fresh produce from My Personal Farmers from Bukidnon! (Saturday & Sunday Market)

The Weekend Farmer is a small-time farmer who wants to share her produce with the community. (Saturday Market only)

Costales Farms, trained by Herbana Farms, also sells their organic produce in Mercato Centrale. (Saturday & Sunday Market)

Kitchen Herbs sells occasionally in the market as part of the Pinoy Organics booth.

Pamora Farms, the pioneer in free-range chicken, sells all their produce directly from their farms to the market. (Saturday & Sunday Market)

Sol Raya sells organic chicken every Saturday in the market.

3. Eat Healthy-licious Food!

Onalicious is one of the leaders in healthy-licious (healthy but great-tasting) gourmet food in Manila. (Saturday & Sunday Market)

Bap-Chi is becoming popular for their healthy sandwiches. (Saturday & Sunday Market)

Kitchen Revolution cooks yummy vegetarian dishes. (Saturday Market only)

Nuiu Life Cuisine provides free health consultation and healthy South Beach diet food. (Saturday & Sunday Market)

Rawlicious serves up healthy green smoothies. (Saturday Market only)

Yoggie’s Yogurt offers healthy yogurts and kefir! (Saturday & Sunday Market)

Juju Cleanse delivers healthy juices for your diet needs. (Saturday Market only)

4. Discover Great Food Finds not seen in other food markets!

Chefs on Sundays offers The Perfect Steak and Lamb Ribs every Sunday! These talented chefs are accomplished people who run restaurants in Manila. Every Sunday, they cook together; now, they share their passion for food with the people at Mercato Centrale. (Sunday Market only)

Joseph Hizon and his co-Chefs on Sundays sous vide the beef and the ribs, where they place the meat in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag then slow cook it for 24 hours in the sous vide machine.

Bale Dutung’s Pan de Bagnet is selling like hot cakes in Tent 2. (Saturday & Sunday Market)

You can’t resist these yummy bagnet! By 11.30am, most of the bagnet servings are sold out.

Homemade, authentic Moroccan breakfast, anyone? I recently discovered this gem of a stall. Loubna Piega sells her exotic fare every Saturday.

Auntie May’s sells the best escargot in the market! (Saturday & Sunday Market)

5. Eat the Best Breakfast after a long run or a long ride every weekend!

Mercato Centrale @ BGC is located in the heart of the running/biking route around Bonifacio High Street.

JAM’s Angus Beef Tapa is the bestseller for breakfast — P120 only! (Saturday & Sunday Market)

Don’t miss Lasang Langit’s Raisin Bread and other goodies! (Saturday & Sunday Market)

Tina’s Savoury Pies are the best in the market. They have been foodie favorites ever since Ultimate Taste Test 2.0. (Sunday Market only)

My personal favorite is Noyppie’s cold taho and healthy sago drink. 🙂 (Saturday & Sunday Market)

Bote Central is the Coffee Alamid pioneer, and they sell coffee in Mercato Centrale. 🙂 (Saturday & Sunday Market)

Why not have a wonderful French breakfast by Alexandre? (Saturday & Sunday Market)

6. Have a Lazy Weekend BBQ Grill Brunch!

Every weekend, you can get your Grill Favorites from FLAMED,…

Burgers from Big Bob’s, the Donut Burger from Offbeat Cafe,…

and the Gourmet Burgers from I Love NY Ladies of Buerre!

7. Enjoy Celebrity Sightings Galore!

Agot Isidro, RJ Ledesma, Anne Curtis and Mylene Dizon

Anne Curtis

Mayor Lani Cayetano

Paolo Bediones and Angel Aquino

Kian Kazemi

Aidan and Joshua 🙂

 8. Finally, Discover the BEST Desserts in Manila!

Plants & Zombies Cupcakes from Little Miss “OC” Kitchen. Watch out for the Angry Birds Cupcakes! (Saturday Market only)

Artisan Ice Cream Flavors from Merry Moo. Our favorite flavors are Earl Grey and Apple Cinnamon. (Saturday & Sunday Market)

Mochiko Balls! Big Ice Cream Balls covered in Mochi. 🙂 (Saturday & Sunday Market)

Misis P cookies! They are indeed selling like hot cakes, too. (Saturday & Sunday Market)

Pink Wasabi’s innovative, must-try desserts!

Please join us every Saturday and Sunday in Mercato Centrale @ BGC (a Mommy Mundo, Our Awesome Planet and RJ Ledesma Collaboration).

Mercato Centrale @ BGC
Open every Saturday and Sunday (6:00 am to 12:00 noon) (Door closes at 12 noon)
Corner of 30th Avenue and 9th Street
Bonifacio Global City

At the back of The Spa. You can see it when you sit in Krispy Kreme.
Entrance and Taste Test are FREE 🙂

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P.S. Pinoy Organics is celebrating its First Year Anniversary with a series of Organic Talks at Mercato Centrale for all the weekends of December. Here are the confirmed talks so far:

Dec. 4, Saturday – Grow Your Own by Herbana Farms – Gil Carandang
Dec. 11, Saturday – Clean & Green Homes by Krie Lopez- Messy Bessy

42 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why You Should Be At Mercato Centrale @ BGC

  1. Hi! Is it really until 12pm only? just a bit confused ’cause it says in Mercato Centrale’s FB account that it is open from 7am to 4pm. Thanks! =)

  2. Hi Anton! Need a bit of help here. Been emailing Rache to coordinate with her regarding the December Saturdays space for our home-based food biz CHEF AHOY! Pâtisserie Et Al. but I haven’t gotten any reply from her since last week. Been calling and sending text messages to her mobile phone number but no answer as well. Maybe she has her hands full taking care of four guys in your family? Joke! Would appreciate it if you can forward this message to her. Thanks and more power to Mercato Centrale @ BGC – can hardly wait to be part of it!

  3. Congratulations to our friends John and Honey Hicap of Noyppie’s cold taho and healthy sago drink! What an honor to be considered as among the personal faves at Mercato Centrale of the Anton Diaz! So glad I broached to you the idea of getting a stall there – you truly deserve the blessings coming your way! It’s quite unfortunate though that we couldn’t join you as fellow seller there since the launch date because we currently have our hands full with another bazaar event, plus we might have a bit of a difficulty selling in the al fresco tent which is the only space still available at the moment. But here’s hoping we can start selling our home-baked temptations and gourmet specialties there starting this weekend. At any rate, kudos to you guys!

  4. I hope that along with being organic, the vendors also consider being more eco conscious. It would be great to see less styro and less plastic and generally less wastage of packing materials. I haven’t been to Mercato Centrale yet, but your photos scream styro and plastic.

  5. Hi Anton, thank you for linking my blog 🙂 It was great to see you again in Mercato Centrale. I had a great time with my mom and my sister there. Congratulations!
    There’s still so much food I have to explore in Mercato! I’ll definitely be back. 🙂

  6. wow! we’ll try to drop by during my days off on last week of december.
    i’d like to pig out on yummies and check out things i missed about pinas.

  7. Yes we have a ramp and the aisles are wide enough for a wheel chair in tent 1& 2. I suggest you come in early before 10. The peak time is 11am for the market. 
    Sent from Mobile

  8. hi anton!
    Congrats! Mercato Centrale is 1 of the best weekend markets I’ve been to. 🙂 It’s a very good idea that 2 tents are air conditioned. I went there on a Saturday. Great variety of food stalls, most of them aren’t a repeat of food stalls I’ve seen in other weekend markets and had unique products. More success to all of you. I heard a few shoppers who were wishing that you could extend hours in the afternoon, like until around 3 or 4 pm, especially for those who wake up late during weekends or are busy in the mornings. Brilliant idea to have a weekend market at BGC, very nice location, right in the middle of running space and commercial establishments 🙂

  9. just came from mercato centrale. gosh. i’d love to think of it as a regular gimmick place. i also like the fact that pinoys are coming up with such brilliant food ideas. i really really hope this would last forever, not just til feb.

  10. Hi Anton! My mom is a vegetarian. Do you have anything cooked there that I can buy her? It cannot contain garlic/onion, oyster sauce, or any sauce originating from animals/meat and the like. Thanks!

  11. lol….so many savy party socialites foreign & locals are still waiting for that food catering services but owned-from our awesome planet’s filipino family diaz they wouldnt mind paying an additional 20% for the well designed private caterd by OAP food department….also many viewers-followers-admirers are also waiting for that new QAP christmas tree planner department….OAP future christmas tree department i believe will be about handling-dealing with professional christmas tree planners like for example as a customer i can order my christmas wishes to filipino diaz families food dept. just state my wish & capital amount say no more than 20,000,00 ppesos but all inclusive{it’s up to oap planners-designers to budget that FIX AMOUNT inclusive everythingpossible}say an oder of nos.1 = means all inclusive 6 foot pre-decorated christmas tree
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  12. btw millions of american AND OTHER foreigners created more millionnaires than ever now and in the past thanks to this oap site bcoz they see the ideas they are waiting for here in our awesome planet united states acquire more millionnaires the last few years just by listening o reading news of what’s in here in your filipino families oap food & travel site lol via youtube facebook twitters etc. etc.

  13. Congrats, Anton! Was there last Saturday and it was great. Aisles were wide enough, not too packed. I prefer it over Salcedo market which is hot, too congested, not much tables for diners and NO Parking!!
    As for the food, we loved the honest juice but a bit too pricey at 120 per bottle, the bagnet could have been good if it was hot and crunchy, we ate at around 1030am and it wasn’t freshly cooked anymore. The roasted free-range chicken sold outside was fantastic! I’m willing to go back there just for the chicken.
    Looking forward to trying out more of the food 🙂

  14. Congratulations, Anton! Loved Mercato Centrale to bits and it’s within walking distance from work! Perfect after grueling night shifts at St. Luke’s. Blogged about Mercato and advertised it to friends. Wish I had more weekends off from work. SUPER GOOD JOB!:)

  15. Hi Anton! Will the same sellers still be around? Bale Datung, Dulcelin, that chocolate mochi place? Will be bringing a balikbayan on the 8th so I hope the usual folks will still be around!

  16. Hi Just wanted to know if you are still open on Saturday at 7:00am until 1200nn?
    Thanks so much!

  17. hi sir anton!
    i just came from the i’m shoe in love bazaar held at nbc tent this weekend. I found a new ice cream business called caratela ice cream that sells ice cream with carabao’s milk. they have very creamy and flavorful ube ice cream (they have mango and another flavor) and i think they deserve to be known to the foodies out there. they only have normal and classic flavors though, none of those chili chocolate fads! i hope to see them soon at mercato and i’ll be sure to keep on buying from them!
    more power to you sir!

  18. r flavor) and i think they deserve to be known to the foodies out there. they only have normal and classic flavors though, none of those chili chocolate fads! i hope to see them soon at mercato and i’ll be sure to keep on buying from them!

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