Paano Papagandahin ang Pilipinas Kay Ganda!?

It seems that not everyone that I talked to last night was energized by the new brand of the Philippines.

  • My Singaporean Embassy friend could not appreciate the use of Filipino in an international campaign.
  • My Subic Tourism friend dared not say negative comments beyond their “Yun lang?”disappointment.
  • Some foreigners commented about the disconnect of serving international cuisine at the biggest launch of the new Brand of the Philippines.
  • The Filipino Travel Blogging Community is outraged.
  • Ivan Henares wants to STOP the ridiculous campaign before more taxpayers’ money is wasted on it.  
  • Carlos Celdran was having fun with it and thinks it is too ’80s.

As for me, I can’t believe that the brightest people in Campaigns & Grey (who created the brand image campaign for NoyNoy) came up with this idea. (Update: Campaigns & Grey Official Statement)

11/18/10 Update:
Manila Boy | PLAGIARIZED “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” LOGO
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OAP | #HelpDOT SuggestionWOW! Only in the Philippines!

11/24/10 Final Update:
Campaigns & Grey
 | Campaigns & Grey Official Statement
PNOY | Pilipinas Kay Ganda’ officially dead
DOT USEC Romano’s Resignation Letter

Here are some suggestions on how we can improve the overall campaign, especially online…

About the “Pilipinas Kay Ganda!” Campaign:

Ask any visitor to the Philippines what they love best about the country, and the answer is almost always about the beautiful scenery and the warmth of its people.

This promise is captured in the new branding for Philippine Tourism.

PILIPINAS is how we locals call our country, and using the vernacular form instead of the more familiar English ‘Philippines’ captures the renewed pride and hope that we’re feeling.

The name is portrayed in a colorful, vibrant logo, which shows both the tropical scenery and the happy smiles of our people.  A cute tarsier, a marsupial endemic to the country, highlights our unique and playful character.

The line ‘Kay Ganda!’ is a common Filipino phrase that literally means ‘So beautiful!’ It can be used to express appreciation for anything, from landscapes, to people, music, food and even attitude.  In a region filled with similar promises, the use of ‘Kay Ganda!’ stands out, better expressing the joyful and exuberant spirit of the Filipino.

PILIPINAS is a naturally beautiful land filled with naturally beautiful people.  Once our visitors experience it, they may not be able to stop themselves from exclaiming Kay Ganda!’

Suggestions on how we can improve the overall campaign (especially online):


1. Please AVOID subliminal messages of Pilipinas Kay Ganda = Sexy Filipinas

It does not help that Beautiful Pilipinas is a double-edge branding that promotes the natural beauty of the Philippines but also insinuates we have Beautiful Filipinas (which is a porn site if you look online).

During the launch last night, the Pretty Young Thing group performed a sexy number for the representatives of the International community. It was not appropriate and it gave a totally wrong mental image about the campaign.

Let’s use our world-renowned talents like Lea Salonga, Arnel Pineda, Charice Pempengco and world-class Broadway talents to launch the campaign.

2. Use the latest technology to launch the new brand of the Philippines. There is NO room for mediocre executions.

  • First, the 3D movie with 3D glasses was a cool touch, but the movie did not have that “Wow!”effect.
  • Fireworks with confetti cannons are a bit cliche already.
  • Ryan Cayabyab’s “Umagang Kay Ganda” theme song brought an ’80s vibe to the entire event.

Here are some suggestions for a world-class execution:

  • My friend from World Pyro Olympics is doing a one-of-a-kind Pyro Theatrical Musical, combining fireworks with a musical score and theatrical displays.
  • Create a massive campaign online by streaming the entire event online, use viral videos and get participation from the online community.

3. Use to be consistent with overall branding.

I’m happy that they did not launch last night because it is a totally different type of branding, and it has a porn site connotation.

Ask Fairlane Raymundo a favor to transfer the ownership of to the Department of Tourism.  He bought the domain last October 27, 2010 but he is not using it. Is he the Head of Creatives at Havoc Digital? I’m sure he is not a cyber squatter. 

(11/18/2010 Update: I just confirmed that he is part of Havoc Digital and nobody from DOT even contacted him for the domain. He could have transfered it to DOT if they asked.)

There are legal ways to have it transferred by applying “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” as a trademark and ask Godaddy or ICANN to transfer it to the trademark owner. But the best strategy is just to appeal to Fairlane’s sense of nationalism and solicit his help for the country.

4. Put your suggestions here…

Or share them in the comments section.


Part of me wants to support “Pilipinas Kay Ganda!” since, objectively, it is totally aligned with my blog’s  “Awesome Pilipinas!” campaign. There is no harm in using Kay Ganda! in my travel posts to help promote the expression in my own small way.

But I believe the overall campaign will not be maximized (and end up spending a lot of money) because a lot of people oppose it for using Filipino for an International Branding Campaign.

11/18/10 Update:
Manila Boy | PLAGIARIZED “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” LOGO
Create your own Kay Ganda Logo (Facebook App)
OAP | #HelpDOT SuggestionWOW! Only in the Philippines!

11/24/10 Final Update:
Campaigns & Grey
 | Campaigns & Grey Official Statement
PNOY | Pilipinas Kay Ganda’ officially dead
DOT USEC Romano’s Resignation Letter

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Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We were not consulted in any way and we’re not privy to any information about the campaign before it was launched last night.

P.S. Please, NO bashing of the campaign in the comments — just express why you did not like the campaign. I would appreciate constructive comments on how we can collectively help Campaigns & Grey plus DOT to make the campaign more effective. 🙂

P.P.S. There is no mention of our awesome Filipino Food in the campaign, and this is something that is really key in promoting the Philippines.

P.P.P.S. To Campaigns & Grey — this is not a political campaign anymore, you can go ahead and involve us in the campaign early on. We want to help. Please involve us and not just confine everything to the Noynoy mafia.


110 thoughts on “Paano Papagandahin ang Pilipinas Kay Ganda!?

  1. The logo seems to be very GOOGLE-ish : )
    I really hope this works, but so on first inspection,
    this is too rudimentary for a major re-launch
    of Philippine Tourism. My socks weren’t knocked off ;(
    Was Ivan H at the launch with you, kumps?

  2. There should be no “Kay Ganda,” Pilipinas is enough to keep the local flavor, but for international campaign, it should be English. Either DOT changes this, or it will fail.

  3. I don’t know if Campaigns & Grey/ DOT would just give up on their idea.
    I think that they intentionally designed the campaign to create an outraged to get FREE mileage.
    The entire campaign is hinged on creating an equivalent of “Aloha” for Hawaii for the “Kay Ganda” expression instead of the usual “Mabuhay”
    Not using “Kay Ganda” would mean killing the campaign all together.

  4. to help DOT with their campaign means to let them know that we are not satisfied with their current slogan. i still believe our country is best promoted in the English language to attract foreign tourists. how can we lure them if they do not even understand our come on slogan? can you name at least an asian country who use their native dialect to promote their tourism? your suggestions (avoid sexy dancers, use a unified trademark) are right. but playing too safe. we all want to help Philippine tourism but please start with a good slogan first. i commend Ivan Henares and others for taking a stand. and I give you a pat on the back for trying. thanks sir!

  5. Personally, I think they should have gone for AWESOME Philippines. Everyone knows using the local language (unless it is a popular word like “Arirang” or “Salut”) for tourism branding is a no-no. How can tourists relate with your brand when they can’t understand what you’re saying?

  6. It sounds like a local TV show. It doesn’t capture the diversity and the richness of the heritage of this country. Remember, your audience is international and on average, they have a different level of sophistication and exposure. I truly feel it was too “dumbed down”. Wasted a beautiful opportunity to rebrand the Philippines.

  7. May every Filipino have the will to control themselves from laughing every time foreigners say, “Pelepeynes, Key Gende!”
    I think DOT should have hired Villar’s brand image campaign creator instead.

  8. Horrendous. And I’m being kind here.
    Sorry but P&G sales conference launches probably rated better.
    Kay Ganda sounds old. Astig would’ve been a better word. But Mabuhay is our signature greeting and they should’ve retained it.
    Maybe they should get Manny Pacquio to endorse or even head international operations/ invitations… siguradong maraming pupunta… basta lang hindi libre ni pacman. =)

  9. I’m okay with the “Kay Ganda” tagline… I guess tourists will ask what it means… it will start a conversation and you are right, once they experience it, they will not get “Kay Ganda” out of their mind just like “Mabuhay” as the first word they hear when they land on our airport. I totally agree with the food not highlighted. Anyway, it’s still our country, our brand, our tourism. I will help as much as I can and support it all the way

  10. get the cctld for each country they are targetting and have a local website focused for that country
    how much was spent on this anyway?
    whos friend of a friend of a friend did this?

  11. I think Im alone here in saying I have preferred using Pilipinas than Philippines. I believe the more it is used the more people will know it. It’s just the same way Spain is written as Espana, and most don’t seem to mind.
    We have yet to find this balance on how we can promote our unique culture but be understood. So many tourists visit China, Vietnam and Thailand even if we have more English speakers here. So I think English is not a selling point.
    I don’t like the Kay Ganda slogan. It does sound cheesy. Every country says it’s beautiful. So why should they visit us? I liked our Wow Philippines. Maybe they should’ve asked team manila or those makers of spoof shirts to come out with a kick ass slogan. None of that cheesy, showbiz type creations that are very boring. Even Ryan Cayabyab songs are outdated, with all due respect to the master. We need something that can invoke excitement and adventure!
    To compare, these are the slogans from other countries that I like:
    Live it up in Singapore!
    Incredible India (even the way they sang it was very cool)
    Malaysia. Truly Asia.
    Hope they can change the slogan, the graphics and the commercial. They also need to reorient out travel agencies/tour guides and have them create better programs, just like what Anton and ivan Dy are doing. They should’ve just made this into a contest with a big prize to get a buzz.

  12. As a foreigner living here and wanting to see more tourist coming over to the Philippines, because it is a beautiful country, I am very disturbed and disappointed with the new slogan.
    Tourists will not know what the slogan stands for because it’s in Tagalog and that’s something the marketing department of DOT should have realized too I would say, right?
    My suggestions:
    Discover Philippines
    Discover Beautiful Philippines
    Undiscovered Philippines
    Beautiful Philippines
    Philippines, a must see
    Philippines, unseen beauty
    Untouched Philippines
    Philippines, Where east meets west
    Remarkable Philippines
    Captivating Philippines
    Perfect Philippines
    Philippines – Pearl of Pacific
    Philippines, Pacific’s Pearl
    or simply stick with Wow Philippines and brand it.
    The problem DOT has right now is that it would look silly to change the slogan again. But believe me, it’ll pay off on the long run if they change it now.
    I hope they want to reconsider it.

  13. Although I prefer the “usual” Mabuhay (which can be used for a “Mabuhay, Pilipinas” campaign), the execution perhaps made “Kay Ganda” look cheap. “Wow Philippines” wasn’t so “wow” either, but the execution of the campaign turned it to be “wow”.
    This latest one wreaked havoc to what’s supposed to be maganda. And half-naked women at the launch? Seriously. Spell degrading.
    The decision to use “Pilipinas” over “Philippines” though was a refreshing one.

  14. Bring back Gordon to DOT and take out the mediocre people heading it. That’s the best suggestion I can give.
    Stop wasting tax-payers’ money on people who didn’t even go through MARKETING101. What a pathetic set of so-called “tourism experts”.

  15. Well, Hawaii “kinda” used thesame promotion by marketing videos of Hawaii in the US and pronouncing Hawaii in the local dialect : HAWA.EEEEEE as compared to Americanized pronounciation: HAWAYIIII .
    Can’t say for sure that it worked, as Americans still pronounced it as HAWAYIII. I don’t know if the name change made Americans in the mainland go there more, but it did attract a more exotic sound to it’s name.
    As for Pilipinas Kay Ganda, I think the new brand is too foreign. At least keep the country’s name in English form, coz that’s how our country is known anyway – The Philippines. Then attach the filipino tagline.
    Guam actually does this in their promotion. Haf Adai Guam! A local greeting, and then Guam. So in this case, they can do Mabuhay Philippines, or Philippines, Kay Ganda!
    Pilipinas is not known, but only to us Filipinos. So this only sounds good to us. In thesame respect, what would it have sounded like if Guam’s promotion would have used the local name for Guam? Haf Adai Gua’han??? Where the hell is Gua’han?? Does the place even have an airport??? haha! To locals, it would have sounded perfect. But they’re not trying to market to locals, are they? They’re trying to market to the international community, which knows them as GUAM, not GUA’HAN.
    And I totally agree with stopping the use of sexy women as subliminal message. What the hell where they thinking???? I agree with using Filipinos with world class talent, to CHALLENGE the STEREOTYPE – domestic maids, mail order brides, prostitutes for foreigners, etc. I’m married to an American Caucasian guy myself, and BELIEVE ME when I say that the STEREOTYPE is very much alive and rampant. I GET IT ALL THE TIME. So yeah, world class talents please…

  16. chakang campaign made more chaka by its cheap launching. the photos of 3 girls ala pussycat is hilarious. Pilipinas Lost na Lost hahahahaha!

  17. My suggestion is to scrap “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” and retain “Wow Philippines” under a comprehensive branding system. I wrote my reasons in here
    My suggestions are based on personal experiences from my travels abroad, our Filipina Images advocacy and the recent findings of a benchamarking study on country slogans and logos. I am not criticizing for the sake of finding fault with the DOT efforts. I want to help and promote tourism. To quote Sec. Lim, “If [the brand] is not believed by its own people, how can you expect people from other nations to believe in it? In the end, it is the faith and trust in the brand of the various stakeholders that can make or break a brand.”

  18. Hi Anton,
    I was looking for your post on the 2011 Awesome Calendar but could not find it here. I just want to thank you for making the list. I’ve always wanted to get hold of that information because it has been a dream of mine to explore the different Philippine festivals with my family. Again thanks again! By the way, I also shared the calendar in my blog
    Best regards and more power to you!

  19. Parang “Mabuhay” lang yan. It will eventually get into everyone’s system including the Obamas. I kid. Seriously, I was one of the few skeptics of this new campaign, but after reading this post it actually made sense. I just hope foreigners will see it in the same light and gain steam.
    Pilipinas, major major “Kay Ganda!”

  20. Greetings, Anton!
    i think the new tourism campaign does nothing more than act like a poor, watered down sequel to the rather successful “wow philippines” campaign.
    i wasnt there at the launch. But offhand, as a patron of local tourism spots, i believe the government should reduce expenses in marketing at the onset and redirect funds in improving facilities and security in already world-renowned tourism spots (too many to mention).
    While we have many, many privately-owned resorts, the respective local governments of these provinces should be given more support to manage aspects like waste disposal and management, environmental conservation, heavier sanctions on pollution level violators, and so on.
    tourism campaigns launched by our government seldom say anything new about us. People who hop around our islands (locals included) always share the same sentiments whichever of the 7,000 islands we visit: “ang ganda, sayang at di inaalagaan…” [so beautiful, such a waste we don’t take care of it…].
    The new campaign is another blatant display of the government not putting money where it is really needed.
    cheers, Anton!

  21. I like ‘Undiscovered Philippines,’ because that’s a balikbayan friend says that Pinoy food is so underrated in the world, and so bad in Canada. Even a sister of frequent visitors here wanted to skip Metro Manila and ended up saying that she was glad that she came. HB, I like your suggestions, too.
    Too bad the CNN interview of Sec. Lim at the world tourism expo did not show any scenery, sana man lang the Tourism Office fed CNN some footage, it would have made better TV than Sec. Lim’s face. No offense to Sec. Lim and nothing to do with how he looks, but his voice and a beach video would have brought in some tourists, di ba?

  22. Hello Anton! I agree. They should have asked our world class talents to perform in a very important event like a launch. That could have been a very good move to support the brand.
    If I can share my two cents worth, I hope DOT will retain and even improve the initiatives/projects by past leaderships if it works. A change of leadership, doesn’t mean everything should be changed. I doubt that the market drastically changed because we changed our leaders.
    Now that we have the new branding, which even if they received negative feedback, is already there. I hope that the people responsible for improving tourism in our country would really do a good study before they implement changes or make new initiatives again in future. I wish they will not decide just because of their liking but because it is what will work on our target market.
    Good luck to all of us!

  23. “Aloha” is something the world already knows, like “Kampay” or “Bonjour”
    And not even us Filipinos use Kay Ganda in present day, maybe 2 decades ago.
    I really think they should scrap this, or lose billions in the future.

  24. hello! nice post!
    first off, the new slogan, “Pilipinas Kay Ganda!” was just ok, but I think it won’t appeal to the international crowd.
    DOT should have retained the “WOW Philippines” or if they want to add local flavor to it, rewrite it as “WOW Pilipinas!”. This tagline was just ok, with so-so logo, and awesome tvc’s. But with launch of “kay ganda”, made it 10x better.
    One option is to revive the “Mabuhay!” word since this was our own version of “Aloha!”. Remember how they used it during the 1994 Pageant?
    Another suggestion, “Philippines, The beating heart of Asia”, focusing on our sometimes impulsive, cheesy yet entertaining culture, warm smiles, and at the sametime, geographically we’re at the heart of Asia, with only 1-3 hours radius from other Asian counties.
    This tagline also opens the opportunities of our local films/series (mostly are love stories) for cultural exchange. If South Korean dramas made it, why not our cheesy romantic films, right? And let’s not forget that we also have thriving skyscrapers, busy streets and metropolitan cities, not just beaches and mountains.
    The point is, DOT, with Campaigns & Grey could have tried harder. The internet outrage yesterday just proves one thing. “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” is a no no for filipino netizens.
    Godbless the Philippines!

  25. “Kay ganda” – to be honest, I’ve never really heard somebody say that in real life, in a serious tone. It sounds quite scripted. The thing with “wow Philippines”, while it sounds corny when you read it by itself, is that Filipinos do say “wow” when we see something amazing. I actually kinda like it.
    Furthermore, when you’re trying to brand yourself, you try to stick to one slogan so that it buries itself deep into people’s subconscious. Every time you change it, you’re starting from scratch. It’s this sickness that new administrations feel like they have to redo everything. If you were to take “wow Philippines”, update the imaging/brand feel, and use your limited resources to further promote it, you would get more bang for the buck. It’s not like “wow Philippines” has been used up for all its worth yet.

  26. 1)I agree, Im not sure how effective this campaign will be. Why change “Mabuhay” when the word has already gained recognition all over the world? I can’t imagine Manny Pacquiao promoting our country with the phrase “Kay Ganda.” It’s just too weak.
    You can bet Hawaii will never change/remove “Aloha.”
    2) Did they emphasize medical tourism? Along with Filipino hospitality, we offer the best care at very affordable rates for treatments, surgery, cosmetic surgery, etc). We have to tap into the reasons why tourists like to come here, and I know this is one of them.(Yes, tarsiers are cute, but we have to up our ante a bit with what we have to offer because i saw another Asian country also promote their tarsiers.)
    3) We should promote our way of life. We really do EAT, PRAY and LOVE. We are one of the few countries left that still have churches full of people. Do I need to mention restaurants full of people as well?
    4) Bangkok always promotes their bargain shopping. I think that we do offer a great shopping experience too, most especially for pearls. All my foreigner friends love to hoard the pearl stalls first.
    5) Night life is one of the best in Manila. I hear this from foreigner friends as well. We’re so open and diverse, and not “baduy.”
    6) Show off the best of the cities (Manila, Cebu, Davao etc., and then the best of the country side like beaches, jungle, etc)…then from there, let’s show what ties the country all together…
    All in all, I think we should upgrade from promoting just the visual part of the Philippines and promote tourism with the things that aren’t necessarily seen, but experienced; yet still executed visually. I guess this would be harder to execute, but that’s precisely the challenge.
    Hope i was making sense. Spontaneous brainstorming right now. =)

  27. i want to barf. at least Durano wasn’t stupid to do something like this during his term. Islands Philippines and WOW Philippines were, so far, the best campaigns we’ve had.

  28. I agree with you, Mr. Golangco. If we want an influx of tourists to come, we better be sure we are prepared for it by caring for, maintaining and even upgrading our tourist spots.

  29. While it is true that Singapore was successful in repositioning itself as a business destination to one where you can work and play, this Pilipinas Kay Ganda campaign doesn’t add up. How do you expect to communicate to foreign tourists with this Tagalog/ Filipino tag line? Unless you want isolate them all the more.
    “”….a country’s brand is about highlighting the attributes that differentiate it from other nations. But the points of difference must be relevant, distinctive and believable.””
    –it is relevant but naive. distinctive but forgettable, and completely not believable because it’s poorly made!!!

  30. “pilipinas kay ganda” doesn’t have any form of recall whatsoever. it sounds like something churned out by a high schooler joining some slogan making contest.
    and then there’s this problem of our country having an identity crisis of some sort. other countries use one really, really good slogan/branding and stick with it. in this side of the world, we change our tourism campaigns as often as we change our leaders (like changing boyfriends as often as changing underwear). i think we should start banking on one single big idea with the so-called “wapak” and just make it evolve as years go by.

  31. I believe the ad is great … with the use of the local dialect in the promo, it makes our country look exotic . We are not only targeting english speaking tourists anyway, we are also targeting non english speakers…
    and tourism powerhouses such as Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, Spain, France are never english speakers… tourists love their countries for their supposedly exoticism because of their uniqueness not because they are great english users… so using our local language may actually inspire curiosity that was not there before… and this inquiry may even lead them to rethink about our country and then hopefully visiting us

  32. and if i may add… Philippines has a strong colonial conotation…Pilipinas sounds better…
    “i want to barf. at least Durano wasn’t stupid to do something like this during his term. Islands Philippines and WOW Philippines were, so far, the best campaigns we’ve had” (p.j. reyes)
    maybe…. pero bakit mababa pa rin ang tourist arrival natin…
    My suggestions:
    Discover Philippines
    Discover Beautiful Philippines
    Undiscovered Philippines
    Beautiful Philippines
    Philippines, a must see
    Philippines, unseen beauty
    Untouched Philippines
    Philippines, Where east meets west
    Remarkable Philippines
    Captivating Philippines
    Perfect Philippines
    Philippines – Pearl of Pacific
    Philippines, Pacific’s Pearl
    ang cliche’!!!! boring…. parang gumamit ng thesaurus para masubmit itong message na ito…

  33. I agree with the comment:”..a country’s brand is about highlighting the attributes that differentiate it from other nations.” Saying that the Philippines is Wow or beautiful does not differentiate us in any way from beautiful Thailand or spectacular Aruba. The best slogan for me is something like Malaysia Truly Asia — which encapsulates in one brief sentence how Malaysia has aspects of Chinese, Malay and Indian culture all in one — a cultural mix which no other country possesses.
    I think the DOT still fails to provide an answer to the question as to why a tourist would choose to go to the Philippines instead of Thailand, Indonesia or Malaysia. There are beaches, golf courses, dive sights, shopping, mountain climbing in these places too. Why are we different? Why choose to come to the Philippines?
    Actually, Zamboanga has a nice slogan: Asia’s Latin City — indicating a unique characteristic. A Latin + Asian culture provides an experience that you will find hard to find elsewhere.

  34. I kinda like it. Nothing wrong with the Tagalog phrase, it’s about time tourists can say some local words. “Pura Vida” would not be pura vida! for the Coasta Ricans if they translated it it in English or another language. Local ticos and ticas say pura vida all the time, so the toruists started saying it too.
    If our own gov’t was able to make up the word/phrase “Mabuhay” and use it in an official capacity (and no locals say mabuhay! to each other), I don’t see why this one would not work.
    Pilipinas kay Ganda!
    Not bad, just like Wow Philippines ( I say wow all the time hehehehe)

  35. @ those peeps asking why mababa ang dating ng tourist sa ‘pinas?
    hmmmm, sample po. During the time of DOT Gordon, ang ganda ng campaign nila and showed it sa different parts ng mundo. They’ve spent a lot of money for this campaign.
    hmmm then the news, yes the news form the Philippines, we have everything to be scared of…. puro rape, kidnapping, police abuse tapos pag may SARS, Ebola, Bird Flu ang other countries, meron din sa ‘pinas,sa ‘pinas pa! pag may terrorist threat sa ibang lugar mayroon din tayo, basta kahit anong threat meron din tayo sa ‘pinas. (yeah so read Good News Pilipinas not ABS or GMA)
    hmmm… Filipinos are so well loved around the world so who the hell would want to hurt us?
    The Philippines is so beautiful, it’s paradise compare to other countries. We shouldn’t sell it to the banyaga at dayuhan na yuyurak lamang sa puri ng ating inang bayan! naks hehehehe.

  36. experience the philippines
    ….it’s beat food places & people
    ….there’s nothing like it
    much more than u can imagine
    WoW Pilipinas!
    hot hotter hottest
    events people food places
    pilipinas or philippines
    ….WOW! it says it all
    wow philippines….
    the land that has it all
    beats fiestas sceneries & actions
    first love: THE philippines
    ….where love-hearts beats faster anywhere else
    philippines in ACTIONS….it’s
    people places events & oohhh the food LOL!
    mega PHILIPPINES wow….
    it’s People Places Food & Events{says it all}
    philippines Xperience….
    with smiles nothing close to it….
    super PHILIPPINES Xperience!
    where imaginations becomes realities
    Cool! philippines Xperience:
    feel-listen to the music people food places events
    Hello philippines….wow metro manila….mabuhay 7,100,00 islands
    philippines! where actions happens….
    awesome!…. more than 7,100,00 philippines islands
    Super PHILIPPINES & Metro Manila
    come & explore it!….
    awesome philippines the beautiful… says it all
    COME ‘fall in love’ w/ the beautiful philippines…
    feel it’s music sceneries food places people & events
    Speechless in ‘beautiful’ philippines….
    people events food places & music {says it all}
    Let’s go Let’s go WoW Philippines
    Tara! Tara! na sa kay gandang pilipinas….
    where smiles love happiness happens{be part of it}
    philippines WELCOME & MABUHAY!….
    Xperience the land of exotic cultures & smiles
    Hello MORE than 7,100,00 islands….
    philippines at it’s best…
    it’s music people places food events says it all….
    etc. etc. etc. use same color combinations just add lilac color & an white sand/greener mini island a small white/blue vinta-sailing boat docking in bohol lol!

  37. for some weird reason I imagine “kay ganda” being said with the nasal-ish tone of our former president Gloria (kay, gondoh, noh?)
    May I play the devils advocate and say that, although we all hate the execution and want to blame the campaign-creator – chances are, it’s the client (the government) who has the final say. so I think the majority of the fault is still on the government:
    – if the show was more malaswa instead of a showcase of world-class talent, well, unfortunately, that is how they think
    – if they served international dishes instead of local fare, well, unfortunately, it speaks of how little they believe in how good Filipino food tastes
    We can only inspire to foreigners the same feelings we have for our own country and the sights, sounds and tastes it offers. So maybe the very reason the event was a disappointment is because it is based on the approval of what makes some government officials happy.
    It’s a very promising campaign, but if the top approver for this campaign is narrow-minded, then the achievements of this campaign will be as limited as that person’s point of view.

  38. if only former-ex phils. lady president gm arroyo can finish can still implement
    all her pprograms down to it/s smallest details but ‘nationwide’then philippines will definitely have more than 10,000,000,00 tourists coming yearly
    beside a sure 20,000,00 u.s dollars per capita income no later than 2018-2020 but only if her pprograms are implemented correctly-properly & not too late philippines ‘bullet train’ must be ‘operational’ no later than november 2012 it must be earlier bcoz corruptions lower standards were used in some of her projects that changes natural circumstances than any man has no control over coz low standards damages schedules coz it is not supposed to be sub standards in road building in particular quality is th ekey not to become repetitious coz repeations are even costlier not only by numbers but mainly in time so that’s what causing delays in your supposedly unbelievably but possible ten million tourists the answers always lies in implementing her pprograms now not later so time & spaces can ‘moved on’ squatters-sums areas are not worth spending thousand of dollars to see-visit we have slums here too in america we have poverty & killings rapes murders just like what you have in the philippines SO WHY GO THERE TO SEE IT OVER & OVER AGAIN high & not high paying tourists would like to see countryside yes! but slums-squatters NOT AT ALL no questions about that coz u.s. has them in rural areas to see-visit w/o paying thousand of dollars & almost a day sitting in an airplane it is the global city & loriettas what high paying tourists are comfortable live with meaning clean decent acceptable standard of showers toilets roads they prefer-accustomed to and of course your unnecessary killings lalo na ng ibang kriminal na muslims nyo na may attachments sa mga terrorista sa ibang mga muslim na bansa ay ini-ipit ipit kayo sa kriminalidad ng small few group na ito sila ang nagpapahirap sa pilipinas liban pa sa mga corruptions ng ilang magnanakaw hindi disente na mga pulis at politicos{common sense lang naman ang key at huwag nang patagalin}every tourist means one job or one decent housing for the poorest will be built w/o along the coming toll roads vat taxes so no more slums nor squatters in philippines nationwide so what’s holding the philippines is ‘only’ the inactions only the waiting only the implentations of the rest of her pprograms lol

  39. ever heard of punctuation marks?
    anyway, first, you say gm arroyo’s programs have to implemented down to the smallest details then you admit that her projects were graft ridden.

  40. nice try. but if the ad agency came up with a killer campaign, how could the government dumb down it or insist on a crap campaign.

  41. how frustrating! maybe for once it would be a good idea to let foreigners do the campaign/branding. we all want to support the philippines but it’s mighty hard when the campaign/brand looks like this. i wouldnt be surprised if the guys fr the agency forgot about this project and just came up with it at the last minute! i mean pati sa colors sablay. grade one ba pumili? and nag arrange. how can anyone justify that.

  42. martins name viewer: it just happens that lady pres. gm arroyo was the president at that time when the newly built roads few bridges collapsed after a typhoon but the lady pres. herselg did not corrupted the those projects that collapsed due to floods she was caught off guard when the sub standard materials collapsed we cannot change prresidents everytime few roads o bridges collapsed we need a stricter rules on types qualities of materials used plus a laser focus inspections at pati audit is a must and that vat taxes in all toll roads are necessary i misqouted my sentences earlier

  43. Are we selling our country within ourselves ? The first time I read the title on my e-mail I really thought that it was a campaign for a communications company for Vice Ganda. There are better tag lines that were posted in the comments section. Lets make it simple ! I still believe “Wow Philippines” can still be used or can be reinvented. Mabuhay !

  44. i like the simplicity of the new logo but if they like to add some small details that i mentioned earlier would be fine would be great if not still good great simple logo for me i think it is creative though simple in nature i see some ‘pragmatism’ in it we cannot possibly agree on everything so let them decide & closed the issue also i do not see the justice in using the word mafia in phils. president i like them or not even united states was and is afraid of american & euro[pean mafias that until now the american system is revolving o operating the same way they punish then they pay them back again thru lawsuits lol! it is a never ending catch them then pay them back system coz americ can afford it lol so if america cannot stop mafias how do you supposed noynoy stops asian european american mafias over powering a philippine presidents politicians o pulis lol!

  45. Mediocre!!!!! Absolutely no recall to the local and international market. Symptomatic with the current administration….Uninspired president, uninspired speech writer, uninspired slogan!!!
    They definitely have to brainstorm further. They should come up with something brilliant and catchy like “Amazing Thailand” or “Malaysia, truly Asia”.

  46. “do not fix something that isn’t broken”
    WOW Philippines is simpler and more catchy (I think).
    They should have invested the money (spent in re-branding) wiser.
    It seems they are just trying to remove Arroyo Administration’s legacy, even at the risk of removing the good ones.

  47. Erich Jayme..
    Not really, I wrote that while thinking of some slogans. Realtime 🙂
    But if you have better suggestions, spit it out 🙂

  48. to some viewers who do not understand the point{logo}: you maybe not aware but filipinos as an ethnic groups are global which is an amazing feat filipinos globally are fast rising consumers they are among the top 5 ethnic group travellers worldwide mainly in asia continent america europe etc. wealthy filipinos are spending a lot millions billions of pesos are stolen-swindled away from filipinos worldwide mainly thru internet bcoz filipinos are trusting in nature they are the most giving the most friendly hospitable open minded in a way ethnic group of people the most courageous that if only allowed even an elementary pupil will dare shop to singapore or thailand if not america o europe they are that courageous shoppers-travellers i know for a fact coz i am like that lol! so it is wiser to invite filipinos to see their own homeland again after years-decades of absences if not the first time to set foot of their parents origin fili[inos are easy target by swindlers via internet so why invite them spent their hard earned money in their roots origin the philippines philippines wants them they want them to explore the countrysides eat massage donate shop till they drop let wealthy can afford filipinos but foreigners understand who they are as people that is not a bad reason to make tagalog logo as a form of invitations btw it is also a mind boggling foreign words that will asked extra effort{curiousities}of foreigners to find out WHAT IT IS ABOUT LOL!

  49. “Kay Ganda” lacks global flair. Walang dating, very parochial. We should stick to “Wow, Philippines” for continuity. There was a time when London taxis carry the “Wow, Philippines” ad. Follow the lead of other countries: “Incredible India”, “Malaysia Truly Asia”, “The Seoul of Korea”, “Make It Spain”, etc.
    In all these, the English word was used for the campaign. I mean, enough of our misplaced patriotism. “Kay Ganda” as I’ve said lacks global flair.

  50. Yeah, but why should a tourist get curious about a slogan if a neighbor country gives you a catchy English slogan and offers pretty much the same (in their eyes)? Costa Rica may use their own language as well in their slogan, but that’s Spanish, the 3rd language in the world. Filipino is not a worldwide spoken language (except for the OFW ofcourse)
    Question here is: who do you target?
    Here is a interesting link about world tourism ranking:
    Look at the stats at the end of the page of June 2008. See where Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore are? Hence Singapore has 2.5 million more visitors than Philippines.
    What I try to say is that Philippines has so much to offer, maybe more than succeeding Asian countries who has a high volume of tourists already. Imho it all starts with good marketing, infrastructure and safety.
    One more time, I am big fan of the Philippines and don’t mean to offend anyone with my thoughts.

  51. sana, in line with this marketing campaign, the government can also start improving our public transportation systems for them to be more conducive and comfortable to tourists. just here in metro manila alone, it’s so hard to hail a taxi and inconvenient to ride a jeep. how will tourists be encouraged to go around or even come back?

  52. I personally do not like the logo. It is reminiscent of the 80s or 90s when graphic design wasn’t at its height yet.
    The “Malaysia Truly Asia” logo is simple yet it has that flair and sense of glamour.
    They say we have a low budget, but look at what they’re doing, spending money on branding that seems to be stuck in the past? It’s just cheesy. I’ve read that DOT wants to utilize new media as part of its promotion scheme–but launching a brand and a logo that is not modern at all seems to be a contradicting move.

  53. i want the slogan to be creative.
    i definitely agree with you all that this slogan will be a failure because foreigners will not be attracted because its in our language. they won’t understand it..
    i suggest they changed the slogan to a more catchy theme..
    like what others have commented.
    why not…
    Philippines, Absolutely Magnificent
    Philippines, your home
    cool Philippines..
    something like that

  54. Why not use Mabuhay Pilipinas. Positive reinforcement pa sa mga kababayan.
    Una simple and easy to remember. Second, familiar na ang “mabuhay” internationally like “aloha”. Third, uniquely Filipino yun and shows how we are putting our country in a positive light, being confident kumbaga.
    Drop the slutty image.
    I agree with the other posts…. Manage our tourist destination areas and give the locals incentives in managing the areas so that they can preserve and be more involved and productive.

  55. personally i still like the WOW PHILIPPINES! or the Mabuhay tagline…sana before the dot launch this slogan they should have consulted or made this known first to the public and ask for comments and suggestions. we have lots of venues to do this that the public will respond to this or react on this…there are lots of ways to ask the public we all have the means of communication and publication to do this…even thru internet facebook is one effective venue and other social network or websites. and if this has been made am sure there are more better suggestions than pilipinas kay ganda. just a personal opinion.

  56. Like in any campaign it depends on who your target audience is, and what you are aiming at. They should have tested the campaign first! I still remember when we used to live in London, the first time is saw the WOW Philippines campaign was on a black cab fully decorated, and believe me it was really WOW. I am not sure at all this will have the same effect. This campaign doesn’t stand vs what the neighboring countries are doing

  57. I think we should learn from “Sparkling Korea”. AIM alum Euh Yoon-Dae was chairman of the Presidential Council on Nation Branding. They did more than just a campaign. The council’s objective was “to promote Korea’s global image; to right misconceptions about Korea, its culture, its products, and its people; and to raise respect for Korea so as to support Korean businesses and nationals abroad through governmental initiated strategies and policies.” So I think we should go beyond the creative execution–logo, website, or what have you.

  58. IMO, the logo is very busy. It’s as if somebody did the handwritten look of the logo and someone said, “It’s too plain, add a tarsier and some water and trees”. It’s not necessary because you will be applying it on tourism materials (assuming there’s money for this; sorry I’m being cynical but it just seems like there’s always never enough money to invest in things like tourism). The colors alone are more than enough to present the colorful culture of this country. The tagline should just go or be replaced with something else. It sounds like a game show. If locals aren’t too hot about this logo/campaign, what are the chances foreigners will? What kind of tourists do we want, anyway? At the rate things are going, we’ll just be getting the kind who like pretty, “exotic” Asian women.
    I remember being horrified to see (some time ago) DOT’s TVC for the Philippines. It essentially looked like a Powerpoint presentation. I’m sorry, but is that all their money could get them? What happened to that commercial that used to air on CNN (with the awful ethnic music) some years ago? At least that one was well executed and you could tell it was handled by professionals. Why can’t we do something like that again? Obviously Malaysia, Singapore and even Indonesia were able to set aside a budget for their respective campaigns.
    DOT might also want to look into offering services that foreign tourists and balikbayans would be interested in, aside from our beaches. Our walking and inter-island boat tours are examples of interesting options, but what else is there?
    For example, shopping is a big thing here — why not create shopping tours of unusual places like Divisoria’s 168 mall? Or even Greenhills? Food tours would also help introduce people to our cuisine. These could be offered through hotels and travel agents. I realize that the logistics and security would be a nightmare, but I’m sure some enterprising people can figure a way to pull this off?
    The arts and culture should be given a much-needed financial boost so that they too have a chance to shine. It would be nice to show tourists and locals alike that we’re not just about mainstream entertainment and dancing girls.
    DOT and Campaigns & Grey could do with more research and observing what other countries do and figuring out how to adapt these practices to suit our country. Each country has its method of attracting tourists; I just don’t see how this “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” thing works. And sadly, dancing girls just doesn’t cut it.
    Most important of all, DOT should seriously consider the way people perceive this country, which must be improved immediately and treated as top priority especially after the hostage fiasco.
    I mean yeah, it’s a lot of work, but if everyone involved would just pull together and not let greed, cynicism and fear of change get in the way, we could actually help to improve tourism.

  59. AFP Nov 17, 2010
    MANILA (AFP) – – The Philippines said Wednesday it had pulled a tourism promotion campaign off the Internet after just one day, after the rebrand was severely panned by industry critics.
    “Bland,” “Lacks punch”, “Sounds dishonest” were among posts made on popular networking sites about the “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” (Philippines What a Beauty) website launched by the tourism department to much fanfare late Monday.
    Ministry spokeswoman Evelyn Macayayong said the government acknowledged the criticisms and pulled down the website on Tuesday for revisions.
    “The writeups were not thoroughly edited. There were errors, and there are even allegations of plagiarism, that we copied from other websites,” Macayayong told AFP.
    The aborted tourism campaign was topbilled by a candy-coloured logo of the slogan adorned with a coconut tree, an endangered tiny primate called a tarsier, the sun and waves.
    Critics called for the country’s eight-year-old tourism slogan, “Wow Philippines”, to be retained.
    Filipino tourism industry pundit Ivan Henares wrote on his popular tourism blog, ‘Ivan About Town’: “I can’t understand why (we) want to get rid of a brand our country has worked so hard to build and invested so much money on.”
    Prominent tourist guide Carlos Celdran wrote on Facebook that the government could have done better with “Mabuhay (Long Live the) Philippines,” which the ministry had used prior to “Wow Philippines”.
    “It’s our Ole. It’s our Aloha. Seriously. It’s one word in Tagalog (Filipino) that I think a lot of foreigners might even know,” he added.
    Macayayong, the ministry spokeswoman, defended the new slogan.
    “It raises awareness. It inculcates pride in our identity,” she said.
    However the government has restored its previous website (at following the criticism. Macayong said she could not say when the edited version of the new one would go live.
    The Philippines has been struggling to shake off its image as an unsafe destination after a botched police rescue of foreign tourists seized in a bus by a dismissed policeman in August that left eight Hong Kong residents dead.
    Macayayong said tourist arrivals in the eight months to August were up 14 percent from a year earlier to 2.1 million. However, the government has said it expects some fallout from the fiasco for the rest of the year.

  60. As a Filipino that designs brands and identities for foreign businesses (and no, I’m not an outsourcing employee), my clients would take one look at this entire campaign and say one thing:
    It’s crap.
    The logo is beyond poor, and when I mean beyond poor, I mean it was designed by 6-year olds – with their feet. The website is pathetic. I can’t even call it “designed”… it seems more like it was “assembled”. The entire brand identity is a cobbled-together disaster… possibly art-directed by somebody who was rejected by Wowowee.
    It’s terrible. Pangit. Walang dating. Walang identity.
    All I want to know now is who’s relative was this kick-back project assigned to.

  61. First of all Beautiful Pilipinas does have a have a porn or mail order bride ring to it. Truthfully you can always talk about taking pride in your language but thousands of tourism jobs depends on drawing foreigners to the country. I just don’t think they will understand what the slogan is and if you have a 30 second commercial no on is going to look around and see that the whole translation in the bottom.
    I still think WoW Philippines is good cause WOW is more or less a universal expression, meaning you don’t even have to know english to get the whole point.

  62. I agree with Ivan Henares. Wow Philippines is the best tourism campaign we had. We should just rally support and pressure the government to bring back WoW Philippines. We have already invested too much on it. Dick Gordon had many great and innovative ideas. This is one of the best. The tourism industry of Malaysia, Hongkong, and Singapore are all carried by media hype. Our competitive edge is the natural beauty of our country. All that the government has to do is to market it well. And they’re not doing it. The countless number of Philippine travel bloggers are the ones promoting the Philippines and helping make travel to the Philippines accessible through information.
    The Philippine travel bloggers have done so much already to further local tourism, to give information to travelers that the government should have done. The least that the government had to do is to give us a good brand to make it easy for us to generate more interest in the Philippines. Why change something that’s good already instead of just improving it? This is another blunder of the Aquino government by appointing people who do not know their jobs. Or maybe it’s just politics again rearing its ugly head?

  63. or: imagine….the philippines
    unimaginable philippines
    wonderful world…. the philippines
    in love….with philippines
    asia’s unforgettable the philippines
    unforgettable philippines
    romancing asia’s ‘philippines’
    fly away ASIA’S philippines
    wonderful world….philippines
    where else but the PHILIPPINES
    imagine asia’s philippines
    ASIA’S magical Philippines….
    philippines ….asia’s archipelago
    PHILIPPINES….asia’s ONE of a KIND
    philippines….where we belong
    exotic philippines
    ONE OF A KIND philippines
    philippines we love
    uniquely ‘philippines’
    ‘extreme’ philippines
    philippines the beautiful
    ‘magical’ philippines
    exquisite philippines
    exciting… is asia’s philippines
    PHILIPPINES….says it all!
    asia’s unforgettable the philippines
    enchanting philippines
    ‘in love’ philippines
    incredible….is the philippines
    exhilarating-enjoyable asia’s philippines

  64. or: ‘fly’ me to the philippines
    philippines….where dreams comes true
    adventures is asia’s philippines
    dream on….philippines
    ‘dream’ philippines
    ‘behold’ philippines of ‘asia’
    dream fly see….philippines
    unquestionable asia’s philippines
    philippines….asia’s millions smiles
    discover ASIA’S philippines
    SEE FEEL TOUCH sensations philippines
    philippines….PART of awesome planet earth
    philippines….experience asia’s natural habitat
    philippines….has it!
    etc. etc. etc. i blog this for filipino used pwede rin sa t-shirts hats-cups shopping bags o just bags na slogans din lol!

  65. The thing Im worried about is, how incidents such as the hostage situation and the kidnapping of journalists are getting more mileage around the world, rather than our tourism campaigns.
    I fear our country is proving to be too unsafe, that no campaign can redeem us.
    The reason why Singapore is getting millions of visitors compared to us is because it’s a safe place to visit, not because they have a good campaign.
    I think DOT should concentrate on this. The reality is, tourists can’t visit just any part of the country. They have to know how to visit the safer areas. Otherwise they might be booking flights to Basilan!

  66. I think it is well meant but I agree the slogan misses the point. If the strategy of putting the slogan meant for the international audience in local language worked… you’d see a lot of it. Can you image Amazing Thailand in Thai? Malaysia Truly Asia in Malay? Incredible India in Hindi? Neither can I.
    Wow Philippines has become a brand that should be built on further. People around the world can relate “WOW!”. Not even most pinoys say “kay ganda”.
    So sad that it got out this far that it seems unlikely that it would be changed when it should be 🙁 But it should even though if it has been “launched”. My help on this is helping that this be changed and not go on any further as is.
    If DOT still pushes for this, I am hopeful it could be “salvaged” by nothing less than flawless execution… making it “cool” for every Filipino to promote. I’m getting a migraine just thinking how this could be done… 🙁

  67. I agree with Penpen’s comment. The WOW! already has built its brand. All they have to do is just should relaunch and enhance it further. I do not understand why people are giving advices that the campaign is NOT working anymore without giving in-depth analysis why it is NOT working. We need to tame our egos sometimes.

  68. If localizing it was the intent, I think we could have stuck with the “Wow” campaign and just renamed it Wow Pilipinas. I think “Wow” is a powerful word that would capture the awesomeness of our country. It is usually the ONLY thing we can utter when we first encounter the the natural beauty our country has to offer. But I think Wow Philippines has legs and we should just continue whatever recognition it already has.

  69. o di kaya:
    see the world….in philippines tapos large individual capital letters are pictures of jeepneys kalesa laborers{nurses teachers docotrs welders drivers etc.}at open streettiangges trisikads underwaterscenes sarangola ni pepe sungka ni pilar patentero tumbang preso hanging bridges tagaytay o mayon coconut drinks pineapple hems embroideries parols bibinga-puto bungbung bahay kubo mall of asia glorietta parkso fiestas ifugaos zip lines caving trekking surfing kayaking sailing{bancas} tall thin mango trees lanzones{etc.}more shoppings palu sebo craft makings carabao-wedding rides flores de mayo halo-halo nightlife PAL-airlines tinuy an falls lake sebu o sari sari stores etc. etc. pati sa t-shirts maganda din ang dating nito depende sa kulay the best background syempre mulka sa mga puting t-shirt lilac pink deep-blue din etc. etc.

  70. yung maganda eh yung malaking litrato na yung airplane passenger-s eh dreaming about all the places events viewer named weinachten mentioned sa clouds pa sya nag dream o di kaya family o group shoppings in the air but has all the large thoughts in their minds sa mga binanggit ni weinachten o di kaya few travellers walking pero yun ang mga events places ang nasa mga isip nila lol

  71. Agree. WOW Philippines was the best DOT campaign under Durano’s administration. It just sucks that good projects are not being continued once an administration ends.

  72. I wish they could have worked on the logo more. We have so many talented graphic artists here. Medyo disappointed ako sa Campaigns & Grey. I was just browsing the DLSU Worlds website a while ago and mas gusto ko pa yung theme nila, “Take Me to Manila”. Not sure, pero baka students pa naka-isip nun. Better pa siguro kung nagpa-contest na lang DOT sa mga students. Baka may fresh and bright idea pa.

  73. sana consistent ang graphics at hindi sana parang clip art lang.
    mga ganyang bagay hindi dapat pinag gagastusan. logo contest siguro mula sa mga estudyante, mas maganda pa ang kalalabasan. para sa mga estudyante malaking karangalan na mapili ang kanilang trabaho, bakit nila hindi paghuhusayan diba?
    kung walang tiwala sa kakayanan ng estudyante(na sa tingin ko mas isasapuso ang project) na sa opinyon ko ay pagkakamali, dahil ang mga batang Pilipino at natural na creative.
    kung talagang gusto magbayad, bakit hindi bigay ang responsibilidad na iyan sa mga national artist? siguro naman may magandang dahilan kaya sila naging national artist.
    hindi lang ito project na dapat basta basta na lamang binayaran at tapos na, pangalang ng Pilipinas ang dadalahin nito, pangalan ng buong bansa.

    You want to attract foreign tourist, so put it in god damn ENGLISH you headless moron. They’re not gonna get a dictionary out when they see it on TV.
    The slogan is exactly for that and not to showcase your unjustified pride your stupid prick.
    Whoever is responsible should be sacked, and shouldn’t hold tax payers money as the fool is just throwing it away.

  75. “…I can’t believe that the brightest people in Campaigns & Grey (who created the brand image campaign for NoyNoy) came up with this idea.”
    They didn’ create the logo, they obviously copied and modified the one from Poland’s Official Travel Website (only added a yellow “condom”…):
    They may not have ever heard of Intellectual Property???

  76. I am in logo industry for almost 2 years na..
    Pero na shock talaga ako sa nakita ko. Disappointed because we can do better identity than that! I myself is a graphic/identity designer and the LOGO represents us too. It shows the creativity side of the Filipino people.
    Then I concluded na hindi man lang ata ngconsult ang DOT sa Filipino IT community or even hired a logo/identity specialist for this important campaign for our country..
    It really looks like a group of clip arts combined together + the tarsier, kahit man lang nilagay na lang sa coconut tree…
    I suggest to DOT na iconsult niyo the Filipino design industry/community I know many elite designers will help you out.

  77. My comments:
    1. Ad Campaign strategy – spend it on international networks like CNN, BBC, European channels with heavy viewer attendance.
    2. Remove those wild dancing girls – it is not part of our culture. It sends a subliminal message for sex. Lewd dancing. Not good.
    3. Superlatives – Use Manny Pacquiao, what are we good at? What are the good things we have lots of that the other Asian countries do not have? Consult those all types of groups – mountaineers, scuba divers, local peoples from different islands whether remote or city, etc. what they think is unique in their place(s).
    4. Stop pushing Boracay, it is deteriorating. The exposure strategy has to be spread out around the Philippines – new places, different things to do, people outside do not know what we can offer – raw beauty in scenery, people and places and events – Food is key as well.
    5. We can do much better with another logo. This one really is poorly thought of and “old style” – hire Filipinos who have lived abroad and who are more advanced in their designs. Remember it has to appeal to foreigners not us.
    6. The Ad Campaign is just the beginning. We have to feel it and have foreigners feel it the moment they land on Philippine soil. I noticed a change in Hongkong, China, Thailand, Singapore, etc. on how they treat guests. They have changed their approach to be more international, more courteous, more helpful even the taxi drivers in Bangkok – compared to years ago, they try to speak English now, they are helpful – unlike before. This goes through to the grassroots because in the end it helps all businesses to have tourists around spending their money in the country. We need brainwashing of our people. We need slogans in Filipino in our shows to push and convince our people to open their doors to foreigners and go out of their way to help. I hear many horror stories on how Filipinos have robbed them and cheated them of their money. This shouldn’t happen anymore.

  78. dapat si Charice Pempingco, Manny Pacqiao, former bauty queens like Miss Universe ng Pinas and some other Famous Pinoys ang gawing endorser…

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