Chuck’s Deli – Now Serving Awesome Sandwiches in Serendra!

Culliere Chef Katrina Khun Alcantara has found a new home in Serendra; this time, she’s offering sandwiches, milkshakes and chocolates. If you are craving big American sandwiches, Chuck’s Deli is the place for you.

Chuck’s Deli is located where Healthy Kitchen used to be.

Chuck’s Deli, Serendra Menu:

Subwiches, Burgers, Chasers & Quenchers
| Zany Sandwiches, Slabwiches, Flatwiches

It does get a bit noisy when people talk because the sound bounces off the cement walls.

Carabao Milkshakes
(P165 +10% service charge)
. 3 scoops of Arce Dairy Ice Cream blended with fresh Carabao’s Milk! Flavors include: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Coffee Crumble, Quezo Real, Avocado.

If you’re not in the mood to dress up for Culliere and just want a good ol’ milkshake, I recommend going to Chuck’s Deli.  The milkshakes there are thick, creamy and wickedly good!

Chuck’s Burgers
(P265 +10% service charge)
. US Angus beef patty, lettuce, tomato, Chuck’s sauce, mayo mustard.

I love this burger with its thick beef patty, fresh vegetables and good burger bun. It’s really fun to eat with your hands as you try to take a big bite out of it!

The Pilgrim
(P255 half slab +10% service charge)
. Thanksgiving all in one sandwich, all year round! A slabwich celebration with dark or white roast turkey meat, stuffing, cranberry jelly and, of course, gravy.

This turkey sandwich literally reminds one of Thanksgiving because of the stuffing and the cranberry jelly. Nice and healthy (maybe not so with the gravy 🙂 )!

The half slab is a bit too big for one person, but somewhat bitin for sharing.

(P275 +10% Service Charge).
Chuck’s Deli’s rendition of the classic — homemade Angus corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, mustard & Chuck’s sauce.

This was highly recommended because of the homemade corned beef. Thing is, I didn’t like it at all (maybe because we’re not used to the taste of sauerkraut with corned beef).

California Whacky
(P255 half slab +10% service charge)
. Go crazy over this fun and flavorful slabwich with kani, mango, egg, lettuce & wasabi mayo!

This is an exaggerated California Maki Salad enclosed in Ciabatta bread instead of rice. I love the veggies and the sauce that comes with it.

Hamsome Threesome
(P255 half slab +10% service charge)
. A sumptuous combination of Beer Ham, Canadian Ham, and Black Forest Ham with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & Chuck’s sauce.

Talk about ham overload! I was not able to try it since this was Gary’s sandwich.

(P255 half slab +10% service charge)
. Chicken Katsu + Bacon in a Slabwich!

Two thumbs up (even three or four, if possible) for Chuckatsu!

I love how Chuck’s Deli comes up with these innovative sandwich combinations. Prices are a bit steep though, so budget P300/person.

Paulene Chocolats Suisses

Chef Katrina Khun also introduced her personal line of swiss praline, truffes and nama-like chocolates here. They definitely look good and yummy!

Hand-Made Truffes (P595)
Assortment of the Following Flavors:

  • White Blanc
  • Milk Au Lait
  • Dark Noir
  • Orange Orange
  • Cashew Nut Noix De Cajou
  • Coffee Cafe
  • Peanut Butter Beurre de Cacahuetes
  • Pistachio Pistache
  • Gianduja Gianduja
  • Amaretto Amaretto
  • Macadamia Noix de Macademia
  • Grand Cru


Hand-Made Pralines (P595)
Assortment of the Following Flavors:

  • Lemon Citron
  • Apple Pie Tarte au Pomme
  • Mint Menthe
  • Strawberry Fraise
  • Earl Grey Earl Grey
  • Caramel Caramel
  • Vanilla Vanille
  • Coffee Cafe
  • Pastis Pastis
  • Banana Banane
  • Orange Orange
  • Chestnut Marron



  • Dark Noir – P495
  • White Blanc – P495
  • Milk Au Lait – P495
  • Gianduja Gianduja – P525
  • Orange Liqueur Liquer d’orange – P525
  • Grand Cru – P575
  • Assorted – P525

Mercato Centrale Partners with Chef Katrina

Overall, Chuck’s Deli is a nice, casual place to hang out, especially when you’re in the mood for creative sandwiches. It’s also a big plus that they serve the best milkshakes in town.

Chuck’s Deli (former Healthy Kitchen space)
Serendra Piazza, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City
Telephone: +632 576-4210
Mobile: +63 923 398-6378

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Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for all our meals and we are not connected in any way with the owners. We got to know them in The Alpha.

P.S. “Chuck” is a really good, strong choice for a name to represent the American sandwich theme of the deli.

16 thoughts on “Chuck’s Deli – Now Serving Awesome Sandwiches in Serendra!

  1. I was really excited when I read the headline of a new deli opening up. I’m sure it’s going to be one of the best in town, but I really do hope that someday someone will get it right.
    Everybody knows that a good deli sandwich comes with a pickle on the side and more emphasis on meat than bread.
    Kats deli in NY is one of the best and famous for that classic “when harry met sally” scene in the restaurant.
    For about $15 (p654) you get about a pound of meat worth of a sandwich with the customary giant pickle.
    Your photos showed more bread than meat which is frowned upon in the deli world so for p255 I’d expect a bit more (at least just under half a pound of meat). People say that things are cheaper in the Philippines and I agree, but it doesn’t mean that quality or authenticity should be compromised, especially in Serendra.
    Anyway, I’ll definitely be checking out Chuck’s Deli and I promise that the chips will be on my plate and not on my shoulder 🙂
    btw thanks for the write up and I love your site.

  2. Is there a chance they could expand Bonifacio High Street? The longer the street the more restaurants and business establishments they could place in there. I’ve seen the end of it and there is still vacant land.
    How I wish they could do something about it. This will be good news to Bonifacio High street lovers and dog lovers as well.

  3. I have been to Chuck’s Deli at least a couple of times and every bite was a delight. With regards to the Reuben sandwich, you should have tried the other corned beef sandwich variation (since you are not a fan of sauerkraut).
    As for the amount of meat in the sandwich, the pictures did not justify it well. It would be better to see them for yourself.

  4. We brought our Bacolod media friends to Chuck’s Deli when they came to Manila last week and we were quite disappointed with their slow service. Most of us ordered Chuck’s Burger and milkshake because they were highly recommended. The first milkshake order came 20 minutes after and the rest of our milkshake orders came with 7-10 minute intervals. Our burger orders arrived 30 minutes after. Good thing our guests and I were so happy to just get together and share stories so we all patiently waited. Their double fried fries was also soggy.
    Their milkshakes and Chuck Burger were good but the service isn’t and to think that we were there at around 2 p.m. so the place wasn’t packed. Certainly not for those who don’t have time to spare.

  5. Interesting…Have never been really a fan of Culliere, tho’ I thought the chef made kick ass bread. Maybe this restaurant will suit her better. Looking forward to having a bite at Chuck’s Deli. Thanks for sharing, Anton. ;p

  6. Went to Chuck’s for dinner with my girlfriend.
    Ordered the Pilgrim, Chuckatsu and a Chocolate Milkshake to share.
    The home made bread for the sandwiches was really good.
    The Pilgrim was delicious! Really felt like it was Thanksgiving again.
    The Chuckatsu however was extra salty. I think it was the sauce.
    Weird too is that even the Milkshake was salty. It’s like they literally put a bit of salt in their “timpla.” Also, the shake melted fast and it wasn’t that thick. The shakes at Grams Diner are better.
    I think the diner still has a problem with consistency. Will definitely come back to try the other sandwiches from their menu though.

  7. Visited Chuck’s Deli yesterday. Being American (and having complained about Manila’s lack of a “real” sandwich joint), I am impressed and happy with their food. The “Buffy” (Buffalo chicken sandwich) was good and spicy, the 3-kind of ham sandwich had really good flavor. Faking Duck was also pretty good. Quality of the cibatta bread was the real difference maker – crusty and good flavor.
    Unfortunately, they were out of stock of the Rueben — that will be the real test! Also they were out of stock of the ice cream for milkshakes. let’s hope they sort out delivery schedules.
    Hope this places survives. Location is not the best (I liked healthy kitchen too, which used to be in same spot).

  8. @Alberto Pamintuan: It sounds crazy but some Americans actually do put a pinch of salt in their milkshakes. It’s supposed to bring out the flavor more. Have never personally done it. But perhaps, it was more than a pinch that they put in your shake.

  9. Yup, i heard about that too that’s why i asked the waitress if they did put salt in it. She however said no. Will try again next time i return 🙂

  10. @ san miguel – yup, i noticed too that deli sandwich shops don’t put enough meat in their sandwiches compared to those in the US. take subway, oliver’s and earle’s; meat content is not enough compared to the size of the bread.

  11. We ordered their chocolate milkshake and after waiting almost 30 minutes, it was served to us… as chocolate milk. It was not ice cold and very thin. Since it was pricey, I complained to the staff… who told us that she was sorry but they served us the the order of a previous customer who left (they kept it in the ref in case another customer would order it)! I never thought a restaurant would do this… and the 30-minute wait? Was that just to make it seem like the shake was freshly prepared?
    At any rate, they replaced it with another shake… at no extra cost. We chose a different flavor… the avocado, which was fantastic… creamy, ice-cold and flavorful! 🙂
    We liked the everything we ordered, especially the chorizo sandwich. Philly cheesesteak sandwiches were out of stock and so were some other sandwiches we attempted to order. Sayang.

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