Midnight Snack @ Midnight Mercato!

Manang’s Chicken @ Midnight Mercato


Finally, we launched THE weekend night market @ Bonifacio Global City last Friday & Saturday!

Midnight Mercato is the weekend late night food bazaar where you can enjoy mouth-watering food finds — from home-cooked meals to gourmet signature dishes to classic street food re-invented — while listening to live acoustic musical performances. Most importantly, you can enjoy Midnight Mercato in a clean, comfortable and organized setting inside an air-conditioned tent.

Some trivia:
– It is the First Midnight Market (11pm to 3am) in the heart of Bonifacio Global City.
– It isΒ the First Saturday Night MarketΒ and Second Friday Night MarketΒ in Manila.
– The morning Mercato Centrale continues to operate every Saturday and Sunday 7am to 2pmΒ  with the fresh Organic Market and Food Market.
– It is an ongoing night market every weekend!
– Beer and alcoholic drinks are NOT allowed in the market. (Yes, it is a wholesome family place.)

Here is a photo essay of the Midnight Mercato Launch:

We had a simple ribbon-cutting ceremony last Friday attended by the Who’s Who of Manila’s Lifestyle scene.

Thanks to all the celebrities, dignitaries, and friends for supporting the launch of Midnight Mercato! πŸ™‚

There was a simple blessing of Mercato Centrale by Father Domi de Guzman.

The media and young professionals from the BPO industry joined us for the celebration last Friday.

There were different features by the different news channels including 24 Oras and…

a live broadcast by Apples Jalandoni for Bandila. πŸ™‚

After the features, we were pleasantly surprised to see the Saturday Night Market packed with foodies and their families. πŸ™‚

My good friend Chris from P&G invited his foreigner friend to eat Balut in Midnight Mercato. πŸ™‚

Midnight Mercato, located in a clean, safe and comfortable environment, is the perfect place to showcase our Filipino street food to tourists.

The barbecue and isaw were a hit. πŸ™‚

Off Beat Burger joined us for Midnight Mercato — now you can savor Krispy Kreme Burger at night and their latest creation…

Ensaymada Chori Burger!

Yes, it is the ultimate Midnight Snack. πŸ™‚

For a light meal to cap the night, you have a variety of options — from simple, hot lugaw, to hot taho, to a Mexican taco.

Foodies are going loco over these nuts — we love the pecans.

Here is a favorite that’s only available in Midnight Mercato — Armenian Lavosh Chips with different toppings. πŸ™‚

Mochiko’s Mochi Ice Cream balls sold out very quickly that night.

The foodies are looking for more dessert suppliers at night.

Big Bob’s is ready to serve you with chargrilled burgers every Friday and Saturday night!

Sometimes, all we need to end the night is a serving of Takoyaki balls (P50).

We are starting to build the organic products market at night. Why not shop for your favorite Human Nature products @ Midnight Mercato?

We are also looking for more arts stuff and organic products to complement the midnight market.

We love the homemade Raviolis of Natalia!

Isa’s Mongolian is a hit at night more than the morning market.

For those having an early morning breakfast, try the Certified Angus Beef Tapa Rice Toppings. πŸ™‚

Finally, Bale Dutung is opening this coming weekend @ Midnight Mercato!

You can comfortably choose where to sit around the market:

Tent 1 is the airconditioned tent (and it can get a bit chilly…)

There is live acoustic entertainment in Tent 1 by Rock Ed artists. πŸ™‚

We are inviting the up-and-coming artists in Manila to jam with us @ Midnight Mercato.

Tent 3 is an al-fresco barbecue tent.

Tent 4 is an al-fresco dining tent.

Or you can eat under the stars…

Thanks to Clear Channels for the Midnight Balls! πŸ™‚

Come and eat with us every Friday and Saturday @ Midnight Mercato!

Midnight Mercato @ BGC
Mercato Centrale, 31st and 9th Street
(at the back of The Spa, Bonifacio High Street)
Open every weekend!
Fridays 11pm-3am
Saturdays 11pm-3am

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Full Disclosure: We are co-organizers of Mercato Centrale and Midnight Mercato.

I’m NOT connected with, compensated by, or represented by any PR firm. Please email me at anton@diaz.ph if any PR firm is claiming otherwise.

P.S. Thank you to all the beautiful people of Manila for coming to the Midnight Mercato Launch!


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34 thoughts on “Midnight Snack @ Midnight Mercato!

  1. Was there last Friday night, even got rained in. hehe. Sadly, I couldn’t find your booth to buy the travel planner. The food was ‘awesome’.

  2. I missed this because I was too sick to function πŸ™ I’ve been to the morning bazaars but next time, I will tag Vince and friends along. Congratulations Anton ^_^

  3. Hi Anton,
    Super nice meeting you last night! My husband and I enjoyed the food there. Btw, suggestion lang, can you suggest to the concessionaires to have more earth-friendly containers specially for take out? Noticed how much trash is accumulated last night eh.:(
    Anyway, cheers to you and the continued success of MIDNIGHT MERCATO!!!

  4. My friends and I were there last night and we enjoyed the food so much! I love Manang’s!!! Too bad Mochiko ran out when I was going to buy! I met your wife too and she’s super friendly =) I think she thought I was weird to open up to her about my being preggy! HAHA!
    So yeah, I hope to go to a lot more Midnight Mercato πŸ™‚ If I may suggest, please do refrain from using plastic and styro as these are not earth-friendly materials. Or if ever these are necessary to be used, please have a waste segregation system. πŸ™‚

  5. yes..less plastic and styro please. sana cartons or recyclable containers na lang, perfect na yung Midgnight Mercato! thanks

  6. Hi Mr. Anton!:) I’m glad I was able to read this post yesterday before having dinner at The Fort with my cousins. I was able to tell them about this and they were thrilled to know that Midnight Mercato is already up! We really had to drop by to see what’s in store for us. And we were definitely pleased with the food choices!
    Being a chicken lover, I can say that Manang’s Chicken was definitely a thumbs up! πŸ™‚ I was even able to see you last night, but I was just so shy to have my picture taken with you. Sayang! Hehe:) Hopefully, I can take a picture with you the next time I drop by Mercato. More power Mr. Anton!:)

  7. Congrats Anton, but indeed, a growing clamor to use more earth friendly packaging materials at the Mercato -day and night! πŸ™‚ Perhaps a waste segregation system can also work. There were indeed garbage collectors but better if there are segregation bins already available.
    Cheers and more power!

  8. ….mercato centrale like-style should also be done in new poorest residential-new settlements for the needy areas i believe they were moved somewhere in montalban areas those quick-easy to build free homes for the needey-poor used to be informal settlers-squatters in metro manila but the open tents market should be called something like BAYAN TENT MARKET o open market ng bayan o masaganang tindahan{ng bayan}para may local pinoy appeal mostly gulay fruits rice corns camotes food stalls barbeques at local arts handworks at varieties of sooo many plants flowers trees{majorities} ang mga tinda dahil poor people need to be exposed in nature….wealthy pinoys hsould teach needy poorest filipinos how to APPRECIATE CARE & LOVE NATURE for the good of everyone & their country the philippines lol salamat po ng marami at hurry po by march dapat lang

  9. ….cont: lol! by giving the needy-poor new housing settlements areas-villages NATIONWIDE a mercato centrale like open tent markets-lined stalls of fresh lol fruits gulay corns rice camotes assorted plants trees etc. will eventually get rid of millions unemployed filipinos something to earned incomes besides those non fueled-hand maneuvered bancas-boats for narrows-hallows rivers-waterways etc. filipinos should stop going abroad for a living if they are underpaid pprograms of former lady pres. gm. arroyo said filipinos in any case none-no one should recieved wages-salaries abroad under $400,00 u.s. dollars minimum pinoys foreign incomes filipinos are the hardest working people the most patient telented reliable employees world wide $400,00 is not bad as minimum thank you so filipino our awesome planet should not wait & march 2011 is a good beginning to introduced nationwide it is for a very good reason lol!good luck

  10. Yay, finally a weekend night market! I’ve been wondering for years why the prominent weekend markets in Metro Manila insist on operating under the heat of the tropical sun. Hope this one lasts a long time!

  11. ….lol hopefully filipino family owned our awesome planet will start putting the open public market stalls for the needy-poorest communities new communities-villages like in areas of montalban so poor-needy can also start their own small but decent living starting first day of this march 2011 same size as mercato centrale but open let the poor loans their tents & tables needed show thwm where to pick up closest vegetables fruits plants other goods-stuffs-items etc.rented or sell them gorgeous white tents or phils. govt. can loan them to owned it is best not to wait too long barbeques will be a hit their too thank you so much lol!….

  12. cont:….also not only like a mercato centrale it is a good opportunity to make millions of ppesos by putting public laundry parlors where poor filipinos can pay ppesos 25,00 to 100,00 per washing loads & drying loads small loads for 25,00 medium to large for 100,00 also large freezer to rent plastic conntainers
    so poor people can rent 10,00 for small plastic 10,00 for medium 25,00 ppesos 50,00 for each large plastic containers per 24 hours period or even more a beauty saloon for females & males govt. should loan to owned in poor-needy areas
    coz the poor do not know how to build decent quality they need architect but low fees the govt. should loan to owned needy filipinos but has talents to manage but not the infrastructures even a rent toowned bike shops o billiard volleyball sets rent to owned eventually paid overtime these way filipinos unemployments will be under 1% by november 2012 if all pprograms combined do not wait if nationwide good luck lol

  13. Hi Anton, I was just wondering why my stall isn’t present on the current layout when we paid and it was acknowledged around March 15. Can you give me a heads up on what’s going on because we were lead on to believe that we would have a spot tomorrow? Thank you. πŸ™‚

  14. Hi Kapowsandwichfactory,
    Thanks for the comment! Sorry that we missed it and one of the reasons we published the layout is so that we can catch things like this before the actual market. The team runs 4 markets per weekend and sometimes there are misses.
    We apologize for it but it is easy to correct and we will adjust the layout to reflect your booth.

  15. finally after hearing so much from Mercato Centrale and Mercato Midnight Market; I was able to visit the Mercato Midnight Market. However, I am greatly disappointed.
    Although, I think it is because I have high expectations of the place. While I was going around the Market and checking out each of the offerings available; I did not see any mouth-watering food finds, nor signature gourmet dishes not even a re-invented street food.
    Everything was plain. Some looks seriously unappetizing; an empanada that looks so pale and you can immediately notice the very thick crust. And an apple pie whose top crust looks like that of a hopia baboy. And the place was somehow quite disorganized; maybe because of their new location. Which is no longer a stone throw away from The Spa nor from Serendra.
    One of my colleagues who came with me to the Midnight Mercato told me that maybe I just came on a bad-night. But anyway, I think i’ll give the Mercato Centrale (which is the morning version) a try one of these weekends. I hope it can change my outlook on how Mercato is organized and their offerings. And oh btw- at the end of the night, the only thing I was able to buy from the Midnight bazaar was a bottle of mineral water.

  16. Thanks for the feedback! Please try the morning market every Saturday and Sunday.Β 
    The midnight mercato focuses more on comfort food at night and simple Filipino food.Β 

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