World’s Best Sandbox 2011 by Butch J. Jimenez

My friend Butch Jimenez has a simple advocacy: “To trumpet to the world that the Philippines is the World’s BEST Sandbox!” He gives away  FREE desk calendar showcasing the best beaches in the Philippines. He does not ask for payment in any shape or form – there’s no catch. 

This year, Butch is partnering with Our Awesome Planet to share the World’s Best Sandbox 2011 Calendars to all Our Awesome Planet readers and friends 🙂  All the photos are taken by Butch J. Jimenez.

Here are snapshots of the calendar:


Boracay is the best example of having “the best of both worlds” — a paradise of pristine beaches, powder-white sand and exotic marine life; coupled with lush resorts, various establishments and exciting nightlife. It’s no wonder then that Boracay has taken its place as one of the world’s best beaches. 


Amanpulo, also known as the “peaceful island” is an idyllic, tropical haven that is popular with international celebrities. The marvelous private island boasts of its velvet white sand and crystal waters. 

Davao. Deep in the south of the Philippine archipelago is Samal – a paradise made up of 9 islands spanning over 28,000 hectares of white sand beaches, abundant marine life, exotic flora and fauna, and the most tranquil environment one can experience. 

Honda Bay

Honda Bay is a group of small islands cradled on the eastern shor of Palawan. Its white sand beaches and clear waters invite tourists to visit the many islands for snorkeling, diving and sight-seeing. Some of the well-known islands include pandan island, known for its pristine waters, Snake island, a 2 kilometer sandbar and Starfish island, known for its fine white sand and beaches water teeming with starfish. 

El Nido. Referred to as the Philippines’ Last Frontier, El Nido is one of the top tourist destinations in Palawan. Its majestic marble cliffs, enchanting lagoons, white sandy beaches and lush jungles make it one of the most diverse ecosystems in the country. 

Balicasag. Located off Panglao Island in Bohol, is a small circular island called Balicasag. The island’s crystal blue water is the perfect backdrop for a vast variety of fish and colorful corals. Balicasag’s rich marine life draws many tourists and divers, both foreign and local. 

Dos Palmas. Northeast from Puerto Princesa and cradled in the tropical waters of Honda Bay lies Dos Palmas — a quiet hideaway amidst pristine natural surroundings. Soft sands by the shore are a welcome delight, while beautiful reefs and a sea turtle living near the shor await divers and snorkelers. 

Apo Island

Apo Island is a volcanic island that is one of the world’s best-known marine sanctuaries. It has become a destination with tourists. Apo Island is home to over 650 documented species of fish and are estimated to have over 400 species of corals!

Beach Kids. In any of the beaches you go to from the north of the Philippines all the way to the south, one thing is consistent — the friendly smiles of children that have made the beach their home. 

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3. For foreigners with no access to Manila, Butch will ship it via snail mail. 

What a great advocacy! 

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16 thoughts on “World’s Best Sandbox 2011 by Butch J. Jimenez

  1. very nice beach pictures. some unsolicited but honest advice though is to think about losing the Beach Kids picture. Though it is very nice to see their smiles, the picture may attract the “wrong” kind of tourist if you get what I mean. there are some very warm people in nearby fishing villages and the impact might be better if the villagers’ smiles were featured instead of just children.
    just my thoughts. the pictures are really beautiful though. Great work.

  2. ….lol!….you got it right….i wonder why there are no colorful well painted beaches boats {at least i one} or nice vintas or a nice floating bar or floating mini restaurants-carinderia styles maybe but architecturally built….i wonder why local phils. mayors-governors officials do not build such nice business ventures as what we mentioned here in OAP place them strategically along roxas blvd.’s pasig rivers manila bays….they seem NOT to WANT EXTRA LOCAL INCOMES maybe there are ‘ no more ‘ unemployed filipinos nationwide lol!….

  3. ….there are hundreds of thousands of river ways creeks streams bigger brooks wet lands bays sea sides etc. to put nicely painted-designs hand manual boats as means of small local though narrow waterways transport or as extra narrow water paths vehicles to cruised along narrow ‘ shallow ‘water paths for just as schools transports or extra vehicles but manually maneuvered for fiestas or as palengke routes or town to towns transport routes or even as a romantic get awys but available & it is there 24 hours a day 7 days a week since no fuel is involved why resists possible extra income as filipinos-pinoys gradually realized their presence as transport as water ways vehicles….i am upset about these delays coz i believed that is supposed to be part of pprograms of former ex-lady pres. gloria arroyo funded by philippine governments to all available senior citizens of each local towns nationwide so where are these local town narrow but long architecturally built….it should make lots of profits after 1 months in services maybe there are nomore ‘ UNEMPLOYED ‘ filipinos in the philippines lol lol!….

  4. ….eradications of poverties has been answered thru pprograms of former lady pres. gm. arroyo but was not implemented on time all the ideas were stolen by the wrong people by the wrong countries the philippines was supposed to be the priority country to itroduced pprograms but it was introduced to other foreign countries in other continents side by side so it created an inbalanced outcome
    filipinos-philippines has the answers but was not implemented on time as if they are waiting for problems conflicts tragedies first before truly implementing simple solutions many past years ago so for many years you contained trasport to coal-fuel-electric run mrt’s lrt’s gas boats new fuel cars
    more smokes more fumes more choking air supplies instead narrow but longer built hand maneuvered boats on stand by nationwide phil. govt. funded but monthly payments-payback in returned say used now to owned system where senior citizens will pay 20% every day or weekly until paid in full….

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