Breakups and Breakdowns: A Review

It’s refreshing to see an all-original musical (ala NYC’s Broadway productions) written by Joel Trinidad and music by Rony Fortich. The story is a funny take on  PUA (Pick up Artist) Games, looking for the (impossible) “Perfect” one and breaking up (eventually breaking down). Read the plot here.

It’s a must-watch show for theater lovers since this is an obra maestra of Joel Trinidad!

The play feels like it’s a retelling of Joel’s actual love story experiences. It was fun to watch the author and lyricist himself play the leading role of Mark in the show. (You can even ask Joel directly about your love problems here.) His love interest in the play, Carla Guevara-Laforteza (who plays Nina), was equally convincing in her role. I loved it every time they sang, but their roles were a bit on the serious side.

On the other hand, the romantic dates of Derek and Sandy were a bit more playful and funny. It kept the show alive and interesting in contrast to the gloomy mood of the breakup. It’s the first time I watched Reuben Uy onstage, and his performance was a bit rough. We missed watching Emy (Joel’s real-life wife) as Sandy but Jenny Jamora’s (Emy’s alternate) performance was effortlessly funny, slutty and cute.

I have to admit that I found it a bit hard to relate to all of it after being out of the “game” and married for 8 years already. I can still remember listening to the Ric Segreto songs every time I was heartbroken. We had this CD compilation of all the Filipino love songs for heartaches, which were the theme songs of our barkada in the late ’90s.

We couldn’t resist purchasing the Breakups and Breakdowns CD, which is a must-buy. We enjoyed listening to the original songs — Boy Meets Girl, Tired of Goodbye and the main Breakups and Breakdowns song. I loved all the songs except for the pro-RH bill song Be Prepared, which promotes the use of condoms.  (Disclosure: I’m PRO-LIFE.)

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Breakups and Breakdowns:

The Making of Breakups & Breakdowns Part III from Mauro Giuseppe on Vimeo.

I’m proud that Filipinos can create an original romantic comedy musical that can rival Broadway shows. One of these days, I believe we will see a Filipino-produced Broadway show in New York.

Watch Joel Trinidad’s Breakups and Breakdowns! Don’t miss it!

For more information: visit Upstart’s Breakups and Breakdowns A New Musical.

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Full Disclosure: We got complimentary tickets from our friend Carla, who is part of the show.

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P.S.Watch the last 3 shows this March 11 (Fri) & 12 (Sat) weekend. I highly recommend it!

P.P.S. Since Joel is married now, it would be fun to see a rom-com musical about married folks. 🙂 Maybe part 2 could focus on the married lives of the characters. Hehehe…

2 thoughts on “Breakups and Breakdowns: A Review

  1. I think we saw the same show. Did you watch the March 5, 8pm show? I thought I saw you with your wife. 🙂 (I was shy to say hi. Teehee.) Breakups and Breakdowns was such a fun musical, noh? My boyfriend and I really enjoyed it, even if we’ve been together for 7 years now and not really heartbroken or anything. ;p I agree with you PPS though, I would love to see a musical about married couples or couples who have been together for so long (not necessarily married or those who don’t plan about getting married at all).
    PS. I didn’t know you’re anti-RH?! Ooh, burn! :)) Are you Catholic?

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