Chef Sau del Rosario, A Private Green Chef Experience

Chef Sau del Rosario, one of the most in-demand private chefs in Manila, is promoting sustainable and organic cuisine, not only in his restaurant Le Bistro Vert but also in every private dining experience encounter. There are only two chefs in Manila who are known as “green” chefs, namely Chef Tatung and Chef Sau.

Recently, Chef Sau partnered with Philips MyKitchen to promote healthy cooking at home using MyKitchen appliances. Coincidentally, it is also Mercato Centrale’s vision to have healthy and organic ingredients conveniently available every Saturday and Sunday morning @ Bonifacio Global City.

Chef Sau agreed to cook for the Mercato Centrale team one Saturday morning. 🙂 Here is a photo essay of our private green dining experience with Chef Sau…

Shopping @ Mercato Centrale Organic Market

As early as 7am on a bright Saturday, Chef Sau shopped with us in Mercato Centrale. First stop: purchasing the naturally farmed chicken of Pamora Farms from Abra. They are the pioneers of raising organic chickens in the Philippines.

Next stop: buying organic vegetables from the pioneer of organic farming in the Philippines — Herbana Farms.

A Filipino gourmet meal is not complete without pako, which he bought from Costales Farms, along with a dash of sea salt,

…some sili,

…organic salted eggs for the Pako Salad,

…and local cheese from Mambo Food.

For dessert, he got pineapples from Ormoc Farms.

Private Green Chef Experience by Chef Sau del Rosario

After shopping, Chef Sau started cooking at 10am and finished in time for lunch. 🙂

Video: Chef Sau cooks for Anton Diaz and RJ Ledesma using Philips MyKitchen appliances

To kick-start our green dining experience, he made us a simple concoction of Strawberry Lassi. A pleasant surprise! (Note: The strawberries were bought in Baguio.)

Video: Strawberry Lassi by Chef Sau using Philips MyKitchen

Mercato Centrale partners Vanessa Ledesma and Janice Villanueva love the lassi!

Chef Sau made creating this Sagada Orange and Local Cheese Salad starter look easy.

Video: Malunggay Pesto by Chef Sau for Philips MyKitchen

RJ and Vanessa were kind enough to host the private green lunch with Chef Sau in the comfort of their lovely Makati home.

Organic chicken needs to be cooked slowly, so Chef Sau used a steamer to cook the Pamora farms chicken. The sweet teriyaki sauce added a delicious touch to this healthy dish.

Steamed Chicken Teriyaki

You will know if the vegetables are organic if they are not perfect, like the eggplant above.

Tagine O Vegetable

What I like about Chef Sau is that he is not satisfied with serving just the usual recipes.

It’s a lot of fun watching him create these culinary works of art right in front of you, which is probably why a lot of foodies are now into private dining experiences.

Video: Seared Tuna by Chef Sau for Philips MyKitchen

Searing the tuna looks very simple — I guess it is, with the right appliance and good quality of fish.

(Note: We still don’t have fresh tuna in Mercato Centrale. We are still looking for more fresh vendors.)

Seared Tuna with Red Curry Vinaigrette

The tuna was very good already on its own (the vinaigrette was a nice complement but not necessary). I noticed Chef Sau loves to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil to add shine to most of the dishes.

Since RJ’s vegetarian, we had another serving of salad…

Nothing beats fresh and organic Pako Salad!

Sweet Potato

Instead of rice, Chef Sau mashed sweet potato to serve as the carb component of the meal.

Slow-Cooked Short Ribs with Mushrooms

This came as a surprise to us because the rice cooker was closed the entire time. We didn’t know that Chef Sau was using the rice cooker to slow cook beef short ribs with his own herb concoction.

Chef Sau impressed us every step of the way, leading to this masterpiece, which was the highlight of the entire green lunch. 🙂

The Ledesma family and Mercato Centrale Partners enjoyed the Green Feast!

Chocolate Florentine

To cap the meal, Chef Sau brought out these crispy thin layers of chocolate with almonds…

Assorted Fruit Sushi (suman) with Gata

…and Suman with Mango, Strawberry and Avocado, served sushi-style. 🙂

It’s a rare treat to get the chance to talk with the Chef himself about his culinary secrets, food preferences, and just how he enjoys life. 🙂

I’m now an avid fan of Chef Sau!

Chef Sau’s Private Green Dining is definitely an experience all foodies should have (and enjoy!) in their lifetime.

Chef Sau del Rosario
Private Green Chef
Specialty: Kapampangan and Healthy Sustainable/Organic Cuisine
Contact: +63 917 556-0917
Budget: P2,000/head for a minimum of 20 people.

You can request to have the fresh ingredients bought at the Mercato Centrale organic market and have him cook the dishes in your own private kitchen.

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Full Disclosure: This post aims to promote the Organic Market at Mercato Centrale every Saturday and Sunday, 7am-2pm. The private dining experience was sponsored by Philips MyKitchen, which is endorsed by Chef Sau to promote convenient, healthy cooking at home for busy foodies.

P.S. Can you share your own private green dining experience?

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