Why Peking Garden serves the BEST Peking Duck in Manila?

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Peking Garden undoubtedly serves the BEST Peking Duck in Manila. The crispiness of the skin and the way the duck is served are details that even Chinese restaurants in 5-star hotels cannot match. It is not a franchise but it is owned by the Maxim’s Group of Chinese Restaurants based in Hongkong (they also own the Starbucks franchise in HK).

Eating a Peking Duck is usually reserved for special occasions. Here is a suggestion on how best to enjoy the Peking Duck at Peking Garden. 🙂

Peking Garden is a fine-dining Chinese restaurant that serves lunch from 11.30am-2pm and dinner from 6pm-10pm. It is highly recommended that you call to reserve first. (I prefer the Greenbelt 5 branch’s location and ambiance.)

Peking Garden Menu: Budget P700-P1,000 per person.
Appetizers, Shark’s Fin and Bird’s Nest, Soup, Abalone & Sea Cucumber, Crispy Rice Cracker, Rice and Dimsum, Vegetable and Noodles, Beef & Lamb and Beancurd, Poultry and Pork, Seafood

If you plan to eat the Peking Duck, it would be best to order appetizers only and focus on the main dish so that you can savor it.

(TIP: Peking Garden’s main dishes are just OK. They are really known for their Crispy Peking Duck.)

Pan-fried Bean Curd “Peking Style”
(Small-P290, Medium-P435, Large-P580)

The bean curd was fried to perfection — crunchy on the outside but soft inside. The boys loved it. 🙂

Smoked Vegetable Rolls
(Small – P320, Medium-P480, Large-P640)

I enjoyed munching on these cold vegetable rolls as a starter, with their smoky flavor and slightly sweet taste.

Cold Chicken in Rice Wine Sauce
(Small-P330, Medium-P495, Large-P660)

We also ordered this white chicken with rice wine. A good recommendation.

Barbecued Peking Duck
(Whole bird – P2,300; Served two ways +P300)

The duck comes in one size only, and it is good for 6-8 people. Have the Peking Duck served two ways — you won’t regret it!

In Peking Garden, you have to appreciate the art of slicing the duck. It is sliced evenly, with the right amount of skin and meat per piece.

The meat itself is tasteless, and the skin almost crumbles when you bite it. The Peking Garden duck does not have any fat in it (maybe because it melted during the roasting process).

It is best eaten hand-wrapped with onion leeks and sweet hoisin sauce.

You can request for Ferdie Lopez, the master slicer, to assist you. He has been with Peking Garden ever since the restaurant first opened in Glorietta.

We actually got a second serving of the crispy skin with the meat slices in the middle.

It was awesome to see how well everything was sliced and presented.

As for the second way our duck was served, it was made part of a soup dish.

Some Chinese foodies opt to have the second round as minced meat in a lettuce wrapper. You can also request to bring home the bones, so you can cook the soup at home.

How do you enjoy your Peking Duck — served in 2 ways or 3 ways? What are the ways?

Boiled Pork Dumplings in Soup
(6 pieces – P240)

We also ordered boiled pork dumplings in soup. It was all right. It felt like we were eating xiao long bao with the soup outside. 🙂

Hongkong Chef Rey Cheng is the spirit behind the success of Peking Garden. He is often at the Greenbelt branch (versus the Trinoma branch).

You can request to talk to him directly to make sure everything will be perfect for your event.  Also, make sure he is in the kitchen when you dine in.

You can reserve the VIP Room with a bill amounting to P15,000 (minimum). They have 4 such rooms in Greenbelt 5.

Thanks to our foodie friend Wilson for showing us the best way to enjoy Peking Garden’s Peking Duck!

Let me know if you have tips on how you enjoy your Peking Duck in the comments section. 🙂

Happy eating!


Northern Chinese Cuisine at its Finest!

4th Level Greenbelt 5 Phase 2, Makati City
Telephone: +632 729-0567, 729-0719

Business hours: Monday to Sunday
11.30am to 2.00pm / 6pm – 10.00pm

You can also visit the Trinoma branch:
3rd Level Trinoma Park, EDSA corner North Avenue, Quezon City
Telephone: +632 901-0502, 901-0507

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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals.

P.S. We decided to have our kaya toast and coffee dessert at Toast Box on the 3rd Floor of Greenbelt 5. It is one level down from Peking Garden.

Kaya Toast, with Soft-Boiled Egg, and Coffee/Tea (P120)


13 thoughts on “Why Peking Garden serves the BEST Peking Duck in Manila?

  1. i love pecking duck! the one in lili’s at hyatt hotel and casino is also good. not to mention the fireplace, which is also another resto in the hotel.

  2. I wish they could serve the duck in half like other restaurants! It’s been a while since we’ve dined in Peking Garden. The peking duck ‘soup’ is definitely my favorite since it always tasted ‘rich’ 🙂

  3. I didn’t know that it was owned by Maxim’s HK..
    Anyway – Maxim’s restos in HK are our favorite!! Super love Lily at Festival Walk!!

  4. They really serve good Peking Duck! I also like the one from Passion at Maxim’s Hotel, Resorts World.

  5. It is not the camera, their duck has not been deep brown for a long time. The quality has not diminished though. I love their second and third way with lettuce ups or crisp fried. Peking garden has many more good dishes. I think it is still consistently one of the best Chinese restaurants in Manila. Dimsum is not one of their highlights though.

  6. i so agree! we usually order their peking duck 3 ways, with bread, with lettuce wrap and crispy bones =) gosh that made me crave for the crispy duck skin!

  7. Seriously, PHP2300 for Peking Duck?!?! That’s equivalent to $53.00 (US). I’ve had Peking Duck in the states and in China, specifically Quanjude’s Peking Duck, which is much more cheaper than Peking Garden. Sadly, customers are paying for the atmosphere and location. It’s sad to say that only the upper middle class and the rich are the only individuals that could afford these types of dining establishments. Additionally, it would be absurd in the states and many countries where patrons have to spend a specific amount to reserve ‘private rooms.’ PHP15,000 = US346.02. Moreover, Filipino’s that live in Urban and Metropolitan locations around the Philippines have become “materialistic” in a society where majority of the population is of the lower class.

  8. Anton, I hope you also get to cover their Beggar’s Chicken in OAP! Whenever I see that dish being served in their TST branch it causes a stir & cameras go clicking away. I haven’t personally tried it as it is said to be a bit on the salty side and I’m trying to cut down on my sodium intake.
    PS – I did get to try their Peking style boneless chicken and it’s very very tasty.

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