Le Bistro d’Agathe – Puerto Galera’s Famous French Bistro replaces Fat Michael’s

I was taken aback that the pioneer in Manila’s hole-in-the-wall romantic places, Fat Michael’s, has ceased operations in Makati already. We loved the kitschy ambiance and the food (even if a lot of people criticized it for its cocky service). It has now officially moved to The Frazzled Cook.

When we got to Le Bistro d’Agathe, I couldn’t help but ask French Chef Patrice Delobbe on what happened to Fat Michael’s, which prompted him to ask me if I came for Fat Michael’s or to try out Le Bistro d’Agathe. (Good point, Chef. 🙂 )

It was only then that I learned that Le Bistro d’Agathe was a popular establishment in Puerto Galera. After 2+ years, Chef Patrice decided to move back to Manila and bring his authentic French Bistro to the metro.

I was pleasantly surprised that a French resto of this caliber could price its offerings reasonably well. The food is really good and Chef  Patrice sees to it that he cooks the food himself.

A bistro is a small restaurant in Europe, typically with a capacity of 20 people or less. It’s a place where people in the neighborhood congregate to chitchat and, most importantly, the owner cooks and entertains the guests himself.

Le Bistro d’Agathe seems to be the only bistro that fits the definition. Most of the “bistros” that we know are really restaurants just wanting to have that cozy, bistro-ish feel.

The once-quirky, homey and kitschy resto has now been converted into an artsy, minimalist space containing a few fine dining tables.

Le Bistro D’ Agathe Menu | Set Menu

They serve authentic French food with some other European dishes. The prices that you see on the board are net prices, which includes appetizer and dessert.


★ Terrine (French Meat Loaf)included in the set menu

This home-cooked terrine, made from pork and liver, has more texture and flavor than the normal pate. Best eaten with a slice of French bread.

Chef Patrice prides himself on cooking everything from scratch, with the right quality of ingredients. In Puerto Galera, he even baked his own bread (but not anymore here in Manila).

The terrine alone would already cost P400 in other French restaurants in the metro. Having it included as part of the set menu is awesome. 🙂 Make sure to choose this as one of your starters, especially if you are going for an authentic French appetizer.

Cream Soup of the Day: Tomato & Basil included in the set menu

If you are having steak and you want a lighter appetizer, go for the soup. Their tomato soup is also made from scratch — you can taste the real flavor of tomatoes.

Another option is to have a healthy serving of salad.

A glass of house red wine would cost P170. You can choose your drink from here: Le Bistro D’ Agathe Wine List


★ Pepper Steak with Pan-Fried Baby Potatoes (P890 net with appetizer and dessert set menu)

People return to Le Bistro d’Agathe for its Pepper Steak — 200g of lean tenderloin meat with freshly made pepper sauce.

The beef itself is cooked well to one’s liking, but I found it a bit bland (because of my Filipino palate, I guess). But I loved the smooth pepper sauce.

★ Beef Strogonoff (P580 net with appetizer and dessert set menu)

This dish, which is Russian in origin, is also popular among the bistro’s patrons.  We loved the freshly cooked sauce. It was flavorful and had the right amount of saltiness. This is a steal at P580 net, with terrine as your appetizer and yummy dessert. 🙂

The current art display of Filipino-inspired superheroes is by Thomas Daquioag. The painting on the left sells for P150,000, while the one on the right is at P200,000.  He lives right next door.

The ambiance still needs a lot of improvement, though. But we were told that there are plans to improve it and make the place feel more French. 🙂


Creme Caramel

This is not leche flan. I liked it because it was not that sweet and had just the right amount of bitterness from the caramel. It had an almost gelatinous, creamy consistency.

★ Apple Pie

This is one of the best apple pies I’ve ever tasted. It is different from our usual notion of apple pie, and it is served at room temperature. You’ve got to try it! 🙂

Manila foodies and lovers have a new romantic hideaway. Imagine surprising your loved ones with an authentic French meal, tucked away in the art district of Bangkal.

With high-end French restos closing recently (La Cabane, Cicou, Je Suis Gourmand) and many more struggling to survive, it is great to see an authentic French bistro (with reasonable prices and Filipino-influenced French hospitality — if you know what I mean) opening its doors to the public.

Highly recommended! Let’s give a warm welcome to Chef Patrice! 🙂

Le Bistro d’Agathe
 1154 A Lacuna St. cor. Rodriguez Avenue, Bangkal, 1233 Makati
(former location of Fat Michael’s)
Operating Hours:
Mon – Sat: 11:30 am – 3:00 pm
Mon – Sat: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Email: lebistrodagathe@gmail.com
Telephone: +63947 519-2148 
Facebook: Le Bistro D’Agathe 

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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals and we are not connected in any way with the owners of this establishment.

P.S. Please make sure to provide a tip, P50 minimum; or if you loved your overall experience, P100.

★ Highly Recommended Dishes 🙂

47 thoughts on “Le Bistro d’Agathe – Puerto Galera’s Famous French Bistro replaces Fat Michael’s

  1. tried this bistro yesterday. I had a taste of the terrine with the bread, half a lasagna and a bite of the creme caramel. The terrine and the lasagna were good but alas, the dessert was disappointing for me – the creme caramel was not creamy at all. Oh well, maybe the apple pie next time….Chef Patrice was juggling between cooking and attending to the guests so none of us had the heart to complain. alam mo naman ang pinoy…mapagpatawad….

  2. Fat Michael’s moved in Ruby Road, Ortigas behind Discovery Suites. Anyway, the food in Le Bistro looks really good and the prices looks really reasonable. Can’t wait to try it with my friends!

  3. hi im Patrice from the bistro d’Agathe
    im sorry for you about the creme caramel but the creme caramel is nevers creamy that why i tlak whith every customer i take care if he like or if he dont like next time is better to tell me and i change immediatly your dishe ..
    is the rule in the bistro d’Agathe
    sorry for my english im french nobody is perfect

  4. Hi Rica,
    The son of the former owner opened Fat Michael’s Gastro Pub in Ortigas, while the actual cooks of Fat Michael’s opened Frazzled Cook with another partner.

  5. Thank you Chef for your concern….Filipinos are generally non-confrontational and understanding. We saw how busy you were and the efforts you exerted to make your guests feel at home. That was enough for us…

  6. Reasonably priced? For whom? I know you have to be polite about your review. Tsk! But I guess, your website is not for the commoners in this country ^_^

  7. I think the French can take it if people are rude to them because that’s how they are to Asians when I visited Paris. After that time, I never consider how they feel or think about us anymore because I think less of them.

  8. I’m sorry, but you really dropped the ball on this one.
    The menu, which includes lasagna, and bolognese and ceasar salad is hardly French bistro-ish. The bread was dry and lacked any taste. The tomato soup Patrice insisted we try was acidic, and more like a hot gazpacho. The Pepper steak was malitid and the house wine bland.
    Chef Patrice himself was arrogant and condescending, and even sat down at the very next table with other dinner patrons to mock us within earshot. It was a thoroughly unappetizing experience.
    As I mentioned to my friends, this style in cuisine and service may impress the backpackers in Sabang, but you’re in the big city now. I doubt you’ll last.
    His only saving grace is the attentive waitstaff, whom I hope will find employment elsewhere soon.
    Give this place a wide berth and spend your time and money elsewhere. Anywhere.

  9. Hi Anton, I am so disappointed with this review. Actually, I’ve noticed of late that you seem to like any place you eat and immediately post it on your site.
    Le Bistro d’Agathe is a LOUSY RESTAURANT.
    1) Zero ambiance – stale yellow paint, polyester table clothes, wilted cheap daisies with babies breath as decor.
    2) Mediocre, at best, food using cheap ingredients – The soup the French cook FORCED me to have was a bad rendition of gazpacho only served hot. He used local tomatoes which were highly acidic then had audacity to have me pay for it, even if I had one try and left it on the table. I innitialy asked for Ceasar Salad to go with my steak — why? Well if you have it on your menu, I would assume (so easy it is to make the damn thing) you will serve it, but he insisted that it was a French (ya right) restaurant so to try this superb soup which was so pathetic an attempt at gazpacho. I then insisted that I still wanted a salad, so he forced me again to have a green salad, so I thought why not, maybe he’ll have some delicate french mustard dressing. Well I got chopped iceberg lettuce with balsamic vinegar, how very French, how very gross; I didn’t touch it. The terrine, was ok, maybe the saving grace of the restaurant, but when my friend had it on his cheap bread (I’ll talk about that later) with butter, he insulted her then goes to the next table to talk about us. The bread – I don’t know what French BS he was trying to educate us with, but he serves cheap brown German type bread, which was terrible. Thank goodness his butter was ok, but then again, he could have easily bought some French butter from Santi’s (debatable though cause I can’t imagine him even knowing what Santi’s is). Anyway, my husband’s Beef Stroganoff, was bland and probably made from left over meat. My friend’s chicken dish was tasteless, yet he insisted that she have this because the Bolognese (yes again, very French) she wanted was not French (Oh really, duh?). So, as you have well-noticed, I’ve now mentioned, Ceasar Salad, Bolognese as part of his menu, he also had Lasanga and Carbonara. Now, if you are so arrogant to believe that people should eat French food in a French restaurant, then please don’t even bother to have Italian and American food on your menu. But I guess this French COOK, at best, thought that the big city folks had the same taste as island hopping tourists from Sabang. The apple pie — which he claimed was not American apple pie, but French, yes yes COOK, we know what Tarte Tatin is – was not made with Golden Delicious apples and had cinnamon, ya not American ha? And the Creme Caramel, mediocre, I’ll go for my driver’s delicious leche flan (with vanilla extract) any day.
    3) The French COOK — there is no way this man can possibly be a Chef. He has zero appeal, with zero technique. Not to mention the fact that he had body odor (yes BO in pinoy speak). I cannot possibly accept any good Chef or cook with body odor because that would definitely reflect on the sanitation in the kitchen. Not to mention, this man probably believed his FAMOUS restaurant in Sabang to be the best thing since ‘apple pie’ to come to Manila. Well, it can only be good for the culinary tastes of Euro tourists in Sabang. Probably for lack of choice.
    The service by a young girl was good, she was polite and only wish that she will find new employment as soon as this TERRIBLE, MEDIOCRE, RIDICULOUS, FRENCH-WANNA-BE BISTRO CLOSES DOWN.
    Anton, please don’t be impressed by the French accent and arrogance from a French cook that was probably thrown out of France for the cheap cooking techniques he uses in his banal restaurant.

  10. Wait, I forgot about my beef. Granted that it was cooked well (take note: he actually praised me for having ordered it medium rare — excuse me Sir Cook, ordering medium rare in Manila is not impressive, it’s the norm, obviously). But as another French CHEF I’ve met has told me, all cooks and chefs should know how to cook a steak, if not, then they shouldn’t cook at all. Anyway, fine, the sauce was ok, that is if I remove most of the hand-full (yes a whole hand-full) of pepper that he put in it. I mean yes, pepper steak, but to drown the sauce and the steak with pepper to the point that you don’t taste a delicate sauce or the beef itself is just sin and for amateurs.
    Waste of money even if it was affordable. No one should spend money and be insulted by a pretentious foreigner and pay for it.

  11. The recent comment is very detailed. Either the lady is very angry or she has a hidden agenda. Makes me more curious to try out the bistro.

  12. Hi Anton! Thanks for the review. Makes me want to visit the place one of these days with my wife probably for a dinner date. Funny though, how come the 2 comments before the previous one seems so upset about the place? Does she have a anything against French food? Anyways, I heard their apple pie is quite a treat for the taste buds. Again, thanks for the review.

  13. I just came from another one of my lunch meetings and this time, we went to the Bistro Agathe, which I’ve been hearing about and is very near my office. I’m no food expert but I know good food when I taste it – and the food was great from the appetizer to dessert. The Chef, Patrice, I think, was really nice and friendly and left a good impression with my prospective client – I loved that part! I’ll definitely be back for another lunch meet next week.

  14. Hi All, well, I have been surprised by this agressive comment from a deeply frustrated Ana Marques so I decided to pay a visit to this place yesterday evening. I have been used to dine several times in LE BISTRO D’ AGATHE in its former location in Puerto Galera. The place has been famous among european expatriates and food loving pinoys for its great beef meat, the delicacy of its home made terrine and the overall respect of true french gastronomy in its way of cooking. Definitely not a place for ” backpackers” but rather for epicurian guests who have the requested organoleptic cultural background for appreciating and enjoying it. And who- of course- can afford dining on the relatively pricey side ( even if the dishes are offered at a fraction of the cost they should be in France).
    About what I discovered yesterday in LE BISTRO d’ AGATHE MAKATI, I will say it in short : the place is new, it has still to find its soul and its personality. The food is pleasant, the ratio price/quality is correct, and the global experience was more than positive.
    That’s why I wonder to what extend this negative and hainous comment from Ana M. could be the overreacting symptom of a person hurted in her feelings because she has not got what she needed : recognition of her social status as a ” highly educated wealthy person who visited the world and who knows better about french cooking….”
    A symptom is the abusive use of the word ” CHEAP”. She employed it six times in her short review…and also she has been able to insert ” SANTIS” as a proof of her own social standing….
    I am shocked by this comment. It is nothing about judging the restaurant. I have the feeling that she wanted to justify her very personal rejection of the chef Patrice, nothing more.
    On one specific issue, I agree with her : the young waitress is very professional and friendly. Beside this, I wish her to find in the very near future another restaurant where they will be obsequious enough for comforting her in the idea that she is soooo different from the ” cheap Charlies” ………….

  15. OUCH! I feel like I got sideswiped by a thesaurus, and then bludgeoned by poor grammar– “organoleptic cultural background”? Really? “epicurian guests?” REALLY? “Hurted in her feelings” and ” I have been used to dine”? Wow.
    As opposed to you, I was actually at the dinner. Patrice was rude, crude and his food hardly merited his inflated ego. If this bistro impresses you, c’est la vie.
    As for a “overall respect of true french gastronomy”, geez, look at that menu board – what of that qualifies? Your statements in defense of the bistro do not have any details – what did you order? Are you even an actual diner, or simply Patrice’s friend? Your “detailed” defense of the bistro contains no description of your dining experience, but rather a history of the restaurant. This rebuttal is flawed and suspect–and useless.
    Please, I do not discourage others from satisfying their morbid curiosities. Try this place if you must- its your cash, and your palate. And I welcome a fair discussion, as long as it is based in fact. So “getehem”, try again, but attempt a less contrived response this time.

  16. I’ve known the Bistro Agathe for some time as I had the chance to bring my family to the resto a couple of times when we were in Mindoro. We’ve always loved their food like the meat loaf appetizer (my personal favorite), the pepper steak and the ox tongue.
    Early this week, my daughter chanced upon the Bistro on the net while looking for a small fine dining place where she can celebrate her birthday next month with her friends, and and we were pleased to know that they are now in Makati. The problem is she also saw the bad review about it. I couldn’t believe the review so I brought my husband there to have dinner last night to find out for ourselves – so that I know I wont waste my money for my daughter’s birthday. We went there to have dinner to see how the place looks like and see if their good food has now turned into what the lady AnaMG described it to be.
    As before, we had a pleasant experience. We ordered the ox tongue and the pepper steak – of course that also came with the meat loaf and the tomato soup and fresh bread and the apple pie. The food was great! I don’t focus on the fancy names and even attempt to find out if the food’s origin is French or Italian or whatever – what matters to a simple person like me is whether the food tastes good and of course, if it is priced right. As far as I’m concerned, I put a check mark on taste and value for money. I even overheard people from other tables telling the Chef that they were satisfied with the food.
    I was wary to talk to the Chef because he might turn out to be the monster that he has been pianted to be in the bad review, but he turned out to be pleasant and friendly and appeared to be genuinely concerned with his customers. My husband wanted a medium rare steak but I ordered a medium well one. When the steak was served, the chef noticed that he was checking it and said that he wanted a medium rare steak but it was alright as it was already there (my mistake), the chef cooked him a new one!!! Wow! You can’t find that kind of service every day.
    I cannot understand were AnaMG is coming from. We cannot imagine what happened at the time she ate there that actually warranted the comments that even included “dirty lines and ugly flowers and the bad paint color” and some really nasty personal comments about the Chef. It makes you think – especially when there are very good reviews of the Bistro Agathe done by blog site owners themselves (awesome planet, average pink, annlyn.net and many more sites) – who I would imagine give non-biased reviews, for otherwise, they will risk putting their blog sites up for question.
    While having breakfast this morning, my husband and I became curious and searched the net for more comments on the Bistro and we found out that AnaMG, or Anna Marques, or we do not know what other names she’s used, cut and paste the same comments on about 4 sites.
    It brings to mind an article in the Inquirer about a group of “professional” writers who get paid to do demolition jobs or promotional writing for or against businesses.
    We checked on “AnaMG” and noted that she has a comment in this site (munchpunch) where she describes how heavenly perfect one restaurant is!
    I suspect that there is more here than meets the eye. I suggest that miss AnaMG does better inteliigence work next time though. She alluded that Agathe had island hopping customers in Sabang – the Bistro was in Muelle, never in Sabang.
    I will not gain anything by writing this and I most definitely don’t intend to be a spokesperson for a restaurant, but I have a huge thing against a seemingly orchestrated, sinister plan to destroy the image of another person or business based on comments that are far too different from what I have personally witnessed.
    As far as I am concerned, my daughter will bring her close friends to the Bistro Agathe for her birthday dinner end of September.

  17. hey dear, would you happen to know that creme caramel has nothing to do with that extra sweet compact made with condensed cream leche de flan, so enjoy the difference or you are right, take something else, I love this place, just also because its not noisy, not uptight, its family cooking at its best, really French finally

  18. you are right, spending more than 500 pesos on a meal seems a lot for millions in this country, but this place is not a canteen and therefore it is not about feeding oneself (which can be done in some street carts at 30 to 40 pesos, with a louzy clear soup where some weird viand floats amidst oil eyes…) its about spending a good moment quietly sitted in a place where the sound system is not aggressive, where the food is all made from fresh products and genuily cooked by real people, not machines, so please, allow the Chef and his place to get legitimate recognition hehe

  19. WHAT A CRAP, hey look JLM or whoever you are, maybe one of this sindicate crooks who are paid to flag down establishment just to racket them, this is a well known practice documented recently in the Inquirer by the way. To cut it short, this place le Bistro d’Agathe is more than a decent place, this is a place to relax after a busy day, for those who want to escape from the noisy metropolis, no karaoke there, no drilling noises like over saturated sound system, no customers drinking hundreds of beer and shouting as if the place is theirs, this place allows you to enjoy very good family cooking, unlike in many pretentious and so-called French style establishments not very far from there, and your bill will not hurt your wallet or else pls go to Jollibee.
    The Chef is truly French and knows what he is doing, using only fresh products, no frozen items or industrial junk food recycled into something else, come on, be honest or else change planet….

  20. I dont know WHO you are, but it looks like you are a copycat, I have seen the same lines somewhere else. Your report is just totally wrong and any normal person, well this place is full of them every day, will totally disagree with you, maybe that day you where not in your shoes or you were commissioned… Anyway, I like this place as being a quiet retreat, what do you expect, that a bistro type will invest millions of pesos in expensive furniture and diningware to serve a complete meal of 3 courses, made with fresh products by real cooks, for less than 600 pesos? You must live on another planet.
    And your idea of what a chef shoudl be is like in Ratatouille the movie, Chef means master and at least everyone is his own master, and Patrice knows what cooking means, let the people judge and get away yourself from the place, let genuine customers enjoy in full simplicity.

  21. What? A syndicate to harass THIS place? You think too highly of it. One visit here would prove what an absurd concept that is. And your reasons for going here- an escape from construction noise, sing alongs and beer drinkers-hardly address any of my points. Simply put, this man was overbearing and rude, and his offerings less than stellar. And, as I said in my other rebuttal “getehem” please, by all means people, go and eat there. Just be prepared to be underwhelmed-or worse.
    In fact, it is YOUR response that appears suspicious. A knee jerk reaction to a detailed critique that touched a nerve. Are you connected to the restaurant? It certainly sounds it. And, by all means, please enlighten us as to which establishments you are refering to as, in your words, “pretentious, so-called French style establishments not far from there”. Finally, please don’t refer to Jollibee as a worse alternative because I’ve yet to have a bad experience there.

  22. Hmmm, while granting that strange things happen in this awesome planet we live in, what would you think is more likely- that a sinister group is out to harass poor Patrice through bad reviews, trying to, in your words, demolish his restaurant? (The logistics of your perceived extortion plan boggles me- how do these syndicates work exactly?) Or is it also possible, that just maybe this person had such a terrible experience that she wanted as many people people to know about it. Is that normal behavior? Is it also normal that the same person praise another restaurant she had a nice time in? Hmmmmm…..a syndicate, or an unhappy client? That she would use the same name, and cut and paste the same reviews would point to a either a normal person who doesn’t want to have to type the facts over and over, or a very lazy, very unimaginative terrorist. Oh, and your point that the restaurant was not actually in Sabang proves what exactly?
    I hope your daughter enjoys her experience at the restaurant for her birthday. We certainly didn’t.

  23. In re-reading your post, chiqui, I certainly find more evidence of this conspiracy you refer to, but only in the opposite. In the time since the negative reviews for the restaurant came out, the activity on this page certainly spiked! All of a sudden, so many people just happened to dine there in the week that followed, as opposed to the week before, and most of them felt compelled to write about it, while attacking the reviewer rather than the review. Tell me, what is more believable- that someone happened to order the EXACT SAME THINGS we did and just loved them, that the same person took the time out over breakfast with her husband to do some sleuthing (who does that over breakfast?) Or that maybe this is all just a hackneyed attempt at damage control?
    And for the record we could care less for the actual origin of the dishes- everything we initially ordered was Italian, from the spaghetti to the ceasar salad, but Patrice himself said “that is not French!” and insisted we order the disaster we had. Why did he even have it on his menu? His terrine is great, I wish the place just made that, for take out. It would have saved us from a terrible experience. So, to quell your fear of a conspiracy theory, yes we were real diners who interacted with Patrice, and are poorer for it.

  24. Mobi, please by all means try the restaurant. If mediocre food and bad manners is what you are after, no one will stop you. As for a hidden agenda, this restaurant and cook have little bearing in my life for me to have an agenda. This was my honest review of a lousy restaurant by a cook with a lousy disposition.

  25. This is a funny review, if it is at all one.
    I talked about the food, the place, the cook’s bad manners. Which is normally what a review should include. Just because the price is a fraction of the price of other French restaurants, as you mentioned, people dining should always have a good dining experience. Cheap prices does not excuse mediocre dishes, and nor does that excuse rude cooks who can’t leave diners to enjoys their evening.
    I need no recognition of my social status, I am pretty secure with that and do not need a small restaurant to validate that. I do however, expect any restaurant to treat me with the same respect I accorded them when I was dining there. I was not rude to the cook nor the server. I stayed till the end of the meal even if I did not really eat the lousy food. And yet the owner and cook was hell bent on treating us badly. You talk about social status, well, this cook was more concerned about trying to “educate” us about French food with Italian and American food on his menu. Maybe he felt his social status as a foreigner in our country of ignorant monkeys needed to be validated. Sad to say, he dealt with people who actually knew the difference between real French dishes and mediocre food disguised as French cooking.
    Funny how you say “epicurian guests who have the requested organoleptic cultural background for appreciating and enjoying it” yet only describe the food as pleasant. With the use of such big words, the last description I would expect from an epicurEan about the food is “pleasant.”

  26. Chiqui,
    I’m glad you saw all my reviews which I reposted, and hope other do too
    As for insinuating that I am part of some demolition job… hilarious.
    As you can see, I have no problems putting my full name down for my review because I believe in what I have said and have every right to do so. I have no syndicate behind me because I have no problems tackling this issue with anyone head on, face to face.
    I thank you for reposting the sites on this website, it will only strengthen my cause to make sure people understand what an unpleasant experience, not only because of lack of manners by the cook but also gastronomically, I had in this lousy restaurant. I could really could care less how much intelligence work people are doing and imaginary and wishful thinking scenarios that come out of this PI work.
    The bottom line is, it was the one of the worse dining experiences I have had in a long time. I too have nothing personally to gain in this review except to be honest about my experience and to have people know about it. People should just believe or not believe the bad reviews and stop being all Margnum PI about it. Stop making excuses for this lousy restaurant whether in Muelle, Sabang or Makati. This is a real review by a real diner that has no qualms in writing her name down.

  27. You are very accurate to compare the cartoon Ratatouille to this lousy restaurant. Ratty indeed, perfect for children’s taste.
    I am a genuine customer who actually researched to come to this restaurant with my husband and friend. We chose this over three other restaurants and was disgusted when we left. No syndicate behind me (as you can see my name is boldly indicated, without pretenses). Just a simple diner who had a very unpleasant experience with an unpleasant cook and his unpleasant food.
    Please let us not go into this whole rich man poor man justification for a bad meal. I have eaten in expensive and cheap restaurants around the world, great ones and bad ones. But to actually come out with a rebuttal that only centers around a cheap (ok ok more PC version, an affordable…) menu is pointless when reviewing the food and experience in a restaurant. I care about food, and in reality, if the over-all experience I had in this restaurant was enjoyable, I wouldn’t have have really wasted my time writing an honest bad review. But the rude, ill-mannered cook coupled with lousy food was the right combination to make me write my honest review.
    It seems like all of the cook’s friends have come out with their opinion about the restaurant all of a sudden. At the very least, I’m glad that my review has reached the proprietor of this lousy establishment. Now maybe he may start reevaluating his manners and know that there are educated people out there that will challenge his attitude and lack of culinary “master” technique, particularly when he seems to believe that us Filipinos have no “epicurean” knowledge. Laughable rebuttal.
    Don’t worry bibilartiste – I will “get away” myself from the place, and so will all my friends. You may continue to enjoy this simplistic place, but don’t fool yourself into thinking the French, Italian, American and Russian food is the best thing to come to Manila.

  28. Wow!!! These guys spend so much time ganging up on people who have good reviews because they like the restaurant. It seem to me that AnaMG, Ana Marques, AnneMP (who hates the French) and JLM really find the time to monitor what happens on this page. JLM must be the boss, he’s good at twisting things. For people who supposedly just wrote comments because they had a bad experience at a certain place, these people (or are you just one person?) appear to be professionals! Tell me, do you have a meeting everyday to check who answers what and what to say? You must be paid a lot to do this! Or do you just get free meals? Tell me again, what are the chances of 3 people named Anne/Ana having a bad experience in one restaurant all in a span of 3 weeks?!?!?! JLM, is your M – Marques? JLM mentioned EXTORTION! I never mentioned extortion in my comment – so is that a slip? I s that what you guys are really up to?
    My simple mind tells me, you guys are up to something!!! I am not the only thinking reader of awesome planet anyway.

  29. JML: it’s really pointless to waste our time cause as you mentioned, it is damage control time for the lousy restaurant.
    The cook knows who we are exactly, he knows because we left his food to grow cold in our table and that in itself should be an indication for any cook how unpleasant the meal was.
    What a waste of 2,400 pesos. Particularly when I was FORCED by the cook to order a tomato basil soup (again, how French is that?) which he told me I wouldn’t pay for if I didn’t like it, only to be charged for it anyway. Any good cook or chef so proud of his food would never have asked me to pay for something I didn’t order and didn’t like. And as for the “free” iceberg salad with balsamic vinegar which I never wanted to begin with, thanks for the cheap gesture, hope you were able to give the untouched salad to some other poor soul.
    Go on damage control, do what you got to do. Rest assured however, none of my friends and family will be visiting this place and waste money on LE BISTRO D’AGATHE.

  30. hahaha, you seem to be monitoring this as well.
    No one is ganging up on anyone here. We are just being honest. Obviously, JLM and I were together in our disgusting experience as your PI work must have indicated. So it is quite laughable that you are into this scenario that we are backed by some group against this small and irrelevant restaurant. And you must be doing a bad PI job too. Yes I was the one who posted all the other reviews, the same review, over and over. So? You think I’m hiding that? Not at all, I am proud to say I posted all of it. I made sure that my opinion is heard in all those sites. Extortion, laughable again. You honestly think we want anything from that small restaurant? Maybe an apology would suffice. But even without it, I have every right to talk about my experience. Please, you are embarrassing yourself. You can’t even write your own name down as I have.
    Get over it, it was a lousy experience for us, in terms of ambiance, food, and attitude. And nothing with change that. Too much CSI going on for ya miss. Must be really hard to accept the honesty ha?

  31. And AnneMP is not me, my name is Ana. This lady has her own opinions and she has every right to have them. So your flawed conspiracy theories from your breakfast PI job needs a lot of work.

  32. Let’s close this discussion and let’s respect each others opinion.
    This restaurant is getting both good and bad reviews from actual diners. I’m allowing the comment thread discussion so that diners could read both the opposing views. We will let the readers decide for themselves if they will try it or not since OAP readers are intelligent.
    I will not allow spammers, trolls, or conspirators use the comment section of the blog. I don’t know the commenters, but so far the email addresses and ip addresses appear to be from legit commenters.

  33. I had dinner there yesterday. I tried their terrine, salmon and chocolate mousse and they were all great!. Service is good and, for the quality of food, i think their prices are correct. I will definitely bring my friends to the bistro.

  34. Update….I had dinner in the bistro yesterday with my wife. We tried their terrine, salmon and chocolate mousse. We loved them all. We will definitely return there to try the other items in their menu.

  35. I had dinner in the bistro yesterday with my wife. The place was full. We tried the terrine, salmon and chocolate mousse. We loved them all. The service is good and the prices are correct considering the good quality.

  36. My family and I recently dined there for lunch and we enjoyed it. We are not nitpickers and we never fancied ourselves as gourmands, gourmets or whatever fancy name you lot want to be referred to. We liked the food. The chef was friendly. There was never an ounce of pretentiousness from the place. I urge people to try it our for themselves sans the bias or influence of reviews.
    Anyway, I truly pity the bashers. Such articulacy peppered with immaturity. Good writers with bad personalities. You don’t deserve to be “critics.” Paulit-ulit lang ang sinasabi. Lol!
    Anton, sorry, but I couldn’t help it. That’s the problem with free speech: You have to endure people like them. Anyhoo, your site is awesome. Keep it up.

  37. I’m with Anne Marques on Anton liking (LOVING) every single resto he’s been to (or at least posted in this site) Anne made very valid points as to why her experience was such an unpleasant one. was planning to try out this place but thanks to Anne’s review, i saved myself from wasting time and money on this resto.

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