Patio Carlito & WhiteHouse on 84th by Raymund Magdaluyo

One of the restaurateurs that I follow is Raymund Magdaluyo, the next Larry Cruz of Manila’s restaurant scene. Like Larry, he can come up with winning restaurant concepts that boast of yummy food and a unique ambiance.

Together with his cousins, he opened Patio Carlito — a tribute restaurant to his grandfather, Carlos V. Magdaluyo, who’s acknowledged as the pioneer and master of the casinos during his time.

Patio Carlito is similar to Abe (a tribute restaurant focused on old Kapampangan cuisine), except that it has a 1960’s feel. It competes directly with Mario’s  for group dining and the Sunday family buffet crowd. It is a good alternative to the best Filipino restos in the area — Bagoong Club and Romulo Cafe — and would make a nice venue for a get-together with balikbayans.

I thought it was a bit dodgy at first with its old-school, disco ambiance.  But the combination of unique Filipino food with its variety of pulutan won me over. We will surely return to this place for our next family celebration. 🙂

Patio Carlito Restaurant Dining Area

You can either eat in the sala dining area…

…or the terrace dining area.

We liked the long, wide table in the terrace area — perfect for a family with malilikot na kids.

Patio Carlito Private Rooms

Patio Carlito has three 1960’s-inspired private rooms.

You can reserve the rooms for a minimum consumable amount for food and drinks:
7-10 Pax – P10,000; 11-15 Pax – P15,000; and 16-25 Pax – P20,000.

1. TV Room. This is the best room to book, especially if you want to watch TV together while dining. This is perfect for when you want to watch your favorite sports.

It has its own restroom that can be shared with the adjacent Bar Room.

2. Piano Room. Choose this if you’d like a more private room for a meeting or a romantic evening (with a piano playing in the background). This is the biggest room; it can fit 25 persons.

3. Bar Room. This room is the least private one because it has a glass wall that overlooks the band playing in the WhiteHouse on 84th.

The WhiteHouse on 84th is a small resto bar that’s back-to-back with Patio Carlito. It has live entertainment nightly, from Mondays to Saturdays.  They usually have a good crowd every night.

(It’s a good thing we ate on a Sunday night with the boys because the kids don’t like a lot of noise yet.)


Patio Carlito, Old Manila Bistro Menu:

★ Adobong Kangkong with Crispy Cuchinillo Strips (P169 +10% service charge).

Cuchifrito (the crispy cuchinillo) is like a suckling pig lechon that’s been oven-roasted and then fried until it’s super crispy. You can order a full serving for P345 or order a few strips on top of the Adobong Kangkong.

It’s really good! Think of it as chicharong lechon. We liked how the rib strips went well with the kangkong.

★ Sinigang na Bangus Tinapa sa Miso (P435 +10% service charge).

This is now one of my favorite sinigang dishes in Manila. 🙂 It has generous servings of vegetables and bangus belly, good for 4-5 people.

I thoroughly enjoyed the contrast of the sinigang‘s sourness with the tinapa taste.

Tatlong Maria Salad (P145 +10% service charge). A refreshing salad consisting of three kinds of mangoes and refreshing vegetables.

The overall taste was very good, but the vegetables looked a bit tired already. 🙁

(Maybe I’m just used to the fresh look and taste of organic vegetables in Mercato Centrale…)

Malou’s Sinuglaw (P265 +10% service charge). Fresh tuna, marinated in local vinaigrette and topped with savory grilled pork belly and fresh vegetables.

This is a good pulutan to order while waiting for your main dishes.

Sunday Adobo Salgado (P255 +10% service charge). A chicken and pork adobo feast topped with chestnuts and green calamata olives.

The adobo was lighter in taste and not too saucy. We were expecting the meat to be softer, though.

We did not try the desserts anymore because the options were not that unique and appetizing. 🙁


With winning dishes such as the crispy cuchinillo and the sinigang, we are excited to go back to try the Pavada Kapampangan, Kilayin and Tidtad Double Feature, and Patio Carlito’s Fiesta Paella.

What’s your favorite food in Patio Carlito?

Patio Carlito, Old Manila Bistro
South Triangle 84 Sct. Tuason St. cor. E. Lopez Sr. Ave.,
Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturdays 11am to 3am and Sundays 10am to 12mn.

Telephone: +632 352-7140 

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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals and we are not connected in any way with the owners.

P.S. Congratulations on your new ventures, Raymund Magdaluyo!

11 thoughts on “Patio Carlito & WhiteHouse on 84th by Raymund Magdaluyo

  1. patio room, bar room, piano room,tv room, sala dining area, whitehouse etc… whoa! too magulo for me… and yeah i do see the Abe similarities with the interiors (giant photos on wall, ode to grandfather concept etc)
    I dont think you should call this man the next Larry Cruz though. You tend to do that Anton call something or someone the “Next___” or the “best”.
    ps.. im still a fan of your though, just sayin

  2. Thanks for the comment and for the specific feedback. Just sharing what I think about people/places but I’ll try to follow your advice for future posts 🙂
    Thanks Lizzie!

  3. Wow. Raymond is really so talented! Do you think we can catch him sing one of these days in the bar room? Before he became a great restaurateur, Raymond was a great singer. He led the Ateneo Glee Club so well!

  4. Happy to hear about this new venture from Raymond! He and his wife Rissa were college schoolmates of mine, and I’m really happy to see how all their restaurant projects are doing really well.
    Looking forward to trying this one out… But wait, is that guy smoking in the piano room?

  5. Happy to hear about this new venture from Raymond! He and his wife Rissa were college schoolmates of mine, and I’m really happy to see how all their restaurant projects are doing really well.
    Looking forward to trying this one out… But wait, is that guy smoking in the piano room?

  6. I think calling Magdaluyo the next Larry Cruz is a great disservice to an even greater man. His restaurants are mostly glorified low-end grub that only appeals to people who don’t know any better.

  7. If anything, the litany of restos owned by Raymond show how good and creative a businessman he is. I’m so glad he’s doing so well. I’ve tried out Romulo Cafe and am definitely excited to try Patio Carlito this weekend!

  8. nice place. thanks sir anton for sharing! been here (on a night out) but haven’t tried their dishes. will bring my family on our next gathering. btw, i just noticed… the guys inside the Bar Room are my HS friends. hahaha

  9. The Magdaluyos are The Best People I’ve known , On my way back to the Philippines , definitely , We’re gonna dine in Carlito’s .

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