The Art of Belly Dancing in Manila (Bellyfest 2011)

Alisha Lee, Korea’s Bellydance Goddess, and Jill Ngo-Crisologo, Manila’s Bellydance Goddess, in Bellyfest 2011.

Ever since I got to watch authentic belly dancing in Dubai,  I’ve been intrigued by this kind of dance.

I was happy to meet and discover the Goddesses of Bellydance, Jill Ngo-Crisologo’s professional belly dancing group in last year’s Bellyfest 2010.

This year’s Bellyfest was bigger, more organized and had more impressive belly dance performances.

It was a night of girl power, celebrating the art of belly dancing here in Manila…

Act 1: Fierce Tales – Classic Fairytales with a Twist

The first part of the Bellyfest was sort of a bellydancing musical theater, with classic fairy tales as its theme.

Snow White (Jill Ngo-Crisologo)

Cinderella (Sundee Vinas)

“Freedom Dance
” (Sundee Vinas, Denise Nucum, Apple Punzalan, Kristine Mae Aquino, Hazel Uy)

Red Riding Hood (Nilda Boquiren) and the Wolves (Zane Ronquillo, Eloisa Capoy, Reina Garcia, KB Baylon)

Bellydance mermaid with her mermaid sisters’ shadows.

Little Mermaid (Crystal Calinawan)

“Enta Omri”
(Crystal Calinawan, Kristine Mae Aquino, Apple Punzalan, Auee Umel, Denise Nucum, Hazel Uy, Reina Garcia, KB Baylon)

Act 2: The Best of Bellydance Performances

Korea’s Bellydance Goddess Alisha Lee’s performance was awesome to say the least. It was like she was moving into a picture-perfect pose every second, while her belly was constantly dancing in time with the music.

See: Belly Fest 2011 – Ms. Alisha Lee Photo Album

She showed Manila what world-class belly dancing is all about. 🙂 Her face, body and belly were so expressive.

The Goddesses of Bellydance showcased a mature and sexy belly dance number to the tune of “Love me, Love me, Intertwine”.

Jill Ngo-Crisologo leads the way in elevating the art of belly dance in Manila. She is the organizer of the Bellyfest, the owner of Peak Performance Studio and the leader of the Goddesses of Bellydance.

I loved this dance sequence — it was like a mix of belly dance and kung fu.

The Goddesses of Bellydance showed us why they are the most in-demand professional belly dancing group in the metro. 🙂

Bellyfest 2011 was fun also because of the presentations of the belly dance enthusiasts. Here are some of the recital highlights that we loved:

“Butterflies” by the Bellydance Kids from Peak Performance by Jill Ngo-Crisologo

“Sham Sham Remix” by Kids of Batangas by Sundee Vinas (Really cute performance! 🙂 )

“The Lantern”
by the Bellydance Jewels by Sundee Vinas (Batangas)

Alehat Al raqs with Mr. Mark Lumacad

“Arabiyon Ana”
by the Adult Bellydancers from Peak Performance by Jill Ngo-Crisologo

Jazz Students from Peak Performance
by Donna Salubayba

“The Lantern”
by the Bellydance Jewels by Sundee Vinas (Batangas)

“Habibi Ya Eini” by Kathy Vibar, Bellydance Goddess of Bacolod.

“I’m a Slave For You”
by UP Indak Oryantal

Formerly known as the UP Belly Dance Club, it is the first university-based belly dance club in the Philippines. I liked their modern take on belly dancing.

“Far Away” by Sundee Vinas, Nester Levita, and Allen Villanueva (Batangas)

Aside from Jill Ngo-Crisologo, Sundee Vinas is one of my favorite belly dance performers in the Bellyfest. I can still remember her awesome belly dance with the sword last year.

“Like a G6/Hold it Against Me”
by Striptease Students of Peak Performance by Donna Salubayba

“She Wolf, Waka Waka” by Peak Performance Adult Recitalists by Jill Ngo-Crisologo

Alisha Lee’s solo finale was breathtaking — both the audience and belly dancers themselves enjoyed watching her emotional yet graceful performance.

see: Belly Fest 2011 – Ms. Alisha Lee Photo Album

This is my favorite Alisha Lee photo.

Congratulations to Alisha Lee and Jill Ngo-Crisologo for an awesome Bellyfest 2011!

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Full Disclosure: We are friends with Jill Ngo-Crisologo and we got a complimentary invitation to Bellyfest 2011.

P.S. To learn more about Bellydancing and to be part of Bellyfest 2012, you can contact:

Peak Performance Dance Studio
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Telephone: +632 413-3466, 502-2912

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