The Foodies’ Guide to Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test

UPDATED: 9/2 – Final List of 55 Food Vendors.

Here are some foodie tips for the upcoming Ultimate Taste Test Event at Rockwell:

1. Make it memorable by sharing the experience with your closest friends or family.

It is best to enjoy the tasting event with your family and friends who enjoy food. This is a good venue to reunite with long-lost friends or to celebrate a special occasion with your family.

2. Take your time and savor each bite.

We are making the event the entire day so that you can avoid the long queues and come at whatever’s the most convenient time for you. We have enough food for 1,000 foodies, so take your time going from one food vendor to another.

It is recommended to talk to the owners themselves to understand the story behind the food you’re tasting.

The ticket comes with a San Miguel beer of your choice: Premium All Malt, Cerveza Negra or Super Dry.  Pair and savor it with whatever you have on hand — appetizer, main dish or a sweet dessert!  An experience you may want to try (only for those 18 years old and above!)

3. Formulate your strategy on how to complete the 50 food suppliers.

You can go through the taste test event by starting with Appetizers, Snacks, Main Dishes and then Dessert (sort of like a degustation). Another alternative strategy is to have dessert in between the Main Dish or Snack items. Some foodies just decide to be selective based on what they can see is popular during the event.


Yummy Food Vendor


Food/ Drinks Products for Ultimate Taste Test


Farm n’ Deli


Barang’s Tinapa


Marla’s Original Muncheez




Daims Food Inc


Cocktail sausages: Debrecziner, Wasabi, BBQ, Vienna


De Original Jamaican Patties


Beef Original, Beef Pinaubo


Cafe Mediterranean/ Wild Ginger


Moutable with roasted eggplant rolls, Vegetable samosas/ Spinach & Dhal Chapati


Purple Mustard


Sebadas con miela rosmarino (fried ravioli with rosemary honey) 


5 Loaves & 2 Fish


Baked Crunchy Veggie chips with homemade dips and spreads


The Fruit Garden


Jam flavors: Fruit Cocktail, Lychee Berry Rose, Winter Season


El Kapitan


Spiced Chai, Vanilla Chai


Concept Specialist Inc


Coffee with different flavors


Party Fuel


Mojito Mocktail


Istituto Culinario




Bugle Boy Distributors Corp.


Arizona iced tea


Chef C’s Paella de Andaluz

Main Dish

Paella de Andaluz


Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ

Main Dish

Smoked Pork Ribs and Bama Chicken



Main Dish

Calamansi Tuyo, Spaghetti, Falafel/ Hummus Tapenade Rolls


Luigi’s Muhlach 

Main Dish

Chicken cordon bleu with a choice of aligue mayo, cream cheese or wasabi sauce, Phillychanga


HKR Food Express

Main Dish

Asado, Roast Chicken


Heart, Meat and Soul Foods

Main Dish

Hearty meaty spaghetti


Sushi Mo

Main Dish

California maki roll, Tuna&mayo maki roll


Dek A Authentic Thai

Main Dish/ Drinks

Popia, Thai milk tea



Main Dish



Eat my GF

Savoury Snack

Original GF with toppings


The Flying Chef

Savoury Snack

Ham and Cheese Empanada


Muesli Granola Kitchen & Bakeshop

Healthy Snack

Monkey Bar, Chocolate barmuncher with almonds and cashew nuts


Almost Gourmet

Savoury Snack

Parmesan chicken sticks


Joy’s Fuzion Kitchen (JFK)

Main Dish

Fried chicken wings


Edible Options

Main Dish

Fish Fillet, Chicken Galantina, Sunflower brittle


Casa San Luis Pastries

Savoury Snack

Adobo quiche


Spring by Ha Yuan

Savoury Snack

KaPao: Pulled pork, Braised short rib, Lychee and Sesame crusted Teriyaki tofu


Chori Chori Burger Joint

Savoury Snack

Boracay original Choriburger


Cre-Ate Concepts

Savoury Snack

PIZZA-teriyaki mayo, PIZZA- 4 cheese


Gourmet Keso

Savoury Snack

Chevre(goat cheese), Chevre w/ cashews & truffled salt; Chevre w/ garlic & herbs, Kesong Puti Hiyayako


Mang Pedro

Savoury Snack



Tina’s Pie Outlet

Main Dish/ Savoury Snack

Main Dish: Callos. Tart: Shiitake With Swiss Gruyere, Prawns In Aligue, Chicken With chorizo


Chef’s Table

Sweet Dessert

Buko pie martini


Hansie’s Desserts

Sweet Dessert

Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Cupcake Boutique by Klar Joseph

Sweet Dessert

Cupcakes (Red Velvet)


Merry Moo

Sweet Dessert

Artisan Ice Cream: Brown Bread



Sweet Dessert

French macarons


Sweet Life by Ange

Sweet Dessert

Cam Chips



Sweet Dessert

Cookie Dough & Cream Mochi


My Pink Wasabi

Sweet Dessert

Kashi Maki


Symphony of Flavors

Sweet Dessert

Lecheflan cheesecake


Pink Candies Kucina

Sweet Dessert

Food for the Gods


Elle’s Torta

Sweet Dessert

Torta cebuana



Sweet Dessert

Frozen Kefir


Carmen’s Best

Sweet Dessert

Ice cream: Salted Caramel & Coffee


Riz Rice

Sweet Dessert

Homemade suman



Sweet Dessert

Yema balls/ Sylvannas


Baked by Anita

Sweet Dessert

Bacon n maple mini cupcake


Theo&Philo Chocolate

Sweet Dessert

Chocolate bars


Kiddie Affairs

Sweet Dessert




Sweet Dessert

Banana loaf with walnuts and choco chips


The Ice Cream Bar

Sweet Dessert

Lemon Crumble Yogurt

Check out the biggest winners in the last Ultimate Taste Test:

4. Be objective and trust your foodie instincts when rating.

It is suggested to give your rating first before comparing notes with other foodies so that your rating won’t be influenced. If you love the food and think it is rave-worthy, go ahead and give it a 5.

Here are the rating scales for the taste test:

1- Horrible. (If you don’t like it at all, rate it 1)
2- It is OK. (If it is good but not memorable)
3- We had a good time.  (If you had fun eating it)
4- I love it! (If the food is really good and you would order it)
5- Awesome! I would recommend it! (If the food is really good that you would tell everyone about it or give it away as Christmas gifts to your friends and family)

    5. Most importantly, have fun!

    Come comfortably dressed and prepare your stomach for a whole-day, food-filled affair! 🙂

    The event will be made even more fun by our hosts (who also happen to be ultimate foodies):

    Spanky Enriquez is a true-blue Manila Boy — he loves exploring exotic Binondo, the wilds of Quiapo, and the culture of Malate.

    He’s a writer, teacher, corporate communications trainor, and the marketing consultant of the Istituto Culinario and the O.B. Montessori School Network.

    He has hosted all of the Ultimate Taste Test events!

    He’s a proud foodie from the Hizon clan of Pampanga, and even prouder that he’s able to promote his home province via his tours to Cabalen Country.

    Spanx is inviting you to read his daily blog on food and films, passion and politics: The Daily Spanks





    Marian Bacol-Uba aka “Marian the Foodie” is a freelance writer, food blogger and vlogger from California.  She also owns her own Social Media and Marketing Consulting company specializing in food and restaurants.

    Marian works on Blackberry’s online show called The Hot Spot as their food expert and has worked on videos for PF Chang’s Restaurant Corporation, OC Restaurant Week Association, etc.

    She was recently a guest on LA’s Channel 18 TV Show: Kababayan LA with Jannelle So. She loves discovering new places and dishes to eat and organizes many events in SoCal to share her love of food with others.

    You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube: @marianthefoodie.



    Again, don’t forget to explore different flavors as you pair your food with beer! Your ticket includes a bottle of San Miguel Super Dry, Premium All-Malt or Cerveza Negra. (Note: For foodies 18 years old and above only!)

    Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test Event

    About Rockwell UTT
    Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test is a gathering of different concessionaires who give a free taste of their goodies that are already in the market, have just been launched or will soon be launched. The atmosphere is festive and everybody has a good time giving in to all kinds of gustatory delights. Visitors get to rate the food and the food concessionaire that prepared it on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest.

    The top participants who get the highest ratings get to be featured in the food blog site, Our Awesome Planet, which will boost their popularity and sales even more. 

    What: Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test — Be a Food Critic for a Day!
    When: September 3, 2011, Saturday, 11.00 am – 9.00 pm.
    Where: Rockwell Tent 

    Ultimate Taste Test  Fee: P585/head

    This is the Ultimate Taste Test event you should not miss!

    Where to buy tickets?

    Tickets are available from the concierge ground floor (near Mango store) Power Plant Mall Office (Tel. # 8981702) during mall hours and Creative Juice Office (Tel. # 5707827) during office hours.  Call Creative Juice for other payment options (bank deposit or paypal options).

    For questions and inquiries, please email


    Live an Awesome Life,

    Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
    Follow Me FacebookTwitterFlickr Youtube

    Thanks to our sponsors for the Rockwell Ultimate Taste Test Event!

    Rockwell Ultimate Taste Test is Co-Presented by:

    Major Sponsor: 

    Water Sponsor:

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    38 thoughts on “The Foodies’ Guide to Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test

    1. so sad that i will not be able to attend UTT 6.0… i thoroughly enjoyed 4.0 and 5.0… hope that next time we will be available.

    2. Regarding your “rating scales for the taste test”
      1) Horrible
      That is so offensive and not very friendly to the vendors you ask to join your bazar. They put so much time, effort and money in preparing their dishes with love, in the hope that it will be liked by the Manila public.
      5. Most importantly, have fun!
      I don`t think i would have “a lot of fun” as a vendor when i receive a few HORRIBLE`S….
      For example “no thanks” is a lot friendlier.

    3. Are tickets still sold on the day of the event? Or do we have to buy them beforehand?
      And I want to clarify about the food being enough for 1000 people, does that mean that there are only 1000 tickets available? Or can people keep coming in but only 1000 can try the samples from each vendor?

    4. We are only selling 1,000 tickets and once the tickets are sold out, that’s it.
      We only asked the vendors to prepare 1,000 samples.
      The event also is exclusive to the 1,000 foodies.

    5. Sayang, it’s too expensive naman. No longer “friendly” to us yuppies who happen to be the real foodies of our time.

    6. It officially starts 11am runs for the entire day. We are only releasing no more than 1,000 tickets and only those with tickets can taste. Each supplier guarantees to provide food for 1,000 people also.
      Yes there will still be food for you for tasting 4pm onwards.

    7. hmmmm… I smell CAPITALISM. Go! this is what you guys have been waiting for! THE BIG BREAK, so to speak! Bakit? who made you famous guys ba? we the yuppies! Because we had the money( although not that much, and the time to spend trying your suggestions on food and commenting on it!) which by the way made you famous at the same time oh! did I mention that before? It all boils down to CAPITALISM! geeez! You tell me “REAL FOODIES spend money on culinary and food adventures :)” I know but this is just too much…

    8. Is there a beneficiary for the proceeds? Last time, I know you were donating the money to build the church. What happened to the Church? Did it get built already?

    9. The church construction is ongoing and part of our personal proceeds will go to that.
      It was not appropriate to have the Church of BGC as the beneficiary in an event that is in Rockwell.
      We are doing a separate event more focused on Church construction fund raising.

    10. I’ve always had fun in these events having attended a few. But I think that this whole day affair might be too long. I’m afraid that for those who come later, either the food will be gone or won’t be at its best having spent several hours in a chafing dish or warmer.

    11. well, i arrived saturday night at rockwell around 7pm only to find out that of all the things to run out of, they ran out of the sticker/bracelet thing and the feedback forms, then one of them ran out and i thought they were going to find some more or something, only to come back empty-handed, and apparently just twiddling their fingers hoping for a miracle. (and me being a pretty passive guy, i just stood there and twiddled with them), after a few minutes of twiddling i then asked if they had anyone making new bracelets/forms or anything but apparently they really WERE just standing around not doing anything. eventually someone came over and tried to work out the situation and eventually we just had the tickets refunded instead.
      not that i’m criticizing or anything, but if the event was really limited to 1000 participants it would make sense that you’d have enough forms and bracelets for 1000 people, with a bit of allowance for misprints/replacements. but i wasn’t even the last one there, and when i left there were still a bunch of ticket-wielding people who were waiting to get in.

    12. I understand why some people commented that the tickets were too pricey, but it was actually worth it! There were 55 food providers so even if my friends and i tried to pace ourselves, we ended up feeling so stuffed after checking out about half of the providers on our list. The best thing is we really enjoyed most of the food we sampled. Yeah sure, it would be great if ticket prices could be lowered, but frankly, for the amount and quality of food that I had, I would have probably paid the same or even more if I had eaten somewhere else.

    13. You have a point Jerome, and we are investigating why this happened.
      Not sure if we printed less passport or bracelet, or there was an over production of tickets.
      Thanks for the feedback! this will be helpful to improve the next event.
      I apologize for any inconvenience…

    14. Thanks for this feedback Noelle 🙂 YES, the value is really more on the experience of trying a lot of quality yummy food in one awesome event.
      Thanks for supporting the Ultimate Taste Test!

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