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Ever since the man behind the once-popular Tequila Joe’s opened Ristras, a Mexican Revival has swept Manila and has led to the opening of really good Mexican restaurants (Tex-Mex, Cal-Mex, and other Mexican variations) in the metro. The market has even come to accept buying really good burritos at the P250-P300 range.

One of Manila’s recent favorites is the home-style Mexican place in the Fort Strip called Órale!, which is named after the Mexican expression for “OK!” or “Alright!” or the slang for “Hell yeah!” or “Right On!

The husband and wife team of  Nikki and Lexandra Confiado did a great job of creating a street food-inspired taqueria from Mexico and Northern California. 

Órale! Traditionals Menu | Drinks | Antojitos, Taco Salad, Fiesta Salad | Extras

The mural highlighting Mexican icons is the focal point of the almost-bare space (with just wood and cement finish).

You can play iSpy Mexican-version all day…

iSpy… Frida Kahlo, Luchadors (Mexican Wrestlers), Carlos Santana, El Chicharito (the new Mexican football sensation), Our Lady of Guadalupe, Volkswagen beetle, and an Aztec calendar.

★ Homemade Salsa!

This gets my vote as one of the best salsas in Manila because of the clean, homemade taste of its ingredients. I personally like the hot Salsa Inferno.

★ Barbacoa Burritos (P265).

We realized this place was special when we first tasted the tortilla chips, which they made from scratch. They had this interestingly different cookie-like crunch and unique flavor (versus the usual bland ones).

Note: I hear their corn on the cob is equally good…

I liked the way the fat burrito was wrapped tightly. The roast beef and rice were both flavorful and complemented each other nicely.  Everything seemed to be cooked well and combined effortlessly.

★ Camarones Quesadillas (P275).

The grilled prawn they used was big and grilled to juicy perfection. All the additional toppings and ingredients were carefully put together — we couldn’t ask for anything more.

The serving sizes are big and good for two people.

Michelada (P165). Corona + Lemon + Tabasco Sauce.

This was my first time to taste Michelada, which is like a Mexican version of the Bloody Mary. It was served at room temperature. I love Corona, but this was really bad (for me).

Órale! is not known for their drinks. Has anyone tried their margarita?

Overall, I love Órale!’s homemade touches, street food-inspired simplicity and Mexican food flavors. It is not just-another-Mexican-taqueria that opened just to hop on the Mexican craze.

I admit I’ve never been to Mexico, but I imagine this is the closest taste I can get to the real thing.

Órale! Taqueria Mexicana
The Fort Strip, 7th Avenue corner 28th Street
(located where Go Nuts Donuts used to be)
Bonifacio Global City
Telephone: +632 552-2660
Email: hola@oraletaqueria.com
Website: www.OraleTaqueria.com 
FacebookÓrale! Taqueria Mexicana

To know more about the story of Órale!, check out Cheryl Tiu’s write-up on Órale!

Check out Mexican Restos in Manila: https://awesome.blog/awesome/mexican/

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Full Disclosure: We paid for our meals and we are not connected in any way with the owners of this establishment.

★ Happily recommended 🙂

P.S. They started in the Rockwell Bazaars last year and they were known as “Chilaquiles” 🙂

16 thoughts on “Órale! Ole!

  1. wow,i have to try this! 😉 i love mexican food! 🙂 i ache everytime i get reminiscent of zapata’s (now iguana’s) in pampanga! 🙁

  2. Anton, I have tasted all versions of Mexican and Mexican-inspired food from Los Angeles, Mexico, D.F. to New York (from the famed “silver trucks” to haute-Mexican cuisine in upscale New York eateries). I heard that Orale! is the most authentic interpretation of Mexican cuisine from Mexico. I will try it next week. Again, the interesting thing about ethnic cuisine is sometimes, in order for it to work in another country, it has to be adapted to local taste buds. That can kill the “authenticity” of the original cuisine. I’m open to all versions of a cuisine as long as it tastes good to me!!! 🙂 Our tongues are the final arbiter of what we like…..

  3. It looks like the ones we get from here! Good job Orale!
    (Orale ese! Orale carnal! Eso campeon!) hehehe

  4. i’m still inlove with Hermanos Taco Shop 🙂
    esp. chicken quesadilla with guacamole and carne asada burrito super yummy!!!

  5. Here is my PERSONAL LIST of the best (to worst) Mexican restaurants in the Philippines:
    1. Zapatas (Now Iguana’s) – Clark
    2. Orale – BGC
    3. Maya – Cebu
    4. Manana – Boracay
    5. Chihuahua – Makati
    6. Hermanos – San Juan
    7. Mexicali
    8. Ristras – San Juan and BGC
    9. B&T – San Juan

  6. I have tasted their Margarita its just the right sweetness with that surprise punch. I love this place! Authentic and freshly made burritos!

  7. Orale is one of my favorites!! Their taco salad, nachos and their carne asada enchiladas are my faves and are totally amazing!!

  8. My friends kept raving about Ristras, but I discovered Orale! (in another blog) first, and it’s my favorite.
    With food this good (in M.Manila anyway), I don’t need to go anywhere else!
    Orale Homies!

  9. Being Mexican and living in BGC I’ve frequented both more than once. At Ristras you have some creative control in creating your burritos & tacos, which is good if you’re taking someone to their first Mexican food experience.
    But I personally prefer Orale’s food over Ristras. I just find their food to have a more authentic flavor. From the chips to tortillas and from the salsas to the mexican rice; Orale is just a little bit better overall.
    They are also probably the only restaurant in the Philippines to offer Pacifico Clara Cerveza and Modelo(top mexican beers) which any Mexican or even American from California would jump for joy when they see.

  10. another plus points for this resto is – salsa’s free!! you can taste all salsas for free! unlike other restos who charge you everytime you request for extra servingfs.

  11. No comparison by far Orale! has to be the closest to Mexican food that you can find here. Soft corn tortilla now that is something I have been looking for since I arrived in Manila 9 years ago. This is how tacos should be served.
    Don’t talk to me about burrito, you ask for one in Mexico and they will give you a little donkey, that’s TexMex or CalMex at best.
    Pacifico and Modelo best Mexican beers around and they serve them. Michelada, finally I can get one in a restaurant, need to be colder though I agree, in Mexico it is served with ice so go ahead add ice to it.

  12. Once I tasted their asada, I knew I finally found what I’ve been seeking for the passed 5 weeks travelling south east asia.
    Born and raised in Central California (the breadbasket, main agricultural area of California) we have a majority population of mexicans because of the farm work. I also lived in Los Angeles and San Diego, and visited Mexico numerous times… But if you’re looking for that California Style Mexican Food, you will find it here.
    The chips, while “homemade,” were small in size and portion… but fair enough. The tortillas tasted homemade as well.
    Our family finally received our condo in the fort, you will see me there at least once a week!

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