The Ultimate Food Trip happens in Rockwell on September 3

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Foodies of the Philippines, get wild! It’s that time of year when the table’s set for the most exciting event for food lovers and connoisseurs.

Our Awesome Planet, in cooperation with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews, presents Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test, the celebrated food tasting event, on September 3 at the Rockwell Tent from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m..

This much-anticipated annual food trip enables food lovers to be food-critics-for-a-day by sampling mouth-watering food preparations and concoctions from over 50+ home-based food businesses along with Power Plant Mall’s very own restaurants

Now on his 6th Ultimate Taste Test, food blog pioneer Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet embarks on this first partnership with Rockwell. 

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About Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test

Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test is a gathering of different concessionaires who give a free taste of their goodies that are already in the market, have just been launched or will soon be launched. The atmosphere is festive and everybody has a good time giving in to all kinds of gustatory delights. Visitors get to rate the food and the food concessionaire that prepared it on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest.

The top participants who get the highest ratings get to be featured in the food blog site, Our Awesome Planet, which will boost their popularity and sales even more. 


    What Foodies Can Expect in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test:

    • The latest and biggest food discoveries from 50+ suppliers, just in time for the BER Season!
    • Great selections from the Best Restaurants in Power Plant Mall! (NEW)
    • Experience being a Food Critic for a day as you rate the best home-based food suppliers in the country today and the best Power Plant Mall restaurants too!

    We are now selling tickets for Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test (UTT) @ P585/person. Each ticket covers:

    • Food Taste Portions from 50+ Home-Based Food Vendors & Power Plant Mall Restaurants (new) for the entire Saturday
    • A bottle of San Miguel Super Dry, Premium All-Malt or Cerveza Negra
      (For Foodies 18 years old and above only)

    This event is exclusive to 1,000 foodies, with a limited sit-down capacity.

    Check out the last UTT event’s list of participating suppliers.

    Tickets are available at the Power Plant Mall Office (Tel. # 8981702) during mall hours or Creative Juice Office (Tel. # 5707827) during office hours. 


        What Food Suppliers Can Expect in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test:

        • More Organized Food Tasting Event with 1,000 foodies. If your product is really good, it will go viral and spread throughout the foodie community.
        • No Registration Fee for Home-Based Food Vendors and Rockwell Restaurants — but you need to provide bite-sized taste portions of your latest products (enough for 1,000 foodies).
        • The top 25 food suppliers who meet the average rating of 3.5 and above will be featured in Our Awesome Planet in September!

        To apply as a Food Supplier, fill up the Rockwell UTT Application Form and submit  via email to

          Check out the biggest winners in the last Ultimate Taste Test:

          Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test Event

          What: Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test — Be a Food Critic for a Day!
          When: September 3, 2011, Saturday, 11.00 am – 9.00 pm.
          Where: Rockwell Tent 

          Ultimate Taste Test  Fee: P585/head

          This is the Ultimate Taste Test event you should not miss!

          You can buy the tickets from Power Plant Mall Office (Tel. # 8981702) during mall hours or Creative Juice Office (Tel. # 5707827) during office hours. 

          For questions and inquiries, please email

          Live an Awesome Life,

          Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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           P.S. Don’t forget: Only 1,000 tickets will be sold. Buy your tickets this coming week! 🙂

          P.P.S. For home-based food suppliers, this is the ULTIMATE event for you! It can immediately introduce you to the wonderful world of foodies in Manila. 🙂 Join now!

          58 thoughts on “The Ultimate Food Trip happens in Rockwell on September 3

          1. Hi, will there be discounts for the first few persons to register? I was really excited to attend this event, as I am very inclined with food. However, I noticed the quite huge difference between last year and this year’s entrance fee. I don’t want to wait for another year.
            Please do answer this inquiry. Thank you very much.

          2. Aside from the home-based food vendors, there will be Power Plant Restos who are joining the taste test 🙂
            There will be freebies additional freebies for the first few ones to buy the tix 🙂

          3. As a food blogger, I’ve always anticipated this event ever since..But when I saw the taste test fee, it’s like I’ve paid for a set meal I haven’t tasted before. I know that this is a good experience and it’s just my point of view.Maybe the event itself is too commercialized already..

          4. Thanks for the heads-up Anton.
            I felt the same sentiment with angee with the steep price of the ticket at 585 pesos compared to last UTT’s event at 385 pesos per ticket (that’s more than 50% increase).

          5. Hi Anton! Thanks for the email notification on this post.
            Inasmuch as I kinda agree with the above sentiments, I have to remind myself that I just have to grin and bear it. After all, it is not often (rare actually) that one gets to be part of an experience like this. Plus it is a choice to buy tickets (albeit priced considerably higher this time) or not to the event. To top it off, these are premium grub up for tasting and rating, and a lot of it to boot. So count me and my family in. More power to the Ultimate Taste Test! Can. Hardly. Wait.

          6. hi anton, i’m a home based vendor but i never once joined a bazaar. Can i join UTT? As a participant if ever what can i expect? 🙂

          7. Hi Dylan,
            We actually prefer vendors that don’t have experience in bazaars. The intent of the UTT is to discover awesome vendors with really great food to offer. UTT can short cut your time to introduce your food to the foodies.

          8. I will be in Manila on the 3rd of September, but will not be able to be there to BUY the ticket. Is there anyway one can be held for me? I am a foreigner coming in from the US for work, but will be free after September 1st. Please let me know!
            I am a OAP 1 year fan, and I would love to get to try the best of Manila in one sitting! Please help, Anton!
            I’ve emailed with no response!

          9. my cousins will be buying tickets! we hope that of your vendors at mercato will be part of this event –bagwang, tina’s pie, mochiko and bale datung!

          10. All set, got four tickets already. Bigger and better event! I know the prices went up but the event is also much more organized. All in, I think it’s worth the money! 🙂

          11. weeeeeeee! was nervous yesterday about this being sold-out since I only got to read this last Sunday and swell-dough was not available until late last night. rushed to rockwell during my lunchbreak and now i finally have tickets for my family. yeeeeeeha! 😀

          12. Are tickets still available? I don’t wanna miss my class just to buy tickets 🙁 Is there any way we can know the availability of the tickets? Para I don’t have to cut for nothing. If there’s any way, please let me know. I wanna celebrate our special day (Sept 3) through this awesome experience! Thank you! 🙂

          13. YES we still have tickets in Rockwell. I think we will still have tickets for the next two weeks. Hurry, get your tickets as soon as you can.

          14. The Fruit Garden will reveal during UTT 6.0 its Xmas flavor in its new “wave” bottle…. We are waiting all of you for a fantastic tasting session

          15. Hi again, Mr. Anton. I just want to share my request to please consider other practical venues next time… practical, in the sense that it would not increase the entrance fees.
            I guess I’m left with no choice but to wait for next year’s UTT. Have fun! 🙂

          16. Yes Anj, we still have tickets available for the event. I think we will still have tickets until prior to the actual event. Please get your tix as soon as you can.

          17. Thank you for inviting us over to Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test so we may present JFK’s Korean Fusion Fried Chicken and our Grand Pianono. This is our first public exposure and the acceptance from your guests was overwhelming.I for one, was not able to leave our booth so we may serve the long line of people waiting to taste both products and hearing their very positive comments and nods of approval really made our day.Kids saying “yummy, yummy” is very inspiring. People promised to see us in Mercato Centralle on September 9 onwards with their friends to eat and not taste 🙂 On behalf of my JFK staff….Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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