H Cuisine’s Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly

H Cuisine is a homey, casual restaurant by Chef Hannah Herrera-Bagatsing. It is best known for its signature dish called “Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly”. The resto is located along Scout Rallos, near the Tomas Morato area, found among the cute little establishments in between Tomassi and the Rub restaurants.


We celebrated Momsy’s birthday in this happy place in Quezon City. 🙂

H-Cuisine Main Menu and Desserts/Drinks

The well-lit yellow and blue motif works in keeping the ambiance alive and warm (reminds me of Stacy’s).

The first floor is not ideal for families with kids, though, because the area is not spacious enough. It has poor acoustics and the tables are on the flimsy side and can be easily moved by accident.

A nice portrait of Chef Hannah can be found by the stairs leading to the second floor. We do hope to meet her one of these days so we can take a photo of her with the three boys. 🙂

The second floor has round tables and seems to be designed for private functions. We feel that this is a more comfortable dining area.

Pumpkin Soup (P108 +10% service charge). Steaming hot, purely homemade and served with garlic bread.

We started with the Pumpkin Soup. The serving was certainly generous, and it tasted like it was made from scratch. I suggest you order this. 🙂

Broccoli Soup (P108 +10% service charge)Steaming hot, purely homemade and served with garlic bread.

 We ordered a second soup — the Cream of Broccoli. One thing we liked about it was that we tasted more of the broccoli rather than the cream. Thing is, the serving size was just half of the Pumpkin Soup that we first ordered.

★ Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly (P428 +10% service charge). Slow-roasted, fork-tender with demi-glace gravy. Sharing 2-3 pax without rice.

This Angus Beef Belly is really something to write home about. The beef was tender and had a slight charred finish. Together with the demi-glace gravy, this dish really hit it out of the ballpark. I now know why foodies are raving about this dish.

One thing I am not sure of, though, is whether we can call this the most awesome offering in the market. In my opinion, without the gravy, the meat itself might not be able to stand on its own.

(Have you tried this dish? What do you think?)

Osso Buco with Grape Relish (P388 +10% service charge)Oven-braised shanks, rich sauce, grapes in balsamic vinaigrette. Sharing 2-3 pax without rice.

We love Osso Buco. We have this tradition in the family that when we order bone marrow dishes, we try to see who can first scoop out the bone marrow, which amounts to 2-3 teaspoons. My Dad usually wins (or maybe we let him win 😉 ). The meat of this Osso Buco was also tender but the sauce lacked panache –I felt like it needed more grapes or something to make it more interesting.

H-Cuisine stands for Happy Cuisine -)-16.jpg
Lengua Con Cetas (P278 +10% service charge). Ox tongue, white wine and brandied sauce, olives, button mushroom. Single with rice.

The lengua was nice (a safe order). Compared to the Angus Beef Belly and the Osso Buco, it didn’t look that appetizing. Maybe it should’ve been plated better.

Oven Braised Herbed Chicken (P188 +10% service charge). Juicy brown chicken meat, tomato, roasted garlic sauce.

The chicken tasted good with the roasted garlic sauce. 

H-Cuisine stands for Happy Cuisine -)-18.jpg
Teriyaki Glazed Milkfish Belly (P198 +10% service charge). Marinated prime cut fish, vegetables. Single with rice.

My mom liked her Milkfish Belly with the sweet teriyaki sauce.

Aidan was pleading for dessert after all the dishes that we had.

Decadent Chocolate Cake with Caramel Flood (P88/slice +10% service charge) with Cappuccino (P100).

When we read the word decadent, we ordered this cake immediately. Well, the chocolate cake was a bit dry and not the same as the other decadent chocolate cakes I’ve had before. To make it worth your while, pair it with the Nespresso coffee.

Blueberry Cheesecake (P88/slice +10% service charge).

The cheesecake was supposed to be the best seller but I would  pass on this one. It is not worth the calories.

I hope they can improve on these desserts or offer better sweet fare in the future.

Overall, if you like Angus Beef Belly and happy, saucy dishes, then try out H Cuisine. Just set aside a budget of P500/head.


H Cuisine by Hannah Herrera-Bagatsing
#64 Scout Rallos St. cor. Tomas Morato, Quezon City
(one street before Tomas Morato circle if you are coming from E. Rodriguez)
Operating Hours: Daily: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Email: hcuisinemorato@gmail.com
Telephone: +632 413-0347
Facebook: H Cuisine Casual Dining Restaurant


Live an Awesome Life,

Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com
Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals. We are not connected in any way with the owners of this establishment or the PR group promoting this establishment.

★ Happily recommended 🙂

P.S. Happy Happy Birthday to Lola Momsy from Aidan, Joshua and Raphael! 

38 thoughts on “H Cuisine’s Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly

  1. I have tried the Angus beef belly and it’s good but without the gravy it’s nothing special. May I suggest that you try Rub Ribs just beside H-Cuisine next time? They have falling off the bone tender and tasty ribs, the sides are really amazing too especially the mashed potato and spinach and mushroom. Try the rub beef too, it’s like beef salpicao with bigger cuts.

  2. Wow! Everything looks nice! Especially the osso buco and the beef belly. I’m guessing they don’t make their own desserts and just outsource them.

  3. I love their beef belly – prefer it without the sauce as with all premium beef =) I always looked for them at Salcedo market before they opened their resto!

  4. I invited three of my best foodie friends to dine at this resto yesterday. I should say it was a very unsavory experience. The food was mediocre at best and the service was non-existent. The menu is a pretentious reinterpretation of standard culinary school recipes and the plating, cafeteria-like. They don’t ask you how you like the beef belly done (ours was overcooked). The service was simply horrendous. The staff were clueless about our reservation and the waiter handed out the menus like they were flyers (one of my guests got the delivery flyer). The waiter kept coming back and forth, reporting how our choices were not available (e.g., osso bucco, beef flakes) and messed up our orders after waiting for more than half an hour. Our friend never got his Dalandan beverage despite demanding it 4-5x from the waiter. On the whole, this was a pretentious, amateurish food venture–a complete waste of our time. It would be best that the owners invest in training themselves on management (perhaps a practicum in an established hotel) and their staff on service. As for the diners, your money will have been better spent at 145 Fahrenheit or somewhere similar.

  5. My personal experience differs from the raves of this restaurant. Food was not good, hugely below average. Upon getting the menu, you would want to order everything because it seemed well priced and inexpensive, its a good thing I didnt order everything though, and how could I, almost 1/4 of the items in the menu were not being served. We tried their “specialty” Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly, it was not even worth the P288.00++ it was cooked the way THEY like it, awesomely over cooked and awesomely dry, no wonder they offer the gravy.. which was mostly on the salty side. They serve it on a plate which they put on top of a plate rack with a tea light candle under it to keep it warm (not effective) and make it drier (very effective). It was very tender which is the only good thing about it, but then again its Angus its supposed to be tender. They also also have a truffle oil infused fish sauce on penne which they call Fish Traffalgar on penne which surprisingly arrived in linguine pasta! You can smell the truffle oil but not taste it the good thing about it is that its a huge portion, good for 2 people. At least for that item they were honest enough not to indicate that it was truffle oil scented. They have a “Loaded Taco Salad” which was very runny and a mess after 5 minutes, which they can easily improve by putting the sour cream in the fridge first before putting it on the salad. They have an Asian Chicken Salad dressed in unemulsified vinaigrette… grocery store bought dressing is much better, they can solve this by mixing the right amount of oil and vinegar and emulsify it. Service is below any standard. The waiters should have a pen and note pad and not pretend to be able to take the orders in their head, they will forget. Your salad comes after your main course. It takes about 20 minutes before your order arrives. The night we ate there the young relatives of the owner was there pretending to manage the restaurant and do PR, sad to say epic fail. They kept entertaining their friends and “showing off” their restaurant, they pretended to follow up on orders by just reminding the servers about the orders and not seeing whats happening to the actual order, considering follow ups were made… constantly. Waiters must be trained no school needed, just simply give them pen and paper, and assign tables for them to monitor, considering they were over staffed… around 5 tables that could sit 4 people each with 4 “waiters” 2 “child of owner managers” 1 “cashier” in a small restaurant floor. Pricing may be inexpensive but not worth it. Wait time for orders was nail biting. Parking a huge dilema. Basically a poorly managed school project. The only good thing I can say about this “hole in the wall” is that getting the bill is very fast… you dont even have to ask for it, they give it to you without asking.

  6. Hi Anton. I found your blog entry confusing. You started with “We ordered a second soup — the Cream of Broccoli. One thing about this soup is that it is not balanced. We can taste more of the cream rather than the Broccoli. The serving size was just half of the Pumpkin soup that we first ordered.” And as you read through, you’ll read: “We ordered a second soup — the Cream of Broccoli. One thing about this soup is that we like it because we can taste more of the Broccoli rather than the cream. The serving size was just half of the Pumpkin soup that we first ordered.”
    Which is which? Thanks.

  7. hi anton,
    It’s jay. Wondering if you can email me if you know realtors in Philippines who have a restaurant spot available? naghahhaanp na kasi kame hehe. also If you can give me an advice on where the best locations is. Looking forward meeting you. I will do a tasting for you and your family and friends when i get back to pinas. Can’t wait for that.
    THanks anton

  8. It’s more of this:
    “We ordered a second soup — the Cream of Broccoli. One thing about this soup is that we like it because we can taste more of the Broccoli rather than the cream. The serving size was just half of the Pumpkin soup that we first ordered.”

  9. I’ don’t have a contact, but there are a lot of spaces available. Better to make it a destination restaurant and make the ambiance more interesting than normal.

  10. Hey Anton,
    Thats a great idea, I would want to know a good location tho? should it be somewhere like tagaytay? im not so sure if there is a lot of similar resto in the Philippines already. but here is an example of the menu I would love to do. Brunch/Dinner Place to be exact. American/Italian influences
    Ex. Brunch
    Grilled Crustine, Blistered Tomatoes, Fave beans, Poached Egg, Tarragon bernaise, Prosciutto on top.
    Fonduta Crema, Braised Brisket, Local Potatoes, Braising Jus. Eggs over easy. Truffled Arugula.
    24 hour braised Short rib, Gremolata, Horseradish Mashed Potato,red wine jus
    Local Mixed greens, Gold & Red beets, Apples, Goat Cheese & Sherry Vin.
    Butter Lettuce Salad with House Made Bacon, Chopped Egg, Green Goddess Dressing and Chives.
    Steak Frites. Hanger Steak, Hand Cut Fries, Bone Marrow Butter and Red wine jus.
    It will be a Farm to table restaurant.
    Hope you like it. Pls email me would love to talk to you more about it.
    Investors are ready to go and menu also.
    Tasting for you is also ready.

  11. Bad service. Took us almost 45 minutes just to get our order. Worse, they wouldn’t even tell you that what you ordered wasn’t available until you follow-up your order. But what capped it all off was when I asked for a receipt for what I paid and what I got instead was a DELIVERY RECEIPT. When my wife confronted the cashier, she was told that I didn’t specifically ask for an OFFICIAL RECEIPT so I got a DR instead. Hello? Do the people in H Cuisine think their customers are that stupid? Or is that how management taught you how to argue when confronted about your transactions? I definitely won’t be back! EVER!

  12. maybe h-cuisine should try to improve their service coz their food is so good pa naman, SPECIALLY THAT ANGUS BEEF BELLY !!!

  13. My dad and I have become sort of addicted to that most awesome belly after we first tried it during our family reunion just last year, H-cuisine was the caterer, my tita’s choice. And ever since they opened their place in morato area, we’ve made it a point to go there at least once a month [we live near the area]. My dad is Homer simpson with that beef belly and sanmig light.
    We have eaten there so many times and it has always been a good experience, like Anton said, a happy nice atmosphere. The food though is the real clincher for us, more for my dad. That’s why we go back often.
    I was surprised to see those recent comments about my dad’s favorite eating place.
    It’s probably the effect of the awesome planet, because recently it’s been hard to get a table and is always full, not like before when we were among the few customers inside the restaurant. But nobody’s perfect, and I don’t mind a little [and hopefully, temporary] inconvenience, as long as we get our awesome bellys we are fine.

  14. Blatantly asking for a consult from a “food critic” and worse, leaving a note like this on the comments section of a resto review for everybody to read just unmasks your naivety or downright stupidity. First of all, this is a blog about H Cuisine. What’s the relevance of your comment to this blog? Second, are you trying to pull a fast one by luring the reviewer to your menu even before your restaurant opens? He’s supposed to objectively review an operational restaurant, food + services. If he becomes your consultant, he’s not supposed to write or blog about it if he wants his integrity intact. Lastly, this blunder should make you think twice about opening a restaurant. It seems that everybody’s either a chef or a food critic these days. But only a handful are cut out to be a restauranteur.

  15. I feel you! Their incompetence is beyond explanation. They should learn to apologize for their incompetence and work on being better, instead they pretend that they know what they are doing.

  16. I am a foodie and a regular customer of H-cuisine. I love almost all the items in their menu. Their MOST AWESOME ANGUS BEEF BELLY is one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITES EVER !! I, ALONG WITH MY MANY FOODIE FRIENDS, HAVE ALWAYS ENJOYED THE GOOD EXPERIENCE OF H-CUISINE !!
    Recently last October 8, a Saturday, I went to H-cuisine around dinnertime and the place was unusually jam-packed as there was a major student event, as with the two restaurants beside it. I think the event was called restaurant wars or something like that. It was really hectic, probably the first time I saw H-cuisine like that. So I decided that it would be better if I went back to H the next day for my most awesome beef belly fix [which I did].
    I believe that those who recently commented so harshly against H were there that particular Saturday [major event] night. And it is quite sad to see my favorite restaurant being unfairly attacked in such a rude and cruel manner, totally defenseless against the nasty tirades of some people who act like they have never made a mistake in their lives.
    Relatively new restaurants, just like everything else, must be given the chance to adopt and adjust to many factors, some unforeseen, such as a crazy major event night and the so-called “awesome planet effect”, as mentioned in an earlier comment. I just hope that H-cuisine will continue ahead better and not be daunted by the crudeness of such people who have no compassion whatsoever.



  19. this is the 3rd time i visited the h-cuisine this month because of its awesome beef belly,i love it so much!even my girlfriend who works in libis,doesn’t mind travelling all the way to tomas morato,just to have the serving of beef belly.i even recommend this to my friends and they are thankful because now,they can have a place where can they dine and be satisfied at the same time.i give two thumbs up for h-cuisine!!!!!

  20. with or without the gravy, H-Cuisine angus beef belly rules!! hands-down, it really is and always is a most awesome feast! keep it up H-Cuisine. sarap!

  21. This is a clear case of cyberbullying mixed with a dash of shameful promotion. It’s so obvious that this “know-it-all” is faultfinding and nitpicking, just feeling powerful and “oh so perfect”. It seems to appear that this no-good bully has never, ever, committed any mistake since being born into this world (mistake right there).
    This comment is such a mediocre and amateurish plug, seemingly from a pretentious paid-hack, for 145 Fahrenheit.

  22. Wow, this is an even worse case of bullying in the blogosphere, finding fault in every single detail. This cyberbully appears to be even more “perfect” than the earlier shameless promoter, also never committing a single mistake ever, since birth. It seems this bully can do no wrong and is probably the most perfect person in the entire universe. Yes, the universe of the bitter, insecure, holier-than-thou, oh-so-perfect, know-it-all, and pretentious losers, feeling so high and mighty in cyberspace.
    It is time to give these cyberbullies a dose of their medicine. Enough is enough!

  23. A tag team of cyberbullies or just two pretentious but “oh-so-perfect” tyrants feeling so powerful in cyberspace? The answer – it’s both.
    Either way, this is a desperate power trip of the incompetent, insecure cyberbullies to give themselves a semblance of some control and shallow significance, their own concerted effort to be of, at least, some importance, just to satisfy their super egos.
    Their arrogance is beyond explanation, pretending to know what they write in their comments, faking so much to sound like “perfect” experts. But what everyone sees are stupid rants and arrogant opinions.
    These CYBER BULLIES (especially this so-called CRITIC) exemplify crab-mentality at its purest form, so pathetic and useless. The world, real or cyber, would truly be a better place if we had no crab-heads and bullies.
    The time has come to take a stand against these losers!

  24. I agree na masarap ang most awesome beefbelly even pag walang gravy. Nag order kasi kami ng one kilo for the house because super favorite ng mga anak ko. When inubos nung bunso ko yung gravy, we still enjoyed the beef alone because it is really soft and tender. Kudos to H Cuisine and the to the chef. We will always come back with the family.

  25. Grabe naman mag comment this Critic, whoever this is! Sobra, kung magsalita akala mo kung sinong perfect, too much yung overacting at exage na di na credible! Ang yabang yabang nya, feeling marunong pero may mga wrong din pala ang mga opinion nya about some recipes and nag mamarunong sa mga advice nya. Malamang kulang sa pansin or someting itong si Critic. Who is this critic anyway na nagpapangap na parang diyos para mag judge at mag comment like that. As I said, super favorite ng mga anak ko ang H Cuisine, yung awesome beefbelly even without yung gravy. When we eat there with the family ay ayos at okay lagi ang experience namin. Ako, I like it also because the food is so sarap always, maganda at cozy yung ambiance, good yung service and yung price is not so expensive. Yan ang perfect combination for me!

  26. For the cyber BULLIES here and everywhere, WITH SPECIAL MENTION TO CRITIC:
    We don’t feel you! Your incompetence (with your comments) is beyond explanation. You should learn to apologize for your incompetence (in writing your exaggerated opinions) and work on being better (by not abusing people then hiding behind the anonymity of the web), instead you pretend that you know what your doing (but you’re really just power-tripping)!!
    We are fed up with your lousy drama act and bully tactics! Go fix your real lives and stop unfairly tormenting people in cyberspace by taking out your own insecurities on them!! It’s not their fault that they are and always will be better than you!!

  27. At last, someone with the courage to stand up and fight these cyber bullies, who blatantly bully people in the internet. I admire this Tracy for hitting back at those who wantonly abuse others in the comment section of many blogs, including this. So to all those who get a kick out of bullying and abusing hardworking innocent people in cyber world, better just keep your perfectly lousy, pretentious opinions or thoughts to yourselves. For we will always be greater than Boo & Critic!! These cyber power-trippers such as Boo & Critic are the true pretentious & mediocre specks of the real world!!

  28. Food taste is ok but the service is really really bad. The food was served sllooooowww….extremely! Waiters are unprofessional / untrained. I blamed the management on this. Will not return and won’t recommend this resto. There are ither better restos where you can have a better overall experience.

  29. I like the colours of this retaurant – homey, warm vibe. However, I didn’t like the Oven Braised Herbed Chicken 🙁 My apologies but it slightly tasted like paksiw. My mom liked the Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly.

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