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Michael Cacnio’s reputation as a pillar of social realism in Philippine sculpture was builtover time through his leitmotif of quotidian Filipino scenes inspired by his childhood in Malabon. 2006 TOYM awardee and a Fine Arts alumnus of UP Diliman, Cacnio’s careeras a professional sculptor in brass spans twenty years, marked by more than 50 well-received solo exhibits, an even greater number of commissioned works, and numerous sold-out shows staged here and abroad.

He did not only carve a spot in the global art scene for his country, but was the only Filipino to be featured in a solo exhibit in the European Commission’s headquartersin Berlaymont, Brussels and has a permanent display in the Fukuyama Museum in Hiroshima Japan.


INSPIRED is a unique collaboration of world class sculptor Michael Cacnio with the
much-acclaimed global brand LEGO to advocate the importance of imagination, creativity and knowledge.

Michael Cacnio reimagines and recreates his trademark brass sculptures with the LEGO bricks that colored his childhood days while keeping the rustic and naturalistic air that animates his works.

Through the unexpected fusion of brass and plastic, Michael Cacnio’s upcoming works aim to challenge the norm, rouse one’s imagination, and invite people to ask and answer “Why?” and “What if?” which are the very foundations of learning andinspiration.

Originality, inventiveness, simple joys of childhood and family life brought Michael Cacnio and LEGO together.

Source: Official Press Release

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