Baked by Anita Mini Gourmet Cupcakes!

Rockwell Ultimate Taste Test Winner #25: 

84 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
120 foodies rated 4- I love it! 
105 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
50 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
10 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

Baked by Anita is dubbed as the “Queen of the Market” in Mercato Centrale. An interesting tidbit: She was the only vendor mentioned in the movie “No Other Woman” when Cristine Reyes (in the final scene in Mercato Centrale) said, “Hi, Anita” as she passed by her booth.

Anita continuously surprises us with different gourmet combinations of her bite-sized cupcakes. I just love the balsamic vinegar reduction flavor with fresh strawberries. With her unique concoctions, it won’t be long before Anita becomes a legendary cupcake baker in Manila. 🙂

In Rockwell’s UTT, she introduced her mini-cupcake with maple roasted bacon with maple buttercream. A lot of foodies raved about this bacon cupcake. Congratulations to Baked by Anita!

The Story of Baked by Anita
by Anita Li

I started toying  with the Baked by Anita cupcakes idea 4 years ago while still living in San Francisco. Cupcakes were and still continue to be a great trend. I wanted to create my own. There was a bounty of ingredients just waiting to be utilized. So with the farmers’ markets as my pantry, I started experimenting and giving them to my friends in exchange for their feedback. It wasn’t long before I tired of the simple flavors. I wanted bold and unusual flavor combinations that made the palate think and dance. I wanted cupcakes with attitude. My friends responded very well. Then I started throwing tasting dinners, inviting a few friends whose palates and opinions I respected. They all responded well and urged me to turn it into a business. At around this time, the US economy was struggling and I thought maybe it’s time to take the plunge. So I packed up and moved back to Manila (where my family is) to launch the business. This was a year ago.
I have so many flavor combinations constantly going through my head and I wanted to make all of them. And I wanted people to try them all. The mini cupcakes, I thought, were the perfect way to enjoy as many or as little. And the people responded well to the size, the freedom (to choose and consume) plus there was the “cute” factor. I will make regular size ones if requested. So far, that has only happened once — and only one piece, as a top tier to a mini cupcake birthday tier.
My flavors are inspired by ingredients that I come across, by people I meet, my travels, by foods that I eat, even by books that I read. I enjoy combining different ingredients that I believe would enhance each other and come into a harmonious marriage. Judging from the responses to my cupcakes, I think Filipinos are curious, ready and eager to try adventurous/odd combinations of flavors. I enjoy watching for the “eureka” moment in their faces as they sample my cupcakes.

Bacon n’ Maple: Cupcake is made with browned butter, fresh sage and maple roasted bacon bits with maple buttercream and crowned with maple roasted bacon bits.

Php 39.00 each
Box of 4 @Php150.00
Box of 6 @ Php230.00
Box of 9 @Php345.00
Box of 12 @Php450.00

Roasted Strawberry: Cupcake is made with fresh strawberries roasted with balsamic vinegar and crowned with BBA strawberry frosting made with fresh strawberries, Valrhona white chocolate, cream cheese and buttercream.

Php 39.00 each,  
Box of 4 @Php150.00, 
Box of 6 @ Php230.00, 
Box of 9 @Php345.00, and 
Box of 12 @Php450.00

Foodies’ Comments:

  • moist
  • roasted strawberry-yummy!
  • balsamic vinegar was a nice addition
  • bacon-bland, strawberry-too much balsamic
  • bacon & maple was bland. roasted strawberry was weird
  • really good! not too sweet!
  • i liked strawberry
  • normal pastries
  • crazy flavors but i love them!
  • i love the mix of flavors of the bacon thing- sweet & salty
  • roasted strawberry brave & adventurous flavors. kudos
  • i give roasted strawberry a “5” 
  • it’s good but not for me
  • it was just ok
  • bacon & maple is really good but strawberry too sweet
  • like the taste of the cupcake
  • enjoyed the taste
  • good choice of ingredients
  • bacon+maple is different & quite tasty
  • didn’t care for the strawberry. bacon was ok
  • <3<3<3 it!
  • just like biting into strawberries
  • dry
  • bacon 🙂
  • balsamic!
  • pwede!
  • more bacon please!
  • good experimentation with flavors
  • flavors are very distinct & taste very unique
  • really yummy!
  • so many stuff packed into a small cupcake = GOOD!
  • roasted strawberry so unique
  • a bit disappointed i can use more sage flavor
  • ok lang
  • <3 it!
  • better:) 
  • no need for bacon, muffin is good enough as is!
  • balsamic vinegar + strawberry! (drools)
  • unique experience
  • original flavors but taste was lacking
  • too sweet
  • i liked the bacon +maple flavor more but the evident strawberry flavor in the other 
  • usual cupcakes
  • servings just right not heavy
  • cake is soft
  • i like the concept & design but taste is just ok
  • savory & sweet. balanced well. highly recommended!
  • savory +sweet harmonious balance
  • bacon cupcake is nice
  • kick of bacon, terrific!
  • strawberry cupcake was dry
  • super sarap!
  • roasted strawberry is a winner! good job in mixing a lot of different flavors
  • best cake!!! Bacon!!!
  • loved the bacon and maple cupcake! it is soft!
  • bacon +maple savory!
  • not that moist
  • okay
  • different flavors. like the strawberry better
  • tastes good!
  • it’s true cupcake with an attitude!
  • bacon is great
  • really enjoyed the strawberry balsamic. nice tang!
  • salted caramel needs work
  • bacon cheesecake was dry
  • balsamic vinegar + strawberry both yummy!
  • bite size perfection
  • roasted strawberry = the best!
  • bacon!!!
  • love the combinations. unusual but they work!
  • great!
  • cupcakes that will make you full 🙂
  • roasted sberry-odd mix
  • strawberry can be tasted
  • unique flavors
  • yummy cupcakes
  • want it more soft & moist
  • taste is just right. lovely.
  • balsamic & strawberry- perfect!
  • love the combination of bacon & choco
  • unique
  • moist cupcake. interesting flavor
  • very original
  • cupcake tasted more like thick banana bread
  • strawberry balsamic topping is good
  • not enough bacon, strawberry was very good
  • icing was of quality, nice buttery taste
  • so-so…
  • Bacon & maple mini cakes bottom’s a bit dry & tough
  • didn’t like vinegar in cupcake! Didn’t work!
  • bacon sample was excellent
  • right topping!
  • the best
  • don’t be fooled. these little munchies pack a lot of flavor!
  • very inventive and tasty, well cooked and good
  • organic 🙂 amazing strawberry
  • yummy!
  • love the roasted strawberry!
  • impenetrable!
  • who knew bacon would be so good as a dessert
  • better bacon
  • new tastes, good!
  • yuck!
  • interesting and innovative
  • surprisingly good
  • sweet
  • one product is good the other is bad
  • great combo
  • not memorable but ok naman
  • good twist w balsamic vinegar
  • it is something different, love the flavors
  • something different. different in a good way
  • it’s something different and really tasty
  • the saltiness and sweetness of the cupcake blends really well
  • I love the bacon-manly cupcake
  • excellent! not too sweet
  • the supplier explains the products
  • bacon&cupcakes don’t match
  • roasted strawberry -really good
  • strawberry nice! Bacon and maple, 2 pts
  • fair




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