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Every time we eat a burrito in Mexican restos in Manila, we always feel full and bloated after. Faburrito intends to change that by offering healthy burritos that you can enjoy without the guilt.

Promising to only serve natural ingredients with no sugar, no MSG and no preservatives, they also prepare everything fresh daily. Biodegradable packaging and utensils are used whenever possible.

Faburrito is designed to be a Christian business where employees are treated well, part of the proceeds go to a good cause and customers are assured that the food is made only with the good stuff. It’s an interesting concept but very niche.

Here is our Faburrito experience:


The restaurant has three dining areas: the first floor, second floor and al fresco area. The first floor has narrow tables and is designed for efficient queues at the counter. The second floor appears to be the most popular among its customers.

Ordering the burrito is a no-nonsense affair. The process has been designed in such a way that you can get your order in a few minutes with the open kitchen setup.

Christian music plays in the background while you order and enjoy your food.

The menu might seem a bit confusing at first. Just keep in mind that they have fixed pricing depending on the choice of meat — there’s Mango BBQ Chicken (P270), Cajun Beef (P285), Peppered Pork (P270) and Fajita Vegetables (P270).

You can order it in the form of a burrito, bowl, tacos or salad. You can then add salsa, fillings and dressing to your liking.

They use healthy ingredients in the burrito — whole wheat tortilla, brown rice and black beans.

Your choice of meat is added after. (We recommend the Mango BBQ Chicken and Cajun Beef.)

You can pick from different types of salsa:

  • Fresh Salsa (Freshly chopped red tomatoes, onions and cilantro blended for a mildly tangy fresh taste)
  • ★ Mango Salsa (Sweet, succulent, chopped mango blended with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and spices for a spicy yet sweet flavor)
  • Grilled Corn Salsa (Grilled corn blended with tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lime juice)
  • ★ Onion Salsa (Grilled onions, tomatoes, garlic and other spices blended into a spicy onion salsa)

We recommend the Mango Salsa if you like it sweet, or the Onion Salsa if you want something different.

Instead of sour cream, cucumber yogurt is used (it does not really taste like anything, but it just adds a yogurt-y feel to the burrito).

★ Mango BBQ Chicken Burrito (P270). Chicken marinated in mango and chili, then grilled until crispy, sweet and tangy with brown rice, black beans, cucumber yogurt, jack cheese and your choice of salsa, all wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

It tasted clean, almost bordering on bland. Adding more mango salsa and balsamic vinaigrette sauce helped heighten the flavors. If you’re looking for a spicy kick, you can order their habanero chili to go with your burrito.

It would have been nicer if the chicken in the burrito was served hotter. The meat cooled down right after putting all the sauces.

Vegetable Soup (P50). Corn, tomatoes, carrots and onions boiled for a hearty and healthy soup.

The soup was a bit bland even though it had that veggie aftertaste.

We also ordered the tacos version, which came in 4 whole wheat soft tortillas. It’s like getting smaller burritos without the rice and black beans.

Cajun Beef Tacos (P285). US tenderloin beef marinated in our Cajun spices, then grilled to a juicy medium rare in four whole wheat soft tortillas with your choice of salsa, lettuce, cabbage and jack cheese.

I’m not used to eating soft wheat tacos, so I made a bit of a mess eating it. The ingredients were falling off after each bite.

We tried the four dressings with our tacos:

  • Mango Vinaigrette (A sweet and sour vinaigrette dressing made from fresh mangoes)
  • ★ Pineapple Coulis (A sweet and refreshing dressing made from fresh pineapples)
  • ★ Balsamic Vinaigrette (Classic balsamic vinaigrette with an added kick)
  • Cucumber Yogurt (Yogurt, cucumber and garlic mixed into a refreshing and creamy blend)

Surprisingly, we liked the Balsamic Vinaigrette best with our tacos. If you prefer something sweet, we recommend the Pineapple Coulis.

The Cucumber Yogurt was lacking in flavor, unlike the ones found at good shawarma places.

Mint Green Tea (P50)/ Fruit Green Tea (P70).

For their drinks, they use fresh tea and honey (no sugar added). They were light and a bit diluted in taste.

Order the Mint Green Tea if you want to taste more of the tea, or go for the Fruit Green Tea if you like the fruity kind of drink.

Overall, I like their concept of serving healthy burritos, which you can enjoy over and over again. I must admit it was a bit bland at first bite, but we got around to enjoying it as we added more salsa and dressings. It’s also a plus that after eating the burrito and tacos, we didn’t feel bloated — it felt just right.

If you are going to watch plays or musicals in RCBC Plaza or if you are in the Makati Medical Center area and are looking for a healthy meal, drop by Faburrito.

I would like to commend the owner, Earl Chua, for being bold enough to get into this highly niche market for healthy Mexican food. Hopefully, more healthy restos like Faburrito would set up shop in Manila soon.

Faburrito Fresh Mexican Grill
G/F Tower 2, The Columns, Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Telephone: +632 576-3533
Website: http://www.faburrito.com/
Video Blog: http://www.faburrito.com/blog
Open from Monday to Saturday, 11am to 12mn.  Closed on Sunday.

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Full Disclosure: We paid for our meals. We met the owner through JCI Manila.

★ Happily recommended 🙂

P.S. The owner runs a video blog on Faburrito. Check out his latest episode (#9) to get an insider’s view:

18 thoughts on “Faburrito Mexican Grill — Healthy, Eco-friendly & Christian

  1. I’m surprised to see that you got to review this place already since they’ve only been opened for a month. This place is right across the street from my office at RCBC and I’ve had the chance to eat here 3 times already. I especially love the steak burrito with mango salsa and you are right, eating at this place does have a healthy feel and that’s why I probably will be eating here often.

  2. I keep on watching for new places around RCBC area specially when we watch musical plays in Carlos P. Romulo theater. This is a nice addition in this area.

  3. The Cajun Beef Tacos look yummy! I’ll definitely try this place when I’m at makati cbd area. About the vlog, i say it’s a nice touch – makes the brand more personal 🙂

  4. I dropped by Faboritto today with my husband for an early lunch and we now have another favorite lunch spot. Here’s a short review for those who are curious.
    1. Staff was very friendly and they all greeted us with a smile, and since it was our first time being there, they explained the menu and “healthy” concept to us which is very helpful.
    2. I like the food display and how they make the food right in front of you. The ingredients looked fresh and their meats nicely displayed. The server was even kind enough to add extra cheese at no cost per my husbands request. I ordered the Mango chicken burrito with tomato salsa and balsamic dressing while my husband had the Cajun beef with mango salsa and pineapple dressing. We accompanied the main course with a vegetable soup and mint iced tea each.
    3. My first impression is that I would not be able to finish the burrito because of its size but I almost made it through. I love how the grilled chicken tasted and it blended well with the balsamic dressing and brown rice but I should have asked for extra spicy sauce. Also the wrap that they use is surprisingly really good. I normally just eat the insides and leave the wrap half eaten but I really enjoyed the taste and texture of the wrap they use. I asked and found out that its actually wheat tortilla which is a bonus healthier option.
    4. My husband devoured his burrito in less than 5 minutes and he kept saying “wow sarap” and “best steak ever” and I agree when I took a bite of his. He kept eyeballing the menu and insisted on ordering another one when I just told him to finish the rest of mine.
    5. Overall we really enjoyed the food and will be back. Both the chicken and beef were good so I suggest you try both haha. The vegetable soup is also great to have right after eating the burrito.

  5. You should try B&T along ortigas extension near ronac art center. Their burritos are really good and will not make you feel bloated

  6. This place is great! I work about a block down and was excited to try some healthy food, which I feel like is nearly impossible to find in the Philippines! I eat hear pretty often because the portion sizes are good, I feel good eating the delicious food afterwards, and I get my food really quickly.
    I don’t agree with the blog post stating that the sauces or food is bland in ANY WAY! You just need to experiment with the salsa and dressing combinations to find your perfect flavor. The wheat tortilla is delicious on it’s own, so I love order the burrito even though I know it’s carbs. 🙁 The meats are a great texture and never over or undercooked. My favorites are the beef and chicken. For my salsas, I’m not much of a sweets person, so I order ALL SALSAS except the mango, but it’s just my preference. 🙂 My favorite dressing is the balsalmic, but I don’t need it every time.
    I have also tried the vegetable soup and love the peppery flavor. It’s always a great side to my meal. Sometimes I’ll get the fruit bowl and bring it back for my merienda because it’s a good snack and affortable too.
    Anyway, I DEFINITELY think that the food here is great and you should try it! See you all there!

  7. just tried it and its not that flavorful.
    i didn’t go to heavy on the sauces though. nor yogurt or balsamic vinegar in a burrito feels right to me.
    ill be bolder next time!
    a new age interpretation of the mexican taqueria…

  8. will check this out! 🙂
    btw, i heard Chef Rob Goco will open a mexican inspired cafe at rockwell!!! exciting! 🙂

  9. I tried them on their first night.. and I wasn’t happy, maybe because they have no choice for size. During dinner I want it light. I had the steak and was so full afterwards I wasn’t able to sleep. Also the vegetable option is just too expensive. I don’t know if I’ll ever try them again, but since I live in the building(!), it is probably inevitable that I would.

  10. I thought it was overpriced. And the beef portions wasn’t very generous- It was tender, but very bland. And that cucumber yoghurt dressing was really — (i have no words for it, and if i did. it wouldn’t be very flattering) 😛
    How i wish i asked their neighbor Earle’s Deli for a few bacon bits to spice it up.
    I know it’s supposed to be healthy and they don’t put seasonings but they could get creative with it. Like with pepper or cumin powder. Again that dressing was really not for me.
    But the place had a nice fresh air to it, and everything looked clean and sanitized. Plus the people are indeed friendly 🙂

  11. i got to try the mango chicken burrito and it was pretty good. the food here does taste fresh and clean which is surprising for mexican food. ill be back again to try the other things on the menu.

  12. I’ve been here twice and I don’t think the beef is bland at all. You probably just prefer to have your proteins dripping in heavy sauce and gravy but I’d much rather taste the meat in its natural flavor.
    Personal preference i guess…
    Bacon bits? This place is supposed to be a healthy restaurant. Do you ask for extra salt in your Mcdo fries as well? Take it easy on the sodium.

  13. i’ve tried all the mexican restos in metro manila and this place by far has the best tasting food. the brown rice in addition to the grilled to order steak definitely sets them apart from the rest. healthy and delicious!

  14. Finally got a chance to try this place out the other night. Friendly and helpful staff. Tried out the Beef Burrito withe Mango Salsa and Garlic Aoili and well as the fruit tea. Tasted great, since I’ve had that flavor (sauce & salsa) combination before. I’m interested in try the other combos next time.
    For those of you who are Foursquare users, check in before paying and show the cashier. You’ll get a 10% discount on your bill. The lucky SOB who’s the reigning mayor of the place gets to have a 50% discount on his/her bill. A nice way to drum up business in my opinion. Wish more places would offer such deals in this town. =)

  15. Those look delicious! I love mexican food! And will always do! Thank you for the photos. Now it’s making me hungry.

  16. I tried the chicken burrito meal with corn chowder last week and really enjoyed it. I’ll be back soon to try the other items on the menu.

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