The BEST of ILIGAN! (Part 2 of 2)

Read FirstThe BEST of ILIGAN! (Part 1 of 2)

6. Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina Falls, a 320-ft high waterfall along Agus River, is the most famous landmark of this City of Majestic Waterfalls.

The park is open from 9am to 4pm. The best time to go is when the waterfall is in its full glory at 12noon when the water is not used for electricity generation.

You have to walk to the third level of the viewdeck of the Agus 6 Hydroelectric Power Plant to appreciate the beauty of Maria Cristina Falls.

The Nature Park now offers a zip line adventure that crosses the Agus River with the falls in the background.

Maria Cristina Falls is the best backdrop for an outdoor picnic.

Maria Cristina Falls Nature Park
Lanao del Norte
Park Hours: 9.00am to 4.00pm

Entrance Fee:
Regular – P35/person
Senior/Student – P25/person
Shuttle Car – P10/person
Zipline – P200/person


7. ILIGAN’s Lechon

There is an ongoing debate on which place has the best lechon in the south — Iligan or Cebu?

Like Cebu Lechon, Iligan Lechon does not need any sauce for you to appreciate the meat. Most Iliganons swear that it tastes better than Cebu’s version.  (What do you think?)

The only edge of Cebu Lechon is that it is marketed well with good packaging, and now, it has different flavors like the Chili-flavored Lechon.

The skin of Iligan’s Lechon is known to stay crispy even if you ship it all the way to Manila.

Tip: The Iligan Lechon is best enjoyed with Iligan’s signature vinegar called Pinakurat!

The secret of the Iligan Lechon can be found in the mix of Tanglad (lemon grass), Atsal (bell peppers), Ahos (garlic), Sibuyas (onion bulbs and leaves), Laurel leaves and Iodized Salt.

We ordered our roasted pig from Dodong’s Lechon, which is the first place winner of the Lechon Contest during the city fiesta. Dodong’s Lechon (25 kilos) costs P3,200 (just add P400 if you want it shipped to Manila).

The other popular lechon brands in Iligan are Jaime’s Lechon Bayug and Gloria’s Ihaw Ihaw in Timoga.

Even in the province of Iligan, we were served San Miguel Premium All-Malt. 🙂 This is my all-time favorite beer to be paired with lechon.


8. Sunburst Chicken, the Fried Chicken of Mindanao

Sunburst’s Fried Chicken Sunduo (2pc-Chicken) – P120 served with chilled cole slaw, french fries and rice.

Sunburst MenuSunburst Chicken and Specialties of the House | Short Orders, Desserts, Drinks

This is one of the best I’ve tried in the Philippines. It even has its own cult following in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

Sunburst’s birthplace is Iligan City. It’s a rare treat for me to eat in the home of where it all started.

(Some restaurants in Iligan tried to copy the Sunburst concept by pirating its cooks, but don’t settle for anything less. Go for the best and the original.)

Chic’n Crackers with Chips (P96-small).

Sunburst Fried Chicken is really delicious because of its crispy skin — not too oily and not too salty.

In fact, a lot of people crave Sunburst’s Chicken Skins, which are sold as appetizing crackers that go well with Iligan’s Pinakurat. Yummy!


9. Tinago Falls and the 20+ Majestic Waterfalls of Iligan

Besides Maria Cristina Falls, Tinago Falls is one of the more famous waterfalls that can be found in and around Iligan.

You have to descend approximately 500 steps to find the slightly hidden falls. Its fresh cold spring waters are collected in a deep-blue colored pool at the bottom, where you can swim. The more adventurous visitors climb up and jump into the lagoon-like waters.

I visited Tinago Falls back in our college days (DLSU ECE’91) when it was still a bit raw and there was no development around the falls. I wonder if it was able to preserve its raw beauty?

One of these days, I would love to go on an eco-tour of the best waterfalls in Iligan aside from Maria Cristina and Tinago, like the Limunsudan Falls, Mimbalut Falls,  Hindang Falls, etc.


10. BEST Iligan Pasalubong: Cherry and Michelle’s Silvanas & Cheding’s Peanuts

Any provincial trip wouldn’t be complete without bringing home pasalubong to your loved ones.

If you’re coming from Iligan, I recommend Cherry and Michelle’s Silvanas — they are awesome! These Iligan Silvanas are oblong-shaped cashew wafers (with a thin layer of butter icing) rolled in buttercake crumbs. It is not too sweet and not too buttery, so it is fun to eat while the wafer is frozen and still crunchy.

Packed in a box of 20’s, these frozen treats can be hand-carried back to Manila (you’ll have just enough time to put the silvanas back in the freezer without them losing their crunch).

Cherry & Michelle’s Cakes & Pastries
Echiverri Residence
0047 Laya Avenue Ext. San Miguel Village, Palao, Iligan City
Telephone: +63 (63) 221-4671

0081-B Quezon Avenue Poblacion, Iligan City (near St. Michael’s Cathedral)
Telephone: +63 (63) 225-4781

 GF Roque Bldg. Cabili Avenue corner Aguinaldo St., Poblacion, Iligan City
Telephone: +63 (63) 221-2751

Photo by Cheding’s.

Cheding’s Peanuts are an all-time favorite pasalubong from Cagayan de Oro. These are non-greasy little peanuts, not too salty and with no preservatives added. It’s a favorite healthy snack that is an original Iligan Pride 🙂 

Cheding’s Peanuts
25-A Sabayle St., Iligan City,
Telephone: +63 (63) 221-5164 


Thank you to the Iligan Chamber of Commerce (led by Emily Dell Pascua) and to Vince Soriano and his family (wife Emma and son Vincent Joshua Raphael) for welcoming me to Iligan. 🙂

See you in the next Iligan Adventure!


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Full Disclosure: My entire trip was sponsored by the Iligan Chamber of Commerce as part of the Internet Marketing 101 training I conducted in the city.

P.S. Here are the other places in Iligan that are worth mentioning:

* Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation

Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation Man-made Lake and Gardens.

Trivia: Located near Maria Cristina Falls is Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation, a commercial manufacturer of Liquid Caustic Soda (which is used in cleaning softdrink bottles), Sodium Hypochlorite (used as bleach), and Chlorine (used in swimming pools and bullet-proof vests).


* Jasmine Spa

The BEST of Iligan-70.jpg
If you are in the mood to unwind after all the fiesta activities and you just want an honest-to-goodness spa (with Manila standards in terms of facilities), then Jasmine Spa is one of the places you should check out for a good massage.

Jasmine Spa – The Essence of Beauty
Andres Bonifacio Avenue, Tibanga National Highway, Iligan City
Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 11.00am – 11.00pm
Friday to Saturday: 11.00am – 12.00am
Sunday: 12.00am – 10.00pm
Telephone: +63 (63) 221-7363
Mobile: +63 922-5853440
Facebook: Jasmine the essence of beauty SPA


Celadon Pension House

We stayed in Celadon Pension House in Iligan. It is already one of the best accommodations in the city, but you still have to lower your expectations in terms of cleanliness, services and quality of food. They have a big function room, which is where some of Iligan’s business functions are held.

It is located in San Miguel Village and faces a beautiful tree park.

Celadon Pension House
San Miguel Village, Pala-o, Iligan, Mindanao, Philippines
Telephone: +63 (63) 221-0711


Iligan Anahaw Amphitheater

This is the largest “open” amphiteater in Mindanao, with a capacity of 5,000 people. It is called the “Jewel of Iligan” because it is green and looks like a cut emerald from the top view.

It is located on top of a hill, on the southeastern side of Iligan’s City Hall. This is where the fun runs and other events are held.


* Enang’s Grill and Seafoods

Enang’s Menu:
Appetizers and Sides, Seafoods |
Chicken, Beef, Noodles and Pasta, Vegetables, and All time Pinoy Favorites | 
Rice, Sandwiches, Desserts, Beverages, Alcoholic Beverages, and Coolers

There are a lot of grill places in Iligan like Enang’s. This one is popular not only with the Christians but also with the Muslims because they usually serve Halal-certified food.

Chicken BBQ with (unlimited) rice (P95).

I personally like their grilled Chicken BBQ. I hear the other Pinoy favorites are good as well.

On a weekend night, there’s a band that entertains you while you eat, like this young group called Night Shift Band. The female vocalist has a very cool, soothing, Karen Carpenter-ish voice.

Enang’s Grill and Seafoods
Tambo Gerona, Iligan City
Telephone: +63 (63) 225-0588 
Facebook: Enang’s Grill & Seafood Restaurant


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  1. Of course – Cheding’s! How could I missed it? Most people assume (including me) that is from Cagayan de Oro… It is from Iligan nga pala.
    Galing! A lot of great stuff from Iligan 🙂

  2. When I go back to Manila from Iligan, there are only 2 things I make sure I should bring with me…lechon and chedings 🙂

  3. Thanks for the Iligan post, Anton! Don’t you just LOVE Mindanao? Looking forward to more posts on the place. Hope you can later on include Cotabato and Zamboanga. Such beautiful places and oh my delicious food!

  4. Hi Anton. Thank you for the feature. I’m looking forward to your next visit to our city…for IM 102? 🙂
    BTW, the URL for Best of Iligan part-1 is wrong. I can’t access the link. Please check. 🙂

  5. Cheding’s Peanuts, Iligan’s Pride. Hehe. My mom brings a lot of it every time she visits me here in Manila. Really nice article about our city. I’ve been away for almost four years so some of the places you mentioned are unfamiliar to me.
    Super like this article.

  6. Cheding’s Peanuts, Iligan’s pride! But I actually have to thank you for the info that Sunburst came from Iligan. I didn’t know that despite Sunburst being our family’s favorite resto during Sundays and special occasions 🙂 Were you able to go to Tinago? It is enchanting. Wish it was featured here also!

  7. hello a lot of beautiful place in iligan,,..just visit a very high hanging bridge,connecting sitio tingkob and sardab kalabasihon,,,you walking across the river,,. higher as than cocnut tree,,,grabeh ang galing nakaka lula,,pero super enjoy,,,.makakadaan din yong motor,,and near the mount panganduay a tallest mountain in iligan,,.nakaka enjoy talaga yong lugar,,puntahan nyo and you enjoy the natural beauty,,..30min. travel from the city proper with habalhabal motor cycle,,..

  8. From the opposite side of the world, it was the longest flight I ever took for a vacation but it was well worth it. So many things to see, things to do, and great places to eat that you will not soon forget. I had such a great time on my first visit, I returned four more times in the years that followed.
    Always something new
    Things to look forward to
    Iligan City
    Simply Amazing !

  9. what a breath taking iligan city!it is a must visit place and a must eat foods..i wish we could go there this coming summer…cheers! 🙂 🙂

  10. Thank you, Anton for featuring Iligan City! 🙂 We Iliganons in Manila also celebrate San Miguel Fiesta here in Manila every year. This year, it’s happening on 14th September. Will send you an invite. 🙂

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