El Kapitan’s Spiced Chai, Party Fuel’s Mojito Mocktail and Arizona Iced Tea

Here are the Rockwell UTT Winners for the Beverage Category:

Rockwell UTT Drinks Winner #1:

165 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  77 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  46 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  13 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
   4 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

El Kapitan is a consistent winner in the Ultimate Taste Test series. They introduced their coffee drinks in UTT 2.0 with a rating of 3.7 (see: OAP | El Kapitan Food Enterprises) and their Tea Tarik in UTT 3.0 with a rating of 3.6 (see: OAP | Instant Teh Tarik that I Love).

In Rockwell UTT, they served a very addicting Spiced Chai, which was highly rated by the foodies who tasted it. It is a great combination, and we’ve replaced our coffee consumption at home with spiced chai already — even my mom loved it. 🙂

Their Spiced Chai and other concoctions were a hit, garnering a rating of 4.25 in the Rockwell UTT. Congratulations, Raymond!

The Story of El Kapitan
by Raymond So

While in college, I fell in love with coffee. Being in love with coffee, I wanted to start a business around it. Plans for a coffee shop were drawn, mock menus were made, quotations for espresso machines and grinders were requested. However..instead of opening a coffee shop, I ended up being a coffee shop supplier. I’m not complaining though, as I still am able to do what I love best: promoting espresso and coffee as well as teaching people to be good baristas.

Our latest products for year 2011/2012 are the Big Train Chai Teas and Ascaso Espresso Machines. The Chais are a pleasant mix of tea, milk, honey and exotic spices. They have very calming effects once taken hot. Taken cold, they are very refreshing. Ascaso is the brand of espresso machine that embodies what coffee should be: simple and attainable. For those putting up a café for the first time, Ascaso will be their best bet. It is affordable, stylish, simple to use and best of all: it is a real professional espresso machine.

We at El Kapitan Food Enterprise aim to serve your espresso, coffee and tea needs!

Our UTT Experience
My company has joined Anton’s UTT since its second event, and am I glad that we joined! OAP has effectively endorsed El Kapitan Food Enterprise. Quite a number of establishments and foodies that have been our customers say that it was OAP that made us known to them. OAP therefore connects us directly to our consumers!

About the product/Pricelist:

Espresso Machines:

Ascaso Steel Duo Espresso Machine* – P78,000.00
Ascaso Steel Bar Two Group* – P178,000.00
Ascaso Dream – P35,000.00
Ascaso Arc – P24,400.00
Ascaso Basic – P18,900.00
For more info, visit www.ascaso.com

Magister ES100 Stilo* – P280,000.00
Magister ES70* – P240,000.00
Magister Stella Lever* – P155,000.00

*All packaged with grinder, Rattleware or Ascaso branded barista set

Big Train Smoothie Mixes: (1.6Kg bags, 40 servings per bag) – P1300.00 all flavors

Java Chip
Kona Mocha
Pralines n Cream (Salted Caramel)
Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Smoothie Mix
Vanilla Latte
White Chocolate
(please call for more flavors)

Big Train Chai Teas: (1.6Kg bags, 45 servings per bag) – P1350.00 all flavors

Chocolate Chai
Green Tea Chai
Spiced Chai
Vanilla Chai
Organic Liquid Chai* – P300

Big Train SyrupsAll P330.00/750ml

Banana Nut Cream
Chocolate Mint
French Vanilla
Irish Cream

Baristo Coffee Beans:

Premio 100% Arabica – P400.00/500g
Netto 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta – P375.00/500g
Single Origin Beans – All P400.00/500g

  • Brazilian Santos
  • Colombian Supremo
  • Ethiopian Djimmah
  • Mexican Bourbon
  • Sumatran Mandheling

Foodies’ Comments:

  • tried vanilla chai & spiced chai – both good
  •  ice blended ok
  •  ice blended latte is great
  •  refreshing
  •  i like your iced coffee; but tablea is best
  •  excellent chai
  •  vanilla chai was good
  •  bitter but aren’t espressos supposed to be that?
  •  iced coffee a little too sweet but still good
  •  i loved the choco milk shake
  •  vanilla chai was awesome! great people too!
  •  strong but not enough flavor
  •  ASTIG!
  •  too sweet
  •  love spiced chai
  •  very delicious
  •  excellent
  •  loved iced coffee concoctions
  •  loved the vanilla chai
  •  the best! tastes terrific!
  •  nothing spectacular
  •  doesn’t have the distinct taste from other coffees
  •  absolutely divine brazilian coffee
  •  good coffee
  •  sarap ng chai
  •  chai was really nice with a twist of cinnamon
  •  ice blended chocolate is good! 
  •  the ice blended coffee tastes just right. not too sweet
  •  ok. no biggie
  •  good coffee. nice touch of vanilla
  •  good chai
  •  not too strong, not too weak
  •  tastes good!
  •  coffee great! although the barista made me a latte instead of a cappuccino
  •  iced choco was so yummy!
  •  the cappuccino is better than starbucks’
  •  ASTIG!
  •  good but too sweet. coffee had too light a taste
  •  coffee was good
  •  coffee was really good, they hand brewed it! they even asked what taste we prefer!
  •  i love iced coffee!
  •  better than starbucks!!!
  •  LOVE IT!
  •  real coffee
  •  very good vanilla
  •  very good iced coffee
  •  <3 FRIENDLY!
  •  refreshing delicious tea
  •  love the vanilla chai
  •  excellent coffee!
  •  very good coffee & variety blends well together. best praline with cream 🙂
  •  yummy pralines n creme! sarap!
  •  great iced coffee!
  •  full bodied coffee
  •  coffees with substance, not brewed thinly. like the brazilian. sweet cold coffee still retained the coffee taste
  •  vanilla chai=cinnamon iced blended latte- check!
  •  presentation was great. chocolate thing was very tasty.
  •  coffee was great!
  •  awesome host. took time to engage & educate about coffee
  •  a bit plain
  •  good strong coffee
  •  refreshingly different from all the other coffees i’ve tried before
  •  spiced chai is <3!!!
  •  best stuff in ultimate taste test drink
  •  very good combination of spices
  •  vanilla! 🙂 
  •  delicious coffee!
  •  good brazilian coffee!
  •  <3 spiced chai!
  •  too bitter
  •  like’din! 
  •  good java
  •  love spicy latte
  •  very informative
  •  the coffee & tea are so good!
  •  good even without sugar
  •  star!
  •  just ok
  •  iced choco was good
  •  chai is the love
  •  praline cream was very unique
  •  spiced & vanilla were good!
  •  the coffee tastes great
  •  yummy chai but a tad too sweet
  •  good
  •  loved the spiced chai. unique taste
  •  flavor for coffee lovers
  •  spiced chai a nice combination
  •  yummy but tastes too strong
  •  the espresso is good
  •  vanilla chai cafes should have this always
  •  great coffee & chai vanilla
  •  not for filipinos
  •  okay taste
  •  praline+creme= perfect!
  •  spiced chai is <3 
  •  the best evar! 
  •  i love all their coffee
  •  good coffee
  •  good salesman
  •  great coffee!
  •  great columbian coffee
  •  coffee needs to be improved during extraction
  •  coffee is fantastic!
  •  the best coffee+tea i ever had
  •  excellent coffee. loved the swan shape in the cappucino
  •  great coffee! fantastic coffee art (swan<3)!
  •  loved the chai spice but too sweet
  •  iced blended latte tastes good
  •  very good chai
  •  best tasting ice blended coffee
  •  nothing special
  •  needs improvement
  •  too sweet iced coffee
  •  it would pass as melted ice cream
  •  nice roast!
  •  if there is a 6.0 i will give it!
  •  chai iced tea!
  •  sobrang sarap! chai iced tea is <3
  •  chai tea = <3 
  •  vanilla chai and praline is really good!
  •  the best
  •  praline and ice cream is good! will wake up for this coffee
  •  SARAP!!! talo ang starbucks
  •  i loved the vanilla chai
  •  spiced chai+praline+creme!!!
  •  really tasted good!
  •  really good
  •  spiced chai very very interesting
  •  nice coffee
  •  great coffee, thanks for the interview
  •  good potential to be a large coffee chain, hopefully will be more affordable than starbucks as what filipinos love (cheap)
  •  great taste
  •  ok coffee, vanilla chai
  •  too bitter
  •  good information, good coffee
  •  chai drinks are fantastic
  •  coffee temp is superb! Brings out sweetness in milk!
  •  not too sweet:)
  •  great coffee and generous people
  •  iced coffee was almost like ice cream
  •  too sweet
  •  columbian supremo was good
  •  no aroma on any of the products. Average – nothing special
  •  hot latte is good
  •  taste good
  •  spiced chai’s good best served iced


El Kapitan Food Enterprise
Telephone: +632 740-2884 to 86; 740-3248 to 51
Email: tradetycoon@live.com



Rockwell UTT Drinks Winner #2:


128 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
105 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  72 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  34 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    5 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

I’ve been looking for a supplier of mocktails for some time now for our Night Markets because we are not allowed to serve beer. Party Fuel’s Mojitos taste like the real thing with its refreshing effect but minus the alcohol.

In Rockwell UTT, they only introduced the non-alcoholic mojitos, which was received well by the foodies (some even questioned that there might be alcohol in it).

Party Fuel’s Mobile Bar is an interesting concept. Hopefully, they set up shop in Midnight Mercato, Soderno Nights or in Distrito.

Congratulations for doing well in Rockwell’s UTT, Party Fuel!!


The Story of Party Fuel Mobile Bar
by Maica La’O

Party Fuel is a mobile bar that’s been in operation since 2006. We started out creating cocktail drinks in our college days for our friends who had small parties at home. In 2008, we shifted into full mobile bar service. For the Ultimate Taste Test, we are introducing a new product which is bottled cocktails to target smaller party crowds and also to provide an alternative to wine and beer at the usual potluck or gifts to party hosts and for Christmas.

About the product/Pricelist:

Non-alcoholic Mojitos. (750ml Bottle – P250, good for 7 glasses or 25 shots).

Foodies’ Comments:

  •  v-minty nice & refreshing but a little too sweet
  •  even without alcohol, it’s delicious!
  •  awesome taste
  •  yummy mojito mocktail
  •  perfect party partner!
  •  is there alcohol in this???
  •  refreshing
  •  kakaiba
  •  loved the combo! yummy!
  •  parang not nice na calamansi
  •  refreshing mojito!
  •  really good
  •  like the aftertaste
  •  loved something with alcohol
  •  nice drink with a hint of mint
  •  so good! Love it!
  •  it would be a “5” with alcohol
  •  good mojito!
  •  great taste
  •  refreshing
  •  love the calamansi
  •  if this is how real drinks taste like, i’ll always be drunk
  •  more alcohol but refreshing
  •  refreshing
  •  a bit too sweet for my taste
  •  sarap!
  •  very good!
  •  let’s party!
  •  great!
  •  refreshing but had mojitos that are better
  •  sweet
  •  good flavor, esp with the basil
  •  the mojito cocktail was refreshing
  •  good mixer
  •  right amount of mint 🙂
  •  i super love the lemon with mint!
  •  i wish there was alcohol LOL 🙂
  •  too sweet
  •  a bit too sweet, needs more mint
  •  pretty good
  •  they got the mix right
  •  no alcohol 😛
  •  love the drink
  •  refreshing & cool. yummy!
  •  very refreshing
  •  doesn’t taste like mojito
  •  welcome addition to the lineup
  •  refreshing
  •  drink is diluted
  •  non alcoholic? hehehe
  •  liked the minty taste also like the cold temp of the drink
  •  minty & tasty
  •  YUM!
  •  the mint leaf hits the spot!
  •  refreshing
  •  delicious & sweet
  •  i enjoyed the drink
  •  alcohol not strong! 🙂
  •  happy happy citrus
  •  very gooood & cool drink
  •  too sweet
  •  it is delicious
  •  i love mojito mocktail! great taste!
  •   good! more alcohol!:) 
  •  the minty flavor is good. i would drink it
  •  good for parties!
  •  pretty good!
  •  refreshing!
  •  will consider it on our next party!
  •  loved their cocktails
  •  BOO! virgin mojito. no alcohol.
  •  nice mojito mix
  •  good mojito=alcohol
  •  a bit too sweet
  •  refreshing. not just too sour
  •  the best! i would love to have more rounds
  •  awesome!
  •  loved it!
  •  ok
  •  refreshing without alcohol
  •  ordinary
  •  fresh
  •  i’m going to buy for party
  •  best drink for the day!
  •  normal
  •  really good
  •  no difference with lemonade
  •  refreshing… could add some more mint
  •  nice but a little sweet. great party concept though 
  •  sample was a little too syrupy for my taste
  •  refreshing minty taste
  •  good. i wish there was alcohol
  •  it tastes good if there’s a mmmm with the mocktail
  •  refreshing with balanced taste
  •  risky just perfect
  •  super icey calamansi
  •  if they just have rhum:(
  •  good even without the alcohol
  •  refreshing!
  •  OMG!
  •  good but too sweet
  •  mojito is good!
  •   not too strong
  •  not strong
  •  just add alcohol 🙂
  •  reasonable price
  •  refreshing
  •  cocktail in a bottle is a great idea
  •  refreshing mocktail
  •  the hint of mint makes a difference
  •  masarap sana but why serve a mojito with no alcohol?
  •  tasty 
  •  best drink
  •  nice and refreshing
  •  why offer cocktail if there’s no alcohol? doesn’t make sense
  •  doesn’t taste like alcohol
  •  refreshing!
  •  beverage which is good
  •  light but delicious
  •  too sweet
  •  yummy!
  •  too sweet
  •  normal
  •  very refreshing
  •  tasty
  •  wanna try alcohol:)
  •  refreshing!
  •  sarap!
  •  very refreshing!
  •  I like plain lemonade
  •  Meh…
  •  I wish they mixed it with alcohol already
  •  another refreshing drink
  •  no mint taste, tastes like dalandan concentrate
  •  definitely life of the parteh!
  •  too sweet
  •  Sarap!
  •  sarap nakakalasing!

Party Fuel Mobile Bar
: partyfuel@gmail.com
Become a fan at: http://www.facebook.com/partyfuelmobilebar



    Rockwell UTT Drinks Winner #3:


    83 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
    108 foodies rated 4- I love it!
    115 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
    46 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    18 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

    There’s a lot of iced tea in the market, and I’m starting to get interested in this Arizona brand. I’m hoping to try some more of their products because, in Rockwell’s UTT, they just provided a taste test of their classic flavors.

    Congratulations, Bugle Boy Distributors Corp., for making it to the Top 3 Drinks in the Rockwell UTT with Arizona Iced Tea!


    The Story of Bugle Boy Distributors Corporation’s Arizona Iced Tea
    by Jorge Santos

    The business partnership between Mr. Jorge V. Santos, President of BBDC and Arizona Beverage Co. of U.S.A, signals the beginning for Bugle Boy Distributors Corporation. A lean and mean organization borne out of high standards and quality systems, which have been benchmarked from the best practices from both food-beverage and distribution industries.

    BBDC is envisioned to be the best in class marketer of Arizona Beverage products in the Asia-Pacific Region, recognized for its integrity, innovation and winning spirit. It is committed to deliver products with the highest quality that improve a healthier life for Filipinos every day where they work, live and play.

    A nationwide coverage capability, a fast growing distribution capacity, strong financial support and healthy relationship with its principal and customers, distribution, quality products and corporate credibility are BBDC’s main competitive advantages.

    Its corporate strategy: Blue Ocean (BOS) – Value Innovation.

    Its distribution tactics: Shock and Awe – Rapid dominance in a market niche.

    About the product/Pricelist:

    Foodies’ Comments:

    •  super!
    •  light & refreshing green tea
    •  not artificially sweet
    •  awesome drink
    •  not too sweet
    •  Love it!
    •  yummy for something healthy
    •  the iced tea is good. not that sweet.
    •  one of my all time favorites!
    •  good!
    •  big fan of arizona iced teas. love the green tea flavors!
    •  nice refreshing green tea
    •  very good-not too sweet & really refreshing!
    •  fresh tasting! -glad it wasn’t too sweet
    •  so natural!
    •  good flavor
    •  perfect mix for tea
    •  just a thirst quencher
    •  lacks flavor
    •  nice but needs new flavors
    •  healthy!
    •  good iced tea. not too sweet
    •  no biggie
    •  not too sweet <3 
    •  has a clean taste
    •  good!
    •  it’s old flavor. available in the market
    •  tastes like water
    •  iced tea is good. not that sweet
    •  bottled from the US
    •  refreshingly green tea
    •  normal ngeh!
    •  very refreshing. OK!
    •  iced tea was really good
    •  tasted too much like chinese medicine:(
    •  not bad but tastes weird after
    •  refreshing esp after eating a lot
    •  refreshing packaging is nice!
    •  too sweet
    •  didn’t have the tea taste i was looking for
    •  ok
    •  green tea was refreshing!
    •  wish they’d import this tea
    •  it is wonderful
    •  not too sweet & refreshing!
    •  not too sweet which is good but sample was too little 🙁
    •  good! 5 stars!
    •  nice packaging!
    •  couldn’t determine flavor
    •  refreshing not too sweet
    •  sorry not a green tea fan
    •  refreshing 🙂
    •  refreshing!
    •  very refreshing
    •  very bad taste
    •  doesn’t stand out
    •  lacks taste
    •  light & refreshing
    •  i love the packaging
    •  the taste was just right. didn’t taste artificial
    •  needed more kick of tea
    •  ordinary
    •  yummy!
    •  too bland. tastes like water + sugar
    •  CHAKA
    •  good iced tea
    •  very refreshing
    •  small serving
    •  tasted bland
    •  good thing that it’s not sweet
    •  a new find
    •  nice light green tea
    •  good bitter
    •  ginseng & green tea is good combination
    •  very light
    •  love arizona!
    •  healthy drink
    •  green tea ginger honey VG
    •  good. not too sweet 🙂 
    •  refreshing
    •  clean taste
    •  flavorful, refreshing
    •  bland
    •  so-so…
    •  fan of arizona
    •  nice soothing tea
    •  mild taste
    •  colorful packaging
    •  very good
    •  yummy! love it!
    •  refreshing
    •  refreshing taste. sana malamig sinerve
    •  can’t taste or feel the iced tea
    •  average
    •  so-so
    •  great iced tea
    •  very light and refreshing
    •  refreshing! 
    •  so bland
    •  refreshingly cold + perfect sweetness
    •  good. Just fine
    •  tastes like real tea
    •  lacks taste
    •  I don’t drink iced tea
    •  immaculate!
    •  BITIN! and sana more flavors to try
    •  looking forward to when they’ll hit the stores
    •  more flavors!
    •  my favorite! before pa…
    •  ok packaging
    •  wish they offered more samples
    •  refreshing
    •  sola is better
    •  refreshing iced tea
    •  great bottle, lacks flavor
    •  would like to try more
    •  love the light taste
    •  love this tea
    •  feels healthy but lacks flavor
    •  not too sweet
    •  good iced tea
    •  thanks for importing! I love this iced tea!!!
    •  so refreshing!
    •  thirst quenching!



    Contact: Jorge Santos

    Mobile: +63 927-9875632

    Email: bugleboy.ph@gmail.com


    +632 8226884; 4784356

    Live an Awesome Life,

    Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com
    Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
    Follow Me FacebookTwitterFlickr Youtube

    P.S. Each UTT winner will receive:
    • a Rockwell UTT Winner Certificate;
    • a winner feature in Our Awesome Planet; and
    • a guaranteed spot in any of the Mercato Centrale markets. 🙂

    P.P.S. The next Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 event will be held on November 17, 7pm in Mercato Centrale.

    For more info about UTT 7.0, check out: Your Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 Checklist. Are you ready?

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