Tina Pie’s Savoury Tarts and Callos!

Rockwell UTT Winner #13:


153 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
172 foodies rated 4- I love it!
134 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  43 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
  14 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

Tina Raines is a consistent winner in the Ultimate Taste Test series:

Ultimate Taste Test 2.0 WinnerCallos Aussie Pies by Tina Raines
Ultimate Taste Test 3.0 WinnerHomemade Savoury Pies by Tina Raines
Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 WinnerTina Raines’ Frozen Lemon and Herb Pie!

And now, she also won in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test with her flavorful tarts: Shiitake with Swiss Gruyere, Prawns in Aligue, Chicken with Chorizo, and Callos as a stand-alone dish for the first time. All of them were winners and captured the foodies’ hearts and palates. (I personally loved the Callos.)

You just can’t go wrong ordering her food for potluck parties. It seems that anything that Tina bakes is a winner — from the savoury pies, to the dessert pies, and now her tarts. 🙂 Her food also gets sold out every time she puts up a stall in Mercato Centrale.

With this winning streak in the UTT series, it is now time to have a Tina Pie’s Store!

The Story of Tina Pie’s Outlet
by Tina and Aaron Raines

We are proud to be the first food business to specialize in homemade, freshly baked premium savoury pies in the Philippines.

The reception of our humble grub has been out of this world. My husband and I are thrilled and continue to be awed by the warm reception extended to us by food bloggers, loyal and new customers and the general foodie community. It gives our product a hint of legitimacy and for that we are ever grateful.

When we started, we had a handful of customers who suggested that we sell small savoury pies. We were not keen to do this, as we felt that an authentic savoury pie is a full-sized pie and not a mini pie. Aside from this, small pies are time-consuming and more intricate, which puts a big dent on both time and cost limitations which we cannot compromise with. Up to this day, we still are a husband and wife team, we love to be hands-on from sourcing ingredients, churning out the pies and selling them.

Until now, we still get the same suggestion, so we decided to introduce savoury tarts, a dish with a bottom crust only. This was an easier alternative time and cost wise. We started selling them at Mercato Centrale and the feedback from our customers was incredible. We then decided to include the tarts as a mainstay in our menu. Just like our savoury pies, they are made from only fresh and quality ingredients that allow us to come up with exciting and wild fillings. We premiered the savory tarts at Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test together with Callos as a stand-alone dish. This was a customer suggestion and we happily obliged because we love our customers. We are quite happy with the feedback.

We constantly try to develop new flavors via customer suggestions and our curious taste buds. We thought that a Quiche would be a lovely addition to our product offerings and we are now in the final stages of developing different flavor combinations. We are happy to announce that in next month’s Soderno Market in Alabang, we will launch our Quiche line.

With a few months left, we look behind us and what a year it has been, both on a personal and on a business level. There is only one word that sums it all up and describes how we feel— “grateful”. We are now in the home stretch of 2011 and into the yuletide season, we are excited to launch our new products and see what is in store for the year ahead. Hopefully, 2012 will be another amazing year. You might just find Tina’s Pie Outlet around the corner. 🙂

About the product/Pricelist:

Callos – P1,500 per tray good for 8-10pax
Shiitake – Swiss Gruyere Pie – P50.00
Chicken – Chorizo Pie – P50.00
Prawns In Aligue Pie – P65.00
4 in pie version – P200

Recommended Beer Pairing: Tina’s Pies are best paired with Premium All Malt.

Foodies’ Comments:

  • the prawns in aligue tasted of much crab fat & the flavors of callos was strong
  • callos was good but my friend said it tasted minty
  • really tasty
  • crispy pie. bigger samples pls
  • awesome!
  • nothing special
  • good. gravy was greasy
  • tasty w the different components coming together to give the BANG
  • callos-bit herby but very rich! missed prawns in aligue 🙂 lovely couple
  • chicken w chorizo was good- specially the gravy
  • PACKING AMAZING! prawns in aligue was awesome
  • callos is good!
  • wow!
  • too oily (prawns in aligue) really good! 
  • quality taste
  • should be able to taste all. not 1 only
  • loved the prawns! wish i could have tried everything!
  • callos was excellent
  • prawns in aligue good but too dry, needs moisture
  • loved the prawns in aligue. the callos not that much
  • perfect! love prawns in aligue
  • callos so herby
  • flavorful!
  • prawns in aligue is to die for!
  • superb prawn in aligue. callos too salty over with oregano?
  • BITIN!
  • so much love for shiitake &gruyere!
  • love the savory pies
  • slow cooked goodness
  • shiitake didn’t really taste great. so-so…
  • kaso bitin! hehe!
  • i like the prawns but the size is too small
  • should have been more generous with the stuffings. awesome!
  • callos is very good
  • so-so nothing special
  • not enough!? good
  • shiitake’s really good but prawns not much
  • too salty
  • i didn’t like the fact that i could only choose one
  • callos too salty, callos was great
  • had shiitake, chorizo tarts. loved shiitake. chorizo had nice flavor but heavy
  • paprika overpowering the callos
  • so yummy!
  • i like the light crispiness of the crust
  • very flaky & light crust
  • nice prawn pie! so different!
  • delicious
  • callos yummy!
  • very very good callos. better than casa armas
  • enjoyed the callos. wanted to try the sisig pie, chicken & chorizo -could have served all three
  • love the shiitake tarts
  • YUM!
  • perfect!
  • matapang lasa ng callos
  • i love the callos
  • shiitake w swiss gruyere
  • something different but the taste is a little greasy
  • fishy
  • good prawns in aligue
  • callos didn’t taste traditional, bit too salty. shiitake tart was a bit dry
  • pastry may be a bit too brittle & dry
  • i don’t agree with all the hype. maybe i tested the wrong thing
  • callos was perfect
  • chicken w chorizo was amazing
  • callos were really good
  • tasty
  • prawns in aligue, fantastic!
  • prawns in aligue is soooo good!
  • <3 just by the looks
  • super yummy!
  • callos is soft & flavorful
  • it’s good but could’ve given more
  • prawns in aligue-winner
  • it was alright
  • shiitake was good
  • prawns in aligue good. could use more veggies!
  • i love the chicken & chorizo!
  • not very creative
  • very delicious flavor
  • herby meaty goodness
  • they ran out of prawns & shiitake
  • just ok
  • loved the chix & chorizo but serving sizes should be bigger
  • great! 
  • pie was a lil dry, callos so-so..
  • yummy!
  • prawns in aligue is yummy and tart shell is crunchy. callos is good too
  • prawn aligue is the best!
  • so-so callos
  • chicken w chorizo love!
  • yummy! flaky crust!
  • the prawns taste a tad powerful
  • callos was great!
  • chicken & chorizo pie was perfection!
  • yummy!
  • savoriously delicious!
  • prawns aligue was really good- something new and i would buy
  • prawns in aligue! love the bite size portions as appetizers
  • excellent prawns in aligue
  • the callos was a lil bit salty
  • yummy:)
  • chicken with chorizo is flavorful
  • delicious!
  • the cheese really adds flavor
  • shiitake was good. very flavorful
  • prawns pronounced aligue flavor. shiitake- herby love it!!!
  • really good. loved chicken with chorizo
  • prawns in aligue was awesome! callos not so. 
  • callos is good!
  • callos had an aftertaste
  • yummy shiitake w gruyere
  • strong taste. small but terrible! but good taste!
  • prawns in aligue is salty
  • both prawn and chix are good!
  • sarap. my favorite is shiitake
  • loved the prawn & cheese
  • callos tastes great!!!
  • really like the flavor but i’m worried about the pastries effect on my hips!!!!
  • super good!
  • ok
  • not so good
  • quite oily
  • bit oily
  • just a bit
  • shiitake’s great!
  • sort of dry and salty chorizo
  • aligue is good but too rich
  • i like it!
  • superb prawn aligue!
  • prawns in aligue is good
  • something new for my palate
  • I’M IN LOVE!!!
  • the chorizo & chicken was so nice and it tasted so good
  • tasty prawn in aligue
  • callos is good
  • prawns in aligue is really good
  • good flavor
  • good
  • chicken chorizo yummy!
  • bigger serving pls! (bite size too small)
  • bigger servings please!!
  • swiss gruyere was awesome!
  • not bad, not good, just ok.
  • prawns in aligue is awesome!
  • callos is excellent, very good tarts too
  •  love the aligue pie
  • a little salty
  • yummy callos
  • yummy prawns in aligue
  • the service sucks!
  • chicken was salty
  • nothing special
  • shiitake was good. chicken, callos was salty
  • prawns in aligue flaky crust is <3
  •  it is great. needs a little more taste
  • very small portions
  • swiss mushroom too salty
  • strong taste
  • yummy but hot!
  • didn’t get to try everything
  • prawns in aligue was BOOM!
  • the best! nothing like it
  • prawns in aligue!!!!
  • aligue taste is overwhelming
  • callos is good! strong rosemary flavor
  • can really taste the shiitake gruyere, pare
  • prawns alique is really good
  • only got to taste the chicken & chorizo and prawns in aligue. new flavors! loved the crust! light and crispy
  • unique taste
  • good
  • shiitake perfect5, prawns need less lansa
  • terrific callos, sticky pastry
  • only sampled callos:(
  • prawns in aligue:)
  • shiitake w swiss gruyere was great!
  • i like prawns!
  • winner
  • very flavorful in such a tiny bite
  • splendid
  • it(chicken chorizo)was a bit salty
  • unique pies w original flavors
  • very original and tasty
  • good concept, flavor and something new
  • nothing special
  • i like the prawns in aligue and the chicken w chorizo
  • callos too salty
  • the shrimp with aligue was great!
  • !!!to think my expectations high na!!!
  • awesome awesome flavors! more please!
  • got mine piping hot and fresh. love the flavors of shiitake and gruyere
  • i can see myself eating some as snacks
  • flavorful prawn
  • the best!
  • unique, i want more
  • very very delicious and unique
  • always been a fan of tina’s pie
  • very very good!
  • really good!
  • prawns in aligue is salty but good
  • filling overpowers pie
  • the shiitake pie is good
  • tastes good but nothing special
  • shiitake was good!


Tina’s Pie Outlet
Email: savourypies@gmail.com 
Mobile: +63 917 831-0925
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tinaspieoutlet

(Note: Chicken-Bacon and Cheese Pie are available everyday in Greenbean Coffee Company NAIA 3 Food Gallery which is open to the public 🙂

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P.S. Each UTT winner will receive:
  • a Rockwell UTT Winner Certificate;
  • a winner feature in Our Awesome Planet; and
  • a guaranteed spot in any of the Mercato Centrale markets. 🙂

P.P.S. The next Ultimate Taste Test event will be held on November 17, 7pm in Mercato Centrale.

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  1. Thank you Pam! Our chicken-bacon-cheese pies are available everyday at Greenbean Coffee NAIA 3 Terminal (Food Gallery, 4th floor) which is open to the public 🙂 You may call 431 9956 and drive thru the arrival area of NAIA 3 to pick up your orders, no need to park :)Greenbean Coffee has a pie runner 🙂 It’s great with coffee!

  2. according to dessert comes first fb post: “Saddened to hear about the passing of Tina Raines, my favorite pie girl. Rest in peace, Tina.”

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