The BEST of Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

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During our Sinulog Experience in Cebu, we stayed at the Bluewater Resort in Maribago. 

We enjoyed the food, the Benji-designed rooms, and the island beach resort feel away from the city.

Here are our favorites…

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1. Bluewater CLAMBAKE Dinner Buffet

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Bluewater Clambake Dinner Buffet (P1,250 nett/person from 6pm to 10pm).

Each night, Bluewater hosts a special themed dinner buffet with a dance show. I’m not really fond of buffets but Bluewater’s signature Clambake Buffet is one of the best Filipino buffets I’ve ever tasted.

This is usually held at the beachfront, but when it rains, they move it to the Allegro Poolside.

Best of Bluewater Maribago-70.jpg
The buffet is accompanied by a Fireball Dance Show, which starts at 7.30pm.

Best of Bluewater Maribago-44.jpg
We started with a serving of fresh Seafood Ceviche with lime and a little chili.

Best of Bluewater Maribago-55.jpg
We loved this Smoked Fish Salad with their signature Guava dressing.

(How I wish they’d start selling the Guava Dressing and Jams in bottles as pasalubong!)

Best of Bluewater Maribago-42.jpg
Most of us raved about these crispy slices of pusit. It’s best eaten hot off the pan with garlic rice and sukang pinakurat.

Best of Bluewater Maribago-25.jpg Best of Bluewater Maribago-26.jpg Best of Bluewater Maribago-24.jpg Best of Bluewater Maribago-35.jpg
It’s always a treat having fresh seafood grilled to perfection right before your eyes…

Best of Bluewater Maribago-46.jpg
…and then paired with the spicy pinakurat mixed with the native soy sauce with garlic and onions.

Best of Bluewater Maribago-15.jpg
The Crispy Pork Belly was too yummy to resist.

Best of Bluewater Maribago-22.jpg
Instead of the traditional lechon, they served Lechon Kambing as part of the buffet. 🙂

Best of Bluewater Maribago-41.jpg
For dessert, we ended with a refreshing glass of halo-halo with homemade ice cream and fresh fruits.

2. The Cove Fresh Seafood Restaurant

Bluewater Maribago-104.jpg
The Cove is Maribago Bluewater’s beachfront restaurant that serves fresh seafood sourced from the best islands in the Visayas.

Starters, Salads, Soups, Main Entree, Meats, Desserts | Oysters, Scallops, Clams, Crustaceans, Fish

Bluewater Maribago-88.jpg
Oysters (P240 for 6 pieces). Baked with Lemon Butter.

Rache loves oysters! Nothing beats getting it fresh and cooking it with a little butter.

Bluewater Maribago-92.jpg
Scallops (P220 for 6 piecs). Baked with Garlic Butter Sauce.

Fresh scallops from Bohol — they taste as good as they look! 🙂

 Bluewater Maribago-114.jpg
Pugapo (Grouper) (P210 per 100grams). Steamed and served with Ginger and Sesame-Soya Sauce.

This fish is popularly known as Lapu Lapu, but here in Cebu, they prefer to call it Pugapo. It’s very fresh and meaty!

Bluewater Maribago-6.jpg

The seafood is cooked live from their Fresh Seawater Aquariums!

Bluewater Maribago-7.jpg 

The man behind The Cove’s yummy seafood dishes is Bluewater’s Executive Chef Allan (formerly of Masas Filipino restaurant).

3. Breakfast Favorites!

Bluewater Maribago-118.jpg
Every morning, we feasted on a Cebuano breakfast of Danggit, Crispy Squid, and Fish Tocino with garlic rice and white omelet.

Best of Bluewater Maribago-56.jpg
We couldn’t get enough of the salty crispy squid so we asked some for take-out (to bring as pasalubong to Manila). 🙂

4. Benji Reyes-Designed Rooms

BEST of Sinulog Fluvial-37.jpg
There are three wings in the resort: the Garden wing (with its own pool), the new Amuma Spa wing (with its own pool) and the Beach wing (near the main swimming pool and the beach). 

Bluewater Maribago-124.jpg
The pools are newly renovated and shallow — designed to be safe for kids to play. 

Bluewater Maribago-82.jpg
The best accommodations are the beachfront rooms. (Make sure to get the renovated ones.)

Best of Bluewater Maribago-6.jpg
Designed by Benji Reyes, the rooms reflect his signature take on Modern Filipino architecture.

Best of Bluewater Maribago-7.jpg
They also have a spacious bathroom with a bathtub that the kids would enjoy. 🙂

5. FUN Activities!

Bluewater Maribago-121.jpg
The resort takes care of a few baby sharks, which you can feed at 4pm everyday.

Best of Bluewater Maribago-72.jpg
The Amuma (which means “Pamper” in Visayan) Signature Massage is best enjoyed in the comfort of your own room.

Go for the 60-minute Full Body massage or the Pik Pik Kawayan sa Siki (Foot Massage using Bamboo Poles). The massages range from P600 (for 30 minutes) to P2,000 (for 90 minutes).

Tip: Look for Lovely. 🙂

BEST of Sinulog Fluvial-131.jpg
Every Sinulog, the resort offers a Fluvial Procession Package for P2,500 nett/person with Breakfast and Sinulog Dancers on board, with boats provided by Islands Banca Cruises.

Boarding time is 4.30am on the Saturday before the Grand Sinulog Parade.

Check out this blog post about Sinulog Fluvial Breakfast!

Bluewater Maribago-80.jpg

Buyong Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines 6015
Phone: +63 32 492-0100

Rm. 704 Cityland Herrera Tower, Rufino cor. Valero Sts., Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines
Phone: +632 817-5751 / 887-1348

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Full Disclosure: This is a personal trip hosted by Julie and Vic, Managing Partners of Bluewater Resorts, to showcase Cebu to their Manila-based friends in this photo:

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P.S. Please always include LuiJoe in your prayers when you stay at the resort.

14 thoughts on “The BEST of Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

  1. Oh I am loving the Filipino inspired rooms! We already have a set place for Cebu this summer, but hey, maybe this is worth a visit next time 🙂
    Do they accept walk-ins into the buffet?

  2. Hi Anton, just want to ask, how did you come to stay at Maribago? Did you look at the other resorts there like Costabella Tropical resort? If you compared, what are the good points of Maribago when compared to the other resorts? I cannot decide which hotel to go to when we go to Cebu soon… Hope you can help. Thank you. 🙂 God bless!
    P.s. We met last November at Mercato (Taste test) thru our common friend, Raymond So. 🙂

  3. Has the resort ownership changed since before?
    You mentioned the newly renovated ones are by the beach, which room type is that?
    Are you planning to take the kids back here?

  4. Hi Andre, I don’t think this particular resort changed ownership.
    The newly renovated ones are just beach front rooms and most of the updated rooms have the same layout.
    Yes, we plan to go back 🙂

  5. k so it was Marigbago beach resort before and now its Bluewater Maribago.
    Hows the beach for swimming with kids? ive read that because of the waves some along that coast arent good for swimming like the new Crimson Resort

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