TURF BGC: Taking Football Fever to the Next Level in BGC!

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Turf BGC is a FIFA-standard community football field in the heart of Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

Located just beside Mercato Centrale @ BGC, it uses ternate yarn, an artificial grass-like surface produced by Limonta of Italy.

Here’s more information about this one-of-a-kind Football Field in Manila…

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The football field has a dimension of 305ft x 164ft and is equipped with a 3-meter high permanent fence with a 10-meter high net, and a powerful lighting system that can illuminate the field for practice games, competitions and TV coverage.

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You can watch from the movable bleachers located in between the field and Mercato Centrale during tournaments.

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Or you can watch it looking through the fence itself.

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Turf BGC was officially launched last February 2, with a cheer dance and…

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…the ceremonial kick to officially open the football field. 🙂

According to Manny Blas II, BGC’s head of commercial operations:

“Turf BGC is part of BGC’s continuing promotion and support of a lifestyle that encourages a balanced live-work-play range of activities. Whether as a sport, form of recreation or fitness, or merely a venue for healthy socialization, the global appeal and passion for Football has captured BGC long before the country’s pride, Azkals, [rose] to international recognition.”

“I have not seen players or fans that are more passionate about their sports than those of Football. We wanted to give them a world-class venue that will fuel this passion even more. It’s right here in BGC, the home of passionate minds.”

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Senator Pia Cayetano (feeling the football field) and…

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…Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano were the guests of honor during the Turf BGC launch. 🙂

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The Azkals won the exhibition game against the Stallions, the leading team in the United Football League during the opening of Turf BGC.

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The Azkals usually have their practice sessions in Turf BGC on weekday nights and in the afternoon on weekends. The schedule depends on their scheduled games.

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On Friday nights, you can play pick-up games with the Malditas and Azkals — open to walk-in players, enthusiasts and teams within the community.

(Tip: Visit Midnight Mercato for your Midnight Snack afterwards! 🙂 )

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Turf BGC is open on a book-and-buy policy on a first-come, first-served basis (about P2,800 per hour). It’s quite hard to get a booking since most slots are reserved for football team practices or football trainings.

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The awesome football photos in this post are provided by my friend Anton Sheker of Goal.PH.

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Turf BGC is beside Mercato Centrale (as represented by my partner RJ Ledesma) and the soon-to-open Toby Sports Arena (by Toby Claudio) beside Turf BGC. 🙂

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Kudos to the Awesome BGC Team behind Turf BGC! 🙂  Galing!

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TURF BGC, Artificial Football Field
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 6am to 12mn
Contact Person: Mr. Getty Granada of Bonifacio Estate Services Corporation
Telephone: +632 816-2372 local 2103
Email: pegranada@besc.com.ph

Turf BGC is also open for Flag Football, Futsal and Ultimate Frisbee.

Mercato Centrale is open as an events venue for Football Parties. Please contact admin@mercatocentrale.ph or text/call +632 917 840-1152.

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Full Disclosure: Bonifacio Global City is our partner in Mercato Centrale.

P.S. Please post your activities and events in Turf BGC in the comments section, like this Futbol Funatics training for kids every MWF at 4.30pm. Thanks to Tiger for this tip! 🙂
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7 thoughts on “TURF BGC: Taking Football Fever to the Next Level in BGC!

  1. Awesome pics!
    I used to play football back in High School in Don Bosco Makati. It’s always a part of our physical education classes with the versatile Mr. Gualberto Garcia always at the helm. But I still love basketball much more! 🙂

  2. ^ Hey fellow Bosconian! I used to play during grade school back in Don Bosco Mandaluyong naman. Those were good days 🙂
    Glad that football is gaining popularity here. Our physique with naturally low gravity and foot agility makes us good for football. It’s just that most perceive football as a slow moving game because the turnover in points are so rare. Just a matter of time, though, and we will gain greater appreciation for the global sport 😀

  3. Do you happen to know if it can be rented for a different purpose? (mini concert like activities or parties)

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