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Elias is one of the high-end Filipino restaurants in Bonifacio High Street Central. It is an upscale version of Crisostomo by Florabel Co Yatco. It basically has the same “Turn of the Century Filipino Dining Concept” but has an expanded menu to include pizza and other dishes.

This was the setting for one of the mini-reunions of my wife’s ICA batch called Spirants. I’m starting to get to know her high school batchmates, including Florabel, the owner of the restaurant.

Bonifacio High Street Central Restaurants:

The food and ambiance of Elias/Crisostomo is similar to Pia Y Damaso, which pioneered the Philippine Colonial Cuisine concept.

The Filipino dishes are given names inspired by the books of Jose Rizal — Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

There’s more variety in Elias, and it is easy to get lost in the menu.

ELIAS by Crisostomo MenuAppetizer p1, Appetizer p2, Soup, Salad & Rice, Plates & Noodles, Vegetables, Main Dishes #1Main Dishes #2, Main Dishes #3, Main Dishes #4,  Main Dishes #5, Main Dishes #6, Main Dishes #7, Main Dishes #8 and Pizza, Dessert, Merienda

But we got very good recommendations on what dishes to order from Florabel.

★ Paterno (P1,495 +10% service charge). Tuna Belly, Binusog na Pusit, Crispy Hito, Inihaw na Tilapia, Bangus Belly, Tahong, Hipon, at Atcharang Ibarra.

For a big group, ordering the plates like the Seafood Grilled Plate called Paterno is better value for money. I loved their grilled specialties, which come with chopped vegetables, atchara and different kinds of sauces.

De Los Santos (P1,300 +10% service charge). Pork BBQ, Liempo, Chicken, Pusit, Bangus, Oyster, Inihaw na Talong at Atcharang Ibarra.

You can also order the seafood and meat version if your group prefers to have BBQ, liempo and chicken options.

★ Sinuglaw Tarsilo (P295 +10% service charge). Grilled Liempo with Kinilaw na Tuna.

The Sinuglaw was very good! They were able to achieve the right grilled taste of the meat that complemented the sourness of the raw tuna. This is a good appetizer to start with.

Legazpi (P495 +10% service charge). Tempura-style Prawns served with Laing and Crab Fat Sauce.

This dish with laing inside the tempura prawns (to be dipped in the crab fat sauce) came highly recommended. Although it was interesting, I felt the combination was just OK and overpriced at P100+ per tempura.

Mang Pablo (P325 +10% service charge). Crispy Beef Tapa.

Their tapa was super crispy, almost like lean-meat chicharon.

Binagoongan (P325 +10% service charge) with Adobo Flakes and Salted Egg.

This was a bit ordinary and similar to the ones you can order in Thai restaurants.

★ Taba ng Talangka Rice (P275 +10% service charge).

The Taba ng Talangka Rice was better in terms of taste–but a lot more sinful too! 🙂

★ Biñan (P175 per 100g +10% service charge). Grilled Tuna Belly.

I find their source of seafood really good, like this Tuna Belly from Gensan.

You can’t go wrong with ordering the grilled seafood dishes in Elias.

Kare Kare ng Kura (P400 +10% service charge). A special stew made with Peanut Butter, Oxtail, Native Vegetables and Shrimp Paste.

Most of our companions liked the Kare Kare, which had a nice peanut-y taste and good sauce consistency. The taste of Elias’ Filipino dishes are on the safe side and not too bold.

★ Emilio (P395 +10% service charge). Slices of Beef Morcon cooked in Special Sauce.

The favorite dish of Florabel’s husband. The beef was very tender and had absorbed the taste of the special sauce. The phrase “sauce palang ulam na” is an apt way to describe it. 🙂

The Kinayod na Melon drink was very refreshing and very Filipino. It reminded us of our childhood days.

It’s fun learning about my wife’s high school years; I get to know her even better based on the stories of her batchmates.

Coming from all-boys Don Bosco high school, I sometimes get shocked by some of the stories from their ICA days. 🙂

Now, on to dessert!

Iday (P180 +10% service charge). Suman with Chocolate Fondue.

The fondue desserts are said to be popular in Elias. My favorite combination is this suman with chocolate. Including bits of mangoes in the fondue would be a great idea. 🙂

Trinidad (P180 +10% service charge). Banana Turon with Coco Jam Fondue.

I found the coco jam sauce a bit too strong as it overpowered the turon.

Choleng (P180 +10% service charge). Churros with Batangas Tsokolate Fondue.

Some liked the churros, which were not too oily, but each stick was crispy-fried to an inch of its life.

Although the presentation was interesting, the desserts were just OK.

I would recommend reserving your dessert calories and hopping to another restaurant, like The Cake Club beside it.

(Tip: You can buy desserts for take out in The Cake Club. They usually take 50% off their cakes and ensaymada 2 hours before closing time.)

The Spirants (L-R): April (friend ng bayan), Rache, Maong, Kat, Queenie, Maan, Jennifer, KC, Giselle, Isa, Jay and Shyrene.

We paid about P750/person, which is a bit on the pricey side for a Filipino meal versus that of Abe in Serendra. The Elias Souvenir Photo was a fun memento from the reunion dinner.

Overall, Elias is a good place to eat Grilled Seafood Filipino Favorites with Taba ng Talangka Rice. 🙂 The casual yet elegant ambiance is not too intimidating and is ideal for dining with a group. Dishes are priced on the high end, so budget about P600-800/head.

ELIAS by Crisostomo
Turn of the Century Filipino Dining
7th Ave. corner 29th St. South, 
Bonifacio High Street Central, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Telephone: +632 546-7977
Business Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

★ – Recommended Dishes

Bonifacio High Street Central Restaurants:

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Full Disclosure: Florabel is a Spirants batchmate of Rache in ICA. We paid for our meals. We are not connected with the restaurant and any organization promoting it.

P.S. Do you have any other favorites in the ELIAS or Crisostomo Menu?

9 thoughts on “ELIAS and the Spirants

  1. So many choices, too difficult to choose! Did right with the crispy pata. Adobong pusit/baboy, just OK. Calamansi/Malunggay juice was something new but it was so-so.
    Pricey indeed but the crispy pata + aligue rice…I’d say worth it.

  2. definitely a ripped off resto, nothing really special on the overwhelming menu with matching poor service staff acting like they don’t see you, utensils keep falling everywhere…would rather eat in gerry’s or dencio’s
    I wouldn’t recommend this place.

  3. That suman and chocolate fondue… it looks so similar to Felix’s “Lipa”, where suman slices are served in a skewer dipped in a shot glass filled with thick chocolate 🙂

  4. Just dined in here a few days ago. And I would have to echo the same sentiments of most of the reviewers here. The place looks really nice but horrible service and mediocre food (and I’m still being nice here…).

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