Kitch’ Café: French-Inspired. Comfort Food. Feel-Good Cafe.

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We heard stories about this cafe that was a “Mad Men” kind of hangout for ad agency folks in Makati. It’s a homey hole-in-the-wall hidden at the back of Sunvar Plaza in Makati Cinema Square.

We wanted to swing by Kitch’ Café after our Sunday mass in Don Bosco Makati but we were surprised that it was closed. It would have been perfect for a nice Sunday family lunch after mass.

Months went by, and we almost forgot about Kitch Cafe until we had to go to Makati Cinema Square on a weekday.

Finally, we were able to try it…

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It is not easy to find the cafe, which is located at the back of Sunvar Plaza. You have to enter a small eskenita right before the Makati ramp going to the Skyway on the corner of Amorsolo St. and Pasay Road

From the outside, it looks like a trying-hard-internet-cafe-that-serves-food. If you didn’t know what it was, you probably wouldn’t even take a second glance at it if you happened to pass by this place.

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But as you enter, the French-inspired cafe ambiance welcomes you and gives you a sense of happiness for discovering it in the otherwise old neighborhood of Makati Cinema Square.

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Marion greets you and introduces what’s in store for you in Kitch’ Café.  The kitchen is just located behind the counter, so you can see how your food is prepared.

Kitch’ Café Menu:
Salads, Soup, Savoury French Toast, Gourmet Sandwiches, Pasta
Rice Meals, Baked Products, Desserts, Cold Drinks, Hot Drinks

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They have a second floor function area that you can reserve for P5,000 consumable.

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★ Kamikaze Salad (P150 +10% service charge). Mixed greens, cucumber, kani and ripe mangoes with honey wasabi vinaigrette.

We ordered the popular Kamikaze Salad, which was interestingly served in a jar.

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You have to shake it to mix the sauce evenly throughout the salad. This was a nice, interactive way of presenting the food. 🙂

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You can eat it straight out of the jar. The sauce-to-vegetable mix was just perfect. We loved the honey wasabi vinaigrette with our salad.

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Khandie T. Ferrarez, the daughter of popular watercolorist Belen Towhan Ferrarez and Nonoy Ferrarez, is the featured artist with her colorful fan designs.

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Fans Designed by Khandie T. Ferrarez (P280). We love her design aesthetics — bold colors with natural elements and women from mythology and folklore.

Khandie T. Ferrarez
14-A Banaag St., Bgy. Pineda, Pasig City 1600
Telephone: +632 792-4559
Mobile: +63 921 790-2675
Facebook:  Khandie’s Art Studio

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★ Adobo Cream Sauce Pasta (P220 +10% service charge).

This is one of the restaurant’s popular signature pasta dishes by Chef Eugene Raymundo.

I loved its creaminess with the flavor of adobo in the meat and in the sauce. We also appreciated the crispy garlic bits that complemented the adobo.

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Callos (P240 +10% service charge).

We did not like this that much because we are not used to eating watery callos. But we still finished it because the flavor was good.

I’m not sure if the cafe’s just saving on cost that’s why it is watery or the recipe really calls for it.

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★ Chicken, Portobello, Gruyere Panini (P245 +10% service charge).

We liked the texture and flavors of this sandwich. We would prefer it with less butter, though.  

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Espresso Creme Brulee (P90 +10% service charge).

This was recommended among the creme brulee options, but the flavor was a bit too mild and the consistency was not that creamy.

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White Choco Macadamia Cookies (P30/each +10% service charge).

Although the cookies were good, we thought they could use some more macadamia nuts and white chocolate.

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Overall, we still liked our Kitch’ Café experience despite the hit-and-miss on the food. You should be fine if you stick with your favorite comfort food choices.

Some of the flavors are a bit bitin and diluted. If they’re scrimping on ingredients because of the cost, they have to be aware that that also dilutes the overall foodie experience. 🙁

For those who have tried it, what’s your favorite food in Kitch’ Café?

Kitch’ Café
Ground Floor Sunvar Plaza, Amorsolo corner Pasay Road, 1231 Makati
Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Telephone: +632 843-3620
Mobile: +63 917 885-1812
FacebookKitch’ Café 
Twitter@KitchCafe (not updated)
Website: (not updated)

★ – Recommended Dishes

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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals. We are not connected with the restaurant and any organization promoting it.

P.S. Parking is a big problem during lunchtime and a bit of a hassle because you have to park in the basement of Makati Cinema Square. Parking is better at night when they allow parking in front of the restaurant.

4 thoughts on “Kitch’ Café: French-Inspired. Comfort Food. Feel-Good Cafe.

  1. This restaurant looks really good. The ambiance and the feel of it looks heart warming, and the food looks good, I hope it tastes as good as it looks. I’m definitely going to try out this place. thanks for the post.

  2. Finally got to try the food at Kitch Cafe…
    Really liked the ambiance of the cafe very homey and the crew and Miss Marion we’re all smiles and accommodating.
    I only ordered for take out and got the kamikaze salad and the lemon-garlic-crusted dory sandwich.
    Liked the kamikaze salad but for me it was “bitin”. Enjoyed the combination of mangoes and crabmeat (reminds me of california maki) and tangy wasabi vinaigrette dressing. Wished the take out included the jar 🙂
    The dory sandwich was surprisingly big. 2 fillets of dory on a bed of lettuce and cucumber with mayo on a panini. The breading on the fish was just right and it was cooked to golden brown. On the menu it said that it has cheddar cheese, but it seemed that I didn’t get any. The size of the sandwich makes up for the missing cheese.

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