TBS Blue Corner Turo Turo @ Paseo Sta Rosa Market

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If you are in Sta. Rosa area, most locals in the area would recommend the original Kanin Club and a famous turo turo called the Blue Corner.

Finally, we were able to try this famous carinderia in the Paseo Sta. Rosa Market area. Check this out!

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You can’t miss TBS Blue Corner because aside from its corner location, this is the only place where you can see a lot of people eating. 

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MenuSizzling, Rice, Soup, Vegetables | Lutong Bahay, Softdrinks, Beer, Juice

There are two ways to order, either you point your preferred food from the display or you order the popular dishes like the sizzling plates, bulalo or sinigang.

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Tip: Don’t order the food that has been displayed all day long. Alternatively, you can specify to reheat it.  

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I would recommend that you order their sizzling plate dishes so that it is delivered hot. Most of the dishes are meant to be eaten with rice (P10). 

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The complimentary serving of bulalo soup was too salty every time we eat here. We don’t recommend the bulalo. 

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★ Sinigang sa Miso (P150).

Aside from the Bulalo, another popular dish is the Sinigang sa Miso with meaty fish and best eaten with soy sauce and kalamansi. The soup is also too salty for our taste. 

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They are also best known for their deadly Lechon Kawali. 

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★ Lechon Kawali (P120).

They will serve it chopped with good portion of meat and the crunchy skin. 

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★ Sizzling Pusit (P160).

As for the sizzling plates, we would recommend the squid which is served with a sweet sauce. Sometimes though the squid meat is a bit chewy. 

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Sizzling Chicken (P120).

The chicken was a hit with the boys, but we did not like it because they serve mostly chicken bones (more than the meat). 

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Chicken Afritada (P100).

We also tried the chicken with tomato sauce and peas but it’s not yummy.

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Sizzling Tilapia (P120)

For a healthier option, you can order the sizzling tilapia.

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★ Ginataang Langka (P60).

We would always order this langka as our vegetable dish because it’s really good with the right balance of gata and shrimp taste. 

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Lato Salad (P50).

We made a mistake of ordering this Lato dish which is so hard that we can’t even eat it. 

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It’s nice that they serve complimentary serving of macaroons (but don’t expect too much in terms of taste).

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Overall, Blue Corner is recommended if you are craving for really good Filipino dishes with rice and if you want to eat dress down without any pretentions. 

We would recommend going here already knowing what to order. We would recommend the sizzling squid, the ginataang langka, sinigang sa miso and lechon kawali. 

TBS Blue Corner Sizzling Express ATBP.
New Market Station Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Contact Person: Mrs. Teresita B. Silva
Mobile Number: +63 921 610-0493

★ – Recommended Dishes

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The Blue Corner is located in Paseo de Sta. Rosa Market where you can see the La Paella and Little Bread Corner store. It is located in the corner with a blue color and beside Maisan.

It is a good stop over for people going up or down from Tagaytay.  

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P.S. For dessert, go to Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe in Soledad 2 for your favorite Mochi 🙂

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7 thoughts on “TBS Blue Corner Turo Turo @ Paseo Sta Rosa Market

  1. Next time try also to buy some pan de coco, Honey wheat bread, cinnamon etc at The Little Corner Breadshop ( modern bakery). They have freshly baked bread ever hour 🙂 It is also located at Paseo Sta Rosa Maket.

  2. sir did you try the sizzling sisig in Blue corner? the famous food in this place..lahat ng tao sa table asahan mo laging may sisig sa table nila…sarap…panalo…affordable pa…

  3. Their kinilaw na tanigue is the best for me…. by noon, they usually serve their second batch of it by then already. It has the perfect balance of sour sweet and tangy taste. One of my favorite as well is the rellenong bangus (tomato onion ginger and sili inside).

  4. My grandmother Mrs. Teresita Buot Silva passed away last January 2020. Reading this blog about our Karinderia brought tears to my eyes, I know it’s late but on behalf of the Silva family, thank you for your blog!

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