Eleven Tables and Ace Water Spa

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Eleven Tables, found near the food street of Kapitolyo in Pasig, has an interesting concept — it specializes in different fondue servings–from cheese, to savory, to sweet. 🙂

It is located in the Ace Water Spa building in Kapitolyo and is a good hangout after enjoying your swim in Ace Water Spa. A perfect getaway if you are looking for a quick, relaxing escape in the metro.

Check out Ace Water Spa and Eleven Tables…

Kapitolyo Food Street Series:

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The boys love Ace Water Spa! We are happy that it is already closer to Makati versus going all the way to their original branch in Del Monte Ave. in Quezon City. This is a place both parents and kids would enjoy.

Also, I like how the price is high enough, effectively filtering and limiting the crowd.

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Here are some tips to enjoy Ace Water Spa:
1). Board shorts are not allowed, so be ready to use your skimpy swimsuits for both adults and kids.
2). Bring your own towels. You can bring them all the way to the pool area where they have a towel rack.
3). The kids would love the lazy river that goes around the water spa area and the water slides. Note: Kids under 12 years old are not allowed in the Hot & Cold spa area.
4). Cameras are strictly not allowed inside the spa area. You can only take pictures outside.
5). Four (4) hours is more than enough to enjoy the spa. Go on a weekday during the non-peak hours.

United St., cor. Brixton St. near Pioneer, Pasig City (see Location Map)

Trunkline Number: +632 451-1111
Customer Hotline: +632 330-7776 / 404-9995
Email Address: Spa Inquiries : inquiries@acewaterspa.com.ph
Comments & Feedback : customer_care@acewaterspa.com.ph
Official Website: www.AceWaterSpa.com.ph

Operating Hours:
Sundays to Thursdays – 6AM to 10PM
Fridays to Saturdays – 6AM to 11PM
(Open during Holidays)
Entrance Fees: (Valid for 4 hours)
Adults – P550
Kids (4ft. and below) – P250

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After Ace Water Spa, check out Eleven Tables. The restaurant takes its name from the fact that it only has exactly 11 tables.

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Eleven Tables Menu: Cheese Fondue, Savory FondueDessert Fondue, Drinks and Red & White Wine

Families with kids who want to have a playful dining experience will enjoy it here. Eleven Tables also has a limited selection of wines to cater to the professional and singles crowd at night.

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The restaurant is kid-friendly, with the placemats doubling as drawing paper. The servers immediately gave the boys crayons to draw with.

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Classic Swiss Cheese Fondue (P420 +10% service charge). Good for 2.

We usually just order plain cheese because our sons don’t like bits and pieces of meat with their cheese. If we could, we would have ordered the Bacon, Cheese and Tomato version.

It’s nice, though, that the fondues becomes like interactive food exhibits for the boys. 🙂

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The cheese fondue was served with baby potatoes, bread, broccoli, and cauliflower, which had a bland taste. The bread was the best partner for the cheese. Maybe, instead of baby potatoes, they could offer fries instead.

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Nachos (P300).

It is best to order the cheese fondue with nachos. It came with a bowl of chili, chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, sour cream and sliced jalapenos, which also complemented the cheese fondue sidings.

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Mushroom Pasta with Garlic Bread (P200 +10% service charge).

Our main dish was a simple yet good serving of pasta with mushrooms and bacon.

We did not order the savory fondue because it was a bit expensive at P780 for the Beef Bourgignonne and P880 for the Seafood Bourgignonne.

[The Meyer Natural Angus Shabu Shabu Set (Large with 15 slices in Ganso Shabuway Hot Pot) is only P670, which already includes the veggie plate and their signature dipping sauces.]

Check out the post of The Pickiest Eater in the World on the Beef Bourgignonne @ Eleven Tables.

Now, on to dessert…

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Nutella Dessert Fondue (P300). Good for 2.

We started with the Nutella Fondue. They used the chocolate nutella, which we did not like. It might be better to just order the Dark Chocolate version.

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The marshmallows were the first to be wiped out, and then the crackers. The bread was a bit out of place. I think a serving of fruits would have been better, like bananas.

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We also got to try their popular butterscotch popcorn, which was served with some flair — the warm sauce was poured over the popcorn, directly in front of us.

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Butterscotch Popcorn (P150).

We loved the concept, but the popcorn was unfortunately makunat. It would be safe to assume that they were not freshly popped before being served.

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If you have kids, they already know to make their own smores by watching Barney.

You can sing along to the Barney Smores Song as you create it.

You get a graham cracker and you break it two
We got a graham cracker and we break it like you
You get a chunk of chocolate and you put it right there
We got a chunk of chocolate and we do it with flare

Eleven Tables-30-1.jpg

You roast a marshmallow, you get it real hot
We roast marshmallows and we like ’em a lot
You smoosh them all together and you take a big bite
Mmmmmmm, s’mores. You know it’s all right.

Eleven Tables-32-1.jpg

Crackety crackers and lickity sweet
Mmmmmmm, s’mores. They’re so good to eat.
Mmmmmmm, s’mores. A real camping treat.

Eleven Tables-37-1.jpg
Sarap nga!

It’s still fun to make although a bit messy and a bit hard to avoid the black burns on the marshmallow. 🙂

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Overall, Eleven Tables gets plus points for the presentation and interactivity, especially for the kids. But they can improve the experience by serving fruits with the fondue, using a different kind of nutella, and serving freshly popped, crunchy popcorn. 🙂 They could also add more affordable savory fondue options for foodies on a budget.

Eleven Tables
D’ Ace Plaza United Street corner Brixton Street, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (except Tuesday), 11am-2pm and 6pm-11pm
Mobile: +63917 562 0086/ +63922 880-5970
Telephone: +632 654-6748
Email: 11tables@gmail.com
FacebookEleven Tables

Kapitolyo Food Street Series:

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Full Disclosure: We paid for our meals except for the popcorn and smores, which were courtesy of Eleven Tables. We are not connected with the establishments and any organization promoting them.

P.S. It’s best to eat at Eleven Tables with a group so that you can share the bigger fondue servings.

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  1. I like the theme of the restaurant. very interesting having only 11 tables hehe. I also find the serving of the popcorn quite interesting and fresh, unlike the conventional popcorn we see everyday.

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