Jekyll and Hyde Manila’s Standing Ovation!


I don’t get to see a lot of standing ovations in most of the shows in Manila. Usually, the Manila audience would give a standing ovation if Lea Salonga was in the cast, or if it’s an international production like Mamma Mia.

Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo’s new theatrical adaption of Jekyll and Hyde in Manila gets a standing ovation almost every performance because of the awesome solid cast.  I’ve watched most of the musicals this year, and this is so far the best production I’ve seen in terms of overall performance.

I almost missed watching this play. If you have not watched it, don’t miss the final shows of Jekyll and Hyde in Manila this weekend!

Here’s a glimpse of Jekyll and Hyde in Manila…

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A Tale of Two Engaging Love Stories

Cris Villonco plays Emma Carew, Jekyll’s sweet fiancee.

We are fans of Cris Villonco; we loved her performance as the sweet, soon-to-be trophy wife of Dr. Jekyll. She was very beautiful in this play and she could sing the songs with high operatic notes well.

Her depiction of Emma Carew as the woman every man wants to be with was superb.

Kalila Aguilos portrays the role of saucy Lucy Harris.

Sometimes, there’s a dark side in all of us that would prefer a forbidden love affair, just like Hyde’s relationship with Lucy Harris.

It’s the first time I watched Kalila Aguilos perform onstage, and it was surprisingly good. I was drawn to her character and wanted her to win the love of Dr. Jekyll over Emma Carew.


The Story of Two Hydes

The Dawn’s Jett Pangan and theater veteran Michael Williams alternate as Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde, the brilliant but obsessive scientist with a sadistic alter ego.

We enjoyed Jett Pangan’s performance — his rockstar aura was perfect for the split personality of Jekyll and Hyde. I particularly loved the duet of the Jekyll and Hyde personalities.

People say that Michael Williams’ performance is also great. Good thing you can choose which show to watch because they released the information as to who will be performing in each show:

April 20 (Friday) 8:00-10:30pm – Jett Pangan
April 21 (Saturday) 3:30-6:00pm – Jett Pangan
April 21 (Saturday) 8:00-10:30pm – Michael Williams
April 22 (Sunday) 3:30pm-6:00pm – Jett Pangan
April 22 (Sunday) 8:00pm-10:30pm – Michael Williams


The Comeback of Junix Inocian!

London-based Junix Inocian, who is performing in the Philippines for the first time in many years, plays Gabriel John Utterson, Jekyll’s lawyer and friend.

In 1989, Junix, along with Lea Salonga, Monique Wilson, Jon Jon Briones, Michael Williams, Cocoy Laurel, etc., went to London to be part of the original cast of MISS SAIGON (directed by Nicholas Hytner), Royal Drury Lane Theatre. From 1992 to 1994, he played the role of the Engineer.

I’m always happy to see internationally renowned Filipino artists coming back to perform in Manila.

I liked Junix’ confident and commanding presence onstage with his solid voice quality and acting. Galing! 


The Popular Songs of Jekyll and Hyde

Don’t miss out on hearing these popular songs live and in context with the overall plot of the show!

The most popular song of Jekyll and Hyde: This Is The Moment sung by Jett Pangan

Fans’  favorite song of the show: “Someone Like You” sung by Kalila Aguilos  

“Take Me As I Am” duet from Jekyll and Hyde by Cris Villonco and Michael Williams.

Jekyll and Hyde Manila’s performance truly deserves a standing ovation! Bravo!!! 🙂

Don’t miss the last 5 shows this weekend!


About Jekyll and Hyde Manila

Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse’s hit musical Jekyll and Hyde, a tale of love, redemption and the seductive power of evil adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novel.

The play is set against the backdrop of Victorian London with the respectable Dr. Jekyll who has begun to display alarmingly erratic behavior. From the gentle, humane doctor, his evil side emerges in the person of Mr. Hyde when he drinks a secret potion. The plot becomes complicated when a brutal figure haunts the city’s streets, committing assaults and murder under the cloak of darkness and the dismal London fog. Audiences will have some fun with the notion that Jekyll and Hyde play a cat-and-mouse game with each other, and with the question of just who they should be rooting for.

Official Trailer

Final shows of Jekyll and Hyde:
April 20 (Friday) 8:00-10:30pm – Jett Pangan
April 21 (Saturday) 3:30-6:00pm – Jett Pangan
April 21 (Saturday) 8:00-10:30pm – Michael Williams
April 22 (Sunday) 3:30pm-6:00pm – Jett Pangan
April 22 (Sunday) 8:00pm-10:30pm – Michael Williams

Venue: Onstage Theater, Greenbelt 1

Ticket Prices:
Orchestra Center – P2,000  
Orchestra Side – P1,200 
Balcony – P800

Call 2150788 or 0917 537-8313 – Ria  to order tickets your tickets now

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Full Disclosure: We watched the show courtesy of CTE Production. 

P.S. Whose performance as Jekyll and Hyde did you like best — Michael Williams or Jett Pangan?


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