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Good ambiance + signature comfort food + really good dessert = Kitchen’s Best.

From being a hidden resto in Karrivin Plaza along Pasong Tamo, it has become one of the loveliest signature restaurants in BGC. Kitchen’s Best certainly knows that the way to the Filipino’s heart is not only through yummy main dishes but also via kick-ass desserts. 🙂

Check out Kitchen’s Best in BGC…

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 The place has a strikingly red ambiance with nice, comfortable chairs. There are function rooms available for mini-gatherings, corporate events, or celebrations of family milestones.

Kitchen's Best BGC-19.jpgKitchen’s Best Menu
Chicken, Pork, Beef, and Seafood 
All Time Favorite Sandwiches, Pasta Perfecto
Comfort Food: Soup, Salad, Appetizers/ Starters
Hot Beverages, Cold Beverages, Iced Coffee
All-Time Favorite Collection and Cake Hall of Fame

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CakesAll-Time Favorite Collection | Cake Hall of Fame

Their desserts have earned accolades over the years, and you’ll be safe if you order the award-winning cakes.

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Kitchen’s Best House Salad (P225 +10% service charge). A delicious blend of Salad Greens tossed in our special Asian soy dressing topped with crunchy tuna flakes and home-made macadamia brittle.

The salad serving was good and the veggies were not too tired. It was served with our favorite Asian sesame dressing.

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Eggciting Burger (P250 +10% service charge). 100% Angus Beef Burger, Lettuce and Egg. 

Aidan wanted a burger, so he ordered this eggciting version. He grabbed the burger and ate it like how it’s supposed to be eaten — with his hands and with gusto. 🙂

The boys loved this primarily because of the egg and the soft Angus beef patty.

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Raphael eats a lot these days; he loves milk, rice and bread. He loves the combination of rice with sauce and soft meat like chicken or this beef belly.

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Beef Belly (P285 +10% service charge). Slow-roasted US Beef Belly with tomato and red wine sauce.

Although it was very tender, the meat itself did not have any taste. Not sure if it needs to be marinated longer or slow-cooked for longer hours for the meat to absorb the flavors of the tomato and red wine sauce.

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40 Cloves Chicken (P280 +10% service charge). Slowly cooked chicken (with) secret herbs, olive oil and baby potatoes. Our most popular and best-selling chicken dish!

We loved this really soft chicken swimming in olive oil with lots of garlic and onions. Sarap!

…and now, on to dessert!

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Mango Sansrival (P105/slice +10% service charge). (“Undoubtedly the Best Mango Sansrival Cake” Food Magazine 2001). Four layers of cashew meringue layered with real mango buttercream and freshly sliced mangoes covered with pure buttercream icing. An all-time favorite, which is a sure hit for every occasion!

Joshua adores anything with mango; he especially enjoyed this sansrival version. I love that the cashew meringue layer is more dominating than the icing. It’s soft and moist, and before you know it, everything’s gone!

Indeed, this continues to be the Best Mango Sansrival Cake in Manila. 🙂

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Gateau por mon Pere (Purple Yam Cake +10% service charge) – (P120/slice). (20 Best Desserts for 2011 Awardee by Philippine Daily Inquirer) Gateau por mon Pere, which means cake for my father, is a cake made in honor of the pastry chef’s father during his papal awarding. This rich, sumptuous and melt-in-your-mouth, home-made purple yam cake is layered with purple yam mousseline that blankets heavenly chewy and crunchy layers of meringue. A uniquely rich Filipino treat exquisitely prepared and executed not just for our father but your loved ones in mind. A spectacular dessert that’s sure to leave a special place in everyone’s heart.

This is another winner! It’s like sansrival but with layers of ube and ube icing besides the layers of crunchy and chewy meringue. I love this unique Filipino dessert. 🙂

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White Chocolate Macadamia Brittle Cheesecake (P180/slice +10% service charge). (24 Best Desserts Awardee by Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2009) Satiny smooth, melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake swirled in white chocolate atop a macadamia graham crust. Iced with whipped cream and bejeweled with our very own macadamia brittle. This original recipe is a perennial favorite.

We found this a bit too sweet and too rich for our taste. The macadamia crust was not enough to balance out the suya factor.  We felt like we were eating a lot of calories in every bite.

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It was very thoughtful of them to serve a complimentary meringue dessert. A lovely touch! 🙂

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Overall, Kitchen’s Best is highly recommended, especially after a trip to Mind Museum (just a 5-minute walk away). We love their winning formula of Good Ambiance + Yummy Comfort Food + Kick-Ass Dessert. 🙂 They could improve on the service, though, since the staff was not very attentive.

Parking is directly in front (take note, it easily fills up during lunchtime).

Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie
McKinley Park Residences Condominium 
3rd Avenue 31st Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Telephone: +632 478-4870, 211-0010
Mobile: +63 917 896-6248
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am until 9.30pm
Facebook: Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie

★ – Happily Recommended 🙂

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P.P.S. Kitchen’s Best is located near the BGC-Central bus stop, which is in front of the 7-11 beside it.

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  1. I heard that it’s a huge resto now. They should invest on putting up a hotel or something here. They’ve come up with great dishes, why not expect good boys bedding plus accommodating personels? Perfect!!

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