KASBAH’s Moroccan Cuisine from Boracay to BGC!

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I can still remember sitting along the beach, watching the sun set as I enjoyed my Lamb Tagine in KASBAH. The vibe, the food, the setting were all perfect. It’s no wonder then that I got excited to learn Kasbah would be opening a branch on the Fort Strip.

Finally, we now have a decent restaurant in Manila that can satisfy our Moroccan food craving! 🙂 Let’s give a warm welcome to Kasbah and thank it for coming to Manila! Here’s our experience…

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Kasbah is one of the most awesome beachfront restaurants in Boracay. It made an impression in the competitive dining scene in Boracay primarily because of its unique food and cool vibe.

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KASHBAH Drinks MenuCocktails de Kasbah | White, Red, and Rose by the Glass, Chardonnay |Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling | Gewurtztraminer/Pinot Gris, Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot Blends |Shiraz, Grenaches/ Shiraz/ Mourvedre Blends, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo

Its counterpart in BGC looks a bit more intimidating with its dark, romantic bar ambiance and is mostly patronized by the international community in Manila.  (Definitely not for kids, especially at night.)

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KASBAH Menu (Food prices are exVAT)Here You Eat with Your Eyes | Kemia (Cold Appetizers) | Salads | Soups | Brochettes (Moroccan Kebabs) | Tagines | Couscous Delights | Kasbah Pita Pockets | Desserts

I love the exotic vibe of the place; it feels like you’re entering a Moroccan house with a lounge/sofa area, a bar hangout area, and a dining area at the back.

The lamp illuminations and the Moroccan-inspired patterns and images create the ambiance suited for a night out or a romantic date.

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The best spot for a private dinner with friends can be found in the second floor dining area. The table overlooks the ground floor (leftmost table above) and has a good view of the acoustic performances.

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Zaalouk (P160 +12% VAT +10% service charge). Smoky eggplant with tomato dip.

We started with the eggplant tomato dip. It had the right smoky taste, good consistency, and it went well with the bread and even with rice. 🙂

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Hummus Kalamata (P180 +12% VAT +10% service charge). Chickpea and tahini puree blended with chopped olives.

The hummus was equally good with its very smooth consistency, not too garlicky flavor, and just-right chickpea taste.

This time, they served the bread in a basket to keep it warm instead of just serving it on an open plate.

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Pumpkin and Cinnamon (P190 +12% VAT +10% service charge). Elegantly ‘moorish’ yet satisfying.

I love the balanced taste of their food in Kasbah — well-spiced but not too hot or overpowering. This soup is a fine example of that. The cinnamon blended well with the pumpkin, with just enough cinnamon to perk up the flavors.

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On our visit, we were lucky to catch Noli “Aw Aw Aw” Aurillo, their resident guitarist who was playing acoustic guitar for the night. He is regarded by the owners as one of the best guitarists in Manila and a national cultural treasure.

Check out Noli’s acoustic Rock Medley set in Kasbah Boracay…

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★ Watermelon, Feta & Olive Salad (Solo – P255 +12% VAT +10% service charge). Savory and refreshingly fruity combination. A wonderful Mediterranean classic.

I was impressed with this simple yet refreshing watermelon salad. Sarap!

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★ Chicken Brochette (P395 +12% VAT +10% service charge). With tomato chutney.

The perfectly grilled, juicy meat of these kebabs were delicious, and each skewer had a huge serving portion.

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★ Lamb Tagine (Solo – P685 +12% VAT +10% service charge). Aromatic with a great depth of flavor, cooked with prunes, honey, almonds, topped with hard boiled eggs.

The best dish that we ordered was the slowly cooked Tagine (the name refers to the method of cooking, as well as the special pot with a conical cover).

My personal favorite is the Lamb, which has a sweet, slightly citrus-y, deep lamb stew taste. The lamb meat was very soft, cooked well and perfect with the serving of couscous. I liked that it was served warm because of the tagine pot.

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Kasbah at the Fort Strip’s Moroccan-inspired food and ambiance are commendable. My memory of the Moroccan restaurant we first ate at in Disney World-Orlando is similar to this. Although, I do miss the white beach location of Kasbah in Boracay, which has a more desert-like feel.

If you plan to dine in Kasbah BGC, budget P800/head. Schedule your visit when Noli Aurillo is performing. Maybe Kasbah’s owners could also look into including a belly dancing performance to complete the entire mood and experience.


Romantic Moroccan-inspired Ambiance in Bonifacio Global City.

Address: 7th Avenue Corner Katipunan Circle,  Fort BonifacioBonifacio Global City, Taguig (Former Red Kimono Location)
Telephone: +632 553-4499
Mobile: +63 917 205-8802 
FacebookKasbah The Fort


★ – Highly Recommended.

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  1. It is maganda that you have been to Kasbah! It is a really interesting, romantic and well-thought out place. In future, I think you should review restaurants a month after they have opened! A review after three days of opening isn’t the best reflection of a place. My friend was there and she said considering it hadn’t officially opened yet — she found the service very attentative. I like your shots by the way! x J

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