NOLITA (North of Little Italy): A Taste of Real New York Pizza in Manila?


NOLITA is a New-York inspired resto in BGC Central by Chef Cuit Kaufman. Big, authentic, New-York style pizzas and American comfort food are found on its menu. It is a follow-up to their successful Borough resto in Podium.

This is actually our third time at the resto ever since it opened early this year, and we’ve enjoyed every visit. Ian of Sebastian’s Ice Cream was raving about Nolita’s Steak and Eggs pizza, declaring that it’s as close to authentic New York-style pizza as you can get in Manila.

It’s a good place to grab something quick and just hang out with friends in a laid-back, come-as-you-are ambiance. Check out what to expect in Nolita…

Bonifacio High Street Central Restaurants:

NOLITA-22.jpgThe restaurant has a somewhat industrial look, using different table lamp fixtures as wall accents. The picnic tables help make the place feel warm and welcoming.

The pizzas are freshly made each day, oven-cooked and then reheated upon ordering.

It’s self-service, so you have to order from the counter and wait to get your pizza.

NOLITA-6.jpgBurgers & Sandwiches | Salad, House Cocktails, Soup of the Day, Dessert, Beverages | Nolita Craft Beer

All of the prices are net already — VAT inclusive and no additional service charge.

White Cheese (P160/slice).

The pizzas are large (compared to other pizza places) at about 20-22 in. in diameter. We like simple cheese pizzas, so we often order the 4- or 5-cheese variant when available. Nolita’s White Cheese version is a good alternative.

Regular Cheese (P130/slice).

A first-timer’s reaction to the pizza is to use the fork and knife to slice the pizza into bite-size pieces.

The best way to eat it is to use your hands. First, fold it in half and then eat it while some of the oil drips down.

Shrimp Carbonara with Egg (P290/slice).

We love their pizzas topped with egg. They serve the Steak and Eggs pizza only on weekends.

The pizzas are yummy because of the really nice and slightly charred crust, moist and chewy dough, and carefully selected ingredients and toppings.

You can order the pizzas for takeout in a cute, vintage-looking box…

Pepperoni (P190/slice).

…that can fit two big pizza slices. 🙂

Watermelonade (P160) and Watermelon Mojito (P130).

Their watermelon cocktails are wonderfully refreshing. You won’t go wrong with either the lemonade or the mojito version.

NOLITA Burger (P420). 6-oz. Angus Patty. Homemade Brioche Bun. Bacon. Blue Cheese. Caramelized Onions. Fried Egg.

This burger is similar to the one they serve in Borough — except that the Nolita version is topped with egg.

Stovetop Mac & Cheese (P330). Gluten-Free. Blue Cheese. Gouda. White Cheddar. Fusilli.

The Blue Cheese Mac & Cheese was nothing special. We love blue cheese, but for some reason, this did not come out right. We tried it the first time we visited, and we thought they would have improved it by now.

Big Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie (P100).

Some say Nolita serves the best cookie in BGC Central. This one was big, chunky, sweet and very filling.

Cannoli (P85).

But their signature dessert is the cannoli, which is quite popular in NY Italian restos. Although I found it too sweet, I think it’s still a good dessert alternative in BGC Central.

Overall, we love Nolita’s casual ambiance and big pizzas (especially the ones with the eggs). If you want good food without the fuss in a relaxed environment, this is the place for you. Just budget P500/head.

NOLITA (North of Little Italy)
7th Ave. corner 29th St. South,
Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Operating Hours:
Sunday and Monday: 11 am – 12 mn
Tuesday to Thursday: 11 am – 2 am
Friday and Saturday: 11 am – 5 am

Mobile: +63 917 532 2612
Facebook: NOLITA Pizza

Bonifacio High Street Central Restaurants:

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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our meals. We are not connected with the establishment or any organization marketing the restaurant.

P.S. This wraps up the new restos to try in BGC Central. If you have any suggestions or tips on BGC Central restos, please let me know.

23 thoughts on “NOLITA (North of Little Italy): A Taste of Real New York Pizza in Manila?

  1. I think the pizza is great. We tried two kinds and we enjoyed both of them.
    The mac and cheese was overpriced given the serving size and the average taste. I’ve tasted much better for the same price.
    And the mojito was terrible, definitely overpriced for the disappointing taste.
    During our visit, the service was also disappointing, and it wasn’t even a busy night – lots of unoccupied tables that time. Nonetheless, we’d go back for the pizza. We’d love to try the other types of pizza.

  2. Very mouth-watering, very delicious. I’d love to try NOLITA’s pizzas and everything in it. Thanks for the share, it a really a MUST TRY food/restaurant. =)

  3. I love Nolita but I totally agree that the mac and cheese was nothing special and too expensive for that kind of mac and cheese. kraft couldve done better. Borough’s mac and cheese is cheaper and a lot better. but their nolita burger, pizza and cannoli are amazing!! 🙂

  4. I’ve been many times, and like the white pizza variants (esp with spinach and artichokes). The Pizza is quite good, the crust is the key. Sometimes I ask the counter to reheat the slice longer than normal in the oven, which improves the crustiness.
    After 10+ years in Manila (and having grown up eating them at my grandmothers in Queens), it’s probably the first canoli I’ve tried. It’s not perfect, but a very commendable effort.
    THANKS CUIT!!!!!

  5. My sister just loves Cheese pizzas. She’ll definitely get a kick out of this. Will totally try out this place 😛
    Thanks for the mouth watering photos, Anton 😀

  6. there was nothing quick about our time at Nolita. the food took over 40 minutes to arrive and turned us off ever going back. the pizzas were too greasy and the base not crispy enough for us to use our hands to eat. it was one big sopping mess. you would think that since you have to line up to order and pay for food that at least food should come to your table quickly. sadly, no. not really recommending to go back there.

  7. over 4 bucks for a nothing special slice of pepperoni pizza!? can i sell you guys the brooklyn bridge?

  8. I tried this place when I was in Manila and the pizza is awesome! They also offer a fine selection of imported craft beers to pair with the pizza. Look forward to my next trip to Manila to eat at Nolita again. Cheers!

  9. A pizza for more than 150 pesos a slice? thats even more than the ones in New York city are you kidding me?? A waterlemonade for 160 pesos a glass? Are u fucking kidding me? that is just ripping people off straight up.

  10. Are u kidding me? that’s more than a legit NYC pizza. Just go to bellinis or Daniellis if you want a really good pizza for a cheaper price with a real italian taste in which were nyc pizzas are derived from.

  11. wow. delicious, i love eat like pizza, but this are so expensive per slice. but i want to try eat this kind of pizza.

  12. Yes agree with the comments above. Pizza is good but not worth over 150PHP per slice. Perhaps the BGC rent costs too high?
    Also when we were there last Saturday, there were so many mosquitoes flying around. We had to tell the waitress 3 times before she thought of getting a candle, which did not help at all!

  13. too over-priced for its not-so-great menu offering! specially mac and cheese — extremely pricey.
    i don’t think it is one place we would want to visit again.

  14. Nolita is my favorite pizza place. I’ve tried some of their pizzas including the chicken parmesan, spinach and artichoke, shrimp carbonara and the tomato and cheese. The shrimp carbonara wins my vote and I always save the last bite with egg yolk on top. Flush it down with root beer and you’ve hit cloud nine haha!

  15. I tried Nolita but I think it’s overrated. The first slice of pizza we were served was burnt so we had to have it replaced so they replaced our pizza with a slice that has only been in the oven for less than a minute so it was cold but since we were so hungry we just ate the cold pizza which is better than the burnt one. I suggest you try Tuscano near Chicken and Beer in Burgos Circle. Their pizza is way better.

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