ROCK OF AGES Manila: 8 Reasons Why You Should Watch the Live Musical First!

ROCK OF AGES castIsn’t it great that Manila gets to see Rock of Ages two ways–on stage and in the cinema–at the same time? The Broadway musical (Manila production), led by Mig Ayesa, opens just as the Rock of Ages Movie, led by Tom Cruise, starts its run.

I was given the chance to watch the musical’s preview night–and it was an awesome show! It had the longest dancing standing ovation I’ve seen for a preview night in Manila. The casting was solid and all the characters lived up to (and some even exceeded) our expectations.

It was great to see the debut of MiG Ayesa as Stacee Jaxx, the same role he performed in the touring Rock of Ages show in the US, and Vina Morales in her first theater role.

This is the perfect musical for the ’80s generation.

Here are 8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Rock of Ages’ Live Musical Production in Manila first:


1. Best to experience it live!

Before it became a movie (with Tom Cruise playing the lead role of Stacee Jaxx), Rock of Ages was originally a Broadway musical.

Rock of Ages Manila is extra special because we have Filipino-Australian rock star MiG Ayesa, who essayed the role of Stacee Jaxx in the First National Tour Cast in the US, performing for the first time on Manila’s theatrical stage.

2. Best to watch it without knowing the plot beforehand

Don’t watch the movie first and don’t read reviews with plot spoilers (no spoilers here). Just watch it with your family or your theater-loving friends.

(Although the movie’s plot is different from the musical)

3. For the Musical Show junkie, nothing beats watching it live on stage. 🙂

It’s like watching Mamma Mia but with ’80s classic rock and glam metal bands’ music stitched together to tell the story of the hopes and dreams of the ’80s era.

Some say it’s like watching Glee featuring the Rock & Roll music of the ’80s. 

It’s also like a cross between the angst and drama of Rent and the kwela spoofs of Bubble Gang weaved beautifully in a cheesy but fun musical.

4. Don’t Miss the Sing-a-long with the Rock of Ages music.

You can interact with the show and sing to the classic hits of the ’80s like:

You can’t do that while watching a movie.

Rock of ages cast2

5. It’s more fun to watch the solid and star-studded cast of the Manila Production!

This is a dream rock star cast composed of Jett Pangan, Nyoy Volante, Vina Morales, Aiza Seguerra, Jinky Llamanzares, Calvin Millado, Jamie Wilson and Bibo Reyes.

As the show’s narrator, Jett Pangan kept the show interesting all throughout with his quirky antics.

I was surprised with Vina Morales’ performance. Although she’s still finding her groove on stage, she entertained the crowd with her rockstar voice, smooth acting and sexy abs.

6. The musical has limited shows, limited schedule and limited seats.

A movie can be watched again even after it has been pulled out from the cinemas, but a musical can only be experienced live, has a limited run, and with limited tickets.

Prioritize watching the play first before the movie because after the opening tonight, all the shows will be sold out after Manila talks about how awesome the show’s performances are.

7. Support the World-Class Theater Scene in Manila!

I’m proud of Manila’s vibrant theater scene. Kudos to Bobby Garcia and Atlantis Productions for making this rare occasion happen:

  • having MiG Ayesa do the role of Stacee Jaxx;
  • convincing Vina Morales to cross over to the live musical stage;
  • assembling a rock star cast of Jett Pangan, Nyoy Volante and Aiza Seguerra; and
  • timing the opening of the show with the movie debut.

With the show buyers’ and theater fans’ support, we can help the local theater productions bring bigger shows to Manila (like Wicked perhaps?)!

8. Design your own Rock of Ages Date.

TIP: Best to watch Rock of Ages back-to-back:

3pm: Watch the Rock of Ages matinee show at 3pm
7pm: Eat dinner at Hard Rock (to be in theme with the show)
9pm: Watch a last full show screening of the Rock of Ages Movie
12mn: Reminisce the experience and enjoy a Midnight Snack in Distrito or Mercato Centrale

You can only design this back-to-back date on a weekend and until the movie and the musical are both showing.

Rock of Ages - MiG

Please watch our Rock of Ages show on June 24, Sunday. Buy your tickets now!

Rock of Ages (Our Awesome Planet Show)

DATE: June 24, Sunday
TIME: 3pm (matinee show) – only show for that Sunday
Click here to see the Rock of Ages June 24 Seatplan
CONTACT: Jen Ramirez:0918-9285337 or Yumi Castrillo: 09178054063 for tickets. for ticket inquiries.

Rock of Ages runs from June 15 to July 8, 2012 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium.
For details, call Atlantis Productions at 892-7078 or 840-1187.

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Full Disclosure: We watched the Rock of Ages preview courtesy of our showbuyer friend, Camille. 🙂

P.S. Which one do you like better — MiG Ayesa’s Rock of Ages Manila or Tom Cruise’s Rock of Ages Movie?

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  1. I super enjoyed the show Anton! 🙂 I was great to see Mig Ayesa live and Vina Morales was a revelation! Plus, of course, it must be said, that is our generation’s music, heehee!! 🙂

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