MOTHER’S (MAZAZU) CREPE: Caramel Strawberry Cheesecake Soft Ice Crepe!

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Who can resist a dessert crepe with a big cheesecake slice, strawberry bits, rich caramel sauce and raw milk vanilla ice cream wrapped in a soft crepe and served like an ice cream cone?

Finally, Mother’s Crepe–a Japanese Crepe Franchise (also known as Mazazu Crepe in Singapore)– is now in Manila!

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Mother’s Crepe Menu: Standard, Premium, Deluxe, Ice Crepe | Delica, Filipino Favorites Crepe | Premium Chocolate Crepe and Cream Cheese Crepe

Their first branch is located in Mall of Asia. It is actually more like a take-out counter and not a cafe. Unfortunately, they don’t have an air-conditioned dining area where you can enjoy your crepe. 🙁

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Raw Milk Vanilla Ice Cream (P100).

They are known for the Raw Milk Vanilla Ice Cream from Hokkaido, Japan. It’s very creamy and milky. You can order it in a cone–but I recommend just getting the Ice Crepe, which includes the ice cream already.

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Green Tea Smoothie (P95 – 16 oz).

Check out their dessert drinks, like the popular milk teas and smoothies.

Drinks Menu: Mother’s Tapioca Drinks: Milk Tea Base, Cream Cheese, Smoothie, Soda Tapioca, Float

Mazazu Crepe-20.jpgMazazu Crepe-23.jpgMazazu Crepe-24.jpg 
Try their best-selling crepes!

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Caramel Strawberry Cheesecake Soft Ice Crepe (P255).

The cheesecake was surprisingly yummy because of its smooth texture and cheesy taste. When mixed with the ice cream, caramel and crepe, it became part of a drool-worthy combination.

It’s good to share and can be enjoyed on the go.

(We’ll order the Philippine Halo Halo special next time…)

Mazazu Crepe-12.jpg
Our Cohen friends enjoyed it as well and confirmed that Cheesecake is an approved food in the Cohen diet. 🙂 (Maybe you can just ask to have the whipped cream, caramel sauce and strawberry removed…)

Mazazu Crepe-1.jpg

I love Mother’s Crepe & Cafe’s Ice Crepe! I would have enjoyed it more in a nice air-conditioned cafe, though, where dessert can be slowly savored over good conversations.


2/F Entertainment Mall Area (near Chatime), SM Mall of Asia
Telephone: +632 804-1910
Facebook: Mother’s Crepe & Cafe 

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P.S. Their Mall of Asia flagship store is just too hot because of its location and setup. Still, you shouldn’t miss trying it on your next visit to Mall of Asia!

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