J.CO Donuts – The Best Gourmet Donuts and Coffee Combination in Manila?

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We just love J.Co Donuts; we think it offers one of the best gourmet donuts in Manila. It is best to eat them fresh from the store and best paired with their signature Jcoccino coffee.

If you are still clueless about J.Co donuts, read on to find out more about the J.Co Way…

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I was impressed that an Indonesian donut franchise was able to go head to head with the American donut franchises in Manila by combining the best of the West with Asian feel and flavors.

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It’s cool to hang out in J.Co with the very young and artistic vibe in most of their stores.

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I love the way each donut is prepared by hand, the artisan way.

The J.Co Way Greenbelt-4.jpg
J.Coffee Menu | J.Co Donuts and J. Club Donut Sandwich | J.Cool Fat Free Frozen Yogurt

For dine-in, I always recommend eating the donut or donut sandwich of your choice with their signature coffee drinks.

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J.Co Donuts (1 dozen – P350).

It’s best to experience J.Co with a group of friends so that you can order an assorted dozen. That way, you get to try a variety of flavors. 🙂

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J.Co Donuts (1/2 dozen – P230).

If you are planning to give it away, make sure to keep it in 18oC cool temperature first and then just re-heat to enjoy.

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★ Al Capone. J.Co’s signature product, where white Belgian chocolate meets crunchy Californian almonds! Recipe from Rome, almonds from California, white chocolate from Belgium, whereas the donut is originally created in Indonesia.

This is J.Co’s signature donut and our favorite, too! We love the soft, chewy and sticky donut texture and the balance of sweetness with the crunchiness of the almonds.

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★ J.Club Cheezy Rich (P45/each). Donut Sandwich with Cheese on top.

My second favorite is the ensaymada-looking donut (which is actually a cheese-top donut sandwich). 🙂

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Funilla Glaze. Have more fun with every mouthful of creamy vanilla filling inside our special honey-glazed, soft-bite donut.

Also, try the honey-glazed donut for simplicity of taste. The creamy vanilla filling is a bit too sweet, though.

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For an Asian flavor, try the donuts or coffee with Avocado. A nice innovation!

The J.CO Way-16.jpg The J.CO Way-17.jpg
★ Jcoccino (120z – P115). J.Co’s Signature Cappuccino.

Two thumbs up for their Jcoccino — from the people serving it, to the delicately crafted presentation, to the flavor that complements their donuts very well.

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Jcoccino Frappe (Uno 12oz – P135).

I prefer the hot drinks over their Frappe version. 🙁

The J.CO Way-25.jpg 
My wife loves J.Co!

Tip: It is best to eat your donut in the resto. The flavors just aren’t the same anymore when you take it out.

The J.CO Way-29.jpg
The thoughtful quotations on the napkins were also a nice touch for that overall branded experience.

The J.Co Way Greenbelt-1.jpg
Thanks to J.Co donuts for coming to Manila! I think it’s great how Asian franchises are popping up in the metro. 🙂

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P.S. What’s your favorite J.Co Donut? 

19 thoughts on “J.CO Donuts – The Best Gourmet Donuts and Coffee Combination in Manila?

  1. We bought two dozens the other week! My faves– alcapone, choconuttzy and don mochino! I wish they have more flavors available coz sometimes it’s too limited.

  2. Thanks for visiting our stores at Megamall and Greenbelt! We’re happy you enjoyed your visit. 🙂 Looking forward to serving you again. 🙂

  3. I love Why Nut, Jack Black (yung galing pa sa fridge), Alcapone. Should try the ensamada-looking donut, I seldom see it at MOA.

  4. Indonesian and Shanghai’s version is better; some of their flavours are too sweet compared to the ones abroad. Think they need to adjust it a little. Just a thought

  5. Sir/Mam
    do you deliver outside metro manila?for example pampanga area how much the charge and what is the mode of payment?. thanks a lot

  6. muntik ng maiwan ang nanay at anak ko ng dahil sa JCO donut n yan. sayang ang 4 doz kung maiiwan lang nila, kaya pinalipad ang sasakyan di lang maiwan si JCO..

  7. J.CO your the best, 1st I really don’t want donuts cause they are very sweet and the dough is not that good when I pass by eastwood branch of J.CO (June 18, 2013) I told myself I must try this cause people are lining up to wait for their turn I think there is something in this donut which is true the donut is so delicious it’s not sweet the composition of it is perfect, your coffee, your juices are very good next time I will try your other product. May I request to increase your stock for your j.pops it’s recommended for childrens baon in school. Keep up your good work and please don’t change your recipes and quality of your product. YOUR SUPERB, AWASOME YOU CATCH THE TASTE OF THE FILIPINOS.

  8. omg Im gonna try this donuts!!!!!!! They look delicious!! i want the chocolates!! <3
    Though my friends told me the taste varies from one shop to another? i hope not =/

  9. I cant believe you like these donuts! JCO donuts is the WORST tasting donuts my lips has ever touched!! The dough has a bitter after taste and the buttery icing shoots straight up the nose! And youd think the fillings would differ from one to the other, instead its all the same poorly flavored whipped cream! YUCK! It doesnt taste good at all Anton!! It has no creaivity or imagination! Even its icing is a messy number! And if this is your definition of yummy then i wont believe any of your “yummy” recommendations for anything anymore!
    I ate it freshly made at the store, and even refrigerated wich is even worse!
    Even my sons who are easy to please with any sweet wrinkled their nose at the sght of it!
    Get your tastebuds right! Stop writing as favors for your friends because were supposed to believe ur reviews! Dont be biased! This donuts tasted TERRIBLE and you know it!

  10. Yesterday was our first time to buy at J.CO donuts, and it was a complete disaster. First, we didn’t get our orders right. Second, it’s very disappointing ’cause they offered us their bestsellers like the Al Capone, Tiramisu and Avocado Dicaprio, which we ordered, and when we opened the box back home, the donuts were mixed up with different donuts which we didn’t ordered. This J.CO donuts shop is in SM North EDSA. Litong-lito ang mga empleyado nyo.

  11. masarap pero madumi ang kitchen nila. i messaged their FB page about it but still madumi pa din. too pricey for the taste and sanitazation zero rating. masyado lang naging popular kc madaming pasosyal sa pinas! donuts are good though pero karamihan masyadong matamis.

  12. I bake. J.Co. is not donut. Well it got some appealing flavors but definitely its dough can never pass for donut. If you want real donuts, I still would suggest for you to go to either Dunkin Donut’s or Krispy Kreme.
    To add, even with J Co’s flavors, to actually call their pastry donut is an insult to the person who developed the first doughnut recipe.

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