MANILA Q’s Bagwang and Fish Ham (Two-time Winner)

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SodernoUTTUTT9: Soderno Winner #4:


  72 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  80 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  59 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  15 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    2 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

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ManilaQ’s Bagwang is bagnet in bacon form and can be cut into pieces and enjoyed just like chicharon.

It has its own unique appeal, and foodies continue to rave about it! They now have Bagwang Sisig and Pinoy Burrito versions. 🙂  Word of caution, eat in moderation.

Personally, I like ManilaQ’s Fish Ham. You get something healthy while still enjoying the ham flavor and texture.

Congratulations, ManilaQ, for winning in Soderno’s Ultimate Taste Test!

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ManilaQ is all about bringing the Qomfort of Home-Qooked Quality food to urban homes. It was first launched in the Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 where it became a winner for its best-selling Bagwang (R)  and Fish Ham.

Its best-selling Bagwang is the favorite of many foodies, being a cross [of] bacon, chicharon and fried liempo.  But actually, it’s NOT at all similar to those primarily because it comes from a different part of the pork that the ManilaQ Product Development team, led by owner Dante Morados, discovered to be best for marination. He also innovated on the preparation process to ensure that the Bagwang retains its crispiness, from the skin to the meat.  The secret spices of ManilaQ also ensure that every bite of Bagwang is full of flavor and not just some crunchy piece of fried pork.

Apart from the Bagwang, ManilaQ offers traditional Filipino favorites with a twist like the Fish Ham, which REALLY does taste like your favorite Christmas ham but made healthier! Foodies also rave about the Bagwang Sisig, which can be enjoyed with rice or, interestingly, as a roll just like a Pinoy burrito! And on those rainy days where your tastebuds just crave for hot Qomfort food, there is the Qorned Beef Sinigang where ManilaQ uses 100% pure US cattle beef.

ManilaQ is available in Midnight Mercato (every Friday and Saturday night), Mercato Centrale day market (Sundays), Mezza Norte (Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights), and Soderno (Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights). It has also opened its first branch where the menu offers more Qomfort food at the 2/F of One Archer’s Place beside DLSU in Taft, Manila.


  • yum
  • bagwang was very good
  • bagwang!
  • <3 the bagwang
  • not too crunchy enough, vigan bacon was not tasty
  • bagwang was a disappointment
  • too fatty
  • great bagnet
  • ok lang
  • normal na bagnet lang
  • may parte na mahirap kainin
  • awesome!
  • bagnet tastes good
  • can improve with sauces
  • bagwang ok, fish ham no
  • fish ham really nice, spicy
  • bagwang only favorite ever
  • crispy
  • perfect
  • light and crispy
  • bagnet was wonderful
  • fish ham really nice, spicy kick
  • great bagnet
  • can be improved with sauces


129 Bansalangin Street, Project 7, QC (Tue-Sat, 4pm-10pm) 

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  1. Hi Anton! I have a couple of suggestions. I hope you don’t mind. First, I hope you’re more consistent in posting photos of the food/product itself. I know you’re doing this for some of your posts and I truly appreciate it. Maybe it’s just me but a great factor in my decision-making when purchasing food would be its appearance. Second (though a little bit off-topic) , I hope you guys put signages on the white tents used for your lifestyle/weekend markets. I have passed by Commonwealth Avenue and, if I haven’t been to Mezza Norte before, I wouldn’t know that that huge white tent in Technohub would be it. I noticed your logos are placed inside the tents.
    Just my two cents. More power from a fellow Lasallian!

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