MERRY MOO’s Chili Tablea with Bacon and Strawberry Shortcake!

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SodernoUTTUTT9: Soderno Winner #6:


  80 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  92 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  65 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  13 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    8 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

UTT 9.0-56.jpg

I’m still surprised with all the ice cream flavor innovations that consistently comes out of Merry Moo’s Ice Creamery. They are a four-time winner in the UTT series.

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I initially thought that combining Chili + Bacon + Tablea was a crazy idea, but the flavors blended well together to keep chili and chocolate lovers craving it. Merry Moo credits Ryan Fernandez and Sharwin Tee for this awesome flavor (see story below).

Also, many foodies loved the new Strawberry Shortcake because it’s deliciously made and easily appreciated by kids and kids-at-heart. 🙂

Congratulations, Kelvin, for winning Soderno’s UTT with your new hot flavors!

What is Merry Moo?
Merry Moo is a newly established homemade ice cream business. Merry Moo ice creamery churns for fresh, yummy, and fun ice cream. Our premium ice cream uses fresh, non-Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) dairy. It is locally sourced from local dairy farmers who offer holstein-fresian cows a huge pasture to graze and roam freely. Since our dairy is non-UHT treated, the flavor of the milk and cream is unaltered and it retains its nutritional content.
Freshness is one of the key aspects to highlight our ice cream’s distinct smooth texture and creamy mooeyness. We strive to source fresh and local ingredients whenever possible so that the real flavors of the ingredients would shine through. Our ice cream is also homemade and done only in small batches to guarantee freshness. We strive to constantly experiment on different flavors and we love to get new ideas from our customers to create udder-ly delicious and unique flavors. We churn for creative flavors that excite, for our goal is to have you beaming with a smile with our ice cream.
The Story behind Merry Moo
Merry Moo was churned from Kelvin’s frequent trips to visit his girlfriend in Singapore. In one of those trips, his cousin led him to a small home-made ice cream shop that sells exceptional, unique and creative ice cream, with flavors ranging from Durian to Te Tarik Tea. Being a foodie himself, he was excited in tasting all the different concoctions. From there, the idea of Merry Moo was born.
Inspiration and Collaboration
Our flavors are inspired from personal experiences with food; following food trends through books, blogs, and food trips here and abroad. Our customers and friends are also a source of inspiration. Through collaborating, we get valuable suggestions on new flavors and fine tune current flavors. Although making ice cream needs a lot of work, our customers have been a source of continuous inspiration.
What’s Different about Merry Moo?

We love to experiment with flavors using local and fresh ingredients. We strive to churn out new and exciting flavors which would delight our customers, and also help our local community of food purveyors.  Our passion is to make ice cream, produce a fresh, fun and yummy desserts for all to try and enjoy!
Mission & Vision

Merry Moo’s mission is to provide yummy flavors to its customers using ingredients that are fresh, sustainable and sourced locally as much as possible. We want our customers to know where their food is coming from. Constantly innovate new products.
Our vision is to have Merry Moo products as a way for people to come together and enjoy life through our delicious food.

Merry Moo’s New Flavors:

For this year’s Ultimate Taste Test, we thought of doing richer and more intense flavors for people to try out given the colder weather that we’re experiencing. First flavor is Coffee Toffee. It makes use of an intense barako coffee cream base and mixed in with homemade almond toffee candy. We want our customers to have that crunchy, nutty bite to complement the darker coffee ice cream base.

Another flavor is Strawberry Shortcake. This one is actually more for the kids since we noticed that kids usually avoid our more sophisticated flavors like candied bacon and earl grey tea ice cream. For the strawberry shortcake flavor, we make our own sponge cake and chop it into bits, then add a bit of strawberry compote for it to absorb the strawberry flavor and sweetness. We then add the bits to our strawberry ice cream swirl. We do hope the kids and young at heart would like it. 😀

The last flavor would be Chili Tablea with Bacon Ice Cream.  We would have to thank two people in helping make this flavor into reality. First is lifestyle writer Ryan Fernandez, who suggested a chili tablea with bacon ice cream in one of his articles. Secondly, Sharwin Tee of Curiosity Got the Chef fame for fine-tuning the actual flavor. This is one of our “Too crazy, it just might be great!” flavors that we wanted to try. We were actually scared on how many sili labuyos to use for the batch since we were afraid that people wouldn’t like a hot and spicy ice cream. At least this flavor would keep you warm during those cold nights, plus the bacon would add fat for better insulation. 😉

We hope that these new flavors would excite our customers and they would enjoy and experience it with their friends and loved ones. Keep on mooooing!


  • love all
  • great as always
  • never fails to impress bacon choco ice cream is interestingly delish!
  • strawberry short cake is to die for.
  • I love the bacon choco ice cream
  • coffee toffee was very good
  • the coffee toffee and strawberry short cake was excellent, bacon was little weird for me
  • breakfast and dessert in a scoop arresting flavors
  • love the bacon choco ice cream
  • not just my type
  • I love your choco
  • I love the strawbery shortcake
  • loved the coffee
  • strawbery was good
  • medyo nakakaumay yung bacon
  • surprisingly good
  • best dessert in this exhibit
  • my favorite
  • again he did it
  • good flavor very creative
  • bad combination bad taste
  • coffee toffee is really good
  • off yung lasa
  • <3 coffee toffee, x chilli bacon 🙁 fried bacon maybe
  • terrific as always
  • best flavor ive ever tasted
  • bacon not my type
  • very yummy it’s creamy
  • coffee toffee is really good, bacon is not so good
  • strawberry shortcake
  • the flavor chili bacon is interesting

Merry Moo Ice Creamery
Chief Ice Cream Officer: Kelvin Ngo    
Mobile: +63 917 528-9590

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