ORGANIKKA’s Yummy Vegetable Juices!

(Read first: Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 @Soderno – Successful First UTT in the South)

SodernoUTTUTT9: Soderno Winner #2:


  80 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  43 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  56 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
    8 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
    6 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

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ORGANIKKA surprised a lot of foodies during the Ultimate Taste Test @Soderno. How could a vegetable juice taste that yummy?

You can now enjoy drinking Ampalaya or Malunggay juice or their Four seasons version (Four vegetables in one juice drink).

Finally, we were able to track them down, and they joined the UTT series. 🙂

Congratulations, ORGANIKKA, for winning the top 2 spot in Soderno’s UTT!



ORGANIKKA was started when a businesswoman and dedicated mother to her two daughters experienced a hard time making her daughters eat vegetables even mixed with pork or chicken. The kids did not eat the vegetables and ate only the meat. She never gave up, in fact she tried and experimented a lot of vegetable dishes because she was worried [about] the health of her daughters. It came to a point where her children did not want to see any vegetables on their plates. Then she thought of making the vegetables into JUICE, so the children didn’t see any vegetables instead they were able to drink them.

She prepared carrot juice and squash. For the first time, her daughters really enjoyed her recipe. The next day her eldest daughter brought the vegetable juice to her school for snack. Then, some of her classmates tasted it. They started to ask for more because they really LOVED the taste. After two days, she received phone calls from some of the mothers of her daughter’s classmates. They were requesting for the vegetable juice because they had similar problem with their kids when it [came] to eating vegetables. From this experience, she was inspired to study and research the ingredients and focused her mind on natural and organic for GOOD HEALTH.

Benefits organikka

October 2006, she developed the ORGANIKKA juice made from the four nutritious vegetables– BITTERGOURD (Ampalaya), MORINGGA (Malunggay), CARROT and SQUASH (Kalabasa)–sweetened with raw honey, and (she) enhanced the taste by putting organic citrus.

All ingredients were processed in a natural and organic environment. The products were promoted by conducting free tasting seminars in several schools and several events. One notable event was the WORLD FOOD EXPO 2009 in the World Trade Center. The event was successful based on the numerous OUTSTANDING feedback received from the people.

Finally, with the support and help from nutritionists, food technicians, and engineers, ORGANIKKA’s first small bottling factory was born in LAGUNA.



  • you wouldn’t [think] they’re ampalaya. Awesome
  • good but too costly
  • surprisingly very good considering it’s made of vegetable
  • very good can’t even tell that’s a vegetable in it
  • moringa 4 in 1 ampalaya I love it, buying for my parents
  • good healthy stuff
  • great idea for a juice product!
  • fresh!
  • nice healthy, yet nice taste!
  • taste’s good
  • can infuse more lemon to get rid of the bitterness
  • bland
  • delicious! Parang wala lang ang lasa pero masarap talaga
  • nice tasty and healthy
  • good job! Organic drinks never taste this good
  • not really ok
  • awesome
  • healthy
  • taste good for veggie drinks
  • I would recommend the 4-in 1& moringa
  • good for the health
  • finally something healthy
  • it was surprisingly good deliciously healthy
  • doesn’t taste like veggies
  • moringa tastes surprisingly refreshing
  • I enjoyed the ampalaya juice, healthy and cheap and taste great
  • 4 in 1 was good; ampalaya
  • moringa not too good
  • I buy for my diabetic friend, healthy
  • great idea  


3 Healthy Drinks: Ampalaya, Malunggay and Four Seasons Juice
Mobile No: +63 917 626 7174
Telephone Number: +632 438 1684 


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  1. Wow, awesome. Where can we buy the Malunggay drinks? Tried their FB page, but it seems to be deserted. 🙂 Is there anyone in the Fort Bonifacio BGC area where we can purchase them? Thanks!

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