LE MONET Boutique Hotel and Breakfast Buffet – The Best in Baguio?!

Update June 24, 2016: LE MONET: Your Home in Camp John Hay, Baguio! (Revisited) 


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When we ask foodies for a recommendation on where to eat and stay in Baguio, LE MONET is often recommended not only for its boutique hotel’s affordable luxury features but also for the Breakfast Buffet created by Chef Robby Goco for Dinelli Gourmet.

LE MONET by Hotel Rembrandt was designed in honor of the great French painter Claude Monet who became famous for his colorful and realistic landscapes. It is one of the few hotels that still enjoy the luxury of being surrounded by stately Baguio pine trees. Located in Camp John Hay it was opened to the public in time for Baguio’s February 2012 Panagbenga Festival    

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Le Monet’s Deluxe Rooms

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We stayed in one of Le Monet’s 65 furnished Deluxe rooms with two Queen-size beds.

Le Monet-5.jpg
We were quite impressed as it is the perfect room for a big family of 2 adults and 3 kids (with no need for extra bed) with TV and a reliable complimentary wifi 🙂 

(Tip: The room is relatively affordable at P5,500/night and offered at P3,850/night – 30% discount during the off season. Check out the Le Monet website for the official rates.)

Le Monet Breakfast-29.jpg
Make sure to specify the rooms with a panoramic view of the Camp John Hay pine trees 🙂

Le Monet-3.jpg
It was pleasant to see a modern toilet seat with heated and lighting features 🙂

Le Monet-2.jpg
Best of all, the kids love the small TV inside the toilet as they can watch cartoons while they hang out in the restroom.

Le Monet-6.jpg
I was hoping though that they have better soap, shampoo and toiletries to match the affordable luxury concept. 

Dinelli Gourmet’s Breakfast Buffet designed by Chef Robby Goco

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One of the highlights of the stay in Le Monet is looking forward to having sumptuous breakfasts!

(Note: The room comes with complimentary breakfast for 2 adults (P650/person). During the peak season kids ages 12 years  and below are free but during the off season kids ages 5-12 are charged P325/person -50% off)

Le Monet Breakfast-23.jpg
One of the reasons why breakfast is good is the Dinelli deli set-up with the finest cheese. . .

Le Monet Breakfast-22.jpg
… meat and sausages available.

Le Monet Breakfast-12.jpg
The buffet area though has a limited space so it is best if you start your breakfast early (6-10am)

Le Monet Breakfast-11.jpg
You can start off with the fresh salad…

Le Monet Breakfast-6.jpg
…  and fruits selection.

Le Monet Breakfast-13.jpg
Love the Asian selections like the Thai spring rolls.

Le Monet Breakfast-4.jpg
The boys like the fresh yogurt selection in the buffet aside from the usual cereals.



Le Monet Breakfast-18.jpg
They have the usual pancakes,

Le Monet Breakfast-26.jpg
…. herb butter selection,

Le Monet Breakfast-27.jpg
… and egg stations. (My favorite order is an all egg white omelet)

Le Monet Breakfast-21.jpg
For something different, breakfast biscuits?

Le Monet Breakfast-15.jpg
The boys had  fun choosing from the buffet and enjoyed every minute of it.

Le Monet Breakfast-16.jpg
The adults likewise loved the extensive and carefully curated meat selections like the Angus beef tapa, and sweet tocino…

Le Monet Breakfast-19.jpg
… Roasted Porkloin and Sausage Patties,

Le Monet Breakfast-9.jpg

… Chicken Adobo with potatoes and sweet longganisa,

Le Monet Breakfast-8.jpg
…Crunchy Dilis and salty swordfish daing,

Le Monet Breakfast-7.jpg
… Bacon and Ham.

Le Monet Breakfast-25.jpg
Best to seat in the coach chairs with a beautiful view of the Le Monet gardens.

(The coffee and hot chocolate selection from Dinelli Gourmet was an added treat 🙂

Le Monet Breakfast-36.jpg
Overall, highly recommended for its modern deluxe rooms with a view of the Camp John Hay pine trees, and the Breakfast Buffet hailed by most foodies as the best in Baguio 🙂 

Ordonio Drive, Camp John Hay, Baguio City
Mobile: +63 918 405-9000 
Telephone: +63 74 661-0201 to 08
Facebook: Le Monet Hotel

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P.S. Le Monet is located beside the Filling station for more dining options and accessibility to ATMs. It’s best to secure a parking spot when you stay in Le Monet in Baguio.

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9 thoughts on “LE MONET Boutique Hotel and Breakfast Buffet – The Best in Baguio?!

  1. In one of the day-trips to Baguio due to work, we were able to check out the Le Monet rooms. They were quite accomodating to give a tour of the rooms even if you weren’t going to stay 🙂
    Also, they mentioned they plan to construct another building to add 70 more rooms. What is a bit sad is that some of the trees at the back will have to be sacrificed for this.
    As for Dinelli… what can I say? It’s our default place in Fort Bonifacio 😀 ! Great cheese and sausage selection, excellent Bordeaux wine for less than 1k, and free and fast wifi (the wifi part is starting to become a necessity in this modern day and age 😛 ).
    If there is one thing Baguio probably needs right now, maybe a hotel that has a theme taht brings back the good ol’ wooden pine tree and marble days. Something like Hill Station and the Manor 🙂
    – Ray

  2. I do hope they transfer the pine trees instead of just cutting them down. I can see why they want to add more rooms.
    Thanks for the comment! very insightful 🙂

  3. Hi, Anton how are you? Thanks for posting this article. This is another way to promote the tourism anywhere in Philippines aside in Metro Manila. Baguio is also an exotic place to visit by the tourists and foreigners. As of now, there are many five star hotels and restaurants there.I’ve been in Baguio City in 1975, 1996, and 2000.

  4. I am a foreigner living in Baguio for over 1 year, and have yet to find a 5 star restaurant or hotel here. I would give the Manor at Camp John Hay, 4 stars at best.
    I challenge ‘Armando’ to list the “many five star hotels and restaurants there”.
    For the record, I am a retired Canadian and have traveled to many parts of the world. I have some idea of what 5 star service and quality is all about. I have grown tired of Filipinos over promising and under delivering.
    What is it? Does everyone have an inferiority complex here, do you need to talk about how good you are?
    Just do your job as best you can and do not brag about how good you are. I grow tired of getting raw meat in my hamburger at the gourmet hamburger outlet of Brother’s Burger and a piece of salmon when I ask for a club house sandwich at Forest house.
    It is time for the Filipinos to under promise and over deliver.

  5. Hi Anton,
    We will be staying there with my family this weekend. We reserved also a deluxe room with two beds not air conditioned. I just wanna ask if there is an iron and board in a room like other hotel rooms.
    Thank you
    Mai 🙂

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