METEORA, Tagaytay Birthday Overnight Trip ☾

I’ve always wanted to celebrate a special occasion by renting a house, staying for a night and enjoying the Tagaytay weather with your friends or family. 

I’m glad that Dr. Joven Cuanang allowed his Greek-Ilocos inspired house named METEORA to be rented privately on a by reservation basis. (He also owns Sitio Remedios in Currimao, and Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo.)

We celebrated Wifey’s birthday here on a Monday night. Here’s our METEORA experience:

What’s new in Tagaytay in 2013 Series:

METEORA has 3 levels:

  • Rooftop is the road level and where the entrance is located, 
  • The second floor where the master bedroom is located,
  • The ground floor where the living, dining, and bedroom rooms are located.

It’s a mix of Greek architecture with white-washed walls and minimalist structure and Ilocos accents. It used San Esteban stones from Ilocos Sur, and doors, wooden windows, & closets recycled from Ilocos Ancestral homes.

The second floor bedroom is the master bedroom with 1 queen-size bed (good for 2).

It has its own private veranda with an relaxing view of Taal Lake,

… a spacious restroom with hot and cold water facility, and

a jacuzzi overlooking a stunning view of Taal.

(Note: Although, we were not able to use it during our stay. Not sure if it was still working)

You are welcomed by the caretaker of the house. 


There’s a mini kitchen with a refrigerator and mineral water supply. 

Take note: Cooking of meals are strictly prohibited 🙁 But you can bring your own snacks and drinks!

The ground floor bedroom beside the dining area has 1 queen-size bed (good for 2).

It has an Adam-and-Eve-like naked painting on the roof.

It has its own decent bathroom with hot and cold water facility.

The family room is optional for additional guests. It is not really a “bedroom” but a spacious room with couch beds and cable TV.

It also has its own bathroom with hot and cold water facility.

We loved to hangout here to eat and watch TV with the boys.

The living room is minimalist in design, with a good view of Taal Volcano, and with the fresh Tagaytay breeze cooling the whole area.

(Note: That is why there is no airconditioning. Electric fans are available)

It has the BEST view of Taal Volcano because you feel close to it,

IMG_9807.jpgyou have a scenic backdrop when you hangout in the patio, and

you have an unobstructed forest view without any roof or buildings blocking.

Very romantic during the night 🙂

It is a great place to drink the night away with friends and family.

In the morning, the sunrise wakes you up because all the rooms strategically faces the East.

I personally love it when the sun rays hit the life-size sculpture of Sabel by Ben Cab, our national artist’s favorite model in his paintings. 

Note: The cement sculpture is by Joel Alonday. Ben Cab consented to making a sculpture inspired by his Sabel subject. 

Breakfast is strictly served from 7:00 – 9:00 AM.

It was a typical Pinoy breakfast.

Sometimes, the fog sets in and you can’t help but cuddle up in the bedroom or stay a little longer to enjoy the weather.  

Overall, it was the BEST private home stay in Tagaytay! You can’t go wrong with the artistic ambiance, and a stunning view of Taal Volcano Lake. Although, I suggest you lower your expectation on the service, and the breakfast food.

METEORA, Tagaytay
Ligaya Drive (Talisay Road), Sungay East, Tagaytay City, Philippines
Email: ;
Mobile: +63 917 332-0217

PhP 10,000 / Night for 4 Guests or Less
Maximum of 2 Additional Guests at PhP 1,000 / Night each 
Kids are free 🙂 Don’t forget to ask for the Senior Citizen discount.
Check-In at 2:00 PM; Check-Out at 12:00 NN; 

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What’s new in Tagaytay in 2013 Series:


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P.S. From Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay road, turn left when you reach the ridge. Turn right to Talisay road going to Talisay Batangas. You would pass Balai Taal, and the road will wind down and you should see the METEORA below as you make a sharp turn. There’s parking alloted for 3 cars.



19 thoughts on “METEORA, Tagaytay Birthday Overnight Trip ☾

  1. Hi Anton,
    I know it’s probably costly, but it’d be lovely to see you review more private homes for rent. Not just in Tagaytay, but maybe in places like Tali Beach, Laiya, or even Baguio.

  2. Happy Bday!!! What a perfect getaway place. More power to you and your family, your kids are growing so fast.

  3. Anton, do you think I can bring my toddler there? I’m just afraid that it might not be that safe for her to run around?

  4. Hi, Anton, how are you? I love the scenic view of Mt. Taal in Tagaytay City. It is a nice place to take a vacation there. Anyway, thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of METEORA. I will consider that place for the vacation soon.

  5. Quite a beautiful place you’ve covered. I just noticed that the bathrooms look too small compared to the elegance of the whole place.

  6. Happy birthday Mr. Anton! What do you mean by the “only authorized sculpture by Ben Cab”? Is it his only sculpture?

  7. I revised and clarified in the blog post:
    “Note: The cement sculpture is by Joel Alonday. Ben Cab consented to making a sculpture inspired by his Sabel subject.”

  8. if your not allowed to cook. and it seems they only serve filipino breakfast. what about the dinner, the snack and maybe early lunch before you check out?

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