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Sometimes we miss hanging out at the Mongolian Buffet that was popular years ago along Milelong in Makati when we were growing up. No resto came close to it ever since, not unless you drive up to Baguio and eat in O’ MAI KHAN…

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O’ Mai Khan (meaning come over) serves a popular Mongolian BBQ buffet and hotpot in Baguio.

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Mongolian Barbeque (P210 – Adult, P150 – Kids below 4ft, P10 extra for every egg). Smorgasbord-experiment making over a thousand concoctions with our eighteen sauces.

You can eat all you can for P210/person and do your own concoction. You can ask the manang to create a combination for you and you just have to specify if you like it sweet and/or spicy.

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It is still better if you do it on your own because the manang is always in a hurry to create your combination. 

You can add egg for additional P10 each. I love the fresh Baguio greens in the buffet and the different sauces. The meat choices are very limited and serving is controlled.

You can see how your Mongolian BBQ is cooked on a first- come- first- served basis.

Your Mongolian meal is always yummy because you are the one who created it 🙂

(Question: Do you have a favorite recipe or tip for creating your own Mongolian meal?)

Mongolian Hot Pot (for one – P160, two – P260, four – P420). A Chinese favorite also knonw as the “Steamboat”. A healthy soup based meal that you can cook right before your very eyes.

I would also recommend the hot pot primarily because of the hot healthy soup with tofu, vegetables, misua, and fish balls – perfect for the Baguio weather. 

Cheeseburger (P140). Thick sliced cheese added into your super delicious beef burger.

You can still order burgers and sandwiches for the kids.

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Overall, it is a nice place to eat and hang out in Baguio — very affordable, especially if you are treating friends and family; very satisfying, because of the buffet; very healthy, because of the clear soup and fresh Baguio greens.

Upper Session Road (Engineer’s Hill) | Rizal Park, Baguio
Operating Hours: Open Daily but Mongolian is only open 11.00 to 2.00pm and 6.00 to 9.00pm 
Telephone: +63 74  442-5885

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P.S. Tip: It is best to start early with your Mongolian meal — Lunch starts 11am (until 2pm) and Dinner starts 6pm (until 9pm)

11 thoughts on “O’ MAI KHAN Mongolian Barbecue & Hot Pot

  1. If you want the best mongolian bbq in Manila, you have to try Sweet Inspirations Cafe along katipunan. It’s one of the few surviving restos in the area from the good old days. I actually like it better than the one on Mile Long and even used them several times for catering. I dunno if you review even old restos, but you should give it a try.

  2. Compared to other mongolian buffets in manila (sweet inspirations, mile long, fersal inn and university mall beside dlsu circa late 90’s)this one is bad. Too many nonsense sauce and spices that are not really familiar in a mongolian barbecue. The refill is really slow. Someone is assigned to put the meat on your plate which is very insulting and service is slow. But they said that baguio people loves this place. But for foreigners there are a lot of better restaus in baguio.

  3. I recommended this place to my hubby when we were uphill in baguio, since this got a nice review..but, what a dismay experience this had been!
    I’m a fan of your blog, and to experience food trip that is supposedly satisfying encounter, that turned out to be a so – so …
    For a Php 250/head buffet, i dont think it is worth the price, since all that you buff up are tons of rice with non sense add ons and toppings!
    Needless to say, i was too ashamed for this, as my hubby turned from happy to angry.
    Thank you.

  4. Sometimes we miss hanging out at the Mongolian Buffet that was popular years ago along Milelong in Makati when we were growing up. No resto came close to it ever since, not unless you drive up to Baguio and eat in O’ MAI KHAN…
    THIS MADE ME GO TO O’ MAI KHAN….being a fan also of Milelong and not having eaten any Mongolian Buffet even close to the one at Milelong….made me say that ut us a must that I try out this place.
    Sadly though, as others have blogged, this place is a big disappointment when it comes to their Mongolian Buffet. Allow me to justify my comment…..What is so evident in their food is that no matter how I control the number of tablespoons of liquid sauce, it still comes out mushy. Wet. Weird. None of the distinct taste of any of the sauce. And I found out why. They don’t give you garlic…minced or otherwise. They give you garlic water, ginger water that literally floats in tons of water. The patis which I intentionally tasted did not have the distinct taste of patis as we know it. It was not salty, rather diluted. With that, I can safely conclude that the sauces and spices, being diluted made the food bland. It made everything out of proportion. You choose teriyaki but you can’t taste the teriyaki flavor. I added patis so that there would be some saltiness to it, but their homemade patis sauce is bland…so how can there be saltiness in it. I restricted my last bowl to just 2 or 3 spoons of sauce….teriyaki and patis. Yet the food still came out very bland and mushy. What I hated most was the mushiness of the food. VERY VERY FAR FROM THAT OF THE ONE SERVED AT MILELONG YEARS AGO.
    Added to it, the beef could not be eaten since it was so hard. My second bowl was chicken only. Going for a teriyaki chicken meal but it just tasted like the first bowl and still mushy after just a few spoons of sauces.
    Garlic and ginger should be served minced…not in water. Diluted sauces are a disaster. Sanitation was a failure. They put the cooked meal in the same bowl where they put the raw beef/chicken/pork. I called their attention to this and they put away the used bowls and put in newly washed ones. That made it safe for my kids. But according to my husband who went down to look at them as they cooked the meals, they were re-using bowls which still had the meat sauces of raw meat.
    Their restroom had no water for flushing among other things. Their soup is not like the ones being served in Manila as shabu-shabu. Just a word of caution when going to this place. Things are not the way it should be. So, be careful what you order.
    They also serve ala-carte food….maybe they can be more palatable…I wouldn’t know anymore since I have no plans of ever going back to O’ Mai Khan anymore. Sorry. We have a difference of opinions when it comes to this place.
    Still, nothing beats the place at Milelong, Makati till now.

  5. Disappointing.
    (Coming from a known blogger, hay. I should have read the comments here)
    All true yung comments.
    Mile Long taste??? Hell its Miles AWAY from the taste of the original sa makati.
    Mushy. True.
    Sauces. Diluted. True.
    No noodles. No squid balls. No schezuan sauce. No mongolian sauce.
    Avoid it.

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