OH MY GULAY @ Victor Oteyza Community Art Space (VOCAS), Baguio

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One of the most- blogged- about restaurants in Baguio is OH MY GULAY.  I now understand why foodies are raving about this place not only because it serves healthy vegetarian food but because of the Victor Oteyza Community Art Space (VOCAS) ambiance.

Let me tour you around the art cafe…

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Oh My Gulay is located on the fifth floor of the La Azotea Green Building along Session Road. You have to climb an old dodgy staircase leading to the penthouse floor. 

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But once you reach the top floor, it seems like you have entered an oasis on top of the Session Road.

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There is a koi pond and a bridge as the center of the high-ceiling art space.

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On the left side is a theater stage for original music concerts and home-grown presentations.

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On the right is the mix-and-matched Igorot-culture-inspired dining area.

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The art space-cum-resto features a permanent gallery for Victor Oteyza, the Baguio artist who was one of the 13 modern group originals in the 1950’s that pioneered in Philippine Modern Art.

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It also serves as a venue for visual-art exhibits and a showcase for traditional art from the Igorot Culture.

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The kitchen blended well with the artsy ambiance because of its Baguio home-cooking look.

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The centerpiece of the whole art space is the boat.

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The boys really had fun climbing up and down, and crossing the wooden planks.

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The boat is the main dining area and the best place to stay is beside the window with an overlooking view of Baguio.

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OH MY GULAY MENU:  Appetizers, Sariwang Salad, Sandwiches, Pasta, Noodles, MealsDessert, Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks | Rules and Regulation

The menu is vegetarian with yummy recipes and mocked dishes that even carnivores would love.

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OMG SALAD (P120 +10% service charge). Our trademark salad of assorted greens, served with our blend of herb honey mustard dressing.

The salad is simple — serving fresh Baguio greens with a light dressing.

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★ Lumpia Salad (P130 +10% service charge). Crisp tofu spring rolls on a bed of mixed greens tossed with honey mustard and asian dressing.

This is the same with OMG Salad with fried tofu lumpia on the sides but with lesser greens.

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Pasta Mestizo (P130 +10% service charge). Combination of bechamel mushroom and pomodoro sauce.

The pastas are simple, and not too bold in flavors 🙁 Most foodies also order Anak ng Putanesca or the Chow Chow pancit. 

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★ Chili con Carne (P130 +10% service charge)Our version of chili con carne minus the meat with grilled peppers, carrots, tofu, and basil cheese bread on the side. 

If you are looking for a richer-flavored dish, check out this mocked chili version without the meat.

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★ Oh My Gulay Rice (P140 +10% service charge). Native brown rice with ten vegetables in season mixed with our Mongolian sauce, topped with steamed tofu and omelet.

We enjoyed this vegetarian fried rice version even without the meat. 

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The best part as always is the “friendly” competition over the crepe dessert!

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★ Mangga Crepe (P90 +10% service charge). Crepe stuffed with ripe mangoes topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

It was so good that we had to order extra servings to satisfy the adults and the boys alike.

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Tsokolate (P65 +10% service charge).

You can’t help but order coffee or hot chocolate to stay a little bit longer to enjoy the place.

Oh My Gulay-68.jpgOverall, this is one of the best Art Cafes I’ve been to in the Philippines that also serves the best health food with an awesome view of Baguio City to boot. 

La Azotea Building, 108 Session Road,Baguio City, Philippines
(Green Building in the middle of session road opposite Don Henrico)
Opens daily 11.00am to 9.00pm (Kitchen closes at 8.30pm) 
Note: Cash Only
Telephone: +63 74 446-0108 
Facebook: Oh My Gulay

★ – Recommended Dishes

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P.S.  Parking could be a turn- off as you have to find a parking area along Session Road or on the road at the back of the building. Best if you have a driver who can drop you off or better, you can commute.

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