What’s in my Blogger’s Bag?


I’m going on a 13 day international trip and wanted to take this opportunity to update my What’s in Your Bag? post from my original post “What’s in My Roadwarrior Bag?”  

Here are the essential things I bring when I travel:

1. My old and reliable Canon 20d with 17-40L lens (ever since I started the blog)
2. iPhone 4s (preferably unlocked so that you can use local sims when you travel internationally)
3. Boostcase iPhone battery (never leave home without it 🙂
4. iPhone and Boostcase Battery Charger
5. Urban Ears headset
6. Waterproof Jacket (for the rainy season)
7. Flip HD Video camera with mini-tripod
8. Jamba Juice USB Drive
9. Extra Battery for Canon
10. Conzace Multivitamins  (Powerful vitamins to ensure you don’t get sick when traveling)  
11. San Antonio de Padua Prayer
12. Black Madonna Rosary
13. St. Benedict’s Medal (protection against the evil spirits)
14. Dentiste travel toothbrush and toothpaste
15. Clean Habits Spoon & Fork Wipes
16. Smint Sugarfree (for confident breath always)
17.  Proudly Pilipinas Pasaporte 🙂
18. Our Awesome Planet Blogging Cards
19. 1 liter Sigg Water Bottle (for drinking water)
20. Pacsafe Travel Blogger’s Bag 

Hope that helps! Now it’s your turn, What’s in your bag? 

Live an Awesome Life,

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Full Disclosure: I wrote this blog post myself, and it expresses my own opinions. Some of the brands I use came from previous advertisers, or from brands that I am endorsing and personally love 🙂 

P.S. Let me know if you have tips or suggestions on what to bring when travelling.

17 thoughts on “What’s in my Blogger’s Bag?

  1. Nice! The same things more or less. Though a bit pricey, Pacsafe Travel Bag is worth every peso!
    Btw, we always bring a mini notebook or journal and a pen for those hard to remember names/places or for remarks. 🙂

  2. Hi, Anton, how are you? If you will travel, please take care of your important belongings especially your Philippine passport. I know that it is hard to get another passport. The Philippine government is now strict for the replacement of lost or stolen passports. It is better to leave your passport inside the hotel and don’t bring it while traveling.
    And also your credit cards as well. Your credit cards can also used by anyone thru online. It is hard to have too many credit cards because you will have to call each credit card’s company one by one when they are lost or stolen. Nowadays hacking and identity theft is going on.
    If you have a plan to visit in different places worldwide, you have to verify or search the place that you want to visit first by searching them thru Google. I know that there are many dangerous places worldwide that we have to be aware of. When you are traveling to another country where English is not their major dialect, you must get a tour package or inquire thru your travel agent so that you can get a tour page with a tour guide as well.
    The most important is pray! You must pray before you travel so that GOD will guide us all the time. If you will visit to another place, go to church if there’s a church in a place that you will visited.

  3. loving those religious items in your pack…you’re truly an awesome Filipino traveler. Btw, i always bring microfiber towels for when the hotel’s isn’t acceptable. 🙂

  4. @Dotti Cunningham – I used to bring an iPad but usually I'm not able to use it. So I just use an iPhone for travel. Sometimes I bring a laptop in case I need to blog while on a trip.


  5. Hi Sir Anton. Just a tip: scratch off the 3digit CSC code before swiping your card/s (just make sure you remember/jotted those numbers elsewhere)
    I did that to prevent passing my card info onto ill-spirited people — scheming devices are used to replicate credit cards and they can complete any transaction with the CSC codes.

  6. With this list, I believe that if you have an iPad or a tablet, it would serve as a great asset, as you can instantly publish posts to your blog with a Wi-Fi connection or 3G/4G technology. There are so many Wi-Fi hotspots around the world nowadays and with a good camera on your tablet, you can upload pictures immediately rather than having to wait till the end of your trip. The other items you mention are all necessities and serve as a great check list for those wishing to travel lightly.

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