BIORHYTHM Exhibit @ The Mind Museum: What’s So Cool About it?

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BIORHYTHM: MUSIC AND THE BODY is a traveling exhibit by the Science Gallery of Dublin, Ireland that demonstrates the unique relationship between music and the human body. It uses engaging sonic experiences and artistic expressions that serve as an edutainment for kids and an interactive exploration for adults.

Here are the exhibits that make BIORHYTHM cool:

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ReactableMake music in a different way. Interact with the Reactable and play around with beats using a touch sensitive surface.

This is the coolest interactive exhibit for us. You can create your own house music by playing around with different building blocks that alter the beat, frequency and volume by enhancing the sound or distorting it.

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The Theremin Inspectors. Theremins allow you to directly manipulate the instrument’s electromagnetic field. See how you can affect one in The Theremin Inspectors.

It is like you’re interacting with electromagnetic waves by disrupting the flow and you can visually see it and hear the effect on the sound.

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Body Snatcher. When sound is processed in a computer, it’s no longer sound as you know it. It’s zeroes and ones that it can use to push around colors, visualizing the sound. Push around some colors of your own with Body Snatcher.

Step up and create some noise and let the program visualize the sounds for you afterwards. It’s cool (when it works)!

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Sonic Bed_LondonSounds are produced by vibrating materials. Lie on the Sonic Bed_Marfa and feel sound through your skin.

You can really feel the music waves throughout your body.

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Something for the Girl Who Has EverythingMusic travels in waves that go up and down. When on wave’s up meets another’s down, silence will fall. Hear these vibrations beat as you sit on the Sonic Chair, Something for the Girl with Everything.

I must admit this is like a relaxing lazy boy chair and it’s fun to alter the sound waves and feel it.

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HEAD.SPACE 1 & 2You get an idea where you are from what you hear. Feel as if you’re out of your body with HEAD.SPACE 1&2. Listen to the signals from a stereo microphone sending signals and fooling your ears that it’s not where you are.

This exhibit is located on the opposite side of the exhibit hall. It’s a one-way communication only.

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Contacts. There are little electricity conducting particles on your skin waiting to give life to music. This is slightly different for each person. Make human chains and listen to the music you make with friends in Contact.

This exhibit is a bit hidden, but it’s nice to create your own music with your body.  

Biorythm Exhibit-11.jpg
Chains of EmotionYour skin conducts electricity. The amount of charges it conducts can depend on your moods, which change how your body sweats. See how this can make music in Chains of Emotion.

Nice exhibit for kids where you use your body as conductor to connect the middle chain to the chains surrounding it, thereby creating a close loop.

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Instrumen. A surreal video installation of bizarre ways to make music with prostheses.

Amazing Musical Art expression by creating the body into a musical instrument by:

Biorythm Exhibit-78.jpg
Using a saw,

Biorythm Exhibit-77.jpg
suspending oneself to create a unique guitar, and

Biorythm Exhibit-76.jpg
a human drum 🙂

Biorythm Exhibit-79.jpg
Don’t miss to sit down and watch the Instrumen’s performance. 

Biorythm Exhibit-8.jpg
I love this exhibit of the human ear which has a microphone to accept the sound…

Biorythm Exhibit-5.jpg
Hear Hear 1 & 2. Your ear is a Rube Goldberg-esque machine that translates vibrations in the air to electrical impulses. See it emulated with everything but the kitchen sink in Hear Hear.

… and an artistic electronic representation of the inner ear accepting the sound signal.

(Tip: The rubber ducky, guitar and kettle pot represent the bones of the inner ear.)

Biorythm Exhibit-94.jpg
Heart ‘N’ BeatUse your heart, Lego, and the magnetic stripe on your credit card to make music with a synthesizer in Heart ‘N’ Beat.

Lego in any exhibit never fails to impress the kids and kids-at-heart.

Biorythm Exhibit-65.jpg

Biorythm Exhibit-69.jpg
Klangkapsel. Get intimate with music inside the Klangkapsel Sound Capsule.

Here’s another art installation where you can experience being inside the speaker. 

Biorythm Exhibit-87.jpg
Optofonica CapsuleImmerse yourself in music without using your ears with the Optofonica Capture. Feel the vibrations of music.

You can feel the vibrations of music surrounding your head.

Biorythm Exhibit-51.jpg
Emotion in MotionYour body externally reacts to internal moods. See how your music makes you feel with Emotion in Motion.

Before you end this amazing adventure, you must take this experiment where they collect data from Manila about how music affect our emotions.

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Overall, make sure to schedule your visit during off-peak times, like 3pm to 6pm on a weekday,  so that you can enjoy the exhibit. My top 3 cool exhibits are the Reactable, The Theremin Inspectors and Body Snatcher. Highly recommended cool exhibit for kids and adults!

I just don’t like the idea of lying down on a bed or getting inside a capsule that was used by a lot of people.

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BIO-RHYTHM is located in the Special Exhibit’s Hall which is a separate area from the main Mind Museum Exhibit Hall.

BIORHYTYHM by Science Gallery 
The Mind Museum’s First Traveling Exhibition
Venue: Special Halls Exhibition
Date: November 15, 2012 to February 15, 2013 

BIORHYTHM only: P250 (Adult); P200 (Children/Students)
P800 (Adult);
P600 (Children/ Private School Students);
P300 (Public School Students/ Teachers) 

Museum Time Slots:
Tuesday to Friday (Closed on Mondays): 9AM – 12NN; 12NN-3PM; 3PM-6PM
Saturday and Sunday:  9AM – 12NN; 12NN-3PM; 3PM-6PM; 6PM-9PM

Twitter: @themindmuseum

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P.S. Here are our favorites in The Mind Museum (TMM):

The T-rex Dinosaur replica is always one of the highlights of our TMM visit.

My boys love to dig for dino bones.

Don’t miss the 3D film by Butch Perez entitled Birthplace @ Nature’s Hourglass (beside T-rex) which gives a good of summary of life on earth.

Birthplace brings us back 4.6 billion years of the Earth’s natural history with the tumultuous changes that happened to the planet, which killed and also gave rise to different forms of life. 

Also watch Simula which tackles 100 million years of the Philippines’ transformation into a majestic archipelago, abundant in natural resources.

Check out the Nature’s Hourglass Showing Times.

We love the shadow play 🙂

In the second floor, we love the new Kaleidoscope, 

the X-ray Machine,

and the Solar Bugs 🙂

Science in the Park-1.jpg
To end The Mind Museum visit, the kids would enjoy playing in Science-in-the-Park.

Science in the Park-7.jpg
To create giant bubbles, 

Science in the Park-11.jpg
To look through the eyes of an eagle,

Science in the Park-18.jpg
To slide in the Mobius Wall Climber, and

Science in the Park-9.jpg
To slide in the drums area.

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