NEW ZEALAND NATURAL ICE CREAM’s Hokey Pokey and Macadamia Supreme

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UTT X: Rockwell Winner #1


  182 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  100 foodies rated 4- I love it!
    46 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
    19 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
      2 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

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They say that the secret to the best ice cream is the quality of milk used. New Zealand is known to produce the best milk from the stress-free, well-fed, happy cows there.

No wonder New Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream won the overall Top 1 spot in the 2nd Rockwell Ultimate Taste Test! What a coincidence — last year’s overall winner in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test was also a premium artisan ice cream — Paco Magsaysay’s Carmen’s Best.

New Zealand Natural offers unique flavors, and the signature one is the Hokey Pokey, which is a honey-flavored ice cream with crunchy butterscotch balls. For the macadamia lovers, you’ve got to try the Macadamia Supreme (ice cream with roasted Australian macadamia nuts). If you are going for the healthy treat, try the Superfruit Sorbet with the antioxidant power of pomegranate, blackcurrant, goji berry and passionfruit.

You can find its stalls in SM Fairview, SM Megamall and Robinsons Place Manila. I do hope it opens in more high-end places for better accessibility for foodies. 🙂

Congratulations, New Zealand Natural for winning the top #1 spot in UTT X!  (The overall winner also wins a free booth in one of Rockwell’s bazaars 🙂

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New Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream began as a small ice creamery in Christchurch in New Zealand’s South Island in 1984 that specialized in ice cream with no artificial colors or flavors. In 1985, South African entrepreneur Rael Polivnick, an Australian resident, met the owner on a plane and this chance led him to open a store at Bondi Beach and eventually opened the first franchised store in 1990.

In 2005, New Zealand-based Emerald Foods purchased New Zealand Natural from Polivnick and has since managed and grown the business, the brand being one of the top ice cream brands in Australia and New Zealand, a franchised network of over 700 branded outlets in 23 countries worldwide. But despite being under Australian ownership for almost 20 years, New Zealand Natural’s Managing Director Shane Lamont explains that “our ice cream has always been proudly made in New Zealand, using the freshest and purest cream and ingredients.”

In 2010, after searching for brands /concepts that would fulfill their dream of starting their own food business, food lover siblings Teefanie, Terrence and Trufferson chanced upon New Zealand Natural, which, at that time, was looking for a Master Franchisee for the Philippines also!

Remembering the times in Sydney when she and her niece would almost go everyday to the mall just to have a scoop of Hokey Pokey (honeycomb-flavored ice cream with butterscotch candies), Teefanie, the eldest among the siblings, met with the principal of this brand, and several emails thereafter, sealed the deal. Together with her siblings and best friend, Charlene, she signed the contract appointing them as the Philippines’ Master Franchisee. This paved the way for New Zealand Natural to bring smiles to the Filipinos by making it available in the country last October of 2011!

Every one of the flavors of New Zealand Natural is 100% made in New Zealand with only the freshest and purest ingredients. This has led to the consistent winning of gold medals at The New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers’ Association’s annual awards. And if you may ask what makes this ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbet special — it is because of the superb and consistent quality of dairy product from “happy cows” reared on free ranches and fed on year-round green and unpolluted pastures of the “Land of the Long White Cloud”, combined with the careful choice of quality ingredients that go into making each flavor, and the brand’s committed effort to produce the best ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbet in the world.


NEW ZEALAND ICE CREAM’s Complete List of Flavors:

Ice Cream

★ White Chocolate Raspberry. White chocolate ice cream, with real raspberry ripple and loaded with white chocolate pieces

★ Walnut Butterscotch. Delicious waves of butterscotch and toffee, with chunky walnut pieces

Vanilla Classic. Classic, smooth vanilla ice cream, made with fresh cream

Strawberry Surprise. Strawberry flavored ice cream, loaded with delicious, real strawberry pieces

Spotty Dog. A fun blend of choc chips in vanilla and chocolate ice cream

Rum & Raisin. Rum-flavored ice cream with plump juicy raisins

Rainbow. A kaleidoscope of natural colors with a bubblegum flavor

Mocha Almond Fudge. Rich mocha ice cream with a choc fudge ripple and roasted almonds

Mint Choc Kisses. Choc peppermint cups and choc chips in a sea of mint ice cream

★ Macadamia Supreme. Creamy macadamia ice cream with roasted Australian macadamia nuts

★ Hokey Pokey. Crunchy butterscotch balls, folded into creamy honeycomb-flavored ice cream

Green Tea. A subtle green tea-flavored ice cream infused with exotic flavors

English Toffee. Premium toffee-flavored ice cream with smooth toffee fudge ripple

Cool Bananas D’Lite. 97% fat free, real banana pieces, blended with vanilla beans and low fat banana ice cream

Cookies & Cream. Crushed chocolate cookies, dunked in creamy vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Moist fudge brownie pieces with a chocolate fudge ripple, swirled through rich milk chocolate ice cream

★ Chocolate Ecstasy. Rich chocolate fudge, swirled through our famous chocolate ice cream

Café Expresso. A creamy, full-bodied coffee-flavored ice cream

Boysenberry Dream. Boysenberry ripple, through smooth, rich boysenberry-flavored ice cream

Strawberry Cheesecake. Cheesecake flavoured ice cream swirled with a wicked strawberry ripple & golden biscuit pieces.


★ Superfruit Sorbet. All natural sorbet, combining the zest of pomegranate with tangy blackcurrant, exotic goji berry and tropical passionfruit. These fruits are renowned for their antioxidant properties.

Berryfruit Sorbet. 99% fat free, cholesterol free, non dairy. A smooth, refreshing blend of boysenberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

Mango Sorbet. 99% fat free, cholesterol free, non-dairy luscious mango sorbet, made with real mango.

Lemon & Lime Sorbet. 99% fat free, cholesterol-free, non-dairy, zesty and refreshing twist of lemon juice and real lime pieces


Mango Passion Frozen Yoghurt. 97% fat-free frozen yoghurt, with a tropical blend of real mango and passionfruit.

Forest Berry Frozen Yoghurt. 97% fat free frozen yoghurt made with boysenberries, strawberries, blackberries and blackcurrants

★ – Bestsellers

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What Foodies Say About Your Food:

  • Really good hokey pokey!
  • White Choco + Raspberry = Delish!
  • Superfruit!
  • Creamy Goodness!
  • This deserves to win!
  • My favorite!
  • It was almost perfect 
  • Walnut butterscotch
  • Sorbet tasted like medicine, macadama is heaven
  • My favorite!
  • My fave of all! The best!
  • Hokey pokey! FTW
  • Hokey pokey! & walnut FTW
  • The best ang walnut
  • Super creamy
  • Love the ice cream!
  • I love it!
  • White macadamia was great!
  • Love the dark chocolate
  • Not as tasty as i expected
  • I’ve been looking for hokey pokey!
  • The macadamia ice cream tastes great
  • Love the butterscotch
  • Best Ice cream
  • nice unique flavor
  • thumbs up
  • but it’s sweet
  • too sweet
  • more fruity flavors would be good
  • not good
  • superb
  • hokey pokey
  • too sweet
  • very good
  • delicious
  • unxepectable 
  • too sweet
  • delicious flavor
  • macadamia chocolate
  • wow hokey pokey 
  • very good not too sweet
  • great
  • the ice cream is tasty, good
  • light, not too sweet
  • love the raspberry
  • good flavors
  • white choco rocks
  • I love it
  • choco was the best
  • Too sweet
  • Normal Tasting
  • The Chocolate or hokey pokey was great
  • Love their macademia ice cream
  • Yum!
  • Hokey Pokey and Macadamia — the best!
  • Yum!
  • I think I’m in love!
  • Nice Array, Good Ice Cream
  • Super Taste
  • Choco and butterscotch was excellent.
  • Great Flavor
  • I love the white chocolate.
  • Sweeter is quite right!

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SM Fairview, SM Megamall and Robinsons Place Manila

Ultimate Taste Test X: 2nd Rockwell UTT Winners:

  1. NEW ZEALAND ICE CREAM’s Hokey Pokey and Macadamia Supreme
  2. BAYANI BREW’s Purple Leaf Tea! A Proud Product of Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm 🙂
  3. VILLA DEL CONTE’s Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Chips & Dark Chocolate with Coffee Cream
  4. SKEW U’s USDA Angus Tapa 🙂
  5. BLUE TOQUE’s Nutella Mousse Cake!
  6. CARLO’S KITCHEN’s Crunchy Belly!
  7. EVERYDAY MOM. Healthy and Yummy. Naturally!
  8. CHOW FUN’s Chicken Fry & Dark Chocolate Buchi
  9. MASATAMI SHAVE ICE’s Swiss Cheese & Peanut & Black Sesame Duo
  10. SAINT’S ALP Blueberry Double Chocolate
  11. SWIZZLE’s Rainbow Shot & Caramel Beer 🙂
  12. THE FRUIT GARDEN’s Berry Dream & Tropical Paradise Jam

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2 thoughts on “NEW ZEALAND NATURAL ICE CREAM’s Hokey Pokey and Macadamia Supreme

  1. I’m glad New Zealand Ice Cream is back and they still carry my favorite Hokey Pokey! I guess when it was brought in the 90s by the Revillas (I remember their stalls in Glorietta and Robinson’s Galleria!), it was ahead of its time. I can never forget how their ice cream taste like. I look forward to tasting them again, and, hopefully, they open a branch in the south!

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